A Sad Christmas in Hazzard

by: Kitty
After the Reunion ended in May 1996 Bo and Luke
hugged Jesse, Daisy good bye. While Jesse Hugged
Bo he asked, “Bo, Luke, will you come visit this
christmas?? I need help now that I’m an old man.”
Bo looked in his calender, “Well, Uncle Jesse
I’ll have to call you later to let you know, but
hope so.”
Rosco came to Bo, “Are you leaving already?? I’m
going to miss the General Lee again.”
Bo puts his hand on Rosco’s shoulder, “Don’t
worry Rosco, we’ll be back soon.”
Rosco smiled, “Oooh, oooh okay.”
Luke answered, “The General Lee will never die,
it’s going to be here through the next
Rosco agreed, “You’re right boys.”
The duke boys went to the house to pack to leave
it got tears rolling down Jesse’s eyes watching
them pack.
Jesse starts to have past dreams of the boys when
they were little, and now they’re on their own.
While Bo and Luke left the farm and Hazzard.
Jesse went back inside the house feeling unhappy
and sad flipping through the photo albums. Many
months went by until Thanksgiving day nobody came
to eat dinner with Jesse. That made Jesse more
upset, then a phone rang it was Bo, “Hi bo, I
miss you boys.”
Bo said, “Yeah, we miss you too and discuss that
we all should come and see you for Christmas, so
we’ll come a week before Christmas. Jesse felt
better, “I’m glad to hear you’ll come back for
Jesse hangs up the phone to get decorations ready
then saved the lights and orgnaments for the boys
to do. Jesse went to do some Christmas shopping
for his nephews and daisy. He decided to get
something really special for them…then probably
a will, if he happens to pass away and give bo
and Luke the money to keep the farm without
Jesse. He wants the farm to stay with the duke
family for a long time. Soon it was closer to the
day Bo, Luke and Daisy comes back to the farm. In
the next day Bo, and Luke arrived to help with
the decorations. Luke said,”This is going to be
another great Christmas together again.”
Bo said, “Yeah, and many more to come.” Jesse
came in the room with a box of old orgnaments,
“Here’s your homemade orgnaments.”
Bo went to the box and laughed,”Luke, here’s your
ugly orgnament!!”
Luke got embarrassed,”That’s not ugly, I made it
when I was 5 years old.”
Bo said, “Well, I don’t remember seeing you make
Luke went to Bo to grab the wood stick shaped of
a deer from Bo’s hand and the head broke off.,
“Thanks alot Bo!!”
Bo looked at the broken wood piece, “I’m sorry
Cousin, but it’s old anyway.”
Luke said, “My mom helped me make this first
orgnament, and she got killed two days later in a
car crash. And it’s a good thing she finished
Bo felt bad, “Oh, I didn’t know that!!”
Jesse heard the argument from another room,
“Boys!!, I don’t want arguments on Christmas
Bo and Luke looked at Jesse, “Sorry Uncle.”
Luke searched the box of Bo’s to be fair and
found his Orgnament ball that have bo’s picture
when he was 3 years old, “Here’s a picture of
Bo went to see it, “Nice.”
Jesse got tired of the boys not doing anything,
“Are you boys going to stand there all week?? I
want all the decorations up before the 22nd.”
Bo and Luke gave up, and got all the lights and
orgnaments on the tree then went outside for
awhile. Two days before Christmas Jesse started
to feel a bit sick and weak, but he tries to
ignore that. Daisy saw Jesse not feeling well,
“Jesse are you okay?”
Jesse answered, “I’m just getting old that’s
Daisy felt worried, “Let’s take you to the doctor
to be sure.”
Jesse refused, “No, I want to be here in this
Daisy went to tell the guys, “Jesse’s not feeling
Bo and Luke got a worried look in their faces and
went to see Jesse, “Jesse??, we should take you
to the doctor.”
Jesse gave up and they went to the doctor.. The
doctor wanted to talk to Jesse privately, Jesse
said, “I don’t want to hear it, since I want to
go home and be with my family for Christmas, it’s
not going to stop me.”
Doctor said, “Well, just take it easy.”
Jesse said, “Fine.”
Jesse came out of the hospital to the car, “I’m
fine, so let’s get to the party.”
Bo said, “Okay, here we go.”
They arrived to the party that Rosco is the host.
When they got in, Rosco said,”Here are the duke
Bo rolled his eyes, “ROSCO!!, we’re not boys
anymore, we’re men.”
Rosco giggled, “Oh I forgot, well Bo and Luke I
want to welcome you back to Hazzard.”
Rosco put the song “Good Ol’ Boy theme song.”
Bo listened to it, “Those were the days.”
Everyone danced, ate and had a good time. Jesse
mostly sat on the table feeling weaker as he
watched Bo and Luke having a great time. At the
end Rosco put a Mistletoe everywhere, so bo and
Luke found a female to kiss. Jesse interrupted Bo
and Luke to say he is very tired and wants to get
back to the farm. Bo sees how tired Jesse is,
“Okay Jesse.”
Bo took Jesse back home, while Luke and Daisy
stayed at the party. While driving back to the
farm Jesse started to have trouble breathing, it
scared bo thinking Jesse is going pass away so he
slammed on the brakes to get Jesse to the
hospital.. When Jesse got on the bed, he said, “I
want to die at the farm than the hosital.”
Bo started to cry, “Jesse, don’t say that!! I
love you so much like a father.”
Jesse said,” I have something to tell you, but I
wanted to wait until after Christmas.
Bo got worried, “What is it??”
Jesse said, “If I tell you all now, it’s going to
ruin our Christmas.”
Bo got upset and walked out the door to find the
doctor. Then called Luke and Daisy to get to the
hospital right away, so they did. The doctor
said, “Just stay in bed for a few days and you’ll
be back to normal.”
Jesse said, “Okay, I’ll do that.”
The day before Christmas the duke cousins came to
pick Jesse up to go back to the farm to relax.
It’s only Christmas eve and Jesse wants them to
open the gifts early.
Bo said,”Okay, we’ll open them.”
While they opened the gifts. They got an Will
papers from Jesse, and started to weep, “Jesse,
why do we need them soo soon.”
Jesse said, “I’m sick, so I thought I should give
you the will to keep the farm for the future
Luke smiled, “Thanks Jesse.”


That night the dukes slept until 8am Bo and Luke
got up to get dress, then make breakfast. Daisy
came out later to join them. They realized
Jesse’s still sleeping, so they left him to sleep
to rest. The Guys went outside to do some work
at 10am Daisy decided to check on Jesse then she
screamed, “NOOO!!!”
Bo, Luke heard and ran to see why Daisy was
upset.” They saw Jesse laying in bed with his
hand on his chest with a pale look in his face.
Three cousins looked at Jesse and Bo said, “Well,
he had a long life, it’s time to go.”
Luke said, “Yeah, I’m not sure how we’re going to
keep the farm.”
Bo said, “That’s true unless we find Vance.”
Bo left the room to make phone calls while Luke
went to search through the Will. Daisy went to
put Jesse’s things in a storage box.
Luke says, “We can’t keep the farm.”
Bo heard, “Why not?”
Luke showed Bo the paper, “Jesse owe $12,000
dollars for farm payments, and I got a place in
NY I can’t live here.”
Bo looked sad, “Yeah, me too.”
Rosco, Lulu, Cletus, Enos, Coy, Vance, Cooter all
came to the door not knowing what happened knocks
on the door. Daisy saw it was their hazzard
buddies, “Guys, we got company.”
Bo and Luke got prepared, “Let them in.”
Coy, Vance yelled, “I’m heeeeere!!! Merry
Christmas, hey where’s Jesse??”
Vance went to look for Jesse, “Uncle Jesse??,
Bo grabbed Vance before he went in Jesse’s room,
“Vance, we got to talk first.”
Vance got confused, “What is it?”
Luke got everyone attention, “We got bad news.”
Rosco said,”Is this about Jesse?”
Luke said,” Yes.”
Luke said,”Jesse passed away during the night,
and he’s still in bed.”
Coy, Vance felt sad,”What will happen to the
Luke answered, “We’ll have to sell it.”
Coy yelled, “No, Jesse will not like that.”
Vance said,”Well, we can find someone in the
family to keep the farm.”
Rosco interrupted,” Boys, boys, I mean men, “I
know you all want to keep the farm forever, but
this place is getting old, it’s time to fix it up
Bo and Luke agrees,”Yeah.”
Soon someone came to take Jesse away for the
furneral, after the furneral ended the dukes went
to move everything out of the house. Sell all the
farm stuff to get money to pay the late bills.
Coy, Vance left, so it’s only Bo, Luke and Daisy
at the empty farm house saying bye bye to their
childhood home.
Daisy said, “I’m going to miss this place, I
can’t believe it’s time to let other family use
this place and enjoy the times we had.”
Bo looked around, “Yeah, it’s sad to lose Jesse
and the farm.”
Rosco came, “Okay, you dukes this farm is
history, because I found a new family, who is
moving in here now.”
Luke said,”Thanks alot.”
Daisy started to cry, “Well, I’m going to leave
Hazzard bye guys.”
Daisy went to her Jeep and drove away, while Bo
and Luke looked around for the last time before
leaving. They saw a truck coming to the farm with
3 little kids and a man. Bo saw the kids about 5
years apart, “That reminds me of us.”
Luke saw the kids, “Yeah, we were that young here
on the farm.”
a kid came to them, “WHo are you?”
Bo said, “I’m Bo, this is Luke we grew up here.”
kid said, “I’m Lukas, and my little brother
Beauregard and my sister Debbie.”
Bo laughed,”This is going to be soo cool.”
Luke said,”Enjoy the farm just like we used to.”
Lukas said, “We will.”
Bo and Luke got in the general lee taking off,
“Little bo and little luke with little Debbie
just like us LOL.”
Luke said, “Yeah, Hazzard will still have a
family with bo, luke in it.”
The boy’s father came to Bo, “Interesting car you
have, we also have the same car, but with 02 on
the doors.”
Bo was suprised,”Where?”
The man said, “It’s under the sheets over there.”
The dukes went to uncover the car and shocked to
see General’s twin!!! but with 02 on the door,
“That’s cool!”
Man said, “I heard about you dukes losing your
man Jesse, and thought we could move here and
replace your family.”
Luke said,”That’s great.”
Bo asked,”What’s your name?”
Man said, “Vance’s father is my oldest cousin he
told me about this farm, so here I am.”
Bo said,”You’re a Duke?”
John said, “I’m John Duke.”
Bo said, “That’s great, we found another Duke
family to take over.”
Bo and Luke waved bye and left to go to Hazzard
to see Cooter talking to a young guy, “Hi Cooter,
we want to tell you a new Duke family is now
living at the farm.”
Cooter was surprised, “That’s great, and meet
this guy to take my place named Hooter he’s my
youngest 2nd cousin.”
Luke looked at Bo, “Looks like another generation
to take our place.”
Cooter says he’s leaving Hazzard too, and wanted
his youngest cousin to take his place. The dukes
and Cooter heard two police cars going fast past
them to the bank hitting eachother. They watched
the young sheriff out of the car going to the
Deputy, “You devilstick!!”
Luke said, “Oh no, New cops to take Rosco’s place
and Enos.”
Bo and Luke with Cooter walked over to them,
Sheriff says, “I’m Sheriff Woody Coltrane.” and
this is Deputy Strate Jr.”
Bo laughed, “Cute.”
Cooter said, “Wait til you see who is taking
Boss’s place and I have to leave okay bye bye
dukes it’s been great being here in Hazzard.”
Cooter left, it made Bo and Luke puzzled,”Who is
taking Boss’s place?”
They followed Sheriff to see Boss, then Bo saw
Rosco talking to Boss, “Rosco!!!”
Rosco said, “Hi duke boys, I got news for
you…instead of me I got cousin Woody, and Enos
brought his cousin, so I got Boss’s nephew
Bo was shocked, “WHAT!!! Hazzard is going to
continue having dukes again.”
Rosco said, “What are you talking about??”
Luke said, “Vance’s father has a cousin who is
now living at the farm named Duke have have 3
children ages 6, 14, 15 little one named
Beauregard, Lukas and Debbie Duke they are
siblings not cousins.”
Rosco said,”Well, that doesn’t matter to me
because I’m leaving Hazzard and my cousin will be
sure they don’t get in trouble.”
Rosco packs up to leave and retire forever, so
did Bo and Luke. They left Hazzard feeling sad,
but glad the Duke family will continue to live in
Hazzard. That’s the end of the story that Hazzard
will have new generations replacing Bo, Luke,
Cletus, Enos, Boss, Rosco, etc… instead of
General lee 01 in Hazzard now have General Lee

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