Title: Anniversary

Disclaimer: All belong to Warner Bros., Lou Step Productions and Gy Waldron. No infringement is intended. No monetary gain is being made.

Rating: PG

Author: Tina Miller aka zephiey

Summary: Tonight….Rosco marks an anniversary with the three things he knows he can count on. Moonshine, Uncle Jesse and the Duke boys.


Rosco walked into the Boar’s Nest. Gone was the blue uniform, no gun hung from his hip. Instead he was dressed in a pair of black jeans, a tan cotton shirt, and a black leather jacket.

Heading to the bar he placed his order with Mitch before walking toward the booths. As he passed the jukebox he stopped. Taking a five-dollar bill out of his pocket he fed it into the machine, choosing his songs. The strains of an old Patsy Cline tune filled the air. Finishing his selection he conitnued over to the booths, sliding into one of the back ones.

Watching the waitress place his bottle and glass down he thanked her, pouring a measure of shine out of the full bottle. Before the night ended the bottle would be empty.

Walking in Bo and Luke were surprised to see Rosco at the Boar’s Nest drinking. Watching Rosco refill his glass again, Luke looked at Bo.

“I wonder what is up with Rosco? He never comes into the Boar’s Nest at night.”

Turning to see Rosco knock back another glass of shine Bo answered, “No idea Luke. But whatever it is he sure is trying to drown it out of him.”

“Yea, he looks like a man trying to drink a memory away”, replied Luke. “Think we ought to go over and talk to him? Maybe find out what is wrong?”

“Yea, that might be a good idea”, replied Bo, beginning to stand. Feeling a hand on his shoulder Bo looked up into the face of his Uncle Jesse. Surprised to see Jesse at the Boar’s Nest this late Bo was about to ask when Jesse interrupted him.

“Leave Rosco alone”, Jesse instructed. Walking over to Rosco Jesse sat next to him talking softly. The boys could see the anger on Rosco’s face but could not hear his responses to Jesse. They watched as the two men continued to speak in hushed tones.

Taking the glass from Rosco’s hand Jesse moved the bottle and it to the table next to them. Standing, Jesse offered his hand to Rosco, helping him stand. Knowing that Rosco would not be able to drive home without help Jesse sent a silent request to his two nephews for their assistance. In just moments both boys were standing next to their uncle.

“Boys, help me get Rosco here home”, Uncle Jesse ordered.

“Yes sir”, both boys answered in unison.

Walking out with Rosco the boys were amazed that he could still remain upright. Walking to his car Rosco stood next to it, fumbling for his keys.

“I’ll drive Rosco home”, Luke told Jesse and Bo. “Y’all can follow me to his place.”

“Ain’t going home”, Rosco slurred. “Can’t go home yet.”

“Rosco you’re going home. You’re in no shape to be out tonight”, Luke replied.

“Can’t go home yet. Gotta go see her first”, Rosco answered, dropping his keys on the ground. Bending down Luke grabbed the keys.

“Rosco are ya sure?”, Jesse asked, the concern in his voice evident. Looking at the Jesse Rosco nodded, his voice lost in emotion.

“Ok Rosco, we’ll go see her. Luke will drive ya’ there”, Jesse responded, steering Rosco over to the passenger side of the car. Getting him settled he walked over to the driver side. “Drive over to the First Episcopal cemetery. We’ll be right behind you.” Before Luke could argue or ask why Jesse had already walked back to his truck.

Shrugging, Luke started the sedan putting it in gear before driving out of the parking lot with Bo and Uncle Jesse behind him. Looking over at Rosco Luke wanted to ask him what was going on but seeing his face he knew that he would not get any real answer. Jesse would tell him and Bo what was going on in due time. Pulling into the cemetery, Rosco spoke for the first time.

“Pull up to the oak tree and park”, he instructed, his voice soft.

Before the car had rolled to a stop, Rosco got out, stumbling a bit from the effects of the alcohol in his system. Placing a steadying hand on the hood of the car Rosco took a deep breath. Moving away from the car Luke watched as Rosco walked thru the rows of gravestones before kneeling in front of one. Seeing Uncle Jesse get out of his truck and follow Rosco to the grave, Luke and Bo joined their uncle, both wondering what was going on.

“Uncle Jesse?”, Luke asked.

Before Jesse could admonish Luke for his interruption Rosco stood, staggered over to Jesse saying, “Take me home Jesse.”

Grabbing the drunken man’s arm Jesse walked Rosco back to his car, Bo following their Uncle. Hesitating for just a moment, Luke stepped closer to the headstone. Bending down he read the moonlit inscription.


Margaret Duke Coltrane

Beloved Wife

Born 8-4-50 Died 9-22-68



The End


Author Notes: I know that Rosco was not married when he was younger but I always wondered what if he had been. Who would he have married and why was she no longer around? This is my answer to that question.

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