By: ‘Chet Duke‘ and ‘Hilery Davenport

It was late in the afternoon and the two Duke twins, (who don’t even like each other let alone be referred to as twins), were at the Boars Nest with their father, Bo Duke, and Bo’s cousin, Luke, Luke’s little girl, Jessie, and the family friends, the Davenports. Chet Duke and his brother, Breyer, were playin pool at a table in the far off corner. The boys were down to the eight ball.

“Eight ball, left corner pocket.” Chet told his brother before shooting. Sure enough, it went into that pocket.

“Good shot Chet,” Hilery told him before givin’ him a friendly hug. Having grown up in Hazzard, Hilery was very close to the Duke family, and looked up to Chet and Breyer as if they were her older brothers.

“Good job Chet.” Amanda said before giving him a hug also. Chet was still in need of the extra attention and understanding, having just lost his best friend in the world. Chet was closer to him then he was his own brother. Daisy and Enos too, had yet to get over the loss of their son. That was the main reason why she was lettin Hilery give Chet so much attention.

“Hey, hold on, Chet, that went into that pocket,” Breyer said, pointing to the corner pocket, then added, “you called it into the one across from it.” That comment made Chet’s blood boil. He had beaten his sibling fair and square.

“I beat you, and I didn’t cheat like you are saying.”

“What ever, you owe me a drink now baby brother.” Breyer said with a giggle in his voice.

“No I don’t” Chet told him, his anger still rising. Breyer’s laugh disappeared and a nasty scowl came across his face.

“Oh, if you wanna play like that, make a bet and not heed by it and cheat, fine with me, but you are gonna pay!” Breyer yelled and punched Chet in the stomach. Hard. Chet was shoved across the room from the force.

Then next thing anyone knew, the boys were in a major fight. Every member of the Duke family rushed to stop the fight, the Davenports not far behind.

“Stop it right now, or else I’ll take a switch to the both of you!” Bo shouted, but it didn’t do any good. “Stop it now boys, Duke don’t fight Duke, remember,” Bo said trying again to get their attention. It too didn’t work. Suddenly, he joined the fight, punching them each in the gut, and in the heads, but it too didn’t work. “Luke, why don’t you give me a gosh dang hand!” With that, Luke also joined the effort to break up the brawl.

“Hey, Amanda, I think I may know how to break this fight up.” Hilery whispered to her friend.

“What you got in mind, Hil?” Amanda said as she leaned closer as she listened to Hilery’s plan. “Sounds good to me. One of the best things you have come up with since we met. Sides, I think Breyer has a tad of a crush on you.” She said before Hilery shoved her out of the way as Chet soared over head and landed on the table they had just been sittin on. He quickly got up, then punched his brother once again, only to get thrown into his father. Bo got up, his eyes throwing sparks. Luke had come over along with Daisy to make sure he was ok.

The second Daisy was satisfied Bo was alright, Amanda and Hilery tugged her over into the corner, having already rounded up Jessie. When they were sure they were as far away from the fight, they discussed their plan.

“That sounds like a winner girls.” was all Daisy said.

“Amanda, that sounds like your mind at work.” Jessie said with a little chuckle.

“No, actually, uh, Jessie, it was Hilery’s idea.” Amanda told them as they went over to get some damp cloths so the guys could get cleaned up when the fight was finally broken up.

Chet crashed into the pool table breaking it in half, destroying it. Breyer just stood there laughing but before he could react, Chet had rammed him into the bar. Then rammed him into another pool table, flipping over it, and crashing over the rack for the pool sticks, breaking each and everyone of them. Breyer had the wind knocked out of him so Chet took a second to get a drink of his root beer. Just after he swallowed, he went flying across the room yet again. This time landing over by the table Hilery and Amanda had been waiting at for their chance.

All of a sudden the girls shot up and Chet felt the lips of his girlfriend against his own. He was lost in a sea of sensation. He opened his eyes only to see the smile of Amanda in his face. Before he could kiss her back, someone came up on his right side and kicked him in the head, and poor Chet hadn’t even seen them because he had been permanently been blinded in his right eye in the accident that took his best friend who had also been his third cousin. The person who had just kicked Chet in the head had been his brother. As soon as Hilery seen Breyer bring his boot back, she had started runnin up. Before he could bring it back again to kick his brother, she had him landing on his rump, crashing through a chair. Once he was down, he too felt a kiss as sweet as the one his brother had experienced.

While the girls had been breaking up the fight to the shock of the Dukes who couldn’t figure out how the girls managed that, Rosco walked in. He was none too happy to see his Boars Nest a mess, torn apart on the inside, looking like a demolition derby had taken place, like a tornado had passed through.

“Awright you Dukes, I know you are the ones responsible.”

“Yeah, he’s the one who started it,” each twin shouted in annoyance and anger, pointing at each other.

Chet stomped outta the Boars Nest and although he wasn’t supposed to be driving he had driven his white ’70 Dodge Charger Ghost to the Boars Nest that day. The Doctor said that he was not to drive because of his eye, and that he was never to race again! Chet slid through the driver’s window quickly and started the cars powerful engine and sped away leaving nothing but a dirt trail behind. The sun was beginning to quickly settle and Chet had on his mind going to visit his cousin, Wyatt. In just minutes he arrived at the large cemetery to find the large gates padlocked shut tight. The anger growing in him he got back in his car which was still running, he backed up about 15 yards, then gunned the engine. The car leapt forward and through the gate breaking the chain padlock that had held it.

Bo had every intention of following his angry son, but Luke grabbed him by the arm and stopped him. “Let him cool off.” Luke said calmly. Just as he said that Breyer rushed out the door he too raged with anger as he opened the door and slide into his ’69 Camaro Moon Light and sped off in the same direction that Chet had gone, though he wasn’t going to the same place, he was headed for town.

Chet stood in front of Wyatt’s grave for a few seconds then sat down with his back up against the stone and he leaned his head back and stared at the darking sky. “I miss you cuz.” Chet said as if he were talking to himself. “My life is falling apart, I need you by my side to guide me, you were not only my cuz but my best friend.” Chet said as he began to cry, he put his head in his hands as more tears ran down his cheeks. “I can’t believe it ended like it did, I was the one who should have died not you.” He shouted through his tears of frustration. The grass around Chet was thin and very fine, it was after dark now as he still sat there in the cemetery deep in thought blaming himself deeply for what had happened.

Breyer on the other hand, ended up at the Hazzard county fair grounds, the place where his cousin had been killed just 8 months ago. He stood at the fence in front of the grandstands and looked out into the field and the track. Breyer looked at the corner and he remembered the explosion in his mind, he remembered hearing the high pitched sound of the ambulance sirens. Wyatt was dead before they could cut him outta the car and Chet was unconscious for 8 1/2 hours. The memories of seeing his brother’s bloody face ran through his mind again and again.

Breyer was lost deep in thought. Never in his life had he ever been so close to loosing his twin. He may not show it all the time, and be like a jerk towards his brother, but he loved him a lot. If he lost him, he didn’t know what he would do. The sun had long since set when he finally walked back to his car. He climbed into Moon Light and placed his head against the stearing wheel. He was tired and needed his rest. Breyer had decided first thing in the morning, he would say sorry to Chet. It was already 11:30 at night.

Chet was still at the grave yard, unaware of the time. He was hardly aware that night was blanketing the earth around him. He was feeling great pain. He did not at all want to go home and face his brother, and he wished his cousin could give him some advice. In the end, Chet decided to stay the night at the cemetery.

Breyer pulled up only to discover his brother was not home yet. His father was also waiting up with the rest of the house. Breyer knew he was in trouble for the fight. He wondered where his brother was while he worried about his punishment, he may be an adult, but Bo could still put him over his knee. Breyer stopped before entering the old farm house, swallowed, then took a deep breath and entered.

“Breyer, I am very disappointed in you, not to mention very angry. I tried stoppin the fight only to wind up gettin ignored. Then I tried something else only to wind up having your brother thrown into me.” Bo told him, anger clear in his voice. “Go out side and get a switch from the tree. Preferably the weeping willow out front. “He added. Breyer was very sure his father was angry now. He walked out side and got the switch and accepted the punishment silently.

The following mornin all the Dukes were shocked to see that Chet had yet to come home. He has never stayed out all night without callin’ first. All the Dukes were very fearful something happened to him, after all, he wasn’t supposed to be driving cause he is blind in his right eye, which is now slate gray.

“I’ll go call the Davenports and Amanda, we may need some help, but then again, they may have an idea of where he is. After all, he normally runs to them now that…. well you know.” Jessie said, starting to sob her heart out.

“It’s OK Jess. I’ll call them for you.” Luke told her, holding her gently.

“OK Daddy” Jessie said as she watched her father call her friends. It was only a matter of minutes before they all arrived. Each looked a little startled that Chet had yet to come back.

“Ok, here is an idea, how about we branch off into groups. Amanda, Hilery, you two are together, Jessie, you and Breyer. Luke, you and me like always, Daisy, you are with Cooter. Ok everyone?” Bo said after a few minutes of thought.

Chet was still asleep in the cemetery; he laid on the ground sprawled out half leaning up against Wyatt’s head stone. He was sound asleep and unaware that his family was putting together a search party. Asleep deeply Chet never herd any of the noise that went on around him during the night and he almost didnt hear the cemetery’s keeper come walkin’ up to him where he lay on the ground. He didnt stir really until he herd the shotgun click that the keeper carried, the he put the gun up to the right side of Chet’s head. Chet thanked the Lord that he couldn’t see the gun that was pointed at his head.

Chet opened his left eye, the only eye he was able to see out of but he could not see the gun, he could only see the old cemetery’s keeper. Chet stood up raising his hands high as he steadied himself on sleep weary legs.

“What are you doing here kid? And what the hell happened to my gate?”

Chet swallowed hard and stared at the keeper wide eyed, he had never been threatened with a gun before but like his father says, there is a time for everything.

“Uh…I…um…came to see my cousin.”

Chet said then now careless about the gun that was still pointed at him he looked at the ground remembering what he had been there for and what had happened last night.

“In the middle of the God damned night?”

The keeper shouted poking Chet hard in the chest with the guns big barrel. Chet did not answer as he now stared off in the hills and the sky, it was early in the morning by the looks of where the sun was, maybe about 7 or 8am.

“Answer me kid!”

The Keeper said getting angry for not being answered, still Chet said nothing he just stood there. The cemetery was close to Chickasaw county, and Chickasaw was well known for the tough law and it wouldn’t stand for Chet breaking and entering the cemetery.

“The new Sheriff in Chickasaw is just gonna love this!”

The Keeper said as he stared Chet straight in the eyes.

“You look like a druggie and freak! You stupid kids from the city know no respect for private property.”

The keeper said as he pushed Chet towards the gates roughly, what the keeper had just said set Chet’s blood to over boiling and he placed his feet on the ground firmly. So when the keeper gave 175lbs Chet a push again he didnt move.

Chet was tall and lean, mostly muscle from the heavy farm work he was used to doing there were few people who would quarrel with him, not counting his brother Breyer. Chet and the Keeper stood face to face, eye to eye now and the keeper was shorter and fatter, though his age was told by his wrinkles he was smart enough not to mess with a young tough guy like Chet.

“Fine! You want it that way, then so be it!”

The keeper spat the words at Chet as he walked away, know doubt the Keeper was headin’ for the phone in the building close by to call the Chickasaw police.

While the keeper was heading to the main building, Chet ran off to his car, Ghost, which was parked not too far off. When he was pullin’ away, the keeper ran out and started firing bullets off at him. He plowed back out of the gates, takin a sharp right as soon as he was out of the grave yard. He pushed Ghost to his limits, flying down the road at break neck speed.

Amanda and Hilery by this time were within range of hearing the shots. They had been on their way to the cemetery, knowin that Chet always went there when he was feeling down. The girls had found him there several times.

“Moon Light, this is Countrygirl, you got your ears on come on.”

“This is Moonlight, Countrygirl, what’s up, you find my bro?”

“No, but Amanda and me is near the cemetery and we are hearing gun fire.”

“This is the lost sheep, where are you Countrygirl?” Luke said havin heard the call on the cb.

“‘Bout a mile away from the north entrance to the cemetery.”

Hilery put down the mike and gunned Jumper’s engine. Now if you are wondering why Amanda didn’t call, she had never used a CB before and she didn’t have a handle either.

The girls pulled up in front of the cemetery only to discover the battered gate.

“Howdy, sir, could you tell us if you seen this guy?” Amanda asked, getting out of Jumper to ask the keeper.

“Yes, I just called the sheriff over in Chickasaw on him, he broke in here last night.”

“Sir, are you aware that this is not Chickasaw jurisdiction? This is still Hazzard.” Hilery said, realizing the guy wasn’t from Hazzard and apparently was drunk as it was.

Just over on the road goin’ toward the gate, coming from the other direction was Breyer, who was being followed by Jessie, who was on Tarty. They were careening toward the cemetery only to pass Ghost in a blur.

Breyer spun Moon Light around on a dime, the car was small and compact making it very easy to turn so quickly. Heading now in the other direction, Breyer pursued Chet in Ghost, though Breyer knew he had little chance of finding his brother because of the head start he had. Jessie and Tarty continued on to the cemetery where she met up with the rest of the gang. As she came to a stop and shut off the motorbike Hilery, Amanda and the rest came up to her.

“Where’s Breyer I thought he was with you?”

Hilery asked right away, wondering how Breyer had disappeared so quickly.

“We past Ghost and Chet on the way here, Breyer went after him and I came here to tell ya’ll.”

Everyone’s eyes grew wide as they stared straight at Jessie.

Ghost ate up the dirt roads faster and faster, the mighty stock car had guts and alot of horses under the hood. Chet was pushin’ 110mph as he passed the Hazzard County border, he continued into Chickasaw positive in his mind that his brother was following him. He had a prayer that his brother would not follow him into Chickasaw County because it was against his probation, bad as it was that Chet had left Hazzard; he too was on probation and not supposed to leave Hazzard County. He no longer cared, he kept driving until he came to a dead end that was surrounded by a thick forest of GA pines and Oak. Chet stashed Ghost in the pines the best he could and set off on foot towards a pond that he knew of. Wyatt and Chet had come to the pond many a times to fish, of coarse that was before they got put on probation.

Breyer followed Ghost’s deep tire tracks in the dirt, when he came to the Hazzard County border into Chickasaw he never even slowed down. Breyer was angry at his brother though hurt was the cause of the anger and he was determined to find and catch his brother and would do so if it took him all day and night. Eventually Breyer too came to the dead end in the thick forest of trees, he stepped outta Moon Light gazing around in all directions in search of any sign of his brother. Immediately he found Ghost covered in pine tree limbs on the side of the end of the road. Breyer knew how his brother thought so he turned and walked on foot into the deep of the forest in the opposite direction than that he had found Ghost parked.

He soon came to the pond, which was also heavily surrounded by trees. Chet looked down on his brother unnoticed and unseen because of the great cover of the thick pine tree he had climbed into. Breyer stood directly under him at the edge of the large pond looking into the water and at its edge for tracks. He didnt find any and was becoming frustrated with anger growing, but just then a crack of braches to his left made him turn and look towards the ground. Chet had thrown a large stick to Breyer’s left to catch his attention now he jumped 15 feet outta the tree on top of his brother and they both roughly splashed into the large pond.

Breyer flailed when he felt Chet’s weight push him into the water. The second he hit the water, his brother was already pushing him under. His air was quickly running out, but his brother was persistent at holding him below the surface.

While Chet was trying to slowly kill his twin brother, Bo, Luke, Daisy, Jessie, Cooter, LB, Amanda, and Hilery were just discovering Ghost and Moon Light.

“I think I know where they are,” said Hilery. She knew of the lake only because Chet and Wyatt took her there on several occasions when they were growing up. All of them ran to the lake, with Hilery in the lead, to discover Chet draggin’ himself out of the water. Breyer no where in site.

“Chet, where is your brother?” was the first thing that anyone could say.

“Dunno Dad.” Chet said. Bo was watching his son suspiciously.

Hilery was looking out over the water, watching the memories play across her mind, when a deep yellow shadow under the water caught her eye. She knew immediately it was Breyer. Diving in, the young women swam out to his limp body, then drug him to shore. Luke made her back away. The second she was out of the way, he started CPR. After about 2 minutes, Breyer finally coughed up the water he had swallowed. Everyone gathered around him to ensure he was ok. Chet took this moment to slip off into the woods, Amanda in tow without his knowing.

Breyer looked up at his second cousin hovering above him. Luke was just shocked that the poor kid had nearly drown.

“Breyer what the heck happened?” Bo asked his son, thankin’ the lord for not takin his son away from him.

“I found Ghost parked under some pine leaves, then I came here thinkin this is where Chet went, I didn’t see him. Right before I turned around to go back to Moon Light, a stick fallin’ out of a tree caught my attention. Then I wound up gettin shoved into the water. the person tried to drown me Dad, so I took and stabbed them with my pocket knife. The next thing I know I am wakin’ up with you guys here.” Breyer said between gasps of breath. He was clearly shaken.

While the Dukes were makin sure Breyer was ok, and checkin to see what happened, the Davenports were listening closely. The mention of him stabbing his attacker set them in motion.

“Ok, here’s the plan, Hilery, you go left and stay in this vicinity and look for clues, I’ll go to the right and part of this area. Whistle three times if you find something.” Cooter decided. Then they spit up as planned.

Hilery decided to drift back over to the waters edge where Chet had come out, she had a bad feeling. Lookin over the waters surface, more memories surfaced of her child hood with Chet and Wyatt. Breyer hadn’t been at the lake that much, but she was remembering it all like it was yesterday. Hilery decided to sit down but the second her fingers touch the ground next to her, she was startled to find it sticky and wet. She was sittin right next to where Chet had climbed out of the water. She took her fingers away from the stone, then looked at them. Rubbing them together, she realized it was blood. Chet’s blood. He had been the one who shoved Breyer into the water. In shock she didn’t think to whistle, she just yelled for the others.

Amanda was just catchin up to Chet when the others were gathering. He hadn’t been fast as his normal self. She had just figured it was from the accident he had suffered not even a year ago.

Chet had sat down beneath an old birch tree. His left upper thigh was killing him. He would have gone further, but needed to tend to his injury. Lucky for him, Wyatt, when he was alive, had thought to keep an old medical kit back in the woods, mostly cause Hilery was always injuring herself in some way.

Amanda came up next to him and started rapping his wound, which caused him to jump 10 feet in the air from surprise.

When Amanda had walked up to Chet she had scared him half to death, he hadn’t known that she had followed him. He sat leaning up against a birch tree clutching his left thigh, around his fingers blood had easily seeped through.

“You scared the hell outta me girl!”

Chet said gritting his teeth at the pain in his thigh.
Amanda sat down next to him and slowly pulled his hand off his thigh and looked at the wound, she shook her head and as she cleaned the stab wound out to the best of her ability.

“Chet, you need stitches that’s a real deep wound.”
Amanda said calmly as she kissed Chet gently on the cheek, he pulled her close and kissed her tightly and didn’t let go for many long seconds. Amanda looked straight into Chet’s eyes when the kiss had ended, his dark grey eye moved but looked dull and sent chills down her spin. His brown eye was so dangerous and almost a warning to those who crossed him. She tore her eyes away form his as he questioned her.

“Are they looking for me?” He asked forcing himself to his feet and braced on his good right leg.

“Probably.” Was all Amanda said.

“Listen to me Amanda you gonna have to go back there, try to convince them that I have run faraway from here already.”

Chet said as he stood holding her close for a moment then backing away with a heavy limp, he hated to leave her but he feared for her. She would be safer with them, even if they were searching for him things could get dangerous. If anything happened to her because of him, he would go crazy, more insane then he had gone when Wyatt died.

Then he pointed her out to the direction back to the lake, she was a stranger to these woods and he steered her in the right direction. She looked at him quickly then turned and walked away saddened that he wouldn’t let her come with him. Chet hurried although he limped; the limp slowed him down a lot but he continued through the pain, deeper, and deeper into the woods.

“Where is Amanda?” Jessie finally asked, noticing Chet’s girlfriend was not anywhere to be found.

“I dunno, as a matter of fact, where did Chet go?” Daisy said also lookin around.

“Daisy, I think Chet was the one who tried to drown Breyer. There is a bunch of blood over where Chet came out of the water.” Hilery told her friends, out of breath from runnin.

“Why would one of my boys try and kill the other?” Bo finally asked because nothing was makin any sense. Why would Chet do something like that? Or was it Breyer who tried to kill Chet? But why would Chet lie about that? So many questions left unanswered.

“Hey, lookie who is just joinin us,” Cooter told them, hookin’ his thumb in the direction Chet had left in, to see Amanda coming toward them.

“Amanda, where did you go? Did you find Chet?” Luke inquired.

“I did find Chet, but all he did was looked at me and ran. He was also injured” Amanda said, unaware that they knew the attempted murderer was injured.

“Amanda, you just confirmed our fears, Chet is the one who attacked Breyer.” Bo said, his eyes now filled with tears, he had been happy to have twins with his wife, but now that was turnin’ into a disaster.

While everyone was tryin to talk to Amanda, Hilery and Breyer were talking off to the side.

“Hilery, I been meanin’ to ask you something.”

“What is that Breyer?”

“Well, it’s more of tellin you something, but, the point is I like you.”

“Huh? you mean you have a crush on me?”

“Yes,” was all Breyer said before pushin’ his lips to hers.

“Breyer, next time, warn me” said Hilery, a little shocked. Bo had been watchin all this along with Cooter. The two of them just sat there smiling. They had known about Breyers feelings for a long time now.

By now Chet was almost to Ghost. He knew he needed to get to the hospital.

Chet had just barely made it back to Ghost when he became light headed and almost fell to the ground, if it hadn’t been for Ghost being close enough to grab onto, he would have fallen. Chet pulled himself through the cars window painfully rubbing on his blood gushing leg, he finally started the engine and pulled away.

Driving fast, Chet headed back towards town, he had an idea of a good place to hide. There was an old barn just outside of town, it belonged to an elderly lady with a few ol’ milk cows. Chet decided that he could park Ghost under the creek bed bridge, the creek was dried up and under the wide bridge Ghost would never be seen.

The big stock car fit perfectly under the bridge and it was becoming dark as Chet limped up the embankment of the creek. He stopped and crouched down in the weeds looking at the house through the darkness, there was a single small light coming from the living room of the house. All was quiet and peaceful, more fiery pain flared up an down Chet’s still bleeding thigh, he looked down at it in the dark, all he could see was the largely darkened area.

He slowly pushed himself to his feet and crept to the barn, the big sliding door was locked and Chet soon heavily exhausted knelled down on the ground. A clicking noise made him jump and almost loose his balance, the noise was a rope with a chain on the end hanging from the top of the barns hey loft. Chet stood and grabbed the rope, he used the last of his energy to climb up the thick rope to the hay loft where he thumped down hard on the hey covered floor.

The Duke family had herd Ghosts engine in the distance but when they came running from the deep woods all they could see was a heavy dust. Everyone hung there head low as the dark began to settle in, they all knew that with dusk approaching fast it would be almost impossible to follow the tire tracks in the dark.

“Come on, it ain’t any use to go tryin to follow that boy now. It is way too dark to follow his tracks.” Bo told the group when everyone had gotten to the road. His mind was still a whirl or confusion.

Luke immediately seen the look of despair on his cousin’s face the second he turned around to address them. “Bo, just relax, we’ll get this all sorted out, ok?”

“I hope so, Luke, seems like this family is starting to fall apart. First Daisy and Enos loose their son, I almost loose Chet, and now I almost loose Breyer, not to mention Breyer and Chet are fighting again, this time it’s bad,” Bo explained, close to tears.

“Come on sugar,” Daisy said, “let’s go home, some rest will do you some good.” She put an arm around her cousin, and led him back to the General. “I’ll meet you fellas back at the farm.”

“Ok cousin,” both the boys yelled as they slid into their car and took off toward home.

“Come on Amanda, I’ll give you a ride home.”

“Ok Hilery, Thanks.” She said before sliding into Jumper. Hilery was also starting to slide through the window only to be stopped by Breyer before she could get in. He took her into his arms and just held her before gently kissing her lips.

“Breyer,” Hilery said before turning red from embarrassment and turning away. Poor Amanda couldn’t help but to laugh, neither could any of the others.

Mean while back at the farm where Chet was hiding away…..

The lady had heard something outside. She got up out of bed and walked outside with a shot gun. Having seen nothing, she walked to the barn to check on her farm animals. The second she opened the door, she seen the blood on the floor. She looked up to see red straw sticking through the loft floor. She bravely climbed up the ladder, discovering the young Duke boy. He had a pulse and seeing how she was such a kind person, she called a good doctor friend of hers, sayin what she found.

When Chet finally came around, 2 hours after he had turned up at the farm, he discovered he was in a house, in a bed, but it wasn’t his. He began to panic only to be hushed by the nice lady. He had known she was a lonely widow, but that was about it.

“Hello boy, are you ok?” the old lady asked him, tryin to calm him.

“Yeah, I am ok, I guess,” Chet replied.

“What is your name child? Mine is Janet, but call me Jan.”

“My name is Chet, Chet Duke.”

“Well Chet, I found you in my barn, are you aware you were stabbed in you upper left thigh?”

“Yes ma’am, that was as far as I could go, I was tryin to hide from some of my kin, they are all mad at me.”

“It’s ok, I understand, I have heard a lot about you Chet, here, let me go get you some soup.” Jan said before leaving Chet be for a few minutes to get him something to eat. “Do you like Cream of Potato? I fixed some last night but never got a chance to eat it all.” She yelled from the kitchen.

“You really don’t have to, but if you insist, yes.”

Breyer let go of Hilery and who got into Jumper with Amanda. Hilery and Breyers eyes stayed locked on each other until they both pulled away. Amanda sat next to Hilery in the front seat of the teal mustang grinning a mile wide at Hilery. Amanda clearly knew that light headed look in Hilery’s eyes.

“Breyers a nice guy ain’t he.” Amanda said, more or less as a gesture into a conversation. “Yeah he sure is a sweetie.” Hilery said with her dazed eyes watching the rode on which she was driving, her eyes were an easy way of saying she was in another world, the world of love. Amanda looked at Hilery still, finally she said. “I saw the way his kissed you, he’s in love whether or not you have decided that you are or not.” Amanda said trying to be as calm and gentle about how she said what she was meaning.

“Yes, your right he is in love, and I love him too and I know it. Sure as can be I have fallen for him and I see it.” Hilery said taking her eyes off the rode to glimpse at Amanda for a short second. Amanda grinned. “I had a feeling you already knew it. That’s great from my opinion, we should go on a double…” Amanda cut off at the thought of Chet and there secret. She didnt say anything more she just stared out the window at the passing land. Hilery looked at her questioningly. “What’s wrong? Something’s going on, something more then what you’re telling.” Hilery said taking Amanda’s hand in hers trying to comfort her lost and scared friend. Amanda looked at her and shook her head, “Yes you are right, but I can’t tell, I promised I wouldn’t.

Hilery slowed the car down and stopped just outside of Hazzard Pond, she shut the car off and turned to Amanda.

“If this has to do with Chet like I think it does, you need to tell someone, I know he is wounded. He could be in a lot of trouble and we need to help him, but we can’t with out knowing what’s goin’ on.”

Amanda looked at her and shook her head, tears came to her eyes and she wipped them away with her hand. She stared down at the cars seat, if she told she could be helpin Chet, but then again he didnt want help and he didnt want his family to know what was going on.

“I can’t!” Amanda said bursting into more tears now. “He told me not to tell…but I have to for his sake.”

Hilery moved closer to Amanda and gave her a hug shushing her and trying to comfort her.

“Its ok, its ok…shhh…just tell me what’s going on.”

Hilery said as Amanda calmed down enough to begin talking again.

“Chet is wounded, he got stabbed in the leg, and it was him who tried to drown Breyer. He hates his brother! He hates his life now, he says that he should have been the one to die instead of Wyatt.”

“I know, ever since the accident he has been coming to one of us about his problems.” Hilery started Jumpers engine back up and took off toward the Drake residence to drop Amanda off.

Later that night, Chet had once again awoke, this time feeling much stronger. He had dozed off after eating. Now he was gettin up out of bed for the first time in hours, yes, and his leg still hurt, but he felt like he had to keep moving.

He silently moved toward the living room, moving slowly and stealthily. To his surprise though, Jan was still up.

He slipped silently towards the door, only to be startled by the elderly lady. “So, you live up to your reputation, don’t you?” she said without even turning around to look at him. “Chet, come over here and sit down, I would like to talk to you, give you some advice. I know what you are thinking, no this isn’t a lecture.” Chet came over obediently, unsure how she knew he was even in the room.

“I am sorry Jan, but I need to keep moving, if my family finds me I am in trouble.”

“I understand child, I know what you are in trouble for too, and let me say a few things, a few things in advice, this is in no way intended to be a lecture. ok?”

“Ok,” Chet responded, still a little nervous.

“Chet, you need your family, and they need you. You may not feel as if you need every single member of what is left of your family, including your brother, but let me-”

“How do you know?” Chet questioned sarcastically.

“Chet, when I was your age, I had a sister, I was very envious of her, just as you are your brother. Well, one day, we went our separate ways, it was after a huge fight….

****flash back****

Jan had just finished moving into her new home, when her phone rang. The news wasn’t good. It was the FBI, her mother had been kidnapped. She walked out of the house and grabbed her keys. She had left her home to go to the police station, only to also be kidnapped. She had been beaten, and beaten. Stacy was soon taken to the hide out only to pass out in the chair, she was tied to. After about an hour, her sister was kidnapped and tied to a chair in front of her. The people only wanted to get even with their father for double crossing them. Their mother had been murdered, and that was to be their fate. When Jan had finally came around, She discovered her sister. Stacy, Jan’s sister, had already formulated a plan, but needed her help. Jan added some to the plan, and due to that, they got away and to the police station. After that, the girls were nearly unseperable, until that fateful day, when Stacy died due to cancer. Jan had never left her side during all her pain and agony.

****present day****

Chet got up and gave her a hug. She had broken down crying half way through the story, and now Chet understood why she was such a caring woman. Her sister had made her stronger emotionally and wiser mentally.

“Chet,” Jan said, wiping her tears, “someday you will need your brother like I needed my sister, but if you keep fighting, and all, your brother won’t be able to help you.”

“Thank you for the advice, your story made me think, and it was a very touching story. I understand what you are saying.” Chet responded, very quietly.

“Chet, I am goin to take and fix something for you to eat while you are on your own, so do not go anywhere till I am done.” Jan told him before walking into the kitchen. She fixed Chet a huge cooler full of food. It had lunch meat, soda’s, fried chicken, junk food, soup, sodas, ect. But she also put a plain sandwich bad in the cooler, and in it was a note or reminder.

The elderly lady called the young man into the kitchen to retrieve his next few days of food. He thanked her and left, driving Ghost deep into the night.

Chet did not know where he was going, but he did know that he wasn’t ready to return to the farm. So defying his probation again he went into Chickasaw County and headed straight to the city, the deep city. City was not what he called his country, but it would provide hiding for him from his family and all the people that he knew in Hazzard.

Chet missed Amanda dearly and he wished that he could just hold her tight, but he drove on deeper into the city. Night had returned and the bright city street lights lit up block after block. Chet passed a sign saying Bar, he slowed Ghost to a stop and parked outside of what seemed to be a park, but he couldn’t tell for he had never seen a city park. Chet crossed the street and entered the bar, the place was smaller then the Boars Nest and was smoke fill and laughter and cussin’ filled his ears. Chet sat on a bar stool and a young lady bartender asked him what he wanted, Chet had read the menu above the counter behind the bar, everything was numbered so Chet held up 2 fingers and with in seconds the young girl handed him a medium sized mug of Bud.

She sat behind the bar, she wasn’t busy with the crowd so she watched him take a deep gulp of the foamy liquid. Chet swallowed and set the heavy glass cup down on the counter.

“You are not from around here are you?” The girl said sitting across the bar counter from him.

“No ma’am I’m not.” Chet answered with a quiet voice.

“I can tell, I know all the guys that come in here and I have never seen you here before.”

“Probably won’t ever again either.” Chet said not making eye contact with her, he hadn’t and didn’t plan on making eye contact with this lovely lady. His blind eye was not worthy of it, and in the dark room he was sure she couldn’t see it. The beer tasted good, better then at the Boars Nest were it was watered down and had no spunk to it. The lady watched him saver the taste as he took gulp after gulp, and soon she set a bigger mug on the counter, over flowing.

“This one is on me!” The lady bartender said scooting up further and getting closer

“Thanks.” Chet said still not looking up at her.

Chet enjoyed drinking, he wasn’t an alcoholic but he occasionally got drunk just have a good time. He new he didnt have to get drunk to have a good time, but it did help and it helped get the worries off a mind.

“What’s your name?” She asked sliding close up to the counter and closer to Chet making him not nervous but suspious of how close she was.

“Chet, ya got a name?” Chet asked staring at the foam on the side of his mug.

“Kel, so what are you doing this fare up the alley country boy?” She asked without being sarcastic.

Chet’s temper flared at being called a country boy, it was something about the way she had said it that was like a kick in the gut. He looked up at her quickly and his brown and grey eyes making contact with hers, he now didnt care what she saw. She looked straight at him, his brown eye trying to read why she had called him that.

“I go wherever I want, ain’t no one gonna tell me different.” Chet had put a snap into his voice and had her full attention now.

“I didnt mean anything by that, don’t jump down my throat I was only asking.”

Kel walked around the bar counter and walked up to Chet and sat down on his lap with her arm around his neck and her other hand on the bar counter.

“Your too tense handsome, loosen up or I’ll loosen you up myself. Don’t you even think for a second that your eyes are gonna scare me or even make me think that you’re ugly.”

Chet didnt say anything he just sat there, with her on his lap, he was allowing her to sit on him and he didnt know why. Maybe it was the longing to be with Amanda, Chet didnt know but at the moment he didn’t care about Kel.

“Are you even listening to me, handsome?” Kel asked, she rubbed her hand gently across Chet’s muscular chest and kissed him on the cheek. Sill Chet just sat there, Kel reached behind the bar and refilled his mug and handed it to him. Chet gulped down half the cup of beer before setting it back on the counter. Kel pulled him by the chin until he was facing her.

“Where are you from?” Kel asked hoping for an answer this time.

“Im from Hazzard County,” Chet said as he finished his third cup of Bud.

“It’s know wonder your a good looker handsome, Hazzard is a ways out there.” Kel said as she stood up and ran her finger tips through Chet’s short dark hair then down his thick neck. Chet was sweating from the summer heat and because he was becoming drunk without even knowing it. Kel stood with her face very close to Chet’s almost as if she were gonna kiss him again, she didn’t right away. She rubbed her nose across Chet’s thin goatee and looked him again straight in the eyes, she bought him another drink and within minutes he had gulped the whole cup down again.

While all this was goin on in the city, the rest the Dukes and the Davenports went to the Boars Nest. The reason why Hilery dropped Amanda off was because she had to be up early in the morning.

The two families walked in, and grabbed their usual tables. Shockingly, Rosco was willing to let Breyer go, only after the rest of the Dukes paid a hefty bail, not to mention paid for the repairs to the Nest.

“Hey, Julie, could you get us a round of beers?” Bo finally yelled after eating a hand full of pop corn. Then said to the group “so, what all do you think we should do to try and find Chet?”

“I would say he probably left Hazzard again, knowing him, he did.” Hilery chirped after a few minutes of thought, “I dunno, what do you think guys?”

Each person either nodded or shook. *figures* Hilery thought.

“I dunno, I think I have had enough for one day, sides it is too dark to look more, and we already have a new plan up, so how ’bout we just try and unwind so we can be more relaxed when we try to think again?” Luke finally spoke up.

“Sounds good to me, sides, we need to really be able to get a good nights sleep so we ain’t’ tired in the mornin’ so let’s wear our butts out!” Jessie yelled to her family and friends.

Without a second’s hesitation, Breyer was out of his seat, and next to Hilery, holding his hand out to her. “Haaa… I mean Hilll… errry… wo… would you like to… to… ”

“Oh would you just spit it out already!” Hilery finally said below her breath in frustration.

“Wo…would you like to dance?” Breyer finally got the words out. The Dukes and Davenports excluding Breyer and Hilery tried their best to suppress their laughter, but it didn’t work. That caused a bunch of trouble next.

“SHUT UP! IT ISN’T LIKE YOU PEOPLE AIN’T HAD A HUGE CRUSH BEFORE!” Hilery shouted and punched Cooter in the gut, Bo in the lip, and Luke got kicked in the side of his head, then took Breyers hand, who was just sitting there in shock. He had never seen a girl do something like that before.

Hilery just drug him to the juke box and looked through the songs. Then she seen it, the perfect song, it fit both their personalities, and it was one they were both in the mood for a fast song anyway. The song was Good Day to Run by Darryl Worley. Breyer though, when she suggested the song, just stood there, staring back and forth from his family and friends to her.

“What is wrong with you?”

“Hilery, why the heck did you do that?” he said, his eyes fixed on his family, and Cooter. They was just all staring.

“Well, someone has to defend you butt. How can you just sit there and allow them to degrade you for something that isn’t your fault?”

“I guess you got a point, thanks, but I was just gonna walk away from it-”

“And what? Get called a cry baby or a wimp for not even standing up to you family? Letting them laugh at you like a clown?” Hilery exploded after interrupting him.

“Just calm down,” Breyer finally said quietly and brushed his lips against hers, trying to get her to shut up. She immediately just curled into his embrace.

“I am sorry.” she whispered quietly, nearly in tears. He held her and took her to the juke box so they could get the song playin, then took her to the dance floor where they started dancing.

The Dukes and Cooter just sat there watching with amusement, and holding ice to their aching parts.

“Cooter, where did she learn to fight like that?” Daisy asked, who had been quiet the whole time, just watching and listening.

“I dunno. I think she learned it when she was in school over in Chickasaw.”

“You know Cooter,” Luke said, jumping in suddenly, “Chet probably went back there, think about it, he wouldn’t expect us to look in the same place twice for him.”

Cooter and the others just slapped Luke on the shoulder, he always had a way of thinkin’ like that, and most of the time he was right.

By now, Hilery and Breyer were dancing to Cowboy, Take Me Away by the Dixie Chicks. Breyer was holding her, then suddenly pulled away. He tilted her head up towards his and spoke three simple words…

“I love you.”

Hilery looked into his eyes, only to see that love was a mild statement. He cared deeply for her. As she searched his eyes, a tear slid down her cheek. He gently lead her back to the table then said one sentence he never thought he would say to her, or have the gumption to, and she never thought she would hear those words from him…

“Will you uh… be my,” Breyer said before swallowing loudly then continued, “be my ahee, gosh is it me or is it hot in here….” he swallowed again, more aware of his actions and his procrastination, “excuse me, sorry about that.” He cleared his throat, then finally said it, “Hilery, would you be my girlfriend?”

Before anyone could move, Hilery fainted, and landed in Breyers arms. Everyone just looked at each other. Bo and Cooter were the first ones up to check to make sure she was ok, followed by Jessie, Daisy, and Luke.

“Dang Breyer, I don’t know who is worse, you, or how your father used to be,” Luke just laughed, after saying that, while Bo and Breyer turned bright red.

“And to add to that, you both have the same goofy attitudes, or at least your father used to have one, and if this little lady doesn’t come ’round soon, I am gonna take her home. C’mon, lets take her back out to the truck, Breyer, could you bring Jumper along?”


“Why are you so handsome and sexy?” Kel asked Chet as she kissed him on his lips and rubbed noses with him. Chet was drunk, he wasn’t thinking about Amanda and how he was hurtin’ her, all he knew was that he liked what this girl was doin’.

“Must be in my blood…” Chet stuttered as he swallowed a gulp of daiquiri that Kel had bought him.

“Wowee, you sure can drink country boy! How ’bout another one?” Kel said, and before he could answer she handed him a bigger cup of daiquiri.

Chet pushed the cup away and shook his head and rubbed his eyes, Kel ever so often glimpsed at an older man sittin’ in the corner of the room. Kel poured Chet another beer and handed it to him, he accepted it and gulped down half the cup.

“So whats…whats fun in the city?” Chet asked swaying a little, he wrapped his arm around Kel so that he wouldn’t fall, and put his other hand on the bar to steady himself.

“We so lots of things, drink, have fun, just different things.” Kel said as she stood up from Chet’s lap and walked behind him and began rubbing his back.

“Lighten up Chet your still way too tense for my taste, loosen up your mind nothing could be as bad as you think it is.” Kel said.

Now was her chance to take advantage of Chet, while he was drunk enough not to know what he was doing but too drunk to stop her. Chet finished his drink again, Kel ran her warm hands under the back of his shirt and up his shoulders. Chet swayed on the bar stool more then before, he stood up and began to walk to the door.

“Thanks for the drinks Kel…”Chet passed out next to the door before he even got his goodbyes out. Kel grinned to herself and strut over to where Chet lay on his back on the floor, he was out cold. The bar was empty it was almost 3:00am.

Hilery awoke to birds singing and chirping. The smell of bacon and eggs wafted under her nose. She pulled her blankets back, and discovered she was still in her shorts and her t-shirt from the previous day. A gentle knock sounded at her door as she sat up.

“Hilery, honey, you awake?” Cooter quietly questioned.

“Yes sir,” was Hilery’s response. She was busy tryin to figure out why she didn’t remember going to bed, or why she was still in her clothes from yesterday.

“May I come in?” her cousin questioned from behind the door as she got up to open it.

“Actually cuz, I was gonna get up, get dressed, then eat.” She said grabbing a pair of fresh shorts and a clean tee, then heading to the bathroom.

Cooter headed back out to the kitchen to finish breakfast. Breyer had decided to spend the night, just to be sure Hilery was ok. He loved her very dearly, if anything happened to her, he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. Breyer was tending to the toast, while Cooter fixed the bacon.

Hilery finally walked into the kitchen about 15 minutes later, her hair still wet from the shower she took. Breyer just stared at her, lovingly.

“Your eggs, bacon, and toast are on the table.” Cooter said, gesturing towards the plate. Hilery sat down and took a bite of her egg.

“Mmmm, you remembered to put cheese on it and you actually didn’t pop the yoke, not to mention nothing is burned.” She said, licking her lips and taking another bite.

Breyer realized Hilery was either ignoring him, or she didn’t notice him, so he reached over and tapped her on the shoulder. She just turned, and a smile lit across his face faster then the speed of light. The night before finally flashed back through her mind, lucky for her she swallowed first before she turned.

Ringing his hands, he finally decided to ask his question again considering it was evident in her eyes this morning that she didn’t recall the night before, and he wasn’t sure if she was doing so now or not. “Hil… would you, uh… be my girlfriend?” That time, it came out off his tongue a little better.

Quickly Hilery finished her breakfast, hoping to catch him off guard, then she walked up to him. Breyer looked down, and heart broken because she hadn’t answered him. Before he could say sorry, she had him trapped in a lip lock. When she finally released him, he actually fell backwards, out of his chair, and onto the floor. She knelt down and smiled.

“How is that for an answer?” Slyly she questioned him. All poor Breyer had been able to do was look up and stare into her eyes while she giggled.

After the dishes were done, everyone met at everyone’s favorite place to loose ol’ Rosco, Hazzard Pond.

“So, where do you think we should look next Luke?”

“Bo, I don’t really know, but I think our best bet would be Chickasaw again. I mean, if he is smart, he would know that lightening doesn’t strike in the same place twice, so why would he think we would look there again?”

Chet awoke, he was cold and had such a bad headache that he felt sick to his stomach. He sat up and looked around, he didnt have a shirt on and the room he was in was very dark with no windows at all. There was a sharp pain in his upper arm, but he couldn’t see anything, not even his two hands in front of him. Chet rubbed his head and shivered a little, the room was cold and the cot that he had layed on for how many hours he did not know for he had a kink in his neck the size of a John Deer tractor.

Suddenly a huge bright light came on to reveal and empty room that was painted completely white, with no windows or vents of any kind. Chet looked over at the pain filled area of his arm, he saw a hole the size of a hospital needle. It was bleeding, not too badly but enough to notice, the hole was in the large vein of his left arm just inside his muscle.

Chet noticed the rush of energy in his body, it was almost like and aching to get up and run yet he knew his body was too tired. Kel, the girl he had met at the bar last night came into the room, and looked at him with her hands in her hips and a disappointed look on her face.

“It’s about time you come around handsome, don’t get any ideas or make any sudden moves!”

She walked up to him where he stood by the cot looking at her, he didnt have any clue what in the world she was talking about.

“Give me yer arm!” She demanded and grasped his left arm roughly then pulled another syringe outta her pocket, she knew he was gonna try to pull away so she put pressure in the small hole in his arm causing him cry out and flare up in anger.

“Best calm down and behave yourself!” Kel put the syringe into the small hole in Chet’s arm. He took a step back trying to pull as far away from her as he could but it caused her to put pressure on the needle and hurt him.

“God dammit let go of me!” Chet yelled, his anger grew as the pain in his arm got worse.

Kelly pulled the needle out and tossed his arm back towards him with an angry sneer.

“Sit down!” she snapped at him.

Chet clutched his arm, the pain hadn’t gone away but he wasn’t about to argue with her; it was clear that she meant business. Kel came over and put her hand on the side of Chet’s neck and looked at the watch on her arm. Chet pushed her away angrily. Kel grabbed him by the throat and slammed him up against the wall behind the cot, she again timed his pulse as she put pressure on his windpipe. When she had gotten the time that she wanted she released him and he slide off the side of the cot and landed on the floor on his hands and knees gasping for breath. Kel kicked him in the ribs hard twice. He rolled over on the concrete floor and looked up at her as he breathed in deeply.

“Don’t do anything stupid! I will be back in 2 hours!” She snapped as she walked away and slammed the door hard behind her. Chet stared at the door not believing how easily that lady had just handled him.

Back over at the pond, things weren’t getting any clearer…

“Bo, you know we know all the back hills in this area, so why are you so worried? We can get away from trouble in the blink of an eye.”

“Luke, I just think something really bad is happenin’ to my son.”

“Bo, just calm down, I am sure he is perfectly ok.” Luke said, he was starting to pace out of frustration with his cousin.

“Luke…” Bo said, then sighed.

“Bo, Luke, cool it, Bo, Chet does know how to take care of himself. Luke, tell me you have never had father’s instinct.” Daisy told them, sick of their bickering. She was about to go get a pair of ear plugs cause of them.

“Sorry guys,” Cooter interjected, “But she is right.”

Breyer and Hilery had also gotten sick and tired of the bickering. Breyer took Hilery gently by the arm and led her over to a shady tree to sit under.

“Hilery, I love you,”

“Breyer, I love you too.” Hilery told him, before he kissed her gently. He loved her a lot.

All of the Dukes and the two Davenports turned when they heard someone come up to them. It was Amanda.

“Hey, sorry about me bein’ late but I had to walk, so, what is the latest subject?”

“Still Chet honey,” Hilery announced as Breyer kissed her affectionately on the cheek. Amanda just looked at the two like they were loony.

“So, what is new with you two? Y’all actin’ all mushy.” Amanda questioned, a hint of silliness to her voice.

“Oh, nothing much, cept I have a new girlfriend,” Breyer said with a silly lopsided smile on his face, then kissed his sweet heart.

By now the others had finished their bickering and decided to join the lovely couple in the shade. Quietly, they discussed their plans as the afternoon sun started to become fiercer and fiercer.

“Ok, only one problem,” Amanda finally interjected, “Chickasaw has changed since y’all’s moon shining days. And sides, none of us younger folks know our way around Chickasaw.”

“Uh, actually, I do, my parents and I were living there when they died. I know my way around there pretty good. I go over there a lot to visit some of my old friends. I only lived there two years, but hey, I learned the terrain very well.” Hilery said solemnly.

Breyer seen the sadness in her eyes and gently wrapped an arm around her. The only thing she didn’t mention was she also had many enemies there. Kel was one of them.

Hilery had busted Kel one summer when she was stayin with her friend, two years ago. The girl had been selling drugs. She was nothing but trouble. Hilery still remembered that day like it was yesterday. Kel had hijacked Jumper, who was freshly restored at the time, and tried to kidnap her as well. Kel had only been there a short time so Hilery was able to maneuver to a place where she was sure she could find help and it worked. The only problem was Hilery had been taken hostage.

She did get loose, having untied herself from the steering wheel, but a large fight had erupted. In the end, she had won, but, she hadn’t without the battle scars. What most people didn’t know was that she had a scar, now quite faded, on the left side of her head from a knife. It was covered by hair now, but it was a painful reminder.

“Hilery, you ok?” Breyer asked, clearly worried, Hilery had zoomed out on them. Cooter was the only one who even knew what was on her mind.

“Breyer, let her be, she will tell you in time.” Cooter told him.

The room that Chet was locked in was cold and brightly lighted, Chet sat on the cot with his back up against the wall and he held tight onto the needle hole in his left arm. He could almost feel the drug separating into his blood, it made his mind wild and his body was so full of energy that he felt he could break down the door that held him in. He knew he couldn’t. The silence was the worst part though, Chet just sat staring at the wall waiting for time to tick by.
As she had promised Kel returned 2 hours later, she had with her an older guy; he was big and muscular. Chet jumped to his feet from sitting on the cot, not a movement that they made Chet didn’t see.

“Sit your ass back down on that cot! Or you’re gonna regret it.” Kel demanded him in an angry and snappy voice.

Chet backed up to the far wall, he wasn’t gonna listen not even if it meant his life! The big guy with her didn’t scare him, he had read the guy up and down and his size meant nothing to Chet. He shook head no, he wasn’t sitting back down.

“Last Warning! Sit!” Kel said, the guy stepped up next to her and looked Chet up and down. Again he didn’t make a move to return to the cot.

“Alright Dom, teach this plow boy a lesson!” Kel said to the guy that she had brought with her.

Dom started towards Chet, who had stepped away from the wall and placed his feet like stone.

Dom put on a pair of brass knuckles that he had had in his jacket pocket. Chet swallowed hard but did not let any fear show on his face. Dom faked a punch to Chet’s head with his right hand and came up with his left and punched Chet hard in the stomach. Then kneed him in the head. Chet fell to the floor on his hands and knees, clutching his stomach and breathing hard. Dom kicked him in the side causing Chet to roll onto his back. Dom pinned him to the floor on his back then waved Kel over as he held Chet’s arms down.

She pulled out four needles and kneeled down next to Chet’s right side. One after another the drugs were injected into Chet’s right arm. By the time, that Kel was done with the needles and taking his pulse for the last time. Chet was like a rubber band wrapped 6 times too many. He was angry and beat red. Dom was havin trouble holding him down. He put his knee on Chet’s chest to help hold him down, a 175lb Chet was strong and built tough as nails.

“Hurry it up Kel, you think this is easy or somethin’,” Dom gritted his teeth as Chet fought to get his hands loose and get up from the floor.

“Alright.” Kel said, getting to her feet and took a few steps away. “You can let him go now, be careful I don’t know what he gonna do.” Kel walked over and stood by the door as Dom half stood up before letting Chet’s arms loose. Chet didnt give Dom a chance to let go, he kicked Dom square in the chest sending him sprawling backwards and on the floor. Dom was on his feet in seconds and headed towards the door to Kel. Chet clutched his arm putting pressure on the bleeding.

Chet sat down on the floor in the corner furthest away from the door, and ignored Kel and Dom. They stared at him like they were waiting for something to happen, but nothing did and they became impatient.
“I don’t think its gonna work, the drugs aren’t reacting like they should be.” Dom said.

Kel stared at Chet angrily.

“I guess your right, we should get him outta here, he’s no use to us anymore. His blood is too messed up now for him to be of any use to us, take him and his car to the alley by the bar and leave him there. By morning he won’t remember any of this, he’ll be way to outta it he’ll be lucky if he can remember his own name by the morning.” Kel said as she opened the door and left the room.

Dom approached Chet and he fought him off twice then he became exhausted and light headed; He was barely able to stand as Dom dragged him outta the room under his arms. Chet watched as everything went by him. he was barely aware of what was going on, all he knew was that he had seen his car Ghost near by.

By now, Hilery had been driving around in Chickasaw, having organized a search party. She gave each person a map, and assigned each a partner. She herself had teamed up with Jessie and Amanda.

“Hilery, what makes you guys think he came back to Chickasaw?” Amanda asked as they neared the city. The air was tense and an eerie silence hung over the car. The CB too had become quiet.

Jessie, who was following on Tarty was all too aware Hilery was going through memory lane again. The road they were on was the one her parents died on. The accident occurred when a drunk pulled out of the bar that Chet was at only the night before.

“Amanda, do you really think Chet thinks we are dumb enough to check the same place twice? Cause if he does, he would have just came back here. I know he was in Hazzard after he was stabbed. He stowed away in Ms. Jan’s barn, then she healed him.” Hilery sighed, clearly thinking she was not making any sense.

“Hilery, what’s wrong?”

“I am just stressed right now, ok?” Hilery said, sadness evident in her voice.

Dusk was fast approaching as they neared the bar. More and more painful memories spilled through Hilery’s mind, memories of her mother and father’s accident, the battle with Kel still fresh in her mind even if each incident had happened years ago.

About two blocks away, the girls all stopped. This was to be their meeting place with Bo, Luke, Daisy, Cooter, and Breyer.

After about five minutes, they finally caught sight of the General Lee, the tow truck, and Dixie. Amanda and Hilery quickly got back into Jumper while Jessie got back on Tarty. Then they were off.

When they finally got to the bar, Hilery spotted Kel and all heck was about to break loose. You see, Kel had broken out of prison. Hilery had been notified because the police thought Kel might try to get her revenge.

Breyer came around to help Hilery out of Jumper, mostly because she hadn’t moved to get out when the rest did, it made them all worried. Cooter followed him to the driver’s side window of Jumper, only to see the sparks in Hilery’s deep blue eyes. Silently and suddenly Hilery got out of Jumper.

“Hilery? You ok, cuz?”


“I am fine, but I know one person who is gonna go back to jail.” Hilery told them, she hadn’t even looked at them. Hilery moved towards the tavern, the others in tow.

Kel had disappeared into the darkness of the alley before Hilery moved. She knew something was gonna happen and it wasn’t good either.

Everyone was just outside the bar when suddenly Breyer dove out of the way, yelling for the others to duck and shoved Hilery down. She had drifted into a daydream about her folks, but came out of it when she hit the ground and heard the gun shots. Kel was firing at them, well namely Hilery. While the girls ran into a near by convenience store for cover, the men ran towards the alley, and discovered Ghost.

Kel suddenly appeared before anyone could react. Dom appeared a few seconds later, carrying Chet like a sac of potatoes. Breyer’s eyes suddenly filled with fire and he charged at Dom, knocking him down. Bo joined the brawl, seeing his son’s condition, and hit him in the jaw causing his lip to bleed. Hilery had heard the start of the scuffle and soon joined the fight. Amanda followed.

Kel seen Hilery, and attacked, blood in her eyes. Swiftly Hilery took on Kel, while another one of Kel’s associates took on Amanda, who easily beat the baddy up. Hilery on the other hand was having problems due to a drawn knife. Amanda charged Kel, throwing her against the wall, and took the knife. Kel had been workin’ out in the prison and now was twice as strong as before, so the odds were now fair, because Amanda was now helping to defeat her.

Hilery and Amanda had a jump on Kel, they were and would beat out everything she had in her. Amanda and Hilery stood as one, they had both been beatin’ and hurt in the past and now this was the pay back.

Amanda held Kel behind the back as Hilery had her words with her and continued to punch and beat on her, sure it was a cowardly act to gang up on Kel, but it was time Kel got a taste of her own medicine. Hilery punched Kel one last time and Amanda let her drop to the ground. Bo and the rest of the Dukes had gotten Dom under control, and he was out cold on the pavement. All was silent for a long moment, every one recovering from the fight. Breyer walked up to Hilery and hugged her tight and kissed he gingerly.

“Are you alright?” Breyer asked as he fussed over Hilery from head to toe.

“Oh yes, I feel much better.” Hilery said returning his kiss with one longer then he had given.

Amanda stood near by, she was catching her breath and watching Breyer and Hilery. She suddenly ran from where she stood to down the alley a few yards.

“CHET?” Amanda shouted with a high toned voice of fear.

Amanda found him lying on his back, he was as white as his car, which he was laying next to. His face was beet red, his head was feverish and had a cold sweat all over his body. Chet didnt have a shirt on, he hadn’t since earlier the night before. The area where the drugs had been injected into his arm was swollen and bled slowly down his it. There was a 2 inch cut above his right eye that bled freshly down the side of his face. Amanda was by his side in seconds and pulled him up into her lap and cradled his head in her arms.

Chet looked up at her, his eyes where distant and he almost jumped outta his skin when he looked at her. She had scared him at first, but he quickly settled down at her touch and soft voice. The rest of the Dukes joined Amanda, Hilery quickly came to Chet’s other side to evaluate the situation.

“Well one thing is for sure, that little scalawag is still up to her old tricks.” Hilery said. Everyone looked up at her in shock.

“What do you mean by that?” Breyer asked, curious. By now Breyer was right behind Hilery who was shakin’ and sobbin’ up a storm. She leaned back into his embrace, then turned. She buried her face in his shoulder. All Breyer could do was hold her. His shirt was soaked with her tears, her mascara and other makeup all over it too.

“Come on, lets get this poor fella to the hospital,” Jessie finally said while Bo looked his son up and down, seeing where he was hurt.

Immediately Hilery pulled away from Breyer and yelled, “No! It will kill him, the poison has to work its self out of his system. I know how Kel works, she kidnaps people who are outsiders or people she doesn’t know, then drugs them with experimental drugs. She takes normal drugs, then mixes them with something that when mixed with the anti drug medication for that drug, it becomes lethal.”

Everyone was shocked.

“Hilery, how do you know all this?” Bo and Luke asked simultaneously, just before Breyer could. Hilery looked uncertainly at Cooter who nodded a go ahead, tell them.

Hilery told them everything, about being almost one of her victims, and the hijacking. When she was done, Jessie had become curious, as to why she didn’t have the scar she mentioned.

“Hilery, you don’t have a scar on your head.” Jessie told her, thinking Hilery was mistaken, maybe had a bump to the head in the fight. Slowly, Hilery pulled back her hair, and parted it on the side of her head. Sure enough, there was a light, faint scar.

“So that is what was wrong earlier, you were having flash backs?” Breyer asked, more so understanding what happened earlier. Hilery just nodded.

“Lets get him home, have doc look at him and make sure he don’t inject something, ok?” Luke said, a little worried.

“Good idea,” was Bo’s response. It was while all this was going on that Dom and Kel were waking up, and they were angry. They ran up, each pulling out a gun, and grabbed Hilery, Chet, Breyer, and Amanda, then ran. They only grabbed Chet cause he was pumped full of evidence against them. Hilery, Amanda and Breyer were taken because they were the main ones who beat them up. Dom shot out the tires of all the vehicles except Jumper since Dom and Kel decided to take off in the teal ’68 Shelby Ford Mustang SE, much to Hilery’s displeasure and forced her to drive. Poor Hilery was in a panic and was crying. She was reliving a nightmare of her past. Breyer was scared as anything cause of his brother’s condition. Amanda was hysterical due to Chet’s condition also. Too much was occurring in each captive’s minds right then to even think about a plan to get away.

Soon the group came to a dead end in the road. Kel yanked Hil out by the hair, while Dom held a gun on all of them. Slowly each victim was blindfolded, and had their hands tied together behind their backs. When done, everyone walked into the woods. Hilery and Amanda were held by Kel, while Chet was once again thrown over Dom’s shoulder like a sac of potatoes. Dom pulled Breyer by his arm with his free hand. Soon, the group arrived at an old farmhouse.

Bo and Luke meanwhile were in shock. Four young ‘uns kidnapped. If Chet had been in the condition he was in, then what was the possibility the others would live? Hilery had jailed Kel once, but they weren’t sure if she could again because it was more then just her in danger now. Cooter was just plain out worried. His cousin had indeed wound up in the hospital during her last bought with Kel, would the same happen this time too?

Cooter shook the thought out of his head and finally spoke up, “Hey, lets take those maps, ask around to see where all the abandoned places are and then rescue everyone!”

Jessie nodded, she understood where Cooter was going. Hilery had given her the phone number to her friend’s house while in the store when they had first heard the gunshots. Somehow Hilery knew that something like this would happen. Jessie walked over and picked up the payphone receiver, dropped in a few quarters and dialed. After about 15 minutes, she had the information they needed to rescue the others… what houses were abandoned and where the best hiding places were. Her father and her second cousins memories of where everything was from when they were runnin’ shine would come in handy for this.

Breyer and an unconscious Chet were tied up in the same room that Chet had been in the last two days. Breyer was tied to a cot in the middle of the room. Chet lay free though useless because of the drugs effect on him. Breyer sat with his hands tied above his head. He stared at Chet were he lay against the wall only 5 feet away. To Breyer his brother seemed to be in a distraught and haunted sleep. Chet hadn’t moved at all. His skin had changed from a pale white to a very red and hot looking complexion.

Suddenly, Kel burst through the door with Dom at her heels she was in almost a furious rage.

“Get those two out of here Dom! Make sure those two other ones in the next room are tied tight, we don’t need their interference or worse a fight, yet!” Kel said pointing at Chet and Breyer.

Dom didnt say a thing, he wrapped a bandana around Breyer’s eyes so that he couldn’t see to fight. Dom unhooked the chain that held Breyer to the cot and pulled him hard as he walked to where Chet lay on the floor. Breyer stumbled in blindness with his hands chained tightly still in front of him, he listened closely as Dom huffed hard and tried to pick Chet up. Chet was more lively then his brother and Dom had thought. For when Dom tried to pick him up Chet opened his eyes fast and rolled away from Dom quickly.

Dom left Chet be and shut the door hard behind him, Kel had long since grown annoyed with Dom’s slowness and left. He took Breyer to another room right next to the one that they had been in, then after he released Breyer and returned to his duty with Chet.

Upon entering, Dom had to scan the entire room for Chet had moved once again. He found Chet sprawled in the corner leaning up against the wall, his face red with the fever that had over taken him. At first sight of Dom, Chet raised his hands in surrender, he was too exhausted from the crawl to the corner. Dom pulled Chet to his feet and tried to help Chet walk but he couldn’t for he was too weak. So Dom reverted to simply grabbing Chet under the arms and dragging him roughly to the next room and dumping him inside with his brother. Dom chained both boys to the wall furthest from the door, Chet was wide awake and gaining strength by the moment. He hadn’t and didn’t plan on saying a single word to his brother, he could care less whether his brother was there or not. Breyer kept his distance and relaxed as he sat up against the wall, he had always been calmer then Chet, who now with growing anger and strength began to fight with the brutal chains around his wrists.

There were 2 other men in the room that Breyer and Chet were put in; these two men were both about 25 years of age. They had the meanest look on their beat red faces that Chet and Breyer had ever seen.

The girls meanwhile were in just as much trouble. Kel had come in from the room with the boys and had taken a pair of brass knuckles to Hilery after tying her up. Blood oozed from a very small open cut on her forehead caused by the metal.

Amanda watched from across the room as her friend got the snot beat out of her. She was terrified. She just wasn’t sure how much more her friend could take before screaming. Hilery was not too happy. She was trying to fight back like a bear trapped by poachers.

“Scream you dang little brat!” Kel yelled, frustrated because Hil wasn’t screaming like she was supposed to. Finally, Kel hit Hilery in the head squarely one last time, and she lost consciousness.

Kel finally went over to Amanda, and kicked her in the shin, then in the nose. Her nose dripped red liquid over her. The pain coursed through her face, feeling like death itself. Amanda knew she had a broken nose, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She finally fell back, and started to think about Chet as she watched her friends breathing as she was out cold.

Chet was the one Amanda was most worried about, he was in the worst condition. If Kel came back, Hilery would be in a similar boat. They needed to get out. Amanda began to pray for her friend to come to. She would have moved to clean Hilery’s wounds, but that was a little hard to do chained up. Amanda sat praying for at least 15 minutes before Hilery woke up.

“Hil? You ok?”

“I think so,” was her response, though it sounded distant.

“Ok, we need to try to find a way out of here.”

“I think I might be able to tell where we are if I can get to a window and I really am gonna need to get cleaned up later.” Amanda couldn’t help but grin. Hilery usually didn’t care about her appearance in most aspects, she was normally care free and wild.

“Oooo, someone wants to be all prettied up for Breyer,” Amanda jokingly jabbed.

“Hey knock it off, we need to find a way out of here.”

“I know”

“Ok, now then, lets find a way to find the guys and get on out of here!!” Hilery said as she pulled a bobby pin out of her jeans pocket. Amanda just looked at her. “Hey, I always keep one or two in my jeans pocket.” Hilery told her as she went to work on the chains that held her. Within minutes she was free, and went to work on Amanda’s chains, but before she could get her free, Dom came in with Kel. Before Hil could run, Dom had her in his grip and Kel beat her a few times with a crow bar, then drug her out of the room. Amanda was soon brought along. The girls found themselves in a room with several others, it was more like a conference room. All of Kel’s associates were around a desk. Amanda was dragged over and tied to a chair. Hilery was again chained to a wall.

“My dear business partners and friends, I have something I would like to show you, I would like to show you what happens to people who cross my paths. I know a few of you have been thinking about turning on me, well I am now going to show you exactly what happens to people who do that,” Kel told everyone in the room, and picked up a new pair of knuckles, these ones were sharpened protrusions meant to cut the skin up. She punched Hilery in the face a few times, then several in the stomach. When Kel finished this go round, Hilery was in really bad shape. She was once again out like a light. Amanda was speechless. Kel was going to eventually kill Hil if they didn’t get out soon.

While Kel was beating Hil, Dom had decided he would have some fun and go beat the twins. Chet had once again managed to crawl into a corner,having been unchained for Dom didn’t think he could get away too easily, his own way to watch Chet’s recovery but Breyer was still worried about him. Chet was indeed getting stronger. It seemed as if the drugs were slowly coming out of his system, but it would take a few days for him to get completely better. He would be back to walking within 3 days, and fighting by then too. The poisons just had to getout of him first. Dom walked over and punched Breyer across the face.

“Stupid plowboy, you are just so stupid, and I hate stupid country folks.” he said, then punched him again and again. He sat punching him for at least five minutes. The older men in the room had backed away slowly at the sight of Dom.

Chet watched as his brother was beaten to a pulp. He knew they needed to get out, just as the ladies did, but he knew he couldn’t help until he got stronger. He was very angry that his family was being hurt, only he was allowed to hurt his brother. He was also faintly aware that 2 others who he knew were kidnapped, but he wasn’t quite sure who they were. He remembered Amanda being there, along with a few others but that was it. He just needed to figure out who else was there now that he was thinking more clearly.

Breyer lay limp with his hand high in the air because of the chains that still held his unconscious body. Chet sat 10 feet away from his brother in the corner breathing hard yet becoming stronger faster then he thought. Taking a deep breath Chet pushed himself to crawling position, forcing himself to crawl to where his brother lay.

Chet sat against the wall breathing hard, his brother was now right next to him. He pulled Breyer into his lap and tried to gently awaken him. Breyer began to moan and stir a little at his brother’s voice and reassurance.

“Come on bro, ya’ gotta wake up we got to get outta here.” Chet said worriedly to his awaking brother.

Kel left the conference room that she had been in with Amanda and Hil, she was madder then she had been when she had entered the conference. The people there were now totally disgusted with her idea of what happens when they turn there back on her. She began to throw the drugs that littered the shelves in search of a bottle of extremely new form of steroids.

“DOM! Get that look-alike that I met in the bar, he’s not as worthless as we thought. We’re gonna teach a few of those smart mouths that just left that conference a lesson!” Kel said as she found the bottle and began to fill many syringes with the powerful drug.

Chet and Breyer sat next to each other in the room with the two other men, Breyer was awake and talking lightly to his brother. Dom burst through the door and grabbed Chet who tried to duck out of his grasp but wasn’t able to. He dragged him out of the room, and just outside of the door where he pinned him to the ground with his knee on his chest. Chet gasped for air because of the massive weight on his chest. Dom bound Chet’s hands tight with unbreakable raw hide rope. When he was done Dom got to his feet and grabbed Chet by the rope on his wrist and dragged him into the room where Kel awaited them.

Hil and Amanda sat alone in the conference room. Hilery was totally out of it and she was losing blood from the many cuts on her body. Amanda sat nearly in tears, she didnt know what to do, the people in the conference had left. Amanda wished that Chet was there, he would know what to do, but unfortunately he too was completely out of it. Little did Amanda know where or what was transpiring with Chet and Kel.

Chet had laid flat on the floor and refused to let Dom pick him up to lay him on the surgical table where the syringes full of steroids sat.

“Alright, hold him down we will do it on the floor if we must!” Kel spat the words as frustrated Dom who once again put his weight on Chet’s chest to hold him down. Chet couldn’t stand the feeling of not being able to breath, it was like drowning. He held still so that what ever Kel was gonna do would be over quickly and he would be able to breath again.

Kel injected 4 shots of steroid into Chet’s right arm where the other drugs had been injected, then she injected a very powerful steroid of a completely different kind into his left arm. Kel knew that when these two drugs met, Chet would become a completely different person. He would be enraged, his whole body would twitch, every one of his muscles would enlarging at least 4 sizes on top of the size that they were already. Chet would become a serious danger to anyone who came near, within a half hour he would be like the incredible Hulk brought to life from the comics.

Dom finally let Chet go and he immediately rolled onto his left side away from Kel and Dom who stood next to each other getting there bearings. Dom dragged Chet back to the room where his brother and the two other men were, then he chained him extremely tightly the wall where he was barely able to sit down.

Chet sat there, anger filling him. He had developed a really cruel look on his face and was now struggling. The drugs were working faster then anticipated. Chet had his eyes fixed on Kel and Dom. They had hurt him enough. He wanted to get out and teach them a lesson, one they wouldn’t ever forget. Sparks flew from his eyes as he sized Dom up.

Chet started struggling on the chains that held him. They were of strong iron ore. The metal bonds held him tightly as he struggled. Soon he would break them.

Breyer sat across the room watching as his brother struggled like crazy against his bonds. All that ran though his mind was that Kel and Dom would sic Chet on him. He felt afraid, but brave.

Chet fought with the chains harder and harder, as Kel and Dom sat near by. They were waiting for the drugs to kick in completely. Chet would become seriously dangerous for all that came near. Kel couldn’t believe the furry that Chet was fighting with as he broke the first bond that held him tight, soon the other one would give way and nothing would be between him and his twin brother. Breyer was sure that Chet would hurt him badly if not kill him, and there was no doubt in Breyer’s mind that with the drugs that his brother was on, he could indeed kill him without second thought.

Kel and Dom now stood outside of the room, watching through a clear wall. Chet’s wrists were bleeding down his arms and were cut deep by the iron bonds that held him by the wrists. Chet looked straight at his brother, his face red and shinny with sweat. he seemed almsot lost in another world; A world of furry and anger; It was like all his anger and dangerous emotions unraveled right there. Breyer although brave feared his brother. He had never seen such furry in one person. He was questioning what they had done to his brother, what had they done to so quickly get him on his feet? Breyer sat deep in thought, thoughts that were suddenly smashed by the sound of the only iron bond holding Chet. It broke and the shattered links fell to the floor in a clatter of iron. Breyer stood to his feet quickly, his own chains holding him tight and in place where he assumed danger would over come him.

Chet simply stood breathing in deeply, but he made no move towards his brother or towards the door. Chet looked at his severely bleeding wrists, his arms covered from his wrists to his elbows in thick blood. His hands were also covered in deep red blood, his finger tips dripped with it onto the white floor in small pools. He suddenly strode straight for the door and ripped it open fast, pulling it off the hinges.

Chet walked back to his brother and broke his bonds just as he had his own. Breyer was fearful now. Never had he seen someone so strong. Chet hauled his brother to his feet, then drug him out of the room. Breyer was shocked. He thought for sure his goose was cooked.

“Breyer, you don’t have to act like I am gonna kill you bro, I just want to get you out of here,” Chet told him. He knew why his brother was actin’ like he was. Chet now understood what Jan had said. He needed his brother to get out of here, and Breyer the same. Kel and Dom stayed in the sealed off room, shocked. They didn’t expect Chet to break the chains, or escape.

“Hold on, Chet, when they drug you out of there, did you see where Hilery and Amanda were put?,” he asked, slowing down.

Chet stopped and turned, the realization of who else was kidnapped hitting him like a brick wall. Even more furry engulfed Chet, so much both eyes reacted. He knew he had to find his Amanda. Breyer too seemed to be extremely determined.

“Now that brat done gone and done it! No one, and I mean no one messes with Amanda, they can beat me, drug me, kidnap me, but no one messes with my girl!”

“Wow Chet, calm down, I am just as mad!”

“Well, they didn’t kidnap your girlfriend!”

“Yes they did! It was just after you tried to drown me that I asked her out! Funny story actually, I’ll tell it when we are out of here and in the clear,” Breyer said, now picking up the paste again. Chet was just dumbfounded. Breyer Sterling Duke and Hilery Ann Davenport, cute combination.

The brothers continued running down the hall. They had to find the girls who were still tied up in the conference room. Hilery’s bleeding had stopped but she ached. Amanda was very worried about her. Hilery had long since come around, but she wavered back and forth like she was dizzy as she stood against her chains. Her hair was soaked with sweat and matted with blood. The girls figured soon Dom and Kel would be back, and they would die, or at least Hilery would. Kel was still seeking her revenge.

“Hilery, are you going to be ok?”

“I don’t know Amanda, I hurt, I know if we get out I will at least be bed ridden for a while.”

“Hey, do you still have any extra bobby pins? Or did Kel take them all?”

“Yes, I had a few in my hair, they ain’t there now, but that is because I put them in my pocket. I just don’t get why Kel didn’t search my pockets for them, she just searched my hair.” Hilery said, struggling to reach her pocket. She couldn’t reach it.

Breyer and Chet kept running down the hall, Chet was going much faster then his twin. He kept busting down more doors looking for the girls.

Bo and Luke, along with everyone else were still looking around the old abandoned areas trying to find the young uns. They were scared.

“This is Lost Sheep calling Bo Peep and Crazy C, and not to mention Tarty, you got your ears on?” Luke asked into the CB

“This is Po Peep fellas, any news?”

“Nothing here at the old Janstonson’s farm.”

“Nothing here at the Jamarse’s old still sites either.” Daisy said, Tarty was right behind her.

“She right Pa, nothin’.”

“Nothin’ at the Chickasaw Campgrounds either.” Cooter told them over the mike.

“Ok, well, lets keep looking. This is Lost Sheep, over and out.”

Chet slammed through the last door in the hallway, it was the conference room where Hilery and Amanda were tied up. He strutted in searching first to make sure they were alone, and they were. Chet realized it just as Breyer dashed past him and hurried to Hilery’s side and began to fuss over her. Before Breyer and Hilery could get the chains unlocked, Chet came over and broke them with his bare hands, then he hurried over to Amanda and did the same. Chet was gonna scoop Amanda up in his arms but she stepped back away from him, terror in her eyes.

Breyer picked a beaten, battered Hilery up and cradled her in his arms, Chet approached Amanda again and she backed up against the wall to get away from him.

“BREYER!” Amanda yelled, no almost shrieked.

With the yell for help from his girl friend Chet raised his bloody hands and backed towards the door and away from Amanda in surrender. Amanda’s eyes were huge and she was almost crying as she looked Chet up and down. A complete cut ring around his wrists still gushed with fresh blood and ran down his hands and forearms.

Chet stood by the door with his hands still raised in peace with Amanda. Suddenly he was grabbed from behind. A large set of arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him backwards causing him to loose his balance, falling to the floor. Chet caught himself on his hands and knees but he also caught a swift hard kick to his ribs sending him rolling away. Dom stepped into the room with a large steak knife in his hand and an evil grin on his face. Chet was on his feet in seconds and rushed towards Dom ducking as he swiped at him with the knife.

At just the right moment Chet with lightening speed grabbed for Dom’s hand that held the knife and caught it, not only did he catch the handle of the knife but most of the blade too. But in that split second Chet reached out with his right foot and pulled Dom’s feet out from under him; Dom crashed down hard on the floor taking Chet with him.

Chet fell directly on top of Dom, neither man had let go of the knife. All went silent for a long second. Amanda stood at the back wall of the room with Hilery who was in Breyer’s arms. Chet and Dom’s backs were towards them, and for a whole minute neither man moved until Chet gave a deep groan that came from deep inside his chest as he rolled off of Dom and onto his back. Both of Chet’s hands clutched the knife that stuck up to the hilt in the left side of his chest.

Dom lay on the floor breathing hard but got to his knees then his feet. Hilery gasped in Breyer’s arms while Amanda just stood stunned and frozen in her tracks.

Chet rolled slowly onto his right side and pushed himself half way into a sitting position, with his free left hand he clutched the handle as if to keep it from moving. Sitting up on his knees Chet grabbed the handle with both hands now and violently thrust the knife out of his shoulder and never made a shout of pain, just a deep moan. Chet threw the knife and it stuck into the wall. Dom couldn’t believe what he had just seen. He was determined to get rid of Chet no matter what it was gonna take. Dom strutted up boldly behind him and went to grab him from behind, but Chet had anticipated him and grabbed his arm, then swung him over his shoulder. Dom landed in front of Chet on his back. He wrapped his right arm around Dom’s neck and used the other hand to pull his right tight around Dom’s neck.

Hilery slide down from Breyer’s arms and not daring get near her enraged friend, she hugged Breyer tight and anticipated Chet killing Dom.

“CHET DONT DO IT!” Hilery yelled at the top of her lungs.

“CHET DONT YOU DARE!” Amanda accompanied Hilery in trying to stop Chet.

Breyer let go of Hilery and told her gently to stay put, then he rushed to his brother’s side as fast as he could and tried prying Chet’s arms from around Dom’s neck. He clutched Chet’s arms tightly and thrashed with his legs, but slowly Dom found that he could no longer fight for he was becoming very short of breath as Chet’s arms got tighter and tighter.

“LET GO OF HIM CHET, YOUR GONNA KILL HIM!” Breyer shouted at his brother, he couldn’t pry Chet’s arms from Dom but continued to try until it almost seemed suddenly Dom’s arms let go of Chet’s and fell limp into his lap. The sound of cracking was heard as even after Dom had passed out; Chet had broken his fragile neck bone.

Breyer grabbed Dom by his shirt and pulled him away from Chet who let go and stood up on his feet staggering for a few seconds. Breyer put two fingers to Dom’s neck; he could feel the smashed windpipe and see the broken veins. He found no pulse. He looked into Dom’s eyes that were glazed and lifeless. A small trickle of blood ran down Dom’s face from his nose. He was dead.

Breyer dropped the dead body of Dom onto the floor and gazed over to his brother and began looking him up and down, not believing the sight of him. Hilery walked slowly and stood next to Breyer as he got to his feet never talking his eyes off Chet who leaned up against the far wall. Chet’s arms were completely covered in blood; his chest wound oozed heavy droplets of blood which had run all over his chest.

Amanda joined Breyer and Hil by the door which was a long ways away from Chet. She clutched Breyer’s arm tightly and hid her face in his shoulder.

“Go call the police, Amanda.” Breyer said coldly.

“I will go with you.” Hilery said leading Amanda out the door by the arm.

As Hil and Amanda were stepping out the door, Chet ripped a steel bar off the wall and threw it at the one Breyer and the girls were standing next to.

“Get outta here, run and call the police!” Breyer said as he roughly pushed the girls out the door and closed it tight behind him.

Chet whirled around as the door slammed shut locking him in the room. He then grabbed Dom’s lifeless body and threw it through the door. Breyer stood just outside it and looked into the room just as Chet collapsed on the floor out cold. He snuck into the room slowly then realized that his brother was now at rest. He sat down slowly next to his brother and rolled him over onto his back and pulled him close.

Breyer sat holding his silent brother in his lap, this was the first time in years that he had held his brother so close like this. Amanda and Hil ran into the room just having just finished calling for help; they stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of Breyer and Chet. Hilery couldn’t believe the sight she saw, she just couldn’t believe it.

Hilery smiled, she had not seen the boys so close in so long. It was a beautiful sight and it was just lovely. She was glad they were starting to get along. Hilery now knew that things would be a little more ok.


Bo and Luke just looked at each other after the call came over the CB. They were shocked. How did the girls get away and were the boys ok? Those were the main questions. The boys had been only about a quarter of a mile away and that had been their next place to look. Bo laid that hammer down while Luke picked up the CB.

“Bo Peep, Crazy C., this the Lost Sheep, you got your ears on? Come back.”

“This is Bo Peep fellas, did you hear that call on the CB?”

“Yeah, we did, sounded like Amanda was crying in the background.”

“I heard it too Lost Sheep, Hilery didn’t sound like herself, but was very collected, something ain’t right, lets get over there,” Cooter called out soberly. His cousin was everything to him, just as his daughter was, but it had been a long time since she had been in Hazzard.

Back to the main subject, Bo, Luke, Daisy, Jessie, and Cooter were speeding towards the old abandoned farmhouse/warehouse.

As the Calvary, unusually late was on the way, Hilery and Amanda approached Breyer and Chet. Amanda just broke down even worse then before, and knelt down next to Chet, yes he had scared her, but she loved him. Hilery cared about Chet as if he was her brother. She was also starting to feel dizzy again.

Breyer finally looked at the girls and asked, “How are you feeling?”

“My nose was busted earlier, I am pretty sure it’s broke,” Amanda replied but Hilery had became silent. She was fighting the dizziness that was quickly overtaking. Amanda looked at her friend, whose gaze seemed to be distant. “Hil might need to see a doctor, she was beaten pretty badly,” Amanda commented when Hil didn’t answer.

“Ok, well, let me help the both of you out, Chet should be ok for a few minutes.”

“I can get out myself,” Hilery finally said, making them all jump. The glassy gaze was still there, but she was moving to get up. When she was standing, she started walking out. Hil got to the outside in minutes, but was stopped by a hand over her mouth. It was Kel, back to try to kick Hilery’s butt in her weakened state.

Hilery brought her elbow back and hit Kel’s stomach. Within seconds, a fresh scuffle was started. Hilery had just bloodied Kel’s cheek with a hard blow with her right hand. She had been wearing a child hood keepsake that had been in her pocket. She had put it on when Chet broke her bonds.

It was then that the rest of the Dukes showed up. Cooter realized who it was that Hilery was fighting. Daisy and Jessie had become aware of Rosco and Enos pullin up. They were just dumbfounded when Hilery threw Kel across the drive, into the General. Kel just laid there, she was in so much pain she couldn’t move. Rosco and Enos walked up and slapped the cuffs on while Chet was carried out by his brother, followed by Amanda.

Hilery finally noticed who had arrived and whose car Kel hit. She ran over to Cooter and collapsed into his arms. She refused to cry, but she ached, physically and emotionally. He helped her to the ambulance that had just arrived, and climbed in with her as the doors were shut. Then the Dukes went out to look for Jumper.

Chet spent only 2 weeks in the hospital. The doctors said he had completely recovered from his wounds and from the drugs that he had been forced to take. After a whole week back home at the farm it was clear to his family that he truly hadn’t recovered completely. He would sleep until nearly noon each day where he used to be one of the first one up no matter what time he went to bed. He was going to bed at about 10:00 every night which wasn’t unusual at all, but to sleep until noon wasn’t like him.

Chet’s stay at home wasn’t long lasted though, he shortly went to court and was convicted of murder. The judge didnt consider it in anyway or sort self defense and the judge never even took into consideration the high amount of drugs that Chet had been on. He was sentenced 25years in prison. The Duke family was stricken down, there was nothing that they could do, even Hilery and the Davenports had done everything possible.

So only two weeks after getting out of the hospital Chet was sent to a large jail in Covington. to serve his time. Hilery went to see him everyday that she could, but after a whole month passed Chet slowly refused to see his family and friends. He was considering himself a real killer and didnt want his family to see who he was becoming.

Four months passed by and Chet rarely ate anything. He had lost almost 30 pounds and refused any treatment for depression that the jail was willing to give him. Many days Hilery spent at the Duke farm with Breyer; she felt so hurt for Chet that she too seemed to be changing in a way. She often noted the deathly silence at the Duke farm and the sadness in the air.

Ghost had long since been stored away in the barn, covered and concealed until the day Chet Duke was set to return, never would there be a day when the car would be touched until he indeed had come back. Chet was hospitalized 7 months after being sentenced to prison. His family was finally able to go see him after nearly 3 months of not hearing from him. He had lost 50lbs and was now bed ridden, constantly staring at the ceiling. His hands were tied down next to him because he had become violent at sight of the needle that fed him through a tub in his arm.

One day after 3 months of hospitalization a man in a deep black suit and tie appeared at the Duke farm. There was a man with him dressed in an army uniform. The suited man said that if Chet were willing to serve 4 years in the arm forces and the marines, he would be completely pardoned. Chet agreed, even with his lacking of sight he was enrolled into the marines for 4 years of hard labor.

Chet had spent almost 8 months in the army and now because of his great physical change he was up graded and sent straight to the Marines. The Marine court that he was being sent to was in the state of Tennessee where he would begin to serve his 4 years.

Chet had changed mentally and physically since he had been taken away from his home in Hazzard County, Georgia. He now weighed almost 200lbs and was solid muscle from the very long hard days of training and labor that he had been put up to do. Being a jail member working for his pardon, Chet was treated roughly and often bantered cruelly by the other men. His eye made him very different from the rest of them who had 20/20 vision and were some of the best in the country. He was even beaten one day by an officer who had told him to throw away some pictures that he had brought from home, mostly pictures of Amanda who he missed dearly. The office beat him with a club and left him lying on the ground in the mud field.

His mental change had been a change to hardness, he stood raw and took orders by who ever gave. He would answer in a strict yes or no sir manner. Chet also paid well for those that he didn’t disobey. A young man, about his age named Mark was the only comrade that he could trust. Mark too was working for a 4 year jail pardon for attempted murder of another man in a bar fight.

Chet and Mark often talked while they did there daily work of moving sand bags for the coast guard or pouring concrete pillars, any hard work that a commanding officer could pin on them. Months rolled by and Chet seemed to almost lose hope for help from his family.

Hilery wasn’t very happy, in fact she was very worried. Chet had never written home. Yes he had stopped when he was in prison, but she was just plain worried sick. He was her best friend and it hurt that he wasn’t around to talk to. He was innocent as innocent can be.

Hilery got up from the table she was sitting at with the others, and tugged Breyer’s hand to get him to come along. They knew they had to do something. They had been fighting to clear Chet for months, ever since the judge convicted him. They only wanted him home. The surprise would be good for all of them if Chet were to come in suddenly a free man again. The eerie silence that gloomed everyday would be broken, almost like a spell were lifted. The mighty sound of Ghost’s engine would be music to everyone.

“Breyer, Chet can’t handle the marines too much longer I don’t think. He is still fragile as heck from the ordeals of the last year and a half. It’s just too much on him. It’s time for evasive actions. Let’s go.” Hilery drug him off towards the cars.

“Hey, wow calm down honey. We have tried almost everything to get those files so we could figure out what we need to do. There isn’t anything we can do.”

“You said almost everything Breyer, and we both know what the last option is. If we are to serve justice, and save your brother, we need to do this.”

“Oh no, you don’t mean breaking into the Covington courthouse do you?”

“What do you think,” Hilery asked. Breyer had never been against breaking and entering to serve justice before, why was he now? “Breyer, what has gotten into you?”

“Look, if it was our local courts and all, and our local records we were busting into, I would, but in Covington, they mean business.”

“Chicken! What is more important, Chet’s life or your own hide staying out of jail? You and I both know he ain’t going to last too much longer in the marines!”

“Ok, you have a point, I guess your right, I’ll come along.”

“Good, now get in Moon Light and lets go.” Hilery started off to Jumper. She was good at getting her way, and she was determined to save Chet. The couple took off, spraying dirt, dust, and gravel into the air.

Finally, they reached the Covington courthouse with the records in it. They knew it wouldn’t be long now. Hilery walked towards the trunk of Jumper and took out a bunch of things. Of the things there was rope, a crow bar, a couple of sets of gloves, a set of ski masks, a set of flashlights, and a lock picking kit which had been courtesy of the Hazzard Sheriffs Department. The couple had raided the Sheriff’s Department before leaving as a side trip.

Hilery grabbed the bolt cutters and busted the lock. It was easy enough. Breyer followed her in silently. The ground was wet with a recent rain and it was slippery also. They moved through the compound cautiously. Twice they nearly got caught by a security guard, but they eventually made it to the window of what looked to be the record room. Breyer walked up and using the crow bar, he popped it open. Hilery was lifted up, then he climbed up too.

Looking around the file room, they started looking for the file cabinet for D. They found it right between C and E, then opened it. Looking in the back they found the records. The file for Duke, Chet Hugh was easily spotted. The couple wrote down the valuable info to clearing the misplaced Duke, then were silently off again.

“Well, what do you think, should we find this doctor?” Breyer asked when they were outside of the building again.

“Do you want your brother to be away at all? He saved your tail, now why don’t you save his?”

“Good idea,” Breyer told her, chuckling. That is why he loved her so much, she was always showing him who was boss. The two climbed back into their cars, and then were off once again. They arrived back at the Duke farm sometime around 1 AM and Luke had been waiting up for them.

“Where the heck have you been?” Luke asked, nearly shouting.

“We were busy ok? Look, we are trying to get a surprise ready for Dad, his birthday is in a few days, so get off our case!”

“Now then, it’s past one, so lets all turn in,” Was all Hilery said. She was tired and knew they needed to find the doctor in the morning. She had been staying at the Duke farm on and off to help them through the horrid ordeal.

The following morning, Hilery and Breyer were off once again before the others were awake. They knew they needed to work fast. They drove out to Chickasaw, and found the doctors office. They climbed out of their cars and walked in.

“Hi, how can I help you?” The young receptionist said.

“Ma’am, can we see Dr. Corzio?”

“What do you need to talk to him about?” The woman asked.

“We need to talk to him about a patient he had a while back,” Breyer told her.

“I need more information; I can’t let you see him without a reason.” The woman said.

Hilery was mad now. She reached across the counter and grabbed the receptionist by the collar. “Is my fist good enough reason to let us see him?”

“No, it isn’t.” The woman replied.

Hilery had enough of this, she pulled her fist back and hit the lady squarely across the face.

“What is going on in here?” An elderly balding man asked.

“Sir, are you Doctor Corzio?’


“We need to have a word with you about a patient you had a few months ago.”

“Ok come with me,” The couple made their way back into the office. The doctor knew he had to be careful on what cards he played, especially with what the young lady did to the receptionist.

Chet and Mark were forced to work in a hot field for the county, it was nearly 100 degrees out and they were only rationed so much water a day. Mark was becoming weaker, Chet could tell the tiredness in his eyes as he again and again threw his weight into the heavy pick to cleave the dirt to the side to make start rows. This was like jail work, after work in the fields they were separated and sent to training with the other Marine squads.

At lunch both Mark and Chet were left to do as they pleased for an hour in the cafeteria. There were older Marines there that were arm wrestling and cussing in each other’s faces. Chet hated it all. He missed his family and wanted desperately to go home. Then suddenly catching every one off guard the General of the Marine court came into the cafeteria shouting soldiers names harshly and Chet was among them as well as Mark.

“You men are going to California where there has been a huge amount of riot break outs! Three people are dead, hundreds wounded! Get everything you possess and be ready in a half hour!”

The General stomped outta the room as the some 45 soldiers that he had called ran in all separate directions to gather there things. Chet took his few belongings of clothes and the pictures of his family for now he would not see them for even longer.

Meanwhile, Hilery and Breyer were getting comfortable in the office. The little room itself was decorated like the rest of the office, which was white. The walls were covered with the doctorate certificates the man had earned over the course of his life.

“Ok, now, who is the past patient you wanted to see me about?”

“Do you remember a patient you had by the name Chet Hugh Duke? You had him about a year and a half ago?” Dr. Corzio looked at the young woman who had spoken. She looked familiar but couldn’t place her too well. The young man though he had never seen.

He leaned back in thought, trying to remember the name. Then it hit him. “Was Mr. Duke dark haired, actually black haired with brownish tint to it, with one slate eye, one brown eye?”

“Yes sir, that is my brother.”

The doctor turned his chair to one of the brown filing cabinets and started looking for something. He pulled out a manila folder and placed it in front of him on the desk.

“Yes, according to my files, Mr. Duke had been admitted for a short time because he had severe wounds from being beaten. Hmmm, this doesn’t look right…” the doctor said. He had noticed that the records said Chet had tested negative. “These are not the records I remember putting in.”

“What does that mean, Doc?”

“We are taking a slight trip to my records room.”

“Why,” Hilery asked before getting up. Breyer had a look on his face that asked the same question.

“I keep extra copies of my files locked up. I started doing it when the file of another patient I had was switched. The one who had beaten her got off light, just a few years in prison, when she should have gotten at least 15 instead of 2.”

“So something like that happened before?” Breyer was shocked. Maybe the doctor was a good guy, not a bad guy.

Everyone got up and walked down the hall to another room. This one was filled with filing cabinets and two computers. Doctor Corzio had been looking at the cabinets and pulled out a key. He unlocked it and started rummaging through the drawer. Then he walked over to a table in the middle of the room and placed a file on it. He opened it and looked inside.

“Hmmm, these seem to be the proper files. Here are the results I remember. His tests had come back positive, not negative. Why did my other files say that?” He walked over to another cabinet and took out a deep navy blue floppy disk then sat down at a computer. He turned it on and entered a password. The monitor flashed white, then a file search came up. He typed in the name “Chet Hugh Duke” and pulled up the file. It read the same as the file that was on the table.

“Well? What can you tell us?”

“To be truthful, I want to see the file the receptionist has. She is the only other one with access to my other cabinets. No one except me has access to these. If hers say the same as my office files, I will be checking my other file. Miss, could you do me a favor and tell the receptionist I need the files for your brother?”

“Best friend, sorry, he’s my boyfriend’s brother.”

“Oh, sorry ma’am, I didn’t know.”

“It’s ok.” Hilery walked back and seen the lady she had punched earlier was tending her nose. “Ma’am, Doctor Corzio wants the file for Chet Duke.”

The woman looked at Hilery, she was not happy. She grabbed the files hastily and slammed them down on the counter. “Get out of my face you little wretch!” Hilery picked up the file and took it to the doctor.

“Thank you, I take it my secretary isn’t too happy with you?”

“She is downright scared of me, and I have a bad feeling about her too.”

Doctor Corzio opened the file and wasn’t surprised to see they said the same thing his own files said. He pulled the floppy out of his coat and put it into the machine. He opened the file up that was on it and looked over the information. It was the same as what was saved on the PC.

“Hmmm, I am going to be calling the cops. The files that are wrong are the ones that my receptionist can access. The ones that are right are the ones only I can access.” He walked over to the table and picked up the telephone.

“And that should be enough to clear Chet, and imprison Kel even longer!” Hilery hugged Breyer hard. He was right. The judges had said even if Chet were tied up like the rest of them were, it was no reason to kill Dom. Hilery and Breyer had explained everything to them, as in how it happened. The only thing they didn’t believe was the drugs.

Hilery and Breyer both sighed. At long last, this would all be over soon.

Chet was walking towards the bus and waited in line as the rest of the squad’s names were being called off and they were being loaded onto the bus. There were two state troopers dressed in blue also standing near the bus. After Chet’s name was called off and he approached the bus to board, both state troops grabbed him by the arms and slapped cuffs on him and in just seconds he was dragged away to a police car.

The Police car drove towards Hazzard County, Chet couldn’t believe that they were taking him back. Somehow though deep inside, he knew that he was just going back to the cruel jail, so he hung his head low in unhappiness and hate. As they pulled into the back gates of the jail, a familiar car was sitting at the front gates, a 69 Camaro with one of a kind color. Chet sat straight up in the back seat of the police car and the cop looked at him in the mirror.

“Steady young gun,” a voice said. “Everything is set right now…”

The cop pulled to a stop by an entrance way where his partner got out of the car and pulled him out. Chet was not glad he was being taken back into the jail. He just hung his head low though, feeling sorry for himself. The officer pulled him into the cold grey building, but instead of going in the direction of the holding cells, he was taken back to the court room. There he seen his brother and Hilery. The doctor who had cared for him over a year ago was there too. In another corner was a lady who looked to have a broken nose and was bound in hand cuffs.

Before Chet could sit though, the judge banged his gravel and said, “By hearing the statements of both sides, Nouseala Ranch, you are under arrest for fraud, taking a bribe to wrongfully accuse another, and assistance to a criminal. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Nothing your, honor.”

Another officer walked up and said aloud a few seconds later as Chet took his seat, “Review of case 1009.” The officer handed the elderly judge the file and he opened it. Looking it over, he decided that Chet was indeed innocent, especially after the case he had just settled.

“Mr. Duke, we found a startling discovery not long ago, and it clears you completely, you had been drugged and had no idea of you actions, am I correct?”

“Yes, your honor,” was all Chet said.

“There was testimony on your behalf during the last case about a receptionist being bribed to change the records. Mr. Duke, is there anything you would like to say?”

“Yes sir, I would like to go home.”

“And you are free to do so. I hearby say that Chet Hugh Duke is free to go home to the family he so dearly loves.” Hilery and Breyer ran over to him and gave him a hug. The threesome stayed embraced for several long moments.

“Hey, uh, where is Amanda?”

“Chet, when you got locked up, her heart broke, she is fine, but crying.” Hilery told him.

“But she is at a birthday party, come on! It’s Dads and we need to get you there, we told everyone we would have a spectacular surprise for them.”

The couple grabbed Chet and dragged him through the doors and out to Moon Light. Chet climbed in quickly, glad to be free.

“Ok, I’ll meet you guys at the party,. Chet, there is a change of clothes in the back seat for you.” Hilery ran off to Jumper which was parked across the street. Chet hadn’t noticed the teal vehicle because it was under a tarp. Soon with a bunch of wheels squealing, they were on their way back to Hazzard County.

Meanwhile, at the party, Bo was feeling gloomy as ever. Parties just didn’t seem the same without his son, and he had no clue where Breyer was. Infact, Hilery had gone off too. It had to figure though, they disappeared a lot now. He just hadn’t know it was to free Chet.

Amanda on the other hand was up at the bar. She had been trying to keep in high spirits, but it just wasn’t working. Everyone was trying to cheer and the “Birthday boy” up.

Hilery and Breyer arrived at the Boar’s Nest at about the same time. They grabbed Chet and yanked him over to the door.

Opening it, the couple walked in and smiled. Everyone had stopped everything when they walked in.

“I have some good news, turns out we were able to get the surprise, and don’t worry, we didn’t do anything illegal.”

“And, I am sure its one of the best gifts anyone could have wanted for this occasion, right Breyer?”

“Right. Get your fanny in here!” Breyer yelled over his shoulder, and everyone stared in awe at who walked in. Amanda was the first in his arms, crying happily, Chet hugged her hard in return with his own tears being shed. Next was his family who piled onto him and squeezed him hard. He felt like he was gonna be pressed into a sheet of paper, then came his friends.

“I would like to make a toast,” Breyer said as soon as the hugging was done and everyone had taken their seats. “A toast to an amazing person, my brother. I would like to say that I probably wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been for him when we were all kidnapped.”

“And I brother would like to give a toast to you as well, you and Hilery were out there fighting for me while everyone else seemed to have decided to wait for the day I got released.
To brothers!”

“To brothers!” Breyer yelled. The girls found it funny.

A week later, Ghost was barreling down the road followed by a patrol car, and coming in another direction was the General, and yet another was Breyer’s Moon Light. On the other side of the county Hilery and Amanda were running from yet another deputy.

Well, it sure does look like things turned out for the better. They are completely back to normal, but Hilery, Chet, Breyer, Amanda, and the others all had their battle scars, but as they seen it, it helped them prepare for the future and everything was gonna be ok.

I guess things are back to normal, well for Hazzard County that is.

The End

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