DOHFF Challenge Fics

One challenge fic comin' right up fellas...Are you stuck?

Need an idea?

Looking for something different to write??

Maybe these challenge ideas will help!!

Challenges denoted with a * are links to pages with answers to the particular challenge.


The Last Run
Write a story describing the Dukes last moonshine run. What went wrong? How was it that Bo and Luke, who could out drive and outwit just about anybody and anything, got caught? Introduce us to Agent Andy Roach, who made the deal with the Dukes, saying that as long as Jesse didn’t make any more whiskey, Bo and Luke would stay out of jail. Why did Andy offer the deal? What did his superiors think? What did the Dukes think?

If the General could talk…*
What if General Lee could talk? What would he say? What kinda stories would he tell?

One Set Challenge*
Write a story that takes place within the confines of one set. The trick with this is the scene can’t change, but characters can come and go. But all action must take place at only one locale. Here’s a list of locales to choose from….

– The Boars Nest
– Hazzard Bank
– The Booking Room
– The Dukes Kitchen/Living room (seeing they had an open concept. LOL)

– Cooter’s Garage

Rewrite an Episode Challenge*
Is there an episode you’d love to just totally rewrite? Maybe ya don’t like the way it ended? Or the way it started? Or maybe different characters should have been in different roles? Whatever the case may be, take one episode and rewrite it to your satisfaction!

Offshoot of an Episode Challenge
Got a favorite episode that you think coulda been a two parter? Maybe a scene in an episode you think could have been focused on some more, maybe have it as the basis of another episode?

One minute Challenge
Write a scene that takes place in the span of 1 minute.

Photo Challenge*
Granted, y’all are probably gonna recognize what episode some of these images are from. But the challenge is to take these sole images and craft a story or a scene around them. Here’s the trick tho’: You can’t use anything from the episodes they’re from!! Here’s a few to start with….

Write a story or a scene explaining who, or what, Daisy’s waiting for in this picture. Is it a friend? The boys? Did the General break down on her? Is she on the run?

Who blew up Rosco’s patrol car? And why?

What could have possibly happened in Hazzard and to the Dukes that allowed the General Lee to end up in this condition?!

Has Enos gone bad?!?!? Or is he just goofin’ around?

Historical Challenge
Write a story with the characters of Hazzard in a time period other than the 1970s/1980s. For example….

– Early settlers to the Americas (mid to late 1600’s through the mid 1700’s)
– The American Revolution and post Revolution (1776-1789)
– The Civil War (1861-1865)
– Post Civil War – Reconstruction (1866-1880)
– Industrialism of the late 1800s
– Early 1900’s leading up to World War 1
– World War 1 (1914-1918)
– The Roaring 20’s, Prohibition and the age of Jazz
– The Great Depression of the 1930’s
– World War 2 (1939-1945)

Of course, the time periods listed above pertain to American history. There’s also Roman times, ancient Greeks, ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and then European history, the Dark Ages, the Renaissance…ect. Knock yerself out. =)

Spark Word Writing Challenge*
From The Writer’s Block by Jason Rekulak: Spark words carry different meanings for different people, ask ten different women to write about the word “diet,” for example, and you’ll receive ten very different responses. Words like “in-laws,” “polygamy,” and “pillow-talk” provoke equally varied responses.

Other spark words offer direct challenges to your imagination. Can you write a scene or story that centers around words like “Ooops” or “ouch?” How about the word “Viagra?” I can here your mental hears spinning already. Just remember: ….you shouldn’t plan very long before setting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard – Lisa) And you should only treat the spark words as a jumping-off point–follow the story into new territory if that’s where it wants to go. By obeying the lead of your imagination, you may end up writing a perfectly wonderful short story that doesn’t mention the original spark word once.

Story Starter Challenge*
I give you a couple of lines and off you go writing the great American novel. =)

The phone rang at two o’clock in the morning. It never rang at two in the morning for anything…except bad news. And Lord, this was no different….

The Sick Day Challenge*
Write a story about someone having a illness of some kind, but nothing terminal. Anything from the common cold to the plague.

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