Photo Challenge

Granted, y’all are probably gonna recognize what episode some of these images are from. But the challenge is to take these sole images and craft a a story or a scene around them. Here’s the trick tho’: You can’t use anything from the episodes they’re from!!

Write a story or a scene explaining who, or what, Daisy’s waiting for in this picture. Is it a friend? The boys? Did the General break down on her? Is she on the run?

by: “Brian”

Nothin’ Fancy(combined with the spark word as well)
by: Tara

No Loose Ends
By: Lesley

Who blew up Rosco’s patrol car? And why?

What could have possibly happened in Hazzard and to the Dukes that allowed the General Lee to end up in this condition?!

Has Enos gone bad?!?!? Or is he just goofin’ around?

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