Dukes in Canada, pt. 6

by: Essy Jane

Two months later…
Bo and Jud were working in the fields once again. Luke made sandwiches for
them and brought them out. “You’re supposed to be relaxing at home there
cousin,” Jud scolded.

“Well certain things have caused me to want to visit,” Bo replied.

“Like what?”

“Try everlasting boredom. That’s why I’m working in the fields.”

“That’ll kill anyone.”

“Cut the act, I knew Bo being in bed wouldn’t last,” Luke stated. Both
sighed with relief knowing how concerned Luke had been for Bo. He was so
upset about the whole ordeal still though it had been a few months.

“Luke we need supplies, you want to go down to Mr. Rhuebottom’s with me?” Bo

“Yeah, I’d love to. Jud, can you keep watering? It has been a while since Bo
could actually go somewhere,” Luke stated. Jud nodded.

“Then I’ll drive?”

“Not as fast though.”

“Why not?”

“I can think of four busted reasons why not. And besides, Uncle Jesse would
have my head if I let you do so.”

“I’m gonna get Milo for this.”

“Oh? And just how were you planning on doing that?”

“I’ll think of something.”

They began to walk back to the farm. Jud looked at his brother and cousin.
He wondered if he should be staying longer than six months. After all, he
was getting quite close with the boys.

At Mr. Rhuebottom’s…

Bo and Luke went in buying a bunch of supplies for their regular cooking
scandal. With Bo in the slammer those two weeks, the boys ended up using up
their dinners. Though Luke offered to cook, no one would accept it. “That’ll
be 12 dollars,” Mr. Rhuebottom said.

“Thank you,” Luke answered.

“Is there anything you need help with before we leave?” Bo asked.

“Not that you can lift anything over 15 pounds anyway Bo, but I’ll help,”
Luke added.

“Well…I do have a shipment coming in this afternoon. If you boys would help
it would save me an afternoon of unloading a truck,” Mr. Rhuebottom
remarked. He scratched the back of his head.

“Sure thing Mr. Rhuebottom, we’ll be happy to,” Bo said. His smile lit up
the room. Bo could make the world smile if he wanted to and a room full a
people frown as well.
Over at Cooter’s Garage…

The two men, Cal and Kevin were gassing up their get-away car. They were
ready for a robbery like no other. One thing that can only end up in tragedy
is this very bank robbery. “We shouldn’t have to do this,” Cal stated.

“We have to. We’re on the run forever more and if we rob this bank it could
last us for another 12 months. You know how they work; we’ll never get away
with it. We turn ourselves in and it’ll cause trouble! We’re not going to
get in trouble,” Kevin replied. Cooter was too busy working on cars, so the
thieves figured he wasn’t listening; boy was they wrong. It was then that
Cooter would pay attention the best, when he was strapped to the end of a
socket wrench.

As soon as the two men left, Cooter was on the CB to the boys. They had just
finished stalking up the shelves. When Cooter went and told them what
happened, the boys jumped right into the General, but it was too late. By
the time Bo and Luke got to the bank the robbers had all ready robbed the
bank. But they didn’t get far enough to out run the Duke boys.

It was a long time before the two ex-nascar drivers noticed the style of
Bo’s driving. But there they went, driving ever faster. “We ain’t gonna
loose them. You remember how fast they were on the track,” Cal tried to
reason. He was scared beyond the slightest inch of a doubt.

“You’re gonna give up that easy? Those boys are on our tail for robbin’.
Besides that, they’re on probation, no guns. We can take them easy,” Kevin
reassured the troubled kid.

“I still think this is risky.” Kevin pulled the car over and stopped. Both
sets of men jumped out of the car.

“Now buddy we don’t want any trouble, just the money that you robbed from
the bank,” Luke started out.

“We are wanted men, you don’t honestly think that we’re going to give up
this money that easy,” Kevin replied.

“Well then we’ll just have to take it from you huh?” Bo smartly remarked.
Luke didn’t really want Bo in any severe struggles considering his condition
and all. But he would have to risk it all to do something good. Luke threw
the first punch at Kevin, hitting him hard in the face.

Cal wouldn’t hit Bo and as you would expect BO wondered why. “You ain’t
hitting me?”

“I don’t rightfully want to Bo,” Cal replied.

“How did you?” Bo grabbed Cal’s mask off, revealing his identity.

“You fool!” Kevin screamed and kicked Luke hard in the stomach.

“Kevin?” Bo questioned. Kevin took out his gun and shot Bo in the back. Bo
went toppling to the ground faster than you can say ‘there she blows’. Kevin
then shot Bo in the head.

“Do it,” Kevin commanded.

“I can’t shoot Luke!” Cal stated.

“I said do it or I will. And then I will kill you.” Kevin shot Luke in the
back. “Finish the job.” Luke had one hand on his head. Cal aimed for it and
blasted his hand. “Good now let’s go.”

Bo and Luke lay there without a thing to do. Luke couldn’t move for he was
stricken with pain. Finally, Luke had enough of the pain and he allowed the
darkness. From the CB you could hear Cooter, “This Crazy C calling Bo and
Luke Duke, y’all out there on the Hazzard soil?” Unexpected silence as the
poor terrified man waited for a response.

“This is Jud… what’s going on, Cooter?” Jud answered.

“The boys went after bank robbers; I haven’t been able to reach them since.
I just fixed their CB.” Jud paused for a moment.

“What were they doing chasing bank robbers in the first place? Ain’t that
police work?”

“Sometimes it is but you know how dreadful the force is here in Hazzard.”
Cooter suddenly slammed on the brakes. He saw Bo and Luke laying there in a
puddle of blood, face down. He put his tow truck in park and jumped out of
the car. Luke was breathing, unlike Bo. He had no breath. Cooter began CPR.
He kept going at it over and over and over again. “Come on breathe! Breathe,
you have to.” Bo’s chest began to rise slowly. Cooter got back on the CB.

“Cooter, are you around? Come back,” Jud questioned.

“Yeah, I found them…meet me at tri-county hospital.”

“I’m there.”

Cooter switched to the emergency channel and called an ambulance. He did
care about his tow truck or anything else. He wanted to go with those boys.


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