Echoes From the Past

by: Sara

“Come on Bo, we’re gonna be late!”, Luke yelled to Bo, who was in the farm house.

The two were going to the Boar’s Nest to meet up with Cooter and his cousin Dieter and
then got see Uncle Jesse in Atlanta Community Hospital.

“If ya don’t hurry up I’m comin in to getcha and things won’t be pretty.”

“Alright, Alright, I’m right here so ya don’t have to come and get me and can I drive?”.

“Hey guys, wait up, Dixie ain’t starting and I don’t have time to check it out. Can ya’ll
take me to the ‘Nest?”, Daisy called, runnin to the General Lee where Bo and Luke were gettin ready to climb in.

“Sure Daisy, hop in. And I guess since you’re in a hurry I can drive!”, Bo said and sped
off with a big YEEEEE-HAAAAA and Luke and Daisy joinin in.

Little did they know that somethin BIG was gonna change their lives.

“Bo, cain’t ya git the General to go ANY faster?”, Luke asked impatiently.

“Yeah, I can, but if I do, we might have a broken General, and then Cooter and Dieter are
gonna have to meet US!”, Bo snapped back.

“And, if Bo makes the General go any faster and he breaks down, I’m gonna be late for
work an’ you know how Boss gets if your even a few SECONDS late and then I’m gonna be mad at you Luke, for tellin Bo to go faster an’ I’m gonna be mad at you Bo for listenin’ to Luke!”, Daisy said to them both.

“I’m sorry Bo, I didn’t mean to snap atcha, it ain’t your fault”, Luke told Bo.

“It’s ok Luke, It’s probably just cause we’re worried about Uncle Jesse. Ya know he’s
probably scared out of his mind ’cause he’s never been in any other hospital ‘cept Tri-County an’ never been cared for by anyone ‘cept Doc Appleby an’ now he’s bein’ cared for in Atlanta Community Hospital by a practically strange doctor! And that’s just gonna worry Uncle Jesse which cain’t be good for him with his concussion and other injuries an’ all!”.

“Well, at least ya’ll get to see him, Boss made me work even when I asked for time off.
But I think Boss is really beginin’ to miss Uncle Jesse”.


Daisy started to cry, so Bo pulled the General to the side of the road.

“Daisy, please don’t cry, I know he’s gonna get better. When I called the doctors they said
he was up and his bones are healin’ nice and his internal injuries are healin’ fine, too!”, Bo told her after handing her a tissue.

“I know Bo, but it still seems like it could have been stopped or something!”.

“Oh, Daisy nobody knew that twister was comin’. An’ nobody knew that he was gonna get
swept away. Luckily we found him an’ he’s doin just fine an’ he’ll be able to come home in a few more days an’ that’s pretty fast since he’s only been there for three weeks!”.

“I know Luke, but I just wish I could turn back time and stop that from happenin’!”. “I
know Daisy, we all do”, sighed Luke as Bo pulled back onto the road.


“Do ya feel any better Daisy?”, asked Bo once they were back on their way to the Boar’s

“Some now Bo, things just ain’t the same without him, ya know?”.

“I know exactly what you mean, replied Bo turning to give her a smile. “You feel the
same way right Lu-“.

“Bo, watch out, it’s Drycreek! We’re gonna crash!”, screamed Luke.

“AAAUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!”, the three started screaming.

The nose of the General Lee started to dive towards the bottom of the creek. I tell ya, the
Dukes must have been out fishin’ the day they passed out luck.


Suddenly, a port hole opened up right where the General Lee was going to crash and the
car and the cousins went sailing through. When they went through they seemed to be going through a time warp. As they seemed to be falling they kept going back into time from when Uncle Jesse was swept away by the tornado to when Jesse first took them in a kids.

“I guess this means we ain’t going to Atlanta today, right guys?”, Bo said with a laugh, but
with a slight look of sadness.

Things were quiet awhile as they watch the past fly by their eyes.

“Look fellas, there I am when I came to the farm to live!”, Daisy said in awe.

“Look Luke, it’s me when Jesse took me in permanently after Mama and Daddy died!”,
said Bo in a sad voice when he saw that, but continued to watch himself getting younger by the second.

“I remember that Bo, I was jealous of you at first ’cause you were so sick and were gettin’
so much attention”.

“Hey guys, wait a minute! We’re goin’ back too far, how do we stop this thing?”, Daisy
said suddenly.

“Hey, look guys, thereÆs a light at the end of this tunnel!”, Bo said, “Wonder where we’re
gonna land guys cause the movie ended a few minutes ago”.


“AAAUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!”, everyone started to scream again.

The car shot out of the tunnel and went flying through the air. The General came crashing
down in a small western town.

“Bo, where did you land us, the wild West or what?”, Luke asked with a surprised and
worried look on his face.

People started gathering around the General Lee staring and pointing at them and the car.
The three slowly slid out the windows, they had to since they welded the doors shut. All the
people gasped at their car and them as they slid out of it and the cousins stared right back at them.

“Bo, where DID you land us?”, Daisy asked without taking her eyes off of the people.

The crowd started to thin out so the cousins took the opportunity to look around and see
what was around them.

“Hey Bo, look at that house up there on that hill and look, that’s the place where Cooter’s
would be, maybe Cooper is CooterÆs ancestor”.

“Yeah you’re right Luke, but ya never know guys, this could be Hazzard in the year 1872
or somethin’ and Hazzard’s never really been normal”.

Meanwhile in that same house on the hill minds started to think.


“Rufus! Where are you?!”, inquired a man whose resemblance was a lot like J.D. “Boss”
Hogg’s, commissioner of Hazzard County.

A man who looked like the twin of Rosco P. Coltrane came running into the room with
his blood hound, Slash.

“Well, Rufus, it took you long enough to get here, where have you been?!”, the Boss
Hogg look-a-like said angrily to Rufus.

“Well I’m sorry lil fat buddy, but I was out chasin’ them Dukes like you told me to, but
that horse of theirs is somethin else. They jumped a ditch, but my horse just fell right in and I had to go find Cooper Davenport to help me get him out and luckily my horse wasn’t hurt, but by then them dang Dukes were gone.”

“Well, forget them Rufus, did you see that thing flying through the air and those people
get out of it?”.

“Well, yeah Boss, you couldn’t miss it”.

“Well, I want you to get me those people and take that dipstick, Eric Strate and my
cousin removed however many times, Corey Hogg and get them and bring them to me! Or your all fired!”.

“Right away Boss……Come on you dipsticks we got a job to do!”.


“Hey look guys, it’s Rosco, Enos, and Cletus!”, Daisy shouted to the boys while running
over to the trio.”Rosco your here, too! Boy, are we glad to see you! You too Enos and Cletus!”.

“All right all of you people you’re all to come see Mr. Hogg and who is Rosco?”.

“For cryin’ out loud Rosco, quit foolin’ around with that thing and why are we all goin to
see a Mr. Hogg?”, Bo asked in an agitated tone of voice ever since Rosco and Cletus started pointing their guns at them and waving them around.

Enos never did manage to get his gun out since he just stood there lusting over Daisy
who just smiled back at him.

“Ya know Luke, I don’t really think there’s a way outta this one, do you?”, Bo said more
agitated than ever.

“Not really Bo, I guess we’re just gonna have to meet Boss Hogg fella again”.

“I guess your right Luke, come on Daisy we gotta go meet this Boss Hogg”.

“Alright guys, come on Enos, take us to your leader!”. The last line sent the cousins into
laughter, while the SheriffÆs Department looked more confused than ever.


“Well looky here, who are you and why are you invading my town Hazzard?”, Thaddeus
“Boss” Hogg asked with a smuggish look on his face.

” I’m Bo Duke and this is my cous-“.

“WAIT, what did you say your last name was again?”, Boss said with a look of horror on
his face.

“I said my name is Duke, Bo Duke, why? Is there something wrong with it?”.

Luke and Daisy glanced at each other worriedly. Boss, who was finishing a chicken leg
started choking on it.

“Are you ok Boss?”, Daisy asked with sincere concern in her voice.

Boss who was still coughing nodded his head and pointed to the door.

“Daisy, Bo, Luke, you better go real quick-like otherwise Mr. Hogg might change his
mind. Why don’t you go to the Duke farm. It’s on Mill Pond Road, but they also might be at Cooper’s Garage or at his house which is on Jessup Road. Hurry and I’ll see you all later!”.

And that’s they last they saw of Enos or Eric for that day since they went running out of
the house and jumped into the General Lee and sped to Mill Pond Road.


“Uncle Jeremiah, what are we going to do? Boss wants to take our land to make a new
road or something and leave us with everything, but a house”.

“Now don’t you worry Dixie, we’ll think of something before Boss tries again. Thad, that’s
Boss Hogg, we’re friends and I know you’re friends with him, you just don’t show it as much”.

“We’re sorry Uncle Jeremiah, we’ll try harder! Honest!”, said Joe and Hank who could be
Bo and Luke’s identical twins except Joe had a mustache.

“I’m sure you will boys and I promise that I’ll protect every single one of you just like I
promised you’re parents”.

“Hey Uncle Jeremiah, What’s that noise? It sounds like a horse stampede or something”,
Joe said with a curious look on his face.

“I don’t know Joe, it does sound like a horse stampede, but it sounds like it’s getting
closer!”, Jeremiah said with a look of concern washing over him.

Suddenly, the General Lee came roaring into their yard and shut off quickly.

“Hey Luke, Daisy, this is it! There were Dukes even back in the Western times!”, Bo said
with excitement when he saw the farm house that resembled the one they left behind in the future.

“Let’s go guys, we might be home!”, Luke said as he climbed out of the car.


“Who are you?”, Joe asked the newcomers as the stepped up to the porch of the house.

Nobody said a word as they stared at each other in amazement. After a few minutes, Bo
managed to speak.

“I’m…..Bo and this is my cousins Luke and Daisy,…..we’re Dukes, too!”. “Well, I’m Joe,
this is Hank and Dixie and that’s our Uncle Jeremiah”.

“We have an Uncle Jesse back in the futu…..uhhhhh…..I mean back
at…..uhhhh…..home!”, Luke stuttered out, “And he looks just like you uhhhhh..sir”.

“Well, where did ya’ll come from? And what is that thing you just came here in?”, Dixie
asked while looking at the General.
“Well, we came from Georgia and that’s Bo and Luke’s car, the General Lee”,Daisy said
with a grin.

“What’s a car?”, Hank asked looking at it, wondering how it worked.

“Well, it’s a thing that gets ya around faster than a horse and it’s been around for
uhhhhh……….a while. Ours is just a little…….unique!”, Bo said.

“Ya’ll wanna go for a ride in it?”, Luke said figuring they were curious about it anyways.

“Sure thing, lets go guys!”, Dixie said jumping off the porch.


“Wow, this is something else, I’ve never gone this fast before on something!” Dixie said

“Well, we better head back to their farm Bo. It’s getting late and we have to find a place
to stay”, Luke said to everybody.

“Alright, back to the farm everybody!”, Bo said with a laugh.

“Ya’ll don’t have a place to stay?”, Dixie said with concern, “Well, if Uncle Jeremiah says
it’s all right, ya’ll can stay at our farm! And you can share my room Daisy!”.

“Cool, alright Bo why don’t ya show them a jump in the General on the way back!”.

“Yes ma’am Daisy, Alright everyone, we’ve just been cleared for take off!
YEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”, the three cousins yelled as the went flying
through the air.


Back at Thaddeus’s uhhhh Boss’s house he was trying to think of a way to get rid of the
Dukes farm and at the same time get the new Dukes car and git rid of them also.

“Rufus, how can I get rid of them and get that car of theirs?”, Boss asked when Rufus
came in with his dinner.

“Uhhhhh I don’t know Boss why don’t we brain storm and think of something?”, Rufus
said as he sat down on his chair with Slash at his feet.

“There’s one problem with that Rufus, ya gotta have a brain to do that, ya don’t have one

“Why don’t we just sneak out there and get that…..that…..thing and bring it here and the
new Dukes will have to leave and the other Dukes might go with them!”, Boss said with a evil laugh and a grin.

“Kee,kee,kee, I love it, I love it!!”, Rufus said to Boss.

“I knew you would!”, Boss replied.


“So ya’ll just came here in that car……….right here to Hazzard?”, Hank asked the three
cousins back at the farm house.

“Well, not exactly, can ya’ll keep a secret? I mean this is a BIG one. If its told we’re
gonna be in BIG trouble. And we don’t know how to go and fix this problem.”, Luke said after a while.

“Sure we can keep a secret Luke, just go on and tell us”.

“Well, we’re not exactly from the same time zone ya’ll are from. Ya see we’re from the
20th century and well that’s where cars are from and that’s where our Uncle Jesse is and we were goin’ to see him and the General wasn’t actin right and Drycreek came up on us and we couldn’t jump it and was about to crash and suddenly the ground opened up and we went a sailing through!”, Luke said remembering what had happened earlier that day.

“Yeah, and when we went through this tunnel thing we saw our lives goin backwards
right before our eyes and we shot out of the tunnel and ended up here!”, Bo finished up.

“Then Rosco, Enos, and Cletus came after us saying we had to meet Boss Hogg!”, Daisy
said, “But then Rosco says his names Rufus and Enos’s name is Eric and Cletus’s is Corey!”.

“Maybe you said somethin that brought ya back here!”, Joe said after listenin to the
whole story.


“Like ya wanted to got back in time and help save your Uncle Jesse from the tornado or
somethin”, Dixie said to the cousins.

“Ya know guys, I did say I wished I could turn back time and save Uncle Jesse from the
tornado!”, Daisy said after thinking for a while.

“Now to change the subject, If Boss Hogg is anything like he is in the 20th century, he’s
got to be buggin’ you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!”, Bo said with a smile on his face, “Does he a have a scheme right now and if he does, what is it?”.

“Well, Boss is tryin’ to swindle our farm from us and build a new trail to town or
something. And I bet he wants that car of yours too!”, Hank said to Bo and Luke.

“That hasn’t stopped Boss Hogg before. He’s wanted that car ever since we made him
from the ground up!”, Bo said with a laugh. “And he’s never successfully gotten it yet!”.

“Wow, that’s a lot for a car to go through!”, Joe said with a smile and a laugh, “I bet Boss
Hogg is going to try to take General tonight guys, so we better be on the watch. We could even wear all black and hide out in the General Lee and when they try to steal him we could jump out and scare ’em!”.

“Cool! Joe and I, we’re like twins, we think of the same things and everything!”, Bo said.

“And I think that just might work I mean it gets so dark at night in Hazzard they couldn’t
see us if they tried!”, Hank said to the rest of the clan.

“Hank’s right ya’ll, this plan might work yet! Let’s get ready!”, Luke said excitedly.


“All right Rufus, It’s time to put this plan it action! Are Eric and Corey ready?”, Boss
asked Rufus who was in a dark flannel shirt and jeans, and a dark cowboy hat, now.

“Yep Boss, we’re all set, it’s time to put into action OPERATION: GET THEM

“Ok Rosco, go get Eric and Corey and bring them in here. We need to have a talk about
what you’re doin”.

“Ok Boss, Eric, Corey, GET IN HERE!!!!!”.

“Rufus you cow chip, I could’ve done that!”.

“Sorry lil fat buddy”.

“Ok I’ll be right behind you and you guys just get that thing. I don’t care how, just get me
that thing!”, Boss growled.


“Ok guys, looks like we’re ready for the ambush of the sheriff’s department. All three of
them!”, Daisy laughed.

“Alright everybody, Me, Luke, Joe, Hank, Daisy, and Dixie will get into the General.
Uncle Jeremiah, you stay here and wait until we give you the signal. Ok Everyone else, let’s get to the General!”.

The six new friends went running to the General and piled inside.

“Oww, Luke you just kicked me in the ribs! OOOWWWWW!!!!!”, Bo moaned.

“SHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!, Bo, I hear somethin, be quiet!”, Luke hissed as he clamped his
hand over Bo’s mouth.

“MMMPHHG MMMPPHHHGG!!!!!,” Bo said as he tried to squirm away from Luke, but
as he did his back bumped against the keys in the ignition, turning the lights on.

“Oh great Bo, Now they probably know it’s us!”, Luke said.

Meanwhile on the other side of the bushes someone else had a different opinion.


“Corey, Eric, Would you hush back there!”, Rufus whispered loudly.

“Yes sir Rufus!”.

“Sorry Sheriff!”.

“Alright guys, follow me!”.

As they snuck around the bushes, Bo bumped into the ignition turning the lights on.


The Sheriff’s Department didn’t know they were lights they saw since they hadn’t been
created yet. For all they knew, they were eyes of a monster. They started running down the road to Boss’s horse.

“Cousin Boss! Cousin Boss! It’s a monster! Ya gotta come see!”, Corey yelled in sheer

“Alright, Alright, help me off my horse!”, Boss said impatiently.

“Come on Mr. Hogg, you gotta see this!”, Enos yelped as they pulled Boss down the road.


“Hey Bo, you did it! You scared the Sheriff’s Department!”, Dixie said happily.

“MMMPPPHH MMPPHH?!”, Bo tried to say, but couldn’t since Luke still had his hand
over his mouth.

“Luke, I think you can let go of Bo now”, Hank said to Luke with a laugh.

“Alright, but when the lights came on, all I saw was 3 people, Rufus, Eric, and Corey. “If
they think the light are eyes or somethin’, they’re definatly gonna bring Boss to prove it. Let’s try and scare em all now, ok Bo?”, Luke said to everyone.

“But, we better be quiet or we won’t be able to hear ’em comin”, Joe said in a hushed


“You guy’s better not be pulling my leg, ’cause if there’s no monster, your all fired!”, Boss
yelled to the Sheriff’s Department.

Oh, you better be quiet Uncle Boss, the monster might come after us!”, Corey said to
Boss in a hushed voice.

“Alright, I’m comin, I’m comin, just show me this monster!”.


“Bo, didja hear that? They’re comin, get ready!”, Daisy said excitedly.

“Look, it’s Boss’s white hat, he never goes anywhere without it!ö,Joe said.

“Now Bo!”, Hank and Luke said simultaneously.

Bo hit the lights to the General as soon as he saw Boss’s little round body and when the
lights came on they made Boss jump. Next, Bo turned on the engine and started revving it.

“AAUUGHHH!! You boys were right! It is a monster! Let’s get out of here!”, you could
here Boss, the Sheriff and his deputies screaming and yelling as they ran down the road.

“We did it guys! Let’s go tell Uncle Jeremiah!”, Dixie yelled scrambling out of the car.


“And you just turned on the lights and revved the engine…whatever that means. And they
thought it was a monster?”, Uncle Jeremiah said while laughing.

“Yes sir Uncle Jeremiah, that’s all!”, Joe said with a big grin.

“Well, they’ll probably be back here tomorrow tellin you that ya’ll can keep your land!”,
Luke said with a big smile on his face.

“Great! Thanks for all your help guys, if it weren’t for you, we’d probably be known as the
only Dukes who were shucked and jived by Boss Hogg. Thank you Bo, Luke, Daisy”, Joe said, while hugging Daisy and shaking Bo and Luke’s hand.

“No problem, guy’s after all we’re Dukes right?”, Bo said to everybody.

“Hey guys what are we going to do about your problem with getting home?”, Dixie
suddenly remembered.

“Let’s sleep on that one”, Luke said with a laugh.


“Rufus, I want you to go out their to that Duke farm tomorrow and tell them that they can
keep their dang land. I don’t want land that has a monster on it. If I did build a new trail on
their land, that monster would probably eat the horses. I’ll find another place to put the trail,
nowhere near that farm and land!”.

“But Boss, what if that monster comes back?”, Rufus said as he started to shake in fear.

“Well, take Eric and Corey with ya if ya can find ’em. Ya’ know there’s safety in
numbers”, Boss said with a grin, “Now git, I need my beauty sleep”.

“Ok Boss, nighty night, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”.


“Maybe if ya’ll wish to go back to the future and say ya wanna see your Uncle Jesse
again”, Dixie said thoughtfully back at the farmhouse the next day.

“Well, anything’s possible now”, Bo said, “I guess we could try it. What do ya say gu-“.

“Alright you Dukes, I’ve got some good news, good news!”, Rufus said interrupting Bo,
“My lil fat buddy doesn’t want your land anymore since ya got a monster roamin’ around on it”.

“What monster Rufus?”, Dixie said trying to not giggle.

“The one that was here last night. He had big eyes and he growled at me and my lil fat

“Sorry Rufus we don’t know what your talkin’ about”,Hank said with a smile.

“Well, forget it, just forget I even mention it!”, Rufus said with an exasperated look. “I
gotta go, it’s almost time for my lil fat buddy’s morning snack, Kee, Kee, Kee!”, Rufus said running off to his horse. “Bye everyone!”.


“Well, back to our original issue, Daisy why don’t you try wishing to go back to the future
since you wished to go back in the past”.

“Ok Bo, let’s get into the General Lee, remember? We were in him when I wished”.

“Do ya’ll want to come with us? Or should we say good-bye now?”, Luke asked sadly.

“We better say good-bye here or you might not be able to go back”, Hank said in sadness.

“Ok, I’ll miss you Uncle Jeremiah, I’ll miss you Joe, I’ll miss you Hank, and I’ll miss you
most of all Dixie!”, Daisy said while starting to cry.

“I’ll miss you too, Daisy”, Dixie whimpered, who had also started to cry.

“Bye Hank, Bye Joe, Bye Uncle Jeremiah, I’m gonna miss ya’ll!”, Luke said after
a few moments.

“Bye Uncle Jeremiah, bye Hank, bye Joe, it’s kinda like losin’ the best friend I never had!
See ya’ll on the flip side everyone”, Bo said sadly as he hugged everybody. “Let’s go guy’s! We better hurry before it gets to late!

“Ok guys, let’s go. Remember Bo, drive slow now. How ya feel Daisy?”, Luke asked
when on the way to Drycreek.

“Some better now, but Uncle Jesse would have liked to meet them. I miss them already
and it’s barely been 5 minute. I wish I could go back to the future and see Uncle Jesse again now! I miss Uncle Jesse so much!”, Daisy said sadly.

“I wish I could see him too, Daisy, right Lu-“. “Bo watch out it’s Drycreek! We’re gonna
crash again!”, Luke screamed.

“AAAUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”, the three screamed.

When they neared the bottom of the creek the port hole opened again.


“Is everyone ok, we’re back in that tunnel again!”, Bo said happily, “And look we’re
almost up to the age we’re at now!”.

“Well, that’s good, I kinda miss the Hazzard we’re from”, Luke said as he watched himself
aging by the second.

“Look guys, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel, hang on guys, we’ve just been cleared
for take off!”
“WWHHHAAAAOOOO!!!!!”, the three cousins screamed as the General shot back out of
the tunnel and landed on the other side of Drycreek.

“Is everyone ok?”, Luke asked as soon as the car had stopped.

“I think so Luke, just a little shook up. Are we back in our Hazzard guys?”, Daisy asked
looking around at the scenery.

“Well, Daisy, there’s only one to make sure. Let’s head on to the Boar’s Nest, if it’s there
and so are Cooter and Dieter, we’re back!”, Bo said with a smile and a laugh.

“Ok Bo, well, hit it!”, Luke said Luke said starting to laugh.

“Yes sir! Ha! Ha!”, Bo answered while he sped down the road to see if the Boar’s Nest
was there.


“It’s here guys! We’re back home in Hazzard!”, Daisy said happily and hugging Bo and

“Great, now all we gotta do is find Cooter and Dieter and we’ll be off to see Uncle Jesse”,
Bo told the others.

“Daisy, maybe if you ask Boss Hogg again, he’ll let ya come with us”, Luke reminded
Daisy, “Ya never know, he might change his mind and let ya come!”.

“Maybe, anything could happen now!”.

As they climbed out of the General, Cooter pulled up beside them in his tow truck and
climbed out with Dieter behind him.

“Hey ya’ll, looks like ya beat us here. Wanna go inside and get a beer?”, Cooter asked as
they went inside.

“Sure, might as well, while we see if Daisy can come along with us”, Bo said as they
went inside.


“Boss, can I come in? It’s me, Daisy”, Daisy asked as she knocked on the door to Boss’s

“Why sure Daisy, come right in”, Boss answered.

“Boss, can I ask you a question?”, Daisy said once she was inside and had closed the

“Sure, Daisy, what can I do for ya?”, Boss asked as he sat down in his barber chair and
light a cigar.

“Well, I was wondering if I could go with the boys and visit Uncle Jesse. I’ll make up the
time tomorrow or sometime. Please Boss? I’m really missin’ him. Oh Boss, please?”, Daisy pleaded.

“Why of course Daisy, I think we all miss Jesse. Of course you can go, just make sure to
make up for the time you missed”, Boss said with a smile.

“Are you serious Boss? I can really go and you won’t hold it against me?”, Daisy said with

“Oh course Daisy, you need time with your Uncle Jesse and I’m gonna let you have the
time to spend with him. Speakin’ of which, tomorrow, I’m goin over there with Rosco, Enos, and Cletus, and we’re gonna visit Jesse. So, you just go ahead and get there before it gets too late!”, Boss told Daisy with true sincerity in his voice.

“Oh thank you SO much, Boss!”, Daisy said as she gave him a hug, “This means a lot to
me, the boys, and especially Uncle Jesse!”.

“Oh, it’s ok Daisy, tell Jesse I said hi, and good luck!”. “Ok Boss, bye, and thanks again!”.

“No problem!”. Daisy ran to the door and threw it open. “Guess what guys, I can go with
ya’ll to see Uncle Jesse!”, Daisy said to the boys who were sitting at the table closest to Boss’s office door.

“That’s great! Let’s go guys!”, Bo said as he jumped up from the table.


“So how’d ya get Boss to give ya time off?”, Luke asked as they were on their way to

“Ya know guys, I really think that Boss is really changing his attitude guys. He had real
sincerity in his voice when I asked him. And Boss, Rosco, Enos, and Cletus are goin’ to see Jesse tomorrow and visit with him for a while”.

“Well, I think Boss really is changing!”, Bo said as he drove down the highway into

“Yeah, I’ve never seen Boss like this before. Maybe Jesse being swept away scared him
or somethin into knowin’ that life’s not all money and everythin'”, Luke said thoughtfully.

“Ya know you’re right Luke, maybe he did see the light”, Daisy said after a few moments.

“Or, maybe Boss just decided to turn over a new leaf or something. And that’s a good
thing!”, Bo said smiling as he pulled into the hospital parking lot, “And guess what guys, we’re here, so we can tell Uncle Jesse that Boss has changed and stuff since they’re friends an’ everythin’, right?”.

“Bo’s right Luke, let’s tell Uncle Jesse!”, Daisy said as Bo helped her out of the car.


“Hi Uncle Jesse!”, Daisy squealed as she ran into his room and flung her arms around

“Whoa Daisy, easy girl, I’m glad to see you, too!”, Uncle Jesse said.

“Hi Uncle Jesse! You look great! How ya feelin’?”, Bo said as he came in with his arm
around Luke’s shoulder.

“Some better, thanks Bo”.

“Hey Uncle Jesse, how’re they treatin’ ya here?”, Luke said after he sat down.

“Oh, they’re treatin’ me just fine here. Givin’ me plenty of what I need here”.

“What’s that Uncle Jesse?”, Bo asked curiously.

“Rest and relaxation. But I still miss Hazzard plenty. How was the trip over here?”, Uncle
Jesse said to the cousins.

“Uhhhhh…..Well, Uncle Jesse, it’s kind of a long story, I mean really long”, Bo said after
a few moments.

“Well, I like long stories, so go ahead Bo”, Uncle Jesse said impatiently.

“Well, to make this a short one since it doesn’t make much sense is this…..”.


“And then Daisy wished to come back to the future and see you again an’ we saw
Drycreek like it was in the Western era and we almost crashed, but that port hole came back and we went sailin’ through again an’ we aged back to this age an’ landed on the other side of Drycreek and the rest is history, Uncle Jesse. Do ya believe us Uncle Jesse? Or do ya just think we’re crazy?”, Bo asked uncertainly.

“Oh, I really believe ya Bo, I believe everyone of ya. Ya know why? I’ve seen pictures of
Jeremiah, Joe, Hank, and Dixie. I’ve even seen pictures of Thaddeus, Rufus, Eric, and
Corey. I believe ya. J.D.’s even seen them and he thought they were trick photos at first and he’ll believe ya, too. I especially believe that J.D.’s turning over a new leaf. That I especially believe”, Uncle Jesse said with a big smile to his nephews and niece and to Cooter and Dieter.

“And guys, I have great news for ya’ll. I get to go home in 2 days, back to Hazzard!”.

“That’s great Uncle Jesse! Oh, I’m so glad, it’s not been the same around the farm without
ya!”, Daisy said with excitement.

“Yeah Uncle Jesse, nobody can ever take the place of you, you’re that great!”, Luke said

“And nobody could have raised us better than you Uncle Jesse. If you weren’t there to
take us in when our parents died, we probably would have been in an orphanage or foster homes till we were 18 or somethin’. And we probably wouldn’t be so carin’ cause we all learned it from you Uncle Jesse. Thank You”, Bo finally said after thinking for a while.

Two days later, the three cousins, Cooter and Dieter, Boss Hogg and his police force
went to get Uncle Jesse from the hospital. As soon as they got home, they threw Jesse a welcome home party.

“Boy, are we glad to have you back home Uncle Jesse. Things really weren’t the same
without you here”, Daisy said after cutting the cake.

“Well, thanks kids, this really is nice. And I’m glad I had ya’ll to give it to me”.

“No problem Uncle Jesse, that’s what friends are for, cause we all care for ya!”, Bo said
with a smile.

“A toast to Uncle Jesse because he’s such a great friend and will be there as long as we
need him to be, even in our hearts”, Daisy said raising her glass.

“Here, here, congratulations Uncle Jesse and welcome home!”, Luke cheered as everyone clinked their glasses together.

And as Jesse healed, time did too. And Hazzard went back to it’s normal self. Whatever
that is.

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