Families Stick Together, pt. 11

by: Essy Jane

Okay folks now pay attention, I’m only gonna say this once. Jesse decided to fight these guys. Since he knew where they were gonna be, Jess drove there and stood out in the open. “Hey bad guy! Come on out and show your face you coward!” Jesse exclaimed. Ten people walked out. The ten police officers that were arrested for bank robbery.

“Well, well, who do we have here?” Noel commented.

“Noel, this is Luke’s cousin, Jesse. What do you want boy?” Aaron observed.

“You know that fight to the death? I want to make it fair. If I win, your men get out of Hazzard and leave the Dukes alone forever.”

“And if you loose?”

“You can fight Luke and I will be out of your way. Is that a deal?”

“Fight a kid?”

“I ain’t a kid mister but thanks for the compliment.”

“Do you even know what you’re fighting for kid?” Noel asked.

“Yeah I do, now we made a deal. One of the rules is none of your men can help you. If they do, the deal is automatically off. Got it?”

“Yeah I do.”

“Lets begin.” Jesse got into his boxing stance and put his left foot forward. He hit Aron in the nose hard. Aaron’s eyes began to tear and his nose began to bleed. Jesse started out doing a cart-wheel but only his left hand went down, his right leg kicked straight over in the direction the cartwheel was supposed to go in. He did another right hook and hit him in the stomach.

“The over the head mule kick. I haven’t seen that done in a long time. Smart moves kid.”

“Thanks but enough of the small talk.” Now it was Aaron’s turn to shine. Aaron started out with a strong upper cut punch. He did a round house kick. When Aaron went to do his next punch Jesse blocked it. Jesse jabbed, moved onto a left hook to the head, followed by a Russian uppercut which was blocked by Aaron.

“You’re good.”

“Thanks.” They circled each other and looked into each other’s eyes. Jesse had a cut above his left eye that was bleeding. His arm hurt but he didn’t care. This was going to be over. He had to win fair and square. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

“You won’t last much longer. Aaron tried to hit Jesse again. Jess weaved to get out of the way.

“I wouldn’t count on that.” Jesse threw a left jab and then another. He put his hands up to block Aaron’s next hit. Jesse tackled the left side of Aaron’s body with his left shoulder. Aaron hit the ground hard. Jesse began to punch all the areas of the face with great force as many times as he could. Aaron rolled and stood up.

“Nice try buddy.” Aaron took a deep breath and let it out slow. He had to work fast, Jesse was winning the fight. Jesse kicked Aaron in the stomach and got him into a head lock. Aaron moved his head away from the elbow joint, allowing him to breathe.

“You won’t keep me here long.” He hammered Jesse’s kidneys twice. Aaron lifted Jesse’s arm and got his head out from Jesse’s grip. Aaron grabbed his opponent’s ear and pulled it until Jesse’s head was down to his waste and did a palm thrust to the face with his right hand.

Jesse wanted to finish this fast. He went down low like he was going to punch. As Aaron went for the block, Jesse got up in his face. Aaron went to punch and Jesse did a low weave to the left. Another punch from Aaron, Jess weaved to the right, still staying as low as he could. Jesse ascended upwards from the right weave and threw a right hook. He stepped left and pivoted, throwing a left hook to the face. Aaron looked as through he was going to fall over but he stayed on his feet.

Jesse went down again as if he was going to another body punch. He ascended upwards with all the weight on his right foot. He did an upper cut with all the force his right hand could muster. He hit Aaron on the bottom of the chin. Aaron fell to the ground. Jesse was about to finish him but decided not to. He stood up straight, panting.

“Hey, it’s called a fight to the death, finish him or loose,” Noel commented.

“No Noel, you see, he is already dead, inside. I don’t need to kill him,” Jesse replied.

“You’re amazing kid. You should come with us.”

“No, I ain’t that kind of kid. Now, a promise is a promise.”

“Yeah, we’re outta here. By the way kid, off the record, what you did for your cousin is pretty amazing.”

“Thanks.” They grabbed Aaron off the ground and got into their cars. Jesse watched as they all drove off. He felt proud of himself. He wanted to make sure they didn’t kill his cousin but he didn’t do anything he might have regretted.

A few hours later at the Duke farm, the family left there was in knots. “Jesse should have been back by now!” Nancy exclaimed. She paced back and forth.

“Don’t worry about him, Nancy, he can take care of himself,” Bo answered.

“What if he can’t? Those guys are crazy, they’ll stop at nothing to fight with Luke.”

“Come on Nancy-Lou, don’t worry about him, he’s fine if he’s anything like his Daddy,” Luke commented.

“No! You should be looking for him. What if Jesse did something stupid?”

“Nancy, he’ll walk in the door any second now and he’ll be fine. Maybe he just took a ride.” Bo and Luke could hear the General engine coming this way. Jesse and Jose got out of the car. Tony and Maria followed. Maria was leaning on Jose’s arm. Luke walked over to his family. “Why are you guys here? You could be…”

“Jesse took care of it,” Jose cut in.


“Well look at him! Sorry we’re so late, we had to stop off at the hospital.” Luke looked at Jesse.

“Hey, how’s it going Luke?” Jesse asked. Luke shook his head. Jesse had a bandage on the side of his eye. “Don’t worry about me, I have some broken ribs and a concussion but the doctor says I am gonna be alright.”

“What did you do?” Luke questioned full of anger.

“That fight to the death stuff was a little strong. I didn’t kill him, just rendered him unconscious. They left Hazzard willingly and said they would leave you alone, they gave me their word.”

“And you trust that?”

“Uh huh, I sure do. They left down and I followed them. Now you can go back to New York.”

“Not yet, Nancy’s Mom is getting married in three months. We’re gonna stay for that, if that’s alright with you guys.”

“Ah come on Luke, you guys are family.”

“Are you sure Bo will approve?”

“Oh come on Luke, he misses you a lot.

“You think so?”

“Oh yeah, I know so.”

“You know, sometimes I wonder with all the teasing I used to do with him.”

“Besides, Jose would be tickled pink to have y’all here.”

“I am sure he would.”

“You better believe I would, Dad. I can finally spend some time with Tony,” Jose added. Uh huh, another Hazzard adventure done right. Now Luke and his family could sleep safe tonight but then again, what is safe in Hazzard County.

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