General Lee vs. Rebel

by: Juanita Ford

‘hey bo luke daisy look whos come to vist us
CJ and Roy duke and luke says that’s great
and bo says it’ll be great to see those two again
Roy comes in first and says hey guys CJs a little testy today
so please agree with everything that she says
and bo says no problem cousin
and then CJ comes through the door
and bo says how beautiful you look today CJ
if you weren’t my cousin I’d marry you
and CJ says you men think that all you have to do
is sweet talk a girl and everything will be fine and dandy
so bo duke you can just save it
and a sad bo says I’m sorry I did’nt mean to up-set you
then CJ says all of you men think that you know everything
you don’t give us girls credit for anything
luke says CJ what in the world is wrong with you
you know that we all love you
and bo says in a sad voice CJ have I done anything to make you mad
if I have I’m really sorry
and CJ says bo I’m sorry for being so mean to you
but you know that race tomorrow I’ve entered the rebel
and I forgot that you’ll be racing tomorrow to
and jokingly bo says don’t worry honey I won’t run over you
and CJ says run over me bo duke you’ll eat my dust
and Roy says CJ look you and bo are family
and CJ says if you want to win you have to put personal feelings aside
and bo says if that’s the way that you want it girl
then so be it
well folks it’s the race that everyone in good old hazzard county’s
been waiting for
and CJ says may the best man win duke
and bo says CJ honey your all woman
and CJ duke smiles a kisses bo on the check
and bo says she loves me and then she hates me
women I’ll never understand them
sand luke says join the club
the race gets off to a fast start and bo dukes in the lead
then CJ passes bo and says catch me if you can handsome
and bo says you spoke to soon darling cause here I am
then CJ says no you don’t super stud
and bo says sorry beautiful but I’m gonna win this one
and CJ says rats it’looks like your right
then the general lee crosses the finish line
CJ says gorgeous you wait until next time
I’ll beat the pants right off of that
And bo says darling if we weren’t cousins I’d take you up on that
Then CJ gives bo a great big bear hug
Like I’ve always said in hazzard county we believe in happy endings

Written by juanita ford
Copyright 1999 all rights reserved

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