by: Essy Jane

Hello sports fans. I bet you’re wondering what’s going on here in Hazzard County. I must admit, it has been interesting. You look now real hard. Well let me paint the picture.

That there man tied up with the blonde curly hair is in some serious trouble. I don’t mean the kind of trouble you get in when you walk into Nancy-Lou’s kitchen with grubby boots on. I mean the trouble you get in when you’re in so deep quicksand looks good.

Now you can just imagine how the Dukes are feeling about this. The blonde hair and blue eyes are hard to loose in a family full of Duke Boys.

Okay, now let me start back a little bit further. Y’all don’t even know why this guy’s in the situation. The race prize was big for Hazzard County…30 thousand dollars. The bills were piling up and Nancy-Lou was now a heaping six months pregnant.

Why didn’t I let y’all know about this? Well y’all don’t know how to come around. She was looking much more pregnant. Nancy was craving many things…pickles were among her favorites.

Now Nancy was always proud of her husband and his work on the farm. She loved the farm but frankly, Bo needed more cash to build the nursery. Can you imagine how much two are goanna cost? Oh yeah…lots.

“Honey, are you sure you wanna do this?” Nancy-Lou questioned her husband. Bo smiled, kissing Nancy first and then her belly.

“For them, I would do anything,” Bo replied.


“I love racing.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Now if you look at Bo, he’s the racing king in Hazzard. However, look over yonder. Y’see that lady standing next to ol Boss Rosco? That is Havana, a woman who is known for her drivers. However, after a test run, Havana’s men came up a little bit short.

The one thing Havana had on Rosco was he snookered her into buying a no good race car for REAL dough…I mean a lot of dough. Translation, if Rosco didn’t pay up you can imagine what ol Havana would do to him.

This race was supposed to break them even. However, one thing stood in their way, Bo Duke. Havana wasn’t looking all that happy. “You said my boys were a shoe in, you said we would have this money to lay back on since you decided to give us a shottie car!” Havana exclaimed.

“Look, Havana, you know you will get your money,” Boss Rosco replied.

“You know what? I don’t care how you do it, that Duke boy is too good. You have to make it that he can’t race. Break his legs, I don’t care.”

“I ain’t goanna hurt him. Jit-jit Woooo that would smart.”

“Well Boss, you know I want this money…”

“I know you want this money. I offered you others but…”

“I don’t want any other money you have. Just the race money…you know that if you don’t take him out of the race…I will do it my way.”

“Will do.” Now how do Boss’ in Hazzard County get themselves in such giant messes? I can’t tell ya. However, if you think this one is predictable guess again.

Now you can imagine how the wheels in Rosco’s head were turning. The first thing Rosco thought of was framing Bo Duke. Now you can imagine how fun that would be.

Now Boss sent Enos to go out and check the regulations at the Hazzard Petting Zoo. Meanwhile, he had a meeting with Cletus. “Alright my little henchman…we need to frame Bo Duke Khee,” Rosco started out.

“Shoot Boss, why don’t you get someone else for your dirty work?” Cletus asked.

“You’re my gopher that’s why, you dipstick.”

“Am I a gopher or a dipstick?”

“You’re a gopher, dipstick.”

“I am a gopher Dipstick?”

“Just listen for two minutes.” Rosco rubbed his hands together. “Now there was a watch that belonged to the first commissioner of Hazzard County, very priceless.”

“Yeah I know, I have seen it in the museum and…”

“It’s a fake…I have had the real one for years. Now all you have to do is place it somewhere on the Duke farm and Bo is sure to get the blame.” Yeah, I don’t think I like where this is going to you?


On the Duke farm, something else was coming to rock the boy’s world. Now guess what? It is a known fact that there are Duke cousins everywhere. “This is Shady sheep looking for the Sheppard, are you home? Come on?” A voice rang over the CB.

“This is Sheppard…Shady, what are you doing in Hazzard?” Bo questioned.

“Wanted to stop in and see if you’re running Uncle Jesse’s farm into the ground.”

“Well you can stay as long as you want. When are you goanna be here?”

“I’m dropping in…” Bo ran outside as he heard the roar of the engine over his house. He was in time for the ending, watching the car land. He pulled around the back of the farmhouse. This person got out of his car and walked around towards Bo. Can y’all tell that this ain’t an unwelcome visitor…Bo’s already got his arms around the man.

Now look at Bo and look at this other character. I know what you’re thinking, if this guy didn’t have the dark hair you would have thought they were twins. “You scoundrel…where have you been hiding since…” Bo began.

“Oh Bo, I ain’t ever hidden in my life,” The man replied. Nancy-Lou walked out. She looked at the mystery man smiling. Now y’all can tell he’s a Duke right?

“Shawn, where have you been you…” Nancy-Lou began.

“Good to see you too Nancy-Lou,” Shawn replied. Shawn Harris Duke…same age as Bo…same eye color. Shawn had hair like Luke’s though.

“What brings you to this end of town?” Shawn pointed at Nancy-Lou.

“I heard you were pregnant.” He pointed at Bo. “I heard you were racing. I tell you I can’t miss the great Bo Duke run a race.”

“You missed a ton of other races,” Bo grumbled. Now come on y’all, Bo is a person who just outs and says what he is feeling inside. Now that’s a Duke for you.

“Okay, look I missed you so much. I didn’t mean to miss out on so many races. I have been busy in Boston and I…” Bo smiled.

“Gottcha.” Uh huh, Duke humor seems too much like plain anger doesn’t it? Dang, I really didn’t think he was kidding, did you?

“Bo, let’s go inside. I have been dying to have some of your pie.”

“Uncle Jesse’s recipe, Shawn, that’s the secret of a good pie.” Now I bet you’re still wondering about Shawn. Shawn Duke was born to Steven and Kate Duke. He ain’t a scholar even though his Mom is. Yes Shawn is smart but come on, the outdoors were so much more appealing. Shawn couldn’t pay attention to books to save his life.

Nope. Instead, he opened up a successful little Go-Kart joint. Now doesn’t that sound Duke like to you? Anyway, we’ll talk more about Shawn later.

You see that shady character over there on Duke Land. That there is good ol Cletus but doesn’t he look like he was attacked by a bush? He’s giggling like this is his first time kissing Daisy Duke.

You see the watch in his hand? Yep that there is the watch that is goanna make the Dukes bite off more than they can chew. Funny thing is, they have done it so many times that their jaws must be pretty dang tough by now don’t ya think.

Well there it is, the General is holding the watch that belonged to the first commissioner. Now the Dukes had been eating pie and chewing the fat for a few hours when they heard ol Enos’ sirens.

“Okay, now what?” Nancy-Lou commented.

“I didn’t do anything this morning except come home,” Bo quickly jumped in.

“I know this can’t be a social visit.”

“Ya think?”

“You want me to get rid of him?” Shawn questioned.

“Nah, we’ll see what he wants cuz.”

“Stay inside,” Nancy-Lou replied. Now friends, this can’t be good. Enos pulled beside General Lee, he stopped the car leaving the keys in the ignition.

“Here goes.” Bo sighed effortlessly, just staring out into the sky. Enos walked out of the car towards Bo.

“Hyia Bo, Nancy-Lou,” Enos commented with a sad expression on his face. Now Bo knew this didn’t mean he missed the Easter Bunny. Enos was plum upset because he had to do something he didn’t want to do.

“Hey Enos, how’s the Sheriff job going?” Enos dug his left foot further in the dirt.

“Bo I have a warrant to check General Lee for safety. Cletus said that you guys were shifting a bit while you were driving.” Bo rolled his eyes.

“We always shift General side to side, you know that.”

“Yeah but y’all know that when Cletus tells me about something, it is my responsibility to look into it.”

“Alright Enos, be my guest, you have a warrant and all,” Nancy-Lou cut in. Enos got in. As he sat down, he felt something under his bum. His eyes widened as he pulled out a watch…not just any watch THE watch Cletus planted in the car.

“Possum on a gumbush! This was reported stolen this morning.”

“Figures! A Hogg planted it because a Coltrane told him it was a good idea!”


“Never mind!”

“Dang it Bo, I’m goanna have to arrest you.” Enos gets out of the General, he’s still holding the watch.”

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t want to Nancy-Lou. Gosh darn it, I have to if Bo has this here watch.” Uh huh… now Bo Duke will not come quietly. You can see him motion to Nancy-Lou.

“Oh Dang! Now Enos you can’t take my husband away!” You can see her eyes maneuver crocodile tears. Now Nancy-Lou had a minor in Drama, can y’all tell? “Enos, how could you? I am pregnant…” Nancy-Lou began to hyperventilate, “I can’t…I Can’t breathe.”

“Enos, look what you’re doing to my wife,” Bo commented.

“Enos…don’t…don’t take my husband.”

“Nancy-Lou come on now, calm down now,” Enos begins.

“I can’t…I can’t calm down.” Nancy pretends to faint. “Nancy!” Bo exclaims, as Enos just barely catches her.

“Ding dangit, I didn’t mean…I mean I am sorry there, Bo,” Enos mumbles.

“You are the worst, Enos!” Enos taps Nancy-Lou’s face softly.

“Wake up Nancy-Lou.”

“This is your fault. You know better than to make a pregnant woman upset.” Nancy-Lou looks at Bo and winks, making herself heavier.

“Oh dang.” Now watch as Enos drops the watch as he lowers Nancy-Lou to the ground. You think that was good watch how slick Bo is picking up that there watch and pretending to comfort his wife.

“Come on baby, wake up.”

“Come on wake up now, Nancy-Lou.” Bo goes around and pretends to comfort Enos.

“I am sorry for yelling at you. I better get some water to wake her up.”

“Okay Bo.” Now watch our friend get up slowly. Y’all know it ain’t water he’s after right? Bo gets into Enos’ patrol car. Uh huh, now ain’t that rich? Listen to that engine purr. Enos is trying to get up but Nancy-Lou pushes her weight down and the patrol car drives off.

Nancy-Lou pretends to flutter her eyes. “Where’s Bo?” She questions. Now ain’t that a good snooker? Shawn is getting a show from the kitchen.

“Dang it, now what am I goanna do? I can’t arrest him unless I have him with me. I need to get him. I commandeer your General Lee,” Enos announces.

“Dang it Enos, you can’t drive General Lee!”

“I have to under police business, I need to get Bo and put him in jail…return the item.” Now I bet y’all are bored of this. Y’all wanna see what Bo is doing? Well first off, he ain’t in the police car anymore. Yup, look yonder, there’s BB Davenport.

Now if he’s there…that must mean Bo’s…in the tow truck. Dang, I would never have seen that one coming. Thank goodness Cooter was about to pull Cletus out of the water after he tried to get Essy in a speed trap.

Now ain’t this a sight? Enos is chasing his own police car in General Lee. Now friends, do you think this could happen anywhere else? Bo flipped the station on the CB. Now you know Nancy-Lou and ol Shawn Duke were listening in on the call…well as well as BB Davenport. “This is Sheppard calling Mad Mama and all the rest of the Hazzard saving squad, are y’all there, come on?” Bo began on the CB.

“This is Mad Mama,” Nancy-Lou answered on the CB.

“Shady’s right beside her,” Shawn added.

“Breaker, breaker BB gun here,” BB Davenport shouted back.

“I am runnin’ from Enos going close by the creek. I need help returning stolen goods, Enos’ patrol car without getting caught. Frankly, all I know is I’m on the run with the goods. Can anyone lend an idea? Come back?” Bo questioned over the CB.

“Bo, I am headed by the creek to give Cletus a hand out of the pound. Ol Essy stuck him in there after she tried to stop her from delivering the mail. If you can make it to the creek and somehow stop Enos in General Lee…”

“I think I can handle that,” Shawn commented. He looked at his suitcase and smiled. Now y’all are ya thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? I hope so.

“Alright y’all, I think a plan’s a plan,” Bo commented. Now watch closely because I ain’t goanna show you this more than once. Shawn took some major short cuts as Bo drove circles in General Lee. You can see Shawn parking his car behind some bushes.

Now you see that blonde curly piece on the floor over there? Well that there is how Bo got away with dating a girl he really wanted when he was already booked. Shawn went on the date for him.

You can see Shawn put on the wig. He stands on the side of the road, putting his thumb out. As Enos drives past, Shawn waves hello. Dang it, I had never seen Enos put breaks on so fast. He got out of the General Lee. Cletus is walking towards the group. You can see him drenched with water.

“Enos? You’re driving General Lee?” Cletus questioned, scratching his head.

“Quiet now, Cletus,” Enos mumbled. He looked at who he thought to be Bo. “If you’re out here, who the heck is driving my police car?”

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Shawn said, in his best Bo impression. No wonder Vickie was fooled that night when she went out with Shawn, heck I would have fell for that voice.

“I saw you take that there police car.”

“Are you sure?” Can you see BB in the corner loosening those bolts on the police car that is now right beside the creek? Well, he’s on the other side so I guess all you can see is that small part of his worn out work boot.

“I am sure.”

“You saw me standing here…the car’s over there. Now how could have I been driving if you have General Lee and the car’s over there.” Shawn pointed to the police car. They looked over at the car as Bo snuck in the other side of the General Lee. Uh huh, this is a snooker.

“I don’t rightfully…wait a minute Bo, you’re trying to trick me.”

“You were chasing the police car a moment ago and I was standing right here.”

“Yeah but…”

“Am I missing something?” Cletus asked. Bo started General Lee.

“Huh?” Cletus mumbled. He scratched his head. Shawn pulled down both Cletus’ and Enos’ hats. He slid over the hood, onto the other side of General Lee. He got in the other end as Bo stepped on the gas. BB had already made it back to his tow truck, making it look like he was just pulling up.

“Come on Cletus, we gotta get him, they stole a historic watch,” Enos announced. Cletus’ eyes shifted.

“Did they?” Cletus commented, trying to sound surprised. The two men ran to their patrol car as BB began to pull Cletus’ car out of the creek. Okay now watch as Enos starts the car. He puts it into drive and begins to go when his back tire falls off.

Well that should keep them good ol boys busy for a while, don’t ya think?


Shawn and Bo were joy riding…minus the joy. Would you be happy if you might go to prison? Boss Rosco’s wife is doing the cooking while the Boar’s Nest is getting renovated. No one Bo had to think of how to return the watch to the museum so he would stay out of jail.

Y’all realize this all started because Bo wanted to make a nice room for the babies, right?

….Just checking

Now Shawn and Bo stashed the General. They knew it stuck out more than a bruise cheek. Bo and Shawn jumped roof after roof until they got to the post office. They opened a window on the top and walked down. Now y’all, this gave Essy-Jane quite the freight of frights.

“Dang it Bo you scared the crap out of me,” Essy grumbled.

“Sorry, you know the post office is closer to Rosco’s version of a museum,” Bo replied.

“First off, hi Shawn. Second of all, what does that have to do with anything?”

“Well hello to you, Essy-Jane, long time no see. Second, of all, Bo has been framed,” Shawn answered her.

“How this time?” Shawn and Bo explained all the events that happened. Essy shook her head. “Dang, I think they’re trying to keep Bo out of the race.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am sure Shawn.”

“I agree with Essy-Jane on this one. Why would they spend all their time setting me up unless they had something else up their sleeve?” Bo questioned.

“Well cuz, we should make sure he ain’t cookin’ up anything else before we go to assumin’,” Shawn announced.

“I guess you’re right too. Maybe it’s a double whammy. Or maybe there’s someone who is frying his bacon.”

“Who in town would be houndin’ him?” Bo thought for a minute.

“I got nothin’. I can’t think of a single person who would wanna make Boss Rosco scheme.”

“How about Havana Morrison? She’s got a racer in the works and she’s not from these parts. She got BB to look at her car yesterday and he said the thing was more souped up than Campbell’s chicken noodle,” Essy cut in.

“Can you keep an eye on her?”

“I could try between mail runs, Bo but that might not be enough.”

“Well it’s the best we got. We’ve gotta keep Shawn under wraps. He could be my best ticket if I am in trouble with something. The guy looks just like me.”

“I didn’t agree to that,” Shawn cut in.

“Oh come on Shawn, you’re up for a good shuck and jive, ain’t ya?”

“Bo, you know I don’t like this. I think something’s goanna happen.”

“You always were a worrier.”

“I was usually right though.”

“Boys, down behind the desk, Rosco’s coming,” Essy cut in. Now you know what? This could be bad for the boys. Rosco knows what he planted. Bo and Shawn hid behind the desk as Rosco walked in.

“Hey Essy, you got any mail for me?” Rosco asked.

“Take a number and get in line.”

“Essy, I am the only one here.”

“Well I am following regulations. If you think you are above the U.S. of A government well then I could always phone you in and…”

“Alright, I’ll take a number.” Rosco carefully pulled off a 10 off of the small number holder.

“Number ten.” Rosco handed her the number and she put it behind the desk. “Okay now who is this mail for?” Bo behind the desk rolled his eyes.

“Wooo-jit! Now Essy you know who the mail is for.”

“You could be getting it for someone else. Now come on, who is the mail for?”

“Rosco Peeeee Coltrane of course and let me tell you something…”

“Identification please.”

“Jit-jit you know Essy, you are getting on my last nerve.”

“Identification please.” Rosco pulled out his ID Essy-Jane looked at it.

“You have no mail today Rosco. Have a nice day.”

“All of that to find out I have no mail.”

“Have a nice day.” Rosco grumbled as he walked around the corner. “Okay, come on out.”

“Essy-Jane, why do you do that? You know him,” Bo asked.


“Uh huh. Anyway, we gotta get to the museum before Rosco does. He’s doing the final look over before he opens it.”

“Why Hazzard needed a museum is beyond me. I mean come on, why would Rosco do it?”

“Preservin’ history can be a tax write off.” Essy-Jane nodded. Now Bo was quite right. About an hour after this conversation happened, Boss Rosco P. Coltrane was showing off his new museum.

There were pictures there of some of the old bosses in Hazzard. Some interesting facts about how the first Coltrane’s, Duke’s and Hogg’s became some of Hazzard’s first occupants. It showed the flags of Georgia over the years. It showed all sorts of amazing things.

Now thing that Rosco was the most impressed with was the wax statues of the leaders of the County. Among his favorites was Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg. “Now you see, this wax repre…reprooo…umm, statue was something of a hard job for our local artist considering he had to get them chubby little cheeks just right. Khee,” Rosco began telling the historian.

“What is that there in his hand?” The historian asked. Uh huh, Bo knew just where to put that ol gold watch didn’t he?


“Isn’t that the gold watch you said was stolen…”

“Yeah but…”

“And claimed insurance money on…”

“Ghmmm…ah well you see…” Rosco smiled, full of enthusiasm he said, “Gee wilikers, you’ve found it! Khee, I should award you for preservin’ history.” The historian cleared his throat.

“The money…”

“You want it in cash or by check?” Yep, Bo was off the hook but Rosco knew he was still in big trouble. As soon as he ditched the historian, you can just imagine who he was yellin’ at.

“I am sorry Boss, what was I supposed to do about it? I lost a race with Essy-Jane,” Cletus began.

“Woooo-jit…why are you racing her anyway? You’re supposed to put Bo in jail or do something to make the race in Havana’s favor. You know how much she wants to win the race. That’s all she’s cared about since she got to Hazzard,” Rosco grumbled.

“Well you know what? I wasn’t racin’ with Essy-Jane. She fell into a speed trap and I thought I should give her a ticket.”

“You don’t give a Duke…” Rosco paused and smiled. “Did you say a ticket?” Uh huh, do you see those rusty gears in ol Rosco’s head a-turnin’? That ain’t a good sign.

“Yeah I did.”

“Well what if we make Bo pay on all his tickets?”

“He’s got a few…”

“How many is a few?”

“$500 worth.”

“Well you remember Boss Hogg’s ol policy? Cash or clink? I think it is time to revive such a policy Khee. Now tomorrow, you catch him okay? Or else.”

“Yes sir Boss.” Come on y’all, Rosco’s being pretty cold I know. However, he doesn’t want Havana to get a hold of Bo. Rosco may be ruthless but he doesn’t like to cause harm. Havana on the other hand is colder than an ex-wife’s heart.

She was racin’ with her boys, practicing the circuit that was supposed to be closed off to all drivers. If Havana didn’t get her way, she planned on doin’ something just mean…you don’t believe me, listen to this here conversation.

Now beside her is Darren, one of the best mechanics in the north…doesn’t out beat a Davenport though. I guess that’s my opinion though.

Now Darren is about as famous as Boss Hogg for fightin’ a dirty fight. However, he’s more vicious than Hogg. I would sooner hug a grizzly than ol Darren over there.

“Darren, I don’t trust Coltrane at all. I don’t think he can do the job and get Bo caught,” Havana commented.

“What do you suggest?” Darren asked.

“Motivation to get the job done. Flash is his hound dog and his best friend in the world right?”

“I’m listening.”

“Well how about we show him just how serious we are. His dog will suddenly go missing.”

“I’ll go get some dog treats.” Now folks, that is just plain dirty to steal someone’s dog like that.


Now Bo decided that he would do everything legal so he didn’t end up back in jail. He got a note from ol James Wilkson to drive on his land as much as he wanted. Now if anyone knows James you know he is a racing nutcase. He built his own roads right between his wheat so he could always have the best of both worlds.

As Bo was practicing his turns, you could see ol Cletus with his lights on behind him. He pulled over, thinkin’ Cletus had nothing on him. “Hey Cletus,” Bo said, smiling. Uh huh, if Bo knew where he was goin’ he wouldn’t have even stopped.

“Bo, can you step out of the car please?” Cletus asked.

“Cletus, I have a note in my bum pocket that will make you plum proud of me.” Bo slid his head and upper body out of the window. “I’ll take it out and show you in just a minute.”

“Bo…I know you have been workin’ hard for that baby and all but…”

“But what?” Bo takes out the note handing it to Cletus. Cletus reads it.

“You have parking tickets and speeding tickets they add up ya know. You haven’t paid them either,” Cletus said sorrowfully.

“You know as well as I do most of those are just made up by…”

“Bo, they add up to five hundred dollars and the commissioner of Hazzard County is saying pay or prison.”

“You think I carry that much in my back pocket?”

“Bo, turn around.”

“You have to be…”

“I said turn around.” Bo sighed. He turned around. “We’ll have to impound the General.”

“No! You know I have a race and…”

“We’ll also have to run you in.”

“For what! You know most of them are made up. You set up speed traps.”

“Sorry Bo.” Cletus sighed. Cletus put on the cuffs on Bo. “You have the right to remain silent…”

“Cletus, this is crazy.”

“Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

“Cletus come on…”

“You have the right to be speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense.”

“I bet he’ll be a crappy one too.” Now friends, Cletus felt a little low doin’ that to Bo. You can see it on his face.

Meanwhile, Enos was cleaning up in the Sheriff’s station. It was beginning to look a little betting. Flash came running out towards Enos. “Come here Flash Darlin’ heh. You are so cute darlin’. I think that your Daddy’s missing you in his big office there,” Enos began. Suddenly, Enos was hit from behind. He fell to the ground.

You know who that is? I mean even with the mask? If you said Santa Claus you haven’t been payin’ attention. Yep, Darren slid a barking Flash into a bag. As soon as the hound was tied in nice and tight, Darren placed Enos in a jail cell and locked him in with his own keys.

Can you believe this? Flash is in a bag, Cletus is in a police car bringing Bo in and the cell is busy. Now come on y’all, this sounds normal doesn’t it? As Darren got in his car and took off his mask, the deputy car pulled up.

As Bo looked at the scene, he was shocked to see a little bit of blood on the floor. He looked up to see Enos in the cell. Friends, I don’t like when anything happens to Sheriff Strait, do you?

“Cletus, Enos is in the…” Bo commented.

“I see ‘em,” Cletus replied. He took Enos’ keys off the desk and opened the cell. Bo rushed in with him. He went to his knees not being able to do much more being cuffed like that.

“Enos, can you hear us?”

“Come on Enos…” Cletus tapped his face lightly as Rosco exited his office. His eyes widened as he saw everyone loaded around Enos. Rosco ran towards his friend. Now as he did, Enos’ eyes opened. Breathe a sigh of relief folks. Enos is goanna be okay.

“Dang, what happened?” Enos asked.

“That’s what we want to know,” Rosco replied.

“I was talkin’ to Flash one minute and the next everything went dark.”

“Where is Flash?” The phone rang. Rosco walked over to it and answered it.

“I don’t know.”

“Enos, it’s okay,” Bo cut in. Enos tried to get up. He was a little dizzy and sat back down. “He needs to see the doc.”

“I’ll do it once I get you settled in,” Cletus replies. Now friends, ain’t that the kicker. Okay, I’ll tell you what happens to Enos in advance. His head is fine, he just needed some stitches is all. Nothing too crazy.

Back at the Duke farm, Shawn was doing some work in the fields when Nancy-Lou approached him. “Bo’s in jail,” Nancy-Lou commented. Shawn shook his head and jumped off the tractor.

“Let’s get him out then.”

“No! You have to stay here.”

“Nancy-Lou, he’s my cousin.”

“You remember, if he gets in too much trouble, you have to run the race and save the day. Bo wants you here.”

“How are you going to get him out? You told me that your money supply was a little low.”

“A little low is putting it lightly. However, I do have an emergency supply of two hundred dollars. If I pawn my wedding ring…”

“Wo, no way!” Uh huh, I am with ol Shawn. Bo gave Nancy-Lou that ring out of love. I don’t want her pawning anything especially not that.

“It’s my choice. I have to get him out of there.”

“Sell my car. I’ll sell it to you for two fifty and you can sell it for what it is worth.”

“Are you insane? That is a…”

“I know what it is and I know how much it is worth too. Now come on, go.” Friends that is a good family system there. I wonder what Shawn will drive home. Don’t you?

A few hours later, Nancy-Lou went over to the police station. She saw Bo playing checkers with Enos who had a big band aid on the back of his head. “I think for once I am goanna beat you buddy,” Enos commented.

“Hey honey,” Nancy-Lou cut in.

“Hold on a sec sweetheart,” Bo replied. He picked up a checker piece and took almost every piece of Enos’ off the board. “That’s what I call game.”

“How’d you do that?” Enos asked.

“Ah, Uncle Jesse taught as about checkers when we were old enough not to eat the pieces, remember?”


“Enos, I have the money for the tickets and General Lee to be de-impounded,” Nancy-Lou cut in.

“Okay, I’ll write up the paperwork and come and see you.” Enos got up to leave. Bo stared at his wife.

“How?” Bo questioned.

“Shawn,” Nancy-Lou replied.

“No…whatever he gave you, give it back.”

“I bought his car for two fifty.”

“That car is worth…”

“I know.”

“You have to…”

“He wouldn’t let me.”

“I have to…”

“He said don’t worry about it.”


“I love you too.” Nancy-Lou kissed Bo through the bars. Enos came back and smiled.

“Alright, just enough to take out General Lee and for Bo’s tickets to be paid,” Enos said with a smile.

“Thanks for treating my husband so well Enos.”

“Anytime, Nancy-Lou.” Well, another crisis averted for the Dukes.


Now you can imagine the look on Rosco’s face right now. He looked plum sad as Havana walked over to him. “The Dukes are still racing on Saturday?” Havana asked.

“Look…I’m trying everything in my power but Dukes are tricky,” Rosco said.

“Well tricky won’t get Flash back to you.” Rosco’s head lowered. Now friends, I want to slap that woman don’t you?

“You’re treatin’ her alright ain’t ya? I mean she’s getting her doggie num-nums and everything?”

“Yes, she is being treated well for now. That could all change Rosco.” Rosco swallowed hard.

“You wouldn’t hurt my sweet hound dog would ya?”

“I want my money Coltrane. I would do almost anything to get it. Not even a hound dog will get in my way if you know what I mean.” Friends, you can only imagine how plum rotten Rosco was feeling.

The Dukes were celebrating though. Bo was free from jail. Nancy-Lou’s cravings were way up there. Now I am saying this in the nicest way. She was eating ice cream with pickles and chocolate sauce in it.

Now ain’t that a picnic you would rather avoid? Oh well. Shawn Duke and Bo Duke both had their heads turned at the sight. I would too wouldn’t you? “So you think we thwarted Rosco?” Shawn questioned Bo.

“Nah, you haven’t even seen the last of this. I know something’s goanna go down. I just can feel it in my left toe. I don’t know what it is though,” Bo replied.

“I wish we could just read people’s thoughts.” Bo lied back and looked up at the clouds. He smiled as he thought he saw the shape of a baby in the clouds.

“I know what I wish. I wish I could stay out here all day.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Dang it is beautiful out here. No troubles…”

“No Rosco tryin’ to cheat us out of the joys of life.”

“And my wife…” Bo turned his head to look at her but saw her take a big bite of a chocolate covered pickle. He cringed and turned away again. “Eating her little heart out.” Shawn laughed.

“You’re right, it doesn’t get any better than this.” Nancy-Lou put her bowl down.

“I am so dang hungry. I want something but I don’t know what. We don’t have it even if I want it though,” Nancy-Lou added.

“Sweetheart, you want me to take you back?” Bo questioned.

“Nah…I’ll live. You’re enjoyin’ the outside. I don’t wanna ruin that.”

“I’ll take you back to the house if you want,” Shawn replied.

“You would do that?”

“Sure, come on…Bo can stay out here a little while longer and I can drive you in the truck here.”

“Thanks Shawn,” Bo commented.

“Anytime. You just come back when you’re ready.” AS Nancy-Lou cleaned up the picnic, Shawn picked up the basket, leaving the blanket on the ground.

Now ain’t that nice? Bo gets to relax. However, there’s a funny thing about Dukes, they always seem to be in the wrong place at the right time.

Friends, do you know where Bo’s sitting? Close to Havana’s hideout. Flash may not be too fast but she can smell a Duke from a mile away. She could see the two guys sleeping in the hideout and got up off her soft pillow.

Flash leisurely made her way towards where Bo was staring at the clouds. She jumped on him and licked his face. “Flash sweetheart, where’d you come from? I had better take you to see Rosco before he looses his head.

Now folks as Bo got towards Hazzard, Rosco was formulating another plan to get Bo Duke. “Now Cletus, we have to find General Lee and throw him down a big ol cliff. That’s the only way to stop Bo from racing,” Rosco commented.

“Boss, I couldn’t do that to Bo! That would be killing a member of their family!” Cletus exclaimed.

“It’s a car you dipstick. It has no feelings. What would happen to Flash if you don’t throw General Lee down a hill?” Now you could see ol Rosco’s eyes were redder than strawberries. Cletus would do anything to keep Rosco from being this sad.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” Cletus went out into his patrol Car and started the engine. He was in search of General Lee who was coming into town on the opposite road Cletus was on.

Now Bo parked General Lee and pulled ol Flash out. He walked into the Sheriff’s station. Ladies and Gentleman, watch how plum happy Rosco’s goanna be. Bo knocked on the door.

“Get lost Enos! I plum told you earlier that I didn’t want to talk about it!” Rosco growled. Flash barked. Rosco opened the door. “Flash! Dang hound dog, where have you been. Bo where’d you find her?”

“Oh she came out of nowhere while I was havin’ a picnic. I reckoned you would be missin’ her,” Bo replied. Now ain’t that amazing? However…not everyone is out of trouble. Cletus left his hand cuffs on his desk and was coming back for them. He saw General Lee sitting there in plain sight.

Now if Cletus would have talked to Rosco for five seconds, he would have known that Boss Rosco had a change of heart and his hound dog back. However, he failed to talk to ol Rosco and was about to do the unthinkable…sink General Lee down the ravine.

“This is for you Flash,” Cletus said as he got in the General Lee. Of course Bo had left the keys in the ignition. Oh folks, I can’t watch. Bo heard the General engine as he was walking out with Rosco.

“Who the heck would steal General Lee?” Bo asked.

“Wooo-jit, Bo, you had better go after General,” Rosco said.

“What do you know that I don’t?”

“Cletus is goanna throw her down the ravine.”


“If I didn’t…I wouldn’t get Flash Back. Dang…Bo git.”

“How am I goanna…” Rosco pulled out a badge.

“I officially deputize you until you get General Lee back.” He passed Bo the badge. Keys were in the Police Car. Bo got in and began cutting across country and every other shortcut he could think of.

Cletus is at the ravine! He’s at the top of the hill before it. Cletus takes the keys out of the ignition and takes off the emergency brake. General begins rolling down the hill. Friends, I don’t wanna watch.

Oh wait, there’s Bo flying through the air in front of General Lee. He’s trying to slow ol General Down. Dang, this is goanna be close. Bo gets close to the ravine but he stops General in time. Cletus runs over to Bo.

“Cletus, Boss already told me and he’s got Flash back. Now I want my keys back to General,” Bo explained.

“Dang…you mean I almost did that for nothing?” Cletus questioned.


“I am sorry Bo.” Ain’t you glad ol Cletus didn’t succeed? I sure am.


Havana was madder than the mad hatter. She had enough of Rosco and enough of her goons. She knew that if she wanted Bo out of the race, she would have to do it herself. As she drove down the street, thinking of how she would do it, there was her chance.

Bo was taking a shipment of toys to the orphanage. Bo learned to whittle from Jesse. He had made horses and cars. All sorts of little things that children would appreciate were sitting right there in the truck. Havana smiled.

“I can do this,” Havana said. She tightened her grip on the steering wheel of the van. Havana pulled up close to Bo, hitting him hard with the van. Bo tried to keep the truck steady but before he could react, Havana hit the truck again.

“Crazy woman driver,” Bo commented. He hit her with his truck. “Maybe that will knock enough sense into her.” Havana hit Bo again. Bo slowed down hoping to avoid her. She slowed down, hitting Bo’s truck twice in the front bumper…running him right off the road!

He tried to steady the truck but the ground was too dang lumpy. Bo’s truck slammed into a tree. I don’t see him movin’ do you? Oh I just don’t like it when a Duke is hurt. Now you can imagine Havana sped off pretty quick.

Bo was sitting in that vehicle for a while. I do mean he was there for a long spell. However, someone was lookin’ out for Bo. Who was to pull up but ol BB Davenport.

Now friends, it is hard to miss any of the Duke vehicles normally. I promise you all the Dukes are well known in Hazzard County. When it is wrapped around a big chestnut tree believe me…it is noticeable.

BB ran out of his car faster than anything I had ever seen. You can just imagine how his heart was beating. He went over to the truck and felt for Bo’s pulse. A sigh of relief came over him.

Within minutes BB had an ambulance called. Nancy-Lou was in town waiting for the mail and Shawn was out in the field. No Dukes knew anythin’ about it…yet. Ol Judd Duke was sleeping on the couch at his house as it was his day off.

Meanwhile, BB is screamin’ over the CB. He tries a different channel Essy hears BB and picks up her receiver. Thank goodness BB Davenport is so persistent. He naturally explained what happened.

As Nancy-Lou was trying to slide her stomach into General LEE, Essy-Jane came running out. She locked the door quickly and put up a sign, closing the post office. Nancy-Lou knew something was wrong. She didn’t go anywhere.

“Nancy-Lou, when you get in, move over—I’m drivin,” Essy-Jane commented.

“Why?” Nancy-Lou asked.

“Simply, you’ll plum get us in a car accident.”

“I will not.”

“You will too…I know it too. Now move over—we got to get going…BB’s goanna meet us there.” Nancy-Lou knew that something was wrong. She got in the passenger’s seat.

“What is going on?” Essy-Jane swallowed hard as she got in the Driver’s seat. She began driving.

“Bo’s been in an accident.”

“WHAT?! No—Essy-Jane! You have to lay the hammer down.”


“No! What happened?” Nancy-Lou began to cry.

“BB found ol Bo’s truck wrapped like a present around a big ol tree. He called an ambulance. Docs are with him…BB said he ain’t conscious.”

“Dang!” Now you know Essy-Jane took every short cut to the hospital. When they got there, Nancy-Lou was pacing back and forth. I knew she wouldn’t take it well, heck I was in the same state.

“Nancy-Lou…baby, you need to sit down. “

“How can you say sit down at a time like this?” Nancy-Lou held onto her stomach.

“Nancy?” BB questioned.

“It’s nothing…just a little pain,” Nancy-Lou commented.

“A little pain?”

“Yeah…babies are probably worried too.”

“Pain ain’t good for pregnancy.” A nurse was passing by. BB tapped her shoulder. “Ma’am my friend is pregnant…well obviously. Uh…she says she’s feeling pain.”

“Don, can I get a wheelchair over here?” The nurse asked. They brought a wheelchair for Nancy-Lou.

“This really ain’t necessary,” Nancy-Lou commented. She held her stomach again.

“Darlin’ if you are feelin’ pain, there could be something wrong. I know you’re plum worried about your husband but you need to check on yourself too.”

“Oh alright.”

“I’ll go with you Nancy-Lou,” BB said.

“Okay…Essy-Jane don’t you leave here. I wanna know what is going on with Bo.”

“Honey I ain’t goin’ anywhere,” Essy-Jane replied. She fell asleep waiting for news of Bo. Someone tapped her on the shoulder, she popped up. There was Luke Duke standing there as plain as day.

“How is he?” Luke questioned. Essy’s eyes widened.

“Luke…how did you get here?”

“Daisy sent me the money—she couldn’t come because she—she had a tube pregnancy…”

“Oh my giddy aunt!”

“Yeah, they have to do surgery to get it out.” Essy shook her head.

“Poor Daisy.”

“How is Bo? Where’s Nancy-Lou?”

“Bo’s still in surgery—Nancy-Lou is down in the Maternity ward. She was having pain and they sent her down there. How did you even find out about…?”

“When BB couldn’t get a hold of Nancy-Lou, he called me.”

“Luke, I’m scared…I don’t know what’s goanna happen. BB said he hit his head hard.” The doctor came out.

“Looking for the family of Bo Duke,” Doctor said.

“That’s us.”

“I am Dr. Deep.”

“Hi, I’m Essy-Jane Duke this here’s my brother-in-law Luke. What is going on with my cousin?”

“Bo Duke hit his head pretty hard. When he hit it, Bo fractured his skull. He also had some bleeding in the brain. It was putting pressure on the brain. We went in and fixed the bleeding but…”

“But what?” Luke questioned.

“Bo is still unconscious and we frankly don’t know if this blow caused brain damage.” Now ain’t that a kick in the pants?

“When will you know?”

“When Bo wakes up. He is breathing on his own but the longer he stays in the coma…”

“No,” Essy-Jane softly said. Luke put an arm around her.

“Can we see him?” Luke asked.

“Yes. Talk with him—he can probably hear you.” Now downstairs Nancy-Lou was lying in bed. Doc Applebee walked in. Now he has privileges in the hospital and was Nancy-Lou’s baby doc.

“Okay what’s the verdict?” Nancy-Lou asked.

“Many times with twins, babies try to come out prematurely. The longer they’re in the uterus, the better. Nancy-Lou we gave you some medicine to stop your labor,” Doctor Applebee said.

“Thanks, so I can go back upstairs now?” Doc shook his head no. Nancy-Lou sighed. “My husband is upstairs fighting for his life and you won’t let me see him?”

“Nancy-Lou, for the safety of your babies, I have to recommend bed rest.”

“For how long?”

“At least a month.” Nancy-Lou shook her head.

“I have way too much to do to rest for a month!”

“Nancy-Lou, your babies are developing just fine but if they come out prematurely that can affect the health of them later on.”

“Do I have to stay at the hospital the whole time?”

“Nope, just until I know there is someone to take care of you. Now I will check on Bo okay?” Nancy-Lou sighed.

“Okay.” She took a deep breath and let it out slow. BB held her hand. “BB—I don’t think I can just lie here.” Nancy’s eyes filled with tears. Her lip quivered like leaves moving in the wind. “ I can’t just sit and wait for news. Bo is…”

“Bo is strong kid, you know it. Your Daddy knew it too. Bo Duke has a good head on his shoulders,” BB tried to reassure her.

“Bruce-Bob Davenport, you are wonderful.”

“I try.” Nancy-Lou shook her head. “What?”

“Shawn…he was working in the field…it was Judd’s day off. He must be sleepin’.”

“I’ll call Judd and Shawn.”


Now when Shawn heard, he put on his Blonde Bo wig incase someone saw him. He jumped in his car and began a goin’ when Havana saw him.

“No! I thought I got rid of this guy!” Havana exclaimed. She was so plum mad that she up and jumped in front of Shawn’s car. Shawn slammed on the breaks.

“Okay lady! I am really busy right now so if you would just get out of my way…” Shawn said in his best Bo impression.

“You are coming with me Bo Duke.” Shawn shook his head. You know them Dukes get in more trouble than a hound dog with fleas. I haven’t met one yet though that would go willingly with a baddie, have you?

“I don’t think so.” Shawn went to get back in his vehicle. Havana took out something to convince him. As she pulled the safety off, ol Shawn stopped dead in his tracks. He turned around slowly, staring at her.

“What kind of a gun is that?”

“A Japanese pistol…I am a crack shot so I suggest that you don’t run away.”

“You got yourself a deal lady.” Shawn put his hands up. Uh huh, he was in trouble now.

“You get in the front seat, you’re driving. I am going in the back. You try anything funny, I will kill you.”

“Figured as much.” Judd was coming down the road and saw the blonde haired guy go from one car into another, with a gun pointing to his head.

Judd knew it wasn’t Bo but he knew that Shawn did pretty good impressions. Judd began trailing the car. You think Havana was a dummy? Oh she saw him alright. She began shooting at him.

Shawn didn’t want his cousin hit. He swerved the car a bit. “I know what you’re doing so stop or I’ll…” Havana began.

“I’ll loose him okay? Just don’t hit him. You’ve got the one you want,” Shawn said, still impersonating Bo.

“You better or…”

“Yeah, yeah, you sound like an old record.” Duke racing Duke huh? Shawn was determined not to have his cousin killed. “Is this car souped up?”


“I assume this button is…”


“You got any in there?”

“Yes.” Shawn saw the ravine up ahead.

“Hang on then.” Now friends that is a big jump across there. Shawn is goanna need a lot of power. As he sees a small dip in the road, he pushes the button, the car takes off with great speed, landing on the other side.

Judd stopped of course. He shook his head. “Dang it,” Judd commented.

Meanwhile in the other car, Havana was thrilled. “Okay, pull yourself a U-turn and make your way over to the ol Jenson’s place,” Havana commanded.

“Yes ma’am,” Shawn said. He sighed.

Naturally Judd made his way to the hospital, knowing he was out of his league. As he got up to the surgical floor, Luke was sitting there slumped over. Judd cleared his throat.

“Hey…what are you doing here?” Judd questioned.

“Long story,” Luke answered.

“Well we’ll get into it later. We have a problem.”


“Shawn’s been kidnapped. He was dressed up like Bo but I know…”

“Dang, I didn’t even know he was here…no one told me.” Luke shook his head. He held the bridge of his nose with his index finger and his thumb. Luke looked up after a moment. “That means whoever hit Bo meant to do it.”

“Yeah we have our speculations of who it was. However, Shawn deliberately lost me. That lady had a gun and I don’t think he wanted…”

“How could you loose her? You’re my brother for one and a Duke. Furthermore…”

“The engine was souped up real good. Nitro and all the hardware to make her run very fast.” Luke sighed.

“I don’t wanna leave the hospital. Bo ain’t awake and…”

“I know.”

“However, he’s in trouble…someone’s gotta…”

“I know.” Essy-Jane walked out into the hall.

“What do you know hun?” Essy-Jane asked.

“Shawn’s been kidnapped, baby.” Essy-Jane growled. She slammed her fist into the wall. You could tell that one smarted and who she wished she was hittin’. Yep, them Dukes love the word revenge.

“This day just keeps getting better.”

“Yeah, tell me about it,” Luke muttered.

“Look, Luke, you should be here.”

“Essy…I can’t.”

“Why not Luke?”

“Essy-Jane, I’ll go.”

“Why you?

“Simple, you promised Nancy and…”

“Sorry Luke, you’re going to loose this argument.”

“Well y’all are arguing, he’s getting tied up, tortured and who knows what else. Make up y’all’s mind all ready y’hear?” Judd broke in. Uh huh, someone had to be the voice of reason. Bo was still in a coma.

“I’m going,” Luke announced.

“I don’t think you are,” Essy replied.

“I can catch this lady. I have the skills to…”

“Yeah well, if anyone can get through to Bo it’s you.” Essy-Jane sighed. Her eyes were pleading to her brother in-law.


“Luke, Judd and I can handle the bozos. We’ll get Enos on the horn. Maybe he can lend us a hand. You stay with Bo.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Now friends this is looking grim. Nancy-Lou is on bed rest, BB is holding her hand. Bo Duke is in a coma, Luke is goanna stay with him. Shawn is out at the baddie’s hideout with the bad dudes pointing guns on him.

I don’t know which situation I would want to be in, do you? I bet all of them wished they’d stayed home. I just hope this has a happy ending for the Dukes.


That there Shawn is all tied up with the blonde curly wig attached to his noggin. As I said before he is in some serious trouble. I don’t mean the kind of trouble you get in when you walk into Nancy-Lou’s kitchen with grubby boots on. I mean the trouble you get in when you’re in so deep quicksand looks good.

Now you can just imagine how the Dukes are feeling about this. Shawn doesn’t like it at all. However, he can’t loose his character or his cool. All he can do is wait for help.

“So Duke, how are you goanna drive now?” Havana asked.

“I’ll drive you crazy and then I’ll drive in the race. Anyway, this is only a minor set back,” Shawn said in his best Bo impression. Havana laughed.

“You’re not getting out of here.”

“Oh believe me, my cousins will find me and then you will be in big dog doo-doo.” Yes, Shawn is holding on. Hopefully Enos, Essy-Jane and Judd can do something about all this.

Okay, now I know what you’re thinkin’ what’s going on with Bo? Well, there he is in his room, just laying there. An IV in one hand; Luke’s hand in the other. Luke was trying to convince ol Bo to open up his eyes.

“You know, when we was kids, you always were more stubborn than I was. You always had to do everything the hard way. All you had to do was listen to someone. However, Bo Duke jumps before he thinks,” Luke commented.

Luke sighed as he stared at the bandage around his cousin’s head. He wanted his cousin to sit up and fight with him. Luke just wanted something to come out of his cousin’s mouth.

“I remember millions of times when you wouldn’t control your tongue. We’d land up in more trouble than anyone else. I don’t know how it happened—we were in the middle of a fist fight. So where is that stubbornness now huh Bo? Why ain’t you awake? Come on Bo, fight with me. Why don’t you sit up and punch me in the face you girl?” Luke asked.

Luke stared at his cousin for a minute, looking for movement. There was nothing. Not even a little amount of movement. Luke shook his head.

“Come on Bo, that’s all it takes. Move your hand—do something. The longer you’re in this thing the worse I feel. You don’t wanna hurt me do you? You don’t want me to feel this way right?” Luke continued.

He looked at Bo as his eyes filled with tears. Luke loved his cousin more than anything. He had done so much for him. Bo had been there through his darkest hours. Luke couldn’t picture Bo being gone. There was so much he had left to do.

“You can’t leave Bo, you can’t keep in this coma. Uncle Jesse passed the torch to you. I don’t know why. I don’t know why he chose you but he was right to,” Luke began.

His eyes filled with tears. Luke’s top lip began to quiver. He squeezed Bo’s hand. Luke kissed his cousin’s hand. Friends, this is hard to watch. I don’t like Luke being so sad. I don’t like Luke being hurt.

“You are amazing cousin. You helped Daisy to go for the surgery even though she was scared. You helped Maria not to worry about things so much. Bo, don’t you realize we still need you?” Luke questioned.

Luke suddenly felt a squeeze to his hand. He looked at Bo who had his eyes tightly closed. Luke moved closer. He looked at his cousin.

“Bo, you awake?” Luke questioned.

“No,” Bo mumbled. Luke began to laugh.


“Luke, I know.” Bo looked around. He tried to sit up but felt dizzy. Bo was forced to lay down once more. “Where’s Nancy-Lou?”

“She’s uh…”

“She wasn’t where I was when I got hurt was she?”

“You don’t remember?”

“I don’t even know what happened. I know is I heard this voice telling me to hit you.”

“Are you goanna?”

“No, I don’t feel much like hitting you considering you came all this way to see me.”


“You still didn’t answer me. Where is Nancy-Lou?”

“She’s fine.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

“She’s in the maternity ward.” Bo’s eyes widened as he tried to sit up. He felt dizzy and went right back down again.

“Let’s go then…she’s having the babies I wanna be there.”

“Bo she didn’t have the babies…there was just a close call. Doc wants her to stay on bed rest.”

“Where’s Essy-Jane and Judd?”

“Going after Shawn.”

“Where’s Shawn?”

“He’s been kidnapped by the people we think hit you.” Bo ripped off his sheets. He went to sit up again and this time did it successfully. He held his head.

“Okay, let’s go get him.” Luke grabbed Bo’s shoulders, thrusting him back into bed. He pulled up the sheets to his neck.

“The only thing you’re doing is resting. You have had surgery and not to mention a major head injury they’ll wanna observe you.”

“You can observe me while we look.”


“I ain’t goanna fight, just go with you.”


“Luke, he was probably dressed up as me. Which means I would have been in his shoes. Look, you have gotta let me go.”

“No. I don’t, you stay here and get rest. I’m staying with you.”

“No, you go and save Shawn, if I can’t go you should. Though I still want to…”


“At least push me down to see my wife.”

“I’ll ask the doc and if he says yes then I’ll do it.” Well the doc said it was okay but Bo wasn’t only thinking of Nancy-Lou at this point. Nope Shawn was still on his mind.

Remember what Luke said about being stubborn? Yep, Bo was the same way. You can’t tell a Duke No…I am sorry, it just doesn’t work that way. BB saw Luke’s back coming through the door.

Nancy-Lou was sleeping. “Hey kid, look who came to visit you,” BB began.

“Luke!” Nancy-Lou exclaimed. She looked closer to see something…or someone being pulled in with him. “Bo?”

“Hey good looking,” Bo commented. Nancy-Lou looked up at Luke.

“Should he be up out of bed?”

“Well, he talked the doc into it,” Luke replied.

“Bo of all the…”

“Hey I had to be here. How long do you think I can be away from you before I have to be around you?” Bo questioned.

“That was a mouthful, sweetheart.”

“I would love to stay and listen to the chatty dolls but I best be getting out there. I have Tillie with me and well we need to get going to look for Shawn,” Luke cut in.

“You better be careful with her…Uncle Jesse would…”

“I know, roll in his grave if I killed her off. I’ll be good—Nancy-Lou…make sure Bo doesn’t do anything stupid.”

“I’ll do my best.” Yep, trying to keep that boy under control is like trying to keep a lioness away from the antelope. Good luck Nancy-Lou.

Well anyway, after Luke left, Nancy-Lou and Bo chewed the fat for a few minutes. He then told BB he was tired and BB went to take him back up to the surgical unit.

Now the minute he got there, Bo told BB he couldn’t stand the surgical get up. He began to get dressed in his own clothes. Do y’all think that he’s serious or lying again? I think he is formulating a plan, don’t you?

Bo got in his clothes and got into bed. As BB fell asleep, Bo took of the sheets. He pulled out his IV. Now y’al can tell Bo is a little dizzy right? Yep. He didn’t care though. A member of the family was ready to be moved.

Bo snuck over to the elevator, passing the nurses. He was still holding his head. Bo smiled as he pushed the down button. He was tapping his boots on the ground softly. All of a sudden, someone grabbed his shoulder. Bo jumped.

“Okay, didn’t you say tired?” BB asked.

“Yep, to get Nancy-Lou off my back. Let’s go,” Bo announced. Uh…I wonder if that hit to the head did something to his senses.


“To save Shawn. You know, I ain’t about to let him get all kidnapped by himself.”

“Luke wants you to go to bed.”

“What does Luke know?”

“The doctor told me this was a major surgery.”


“He says you should go to bed.”

“Look, BB, if I don’t find a way out right now, I’ll do it behind your back. Would you rather I drive or you?” Folks, I think y’all know the answer to that one. BB sighed.

“Let’s go.” Now if Nancy-Lou would have been up there, Bo would have been in bed. Significant others typically have what the other lacks.


Now y’all back to ol Shawn who has decided he has been in this mess long enough. Dukes don’t like sitting tight. Shawn figured out that the Jenson’s barn wasn’t built like it should be. That beam that held the whole place up was good. However, what he was tied to looked like it could break at any minute.

Leave it to a Duke to discover something wrong with the beam. Shawn smiled—now folks, I would know that smile from anywhere. That smile doesn’t mean that he was goanna kiss Havana.

Shawn pushed with his hip on the beam and sure enough, with only a little force it came free. Now this seems too easy, doesn’t it? Well that’s because it is. Y’all should know a Duke doesn’t get away easily by now. Nope their luck runs in reverse until they invent their own.

No sooner had Shawn become free, no sooner had he began running…you wouldn’t believe what happened. Heck I’m tellin’ the story and I don’t even believe it. Shawn made it to the car—the souped up one. Heck, he even started the car.

Havana popped out from the seat, grabbing him by the hair. Okay, the wig. Now friends, when that wig came off…you know what Havana did right? She gasped.

“You ain’t Bo!” She screamed.

“No,” Shawn replied in his normal voice.

“You ain’t Bo at all.”

“No, I could have told you that.” Havana pulled out her gun. “Pull the keys out of the ignition now!” Shawn did as he was told. Out of the blue, you could hear the Dixie horn ringing proudly in the night air. Now friends, I must admit. I love that horn, don’t you?”

“Who is…” BB was behind the wheel with Bo in the front seat. You know, I missed seeing Bo in the air like this. I know he wants to drive but Bo would live with this for now.

“Hit the side of the barn,” Bo commanded. BB knew what Bo was planning. You could see the planks shooting outwards as General Lee ploughed through the one side of the barn. The whole barn flung on it’s side completely distracting Havana.

Shawn pulled the gun out of her hand. “You reach for the sky ma’am,” Shawn calmly stated. Well, this was going well. The goons took out their guns, shooting at General’s tire.

“Oh I am goanna rip their…” Bo began.

“You are goanna stick to the car y’hear?” BB cut in.

“I am goanna stick to the car.” BB pulled his large body out. He hit the one guy in the head. Meanwhile, Shawn moved ol Havana over to General Lee.

“Bo, do me a favor,” Shawn began.

“Consider her watched,” Bo replied. Shawn helped BB take down the bad guys one by one. Now I suppose this is normal…in Hazzard.

Wait, you wanna know all the details. Well, Nancy-Lou tore a strip out of Bo when he got back to the hospital. Luke ran the race with Shawn as his helper…Luke won, giving Bo the prize money.

Nancy-Lou and Bo got out of the hospital at the same time. Bo wouldn’t stick to the wheelchair. He carried his wife to the car…even though the nurses didn’t like it much. Now that’s a Hazzard ending.

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