Legends Never Die, pt. 1

by: Essy Jane

Bo’s eyes were full of tears as Nancy Davenport approached him. He loved her
inner beauty and the way she touched people. But the news had been a shock
to everyone. Mostly to Bo though. Maybe it was because of all the time he
stuck around when he came back from singing music. Jesse and Bo were always
together and seldom apart when Bo moved back. “Hey, I loved him too. Uncle
Jesse’s a good man,” Nancy stated as she put an arm around Bo. Bo wiped away
the tears. He didn’t want anyone to know that he was crying.

“It was so fast…I didn’t know how to react I mean…” Bo began.

“He was the only father you ever knew.”

“I just feel so helpless, he was invincible. The best man I’ve ever met had
to go now? I mean I need him. Next week is our marriage; this is when I
needed his advice the most.”

“I know. We have to go to the hearing today of his will. Bo, you have to be
there.” Bo thought about it for a minute. “He would want you to be there. I
mean Luke and Maria are going to be there.”

“Yeah, I’ll go.” Bo straightened his tie. They both climbed into the
General. Luke gave Bo the general thinking that it would be better at the
farm where it belonged. Bo liked that idea just fine.

The thought of Bo getting married was a shock to everyone. Bo was always
thought to be and forever remain the world’s oldest bachelor. It was in his
name. Bo figured that when he got older, Bo would move in with someone like
Cooter and live out the rest of his days.

But when Nancy and Bo got locked in that warehouse, Cooter found them
sleeping side by side and knew he couldn’t separate them. They were engaged
the following summer. Cooter would finally be part of the Duke family. He
didn’t really agree with their marriage at first considering how young
Nancy-Lou was. Somehow Bo convinced Cooter that sometimes age just doesn’t
matter. It really didn’t matter in this case. Bo resorted to begging on his
knees for Nancy-Lou’s hand in marriage. Cooter finally gave up and let the
two marry. Thank goodness it didn’t take that much works to get Uncle Jesse
to say yes.

Well as they arrived to the courthouse, Nancy-Lou held onto Bo’s hand
tightly. “We are here today to read the last will and testament of Jesse
Vernon Duke. Is everyone here?” The lawyer asked. Everyone nodded. Daisy was
almost crying totally on Enos’ shoulder. She was so upset about this. It
finally started-
“I Jesse Vernon Duke, being of sound mind and body here by leave my last
will and testament. Remember family and friends that I am writing this to
the best of my ability. Now I made decisions in my life that weren’t always
the best. I don’t want the same to happen to my family. So boys, be good and
don’t get into too much trouble even if it is in your blood.

To my nephew Luke I give Aunt Livonia’s treasures, all except her Jewellery.
I also leave our family diaries. I hope he takes care of them because those
are priceless. You will never fully know the meaning of them until you too
have the chance to just sit down and read them.

To Daisy, I leave all her aunt’s jewels. This includes her dresses that she
used to dress up in. Daisy, keep these and remember the joy of being a kid.
You were amazing as a child and I know I will never stop being proud of you.
Keep going through life with a big smile on your face.

To Enos Straight I leave my checker board. To Cooter Davenport I give him my
pick-up truck. These were items that were used well in my life time and will
now give you a reminder that I am still around in spirit watching over all
of you.

To Bo I leave to the Duke farm and everything else in it. I want him to
learn to be responsible with it and farm the land like so many Generations
have done before. You are the only one that needs this help. I know that you
will grow with time my boy. This concludes my last will and testament.”

Luke was sure he’d get the farm land. He was always ready to take on this
responsibility. Luke dreamed of getting the farm to reach its full
potential. But he knew Uncle Jesse had a purpose for giving Bo the land.
Uncle Jesse had a purpose for everything. Even in death Uncle Jesse knew
what to do for his family. It would always mean a lot to Luke thinking about
how much of an impact that man had made.

“Congratulations Bo, you got what I deserved,” Luke stated. He wanted the
farm but knew that Bo was right for the job. He was right along side Jesse
when he died. Uncle Jesse must’ve figured that the farm would help him grow

“I was sure you’d get it. I mean I am reckless and don’t deserve it,” Bo

“Oh well, he picked you for a reason.”

“I guess so. Look at Daisy, she’s glowing.” Luke smiled. He was so proud of
Enos and Daisy getting married. Daisy got married to Jaime Hogg after he
begged for days afterwards. Enos married the foxy Roxanne Huntley, the only
other woman he loved besides Daisy. They were going to get married but broke
it off when they found that they made better friends than a couple.

As for Luke, his wife is Spanish. He met her while he was on vacation.
Mexico is a wonderful place but Luke never thought he’d find such a woman as
Maria. She like most was quite beautiful. She stole his heart away the
minute she sung. Maria loved Luke very much. They decided that they were
going to go on the road together and build a singing career, just the two of
them. But when Luke heard of his Uncle dying, he rushed back home from
Nashville. But now he would stay to see the wedding of his cousin.

“Hey Bo, how are you doing?” Maria asked as she gave her husband a hug. Bo
knew that those two were the perfect match. Luke was soft hearted and easy
going. Maria was over active and loved to talk.

“Not too good. I can’t believe I’m getting married next week,” Bo answered.

“You’ll be fine.”

“I don’t know if I should. I mean Uncle Jesse just passed on and all. Maybe
I should wait a while.”

“Your Uncle would love to see you get married. I know this is a rough time
but don’t let it wait. This will be the happiest time of your lives.”

Bo thought about kissing his bride after being engaged for one year. They
are getting married on March 12th 1989. That’s three days from now. This
would be a special day for both of them.

Nancy-Lou had everything picked right down to the shoes. She had her
colours, everything. They would be wed in the backyard of the Duke farm. Bo
always wanted to be wed there. He had it all planned. They both wrote their
own vows for each other. They have their wedding licence and all. Now if Bo
could only do the marriage thing.

It wasn’t that Bo didn’t want to get married. He was just hoping that Uncle
Jesse could give him a talk like Luke received on his wedding day and also
like Daisy got on hers. But he would never be able to experience that ever
again. Uncle Jesse was a part of everyone’s life. It wasn’t easy to let go
of such a wonderful person let alone a great friend.

“Bo you’ll love the married life honest. I love my wife with all the care in
the world. We tell each other everything,” Luke told Bo. Maria blushed. She
was keeping something from Luke but wasn’t sure in how to tell her. Maria
was great with child. She didn’t know how to spring it on Luke. With all
that had been going on she didn’t know what to say.
They’d talked about having a child but not now. They even named the child.
Jose Beauregard Duke if it was a boy and-Daisy Duke if it was a girl. But
they hadn’t gotten that far in their singing career to support a child.

“There’s is something I haven’t told you. I guess because it’s been so
hectic I haven’t had the chance,” Maria started.

“Like what?”

“Luke I’m pregnant.” Luke’s eyes widened in deep surprise; he couldn’t
believe his wife was having a baby.”

“When…when’s it coming?”

“In the middle of September Luke, I didn’t know how well you’d take it. We
don’t have the money to support a baby. And with your Uncle’s death…I don’t
know. “

“I’m thrilled. I can get another job to support you. We will be happy
forever more.”

Luke and Maria gave each other a kiss. They were so delighted and excited
for each other. A child brought into their home. This would be a new legacy
of Dukes. It would be the best times in their life but it would also be the
worst in some ways. No matter what happened, Luke knew that Maria would be
by his side.

“What an excitement, I thought that when Uncle Jesse was gone the world
would end. But it’s just beginning. I’m ready to get married. I’m willing to
love her always,” Bo said. He was sad for his Uncle but Bo knew that Uncle
Jesse wouldn’t want him to be sad.

“See? Moments like this make you stronger. I know that Lily-Rose is doing
well. Why she just hit three years old last month. Jamie is so happy with
her. I mean this is a person who wasn’t willin’ to have one child. Now he
wants three,” Daisy stated.

“That’s wonderful Daisy, I’m sure your children are going to be just as
pretty as you. And just think, they might have a little Straight that will
have a crush on them,” Enos commented. Daisy smiled. She knew that Enos was
sweet on her all along.

“Your wife matches you better Enos, honest. I love her with all my heart.
Roxy adores you.”

“I adore her too. But you’ll always be my first love.” Daisy blushed. She
gave Enos a hug.

Two days later they wed, having the marriage ceremony of a lifetime.
Everyone was there. Even the raving Rosco was there who had just won the
money of a lifetime. He was now richer than Boss Hogg and was willing to buy
him out. That was fine with old Boss, he decided that he was sick of Hazzard
County and wanted to take Lulu on a cruise and move to California.

Nancy-Lou was getting ready for something she would never forget. As she did
up the back of her dress, Cooter walked in. “You’re going to love married
life,” Cooter whispered.

“Did you?” Nancy-Lou asked.


“How do you know I will?”

“Because you couldn’t have picked a better person to get married to; you
have to remember that. This young man will be yours through think and thin.

“So you think Bo is right for me now? Before you wouldn’t even talk with him
Dad, you and Bo were best friends.

“Yeah I know. But you know what the difference is between now and then, I
understand. Before Nancy-Lou, I thought that Bo wasn’t going to commit to
you at all. Now I see differently. I see the woman you have become and the
man that Bo is going to be to you. I know that this is right.”

“I am so glad you are here.”

“I am too Nancy-Lou, I wouldn’t miss your wedding for all the dirty car
engines in the world.” The two embraced for a long period of time. Daisy
walked into the room and smiled. She handed Lilly-Rose to Cooter and fixed
up Nancy-Lou’s veil.

Nancy-Lou’s satin dress went right down to the floor. The stomach area was
thin and from the waist down it puffed out. Her sleeves went to her elbows,
something that Nancy-Lou picked herself. The veil was filled with flowers.

The wedding was ready to commence. The preacher cleared his throat. Bo was
sweating but most of all he was anxious. Bo didn’t know what was going to
happen. The preacher nodded and the bride walked down the aisle set before
her. She looked at her husband and kept walking towards him. Nancy-Lou
glared at her dad. Cooter was so sophisticated in that tux. It made him look
distinguished in many ways. “You’re going to have lots of children?” Cooter

“Maybe,” Nancy-Lou laughed. Cooter releases her and sits down beside Lulu
who was crying more than anyone in this whole place. Cooter took out a clean
hanky and passed it to Lulu. She blew her nose and held onto it tight.

“Beauregard and Nancy-Lou, together with their families and friends,
appreciate your attendance to share their joy and to witness their covenant
together. Having grown to love one another, Beauregard and Nancy-Lou have
chosen to commit their lives to each other in marriage, and so today they
will be united as husband and wife. As a loving Father, God wants to pour
out upon us his richest blessings. He wants us to be supremely happy. To
that end he has given you, Beauregard and Nancy-Lou, this wonderful gift of
marriage. Now the couple have chosen to make vows to each other,” The
preacher declares.

“I Bo Duke take Nancy-Lou for all time and eternity. She will be my partner,
my light. Nancy, I will treasure your love always. Never let you fall. I
will be there for you in sickness and health. For richer or poor, I will
never leave your side. You are my true love,” Bo stated. Nancy-Lou’s eyes
filled with tears. She was happy, from her head right down to her toes.

“Beauregard, I love you with all heart and soul. The very life that’s in you
draws me closer to you than I ever thought possible. I will never let go of
this promise I make now to you. For you Bo are my world, my very existence.
I promise to keep with you for ever more and never leave your side. Every
step we will make in life we be united as one. I love you Bo,” Nancy-Lou

“By the authority of Jesus Christ, I now pronounce you husband and wife! You
may now exchange rings. Wedding rings are an outward symbol of your love and
devotion to each other. Though the inner love can never be expressed more by
the beauty of these golden bonds,” The preacher said. Luke handed Bo
Nancy-Lou’s ring. He placed it on her finger. Daisy then handed Nancy-Lou
Bo’s ring. She too placed the ring on his finger. “You may now kiss the
bride.” Bo lifted the veil. Nancy was crying.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Bo asked.

“I’ve been waiting for the day when I’d find my husband. And I never thought
in a million years he’d be my father’s best friend. I look at the times
we’ve had together and I know that this was meant to be. I love you Bo Duke
with all my heart. I might regret doing this now. But I’m happy I found my
soul mate,” Nancy replied. Bo grinned. He kissed Nancy-Lou.

“Arise everyone as we see the new couple in the room. Let us celebrate in
this the chapel of God. For Mother Nature is his garden of love,” were the
Preacher’s last remarks.

Bo and Nancy-Lou would have a wonder life filled with adventure. It wasn’t
an ending of life for the two. This was a beginning of new friendship and
unsought happiness. Now they had the farm and would be willing to have

Luke was proud of his cousin in more than one way. He would be ready to
support him in anyway. He was ready to see him in married life. To Luke this
was amazing. His cousin didn’t seem like the type to settle down. But as
Luke watched them dance and talk together, he knew that Bo and Nancy-Lou
would be happy. More then just having the world, they would have each other.

Now it was time to say goodbye. Luke would go to find work and Bo would stay
in Hazzard for the honeymoon of a lifetime in their own back yard. But no
matter how people leave Hazzard their legacies live on as so with the Duke
boys that have once lived here and the many Dukes to come.

“So, what do you want to name our first son?” Nancy-Lou asked.

”Well we can name him after your dad if you want,” Bo replied.

“No, I think that he would be expecting that. But I think that it should be
after you. Or maybe someone in your blood line would be best. How about we
name him after your father?”

“David? No, it doesn’t seem right.” Nancy thought for a minute. She couldn’t
think of a better name than this one. It rang through her head like a
million bells. Nancy looked at her new husband.

“How about we call him Jesse? It’s the most appropriate name.”

“You know that’s the best idea that you’ve ever had. I love it. We will name
him a name that will stick always.”

“I’m glad you like it sweet heart.”

“I am glad too.”


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