Legends Never Die, pt. 10

by: Essy Jane

It wasn’t long before old Perry Coltrane was chasing the Duke boys. He had
been on their tail though since Jesse was allowed to drive again. Jesse made
the big jump as usual but so did Perry. “You know if he wasn’t Boss’ son I
would swear he could drive,” Jose laughed. As another dip in the road came
along and the General, Perry crashed.

“You know I think you’re wrong,” Jesse replied.

“I never knew how wonderful you were at driving until you couldn’t do it

“Well I am back and better than ever. However we have to get to the Garage
to work on that present I want to give to my dad.”

“You mean we, don’t you? I kept that car up when you couldn’t.”
Jose was finished school and worked on the farm almost the whole time. That
is when he wasn’t going to the tri-county Collage. Jesse was there too
trying to make the most of himself. Being 17 and 18 years old was going to
be a big challenge for the boys. As the boys pulled into Lilly-Rose’s Garage
she had a smile on her face.

“You finally came back for more huh?” Lilly laughed.

“Well I want to do this for Dad,” Jesse commented.

“Jesse, Bo is an awesome person. I wish I had him as a father sometimes.”
Jesse looked at Lilly-Rose and wondered what she was talking about. Her dad
was remarkable. Jose shrugged and got to work on the mustang, he didn’t want
to get in the middle of a conversation.

“Why, what is wrong with Jamie?” Lilly frowned. She didn’t know what to tell
her cousin. “You have known me a long time Lil, you can tell me.”

“He’s been very edgy lately. Since he opened up that new lawyer business
Dad’s been well…edgy. Mom tries to calm him down but sometimes it’s like…”

“I know how your Jamie is under stress. You know what he needs? He needs a
guys’ night out with just us. He’ll feel better and look better by the time
Jose and I are through with him. I just wonder who Boss Rosco got for his
men’s night celebrity speed trap.”

“You never know. I mean there were lots of stars supposed to be coming
through here.” Jose looked up at Jesse tapping his foot. He wanted some help
with the paint job of the newest member of the Duke family. General 2 as he
would be known. The paint was fresh and the confederate flag was brand new.
Today was Bo’s Birthday; he would be 47 this year. It took them long enough
to build this beautiful car for Bo but now it was finished. There was only
one thing left to do, test drive him.

Jose jumped in the regular General Lee and started up the engine. He looked
at his cousin as he jumped into the General 2. It was the exact same General
Lee only it was a mustang and it had a 02 painted on the door. Other than
those two minor elements speed and all was about the same.

“Where are we going?” Jesse asked. Jose smiled. He wanted to try to jump the
Generals over the ravine. That would be the greatest test of them all. If
the Mustang didn’t make it he wouldn’t be all too happy. Although when
you’re created by a Duke you should work out.

Over at the Duke farm…

Bo was working hard in the fields trying to get done. Every single time Bo
thought he was done Nancy-Lou would find something else for him to do. “This
is my birthday; don’t I get some sort of a break? I mean even a drive would
be good,” Bo commented.

“No, you will stay home and fix the roof. We have a small leak in it and I
am not willing for it to drip on my head. Besides that it’s your birthday,
you can’t drive, you have a birthday tomorrow,” Nancy commented. Jo Anna
laughed. To try to keep a Duke from driving is like keeping a duck away from
the water. Not something anyone wants to see I will tell you that now.

“Nanc, I really want to go driving!”

“Bo I said no, you fix that hole in the roof. You’ll drive later today.”
“I can’t believe you’re saying that to me! That ain’t right Nancy-Lou. I am
a Duke for heaven sakes.”

“What does that have to do with fixing the roof? Beauregard Duke, I want
you to get up on that ladder and do what you do best.”

“Mrs Duke I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. Thank goodness I love you
otherwise I wouldn’t be so sweet to you.” Bo grabbed his wife and kissed her
passionately. They released their lips and looked at each other for a

“That was great sweetie. Now can you fix the roof for me?” Nancy-Lou was too
persistent on this today but Bo didn’t mind it too much, she was his wife.
Bo took off his shirt and lied it down on the wood pile next to him. Bo
climbed up the rickety ladder and looked at the small hole in the roof. It
was patchable. It would take him about an hour or so to fix his own roof.

“Why couldn’t the boys do this?”

“They’re out running errands for me. Besides, you do a way better job.” Bo
knew that his wife was up to something. He wasn’t quite sure what was going
on for sure but his Nancy-Lou was crafty.

“Nancy-Lou you’re doing something and I don’t know what it is but I will
find out.”

“Not yet sweetie you’re smart but not that smart.”

“I am smarter than you think. The boys are doing something for my birthday
and you know I will see them if I go driving.”

“I am taking the fifth amendment.”

“What about not keeping secrets from your spouse?”

“That happens when you aren’t trying to prepare the best birthday that you
could ever see. I am not about to ruin it now. You know I wouldn’t try the
surprise party thing. I know you’re just too smart for that. So here’s your
birthday invitation by your shirt.” Nancy-Lou walked into the house and
smiled. She knew that her husband was a wonder man and was glad he was born.
For if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t have such a wonderful life together;
not to mention the couple wouldn’t have their kids.

Bo climbed down the ladder after about an hour of finding holes and patching
them. The roof was really getting old in age. He walked into the house
leaving his shirt off and forgot all about the invitation.

He sat down and pondered about what he could do to the house to keep it
alive but not have it ruined. It had gone through many generations of Dukes
and hadn’t known defeat until now. The old house was falling apart before
his eyes. Bo wasn’t about to let that happen. He wanted Jesse’s kids and
maybe his Grandkids come here and see him in this house.

Hours later at the boars nest…

Jesse wasn’t allowed to drink yet Boss let him in. Jose ordered a big beer
that night and chugged it like he had been drinking for years. Jamie looked
almost depressed. He didn’t look like he was in the talking mood. He must’ve
been in an awful mood. “So tell me how you got Daisy to marry you. I mean
Enos and her were pretty darn close. How did you manage to get Enos away
from her?” Jose asked.

“Well that was quite the challenge. She didn’t want to marry me because she
proposed to Enos. Now by conversation I found out Enos had a love for two
women. Now one was my Daisy and the other was Roxanne Huntley,” Jamie began.

“Wait a minute, my daddy told me that Roxy hated Enos more than spinach,”
Jesse butted in.

“Only at first, you see, I made them meet up again. I made them sit down and
talk. Enos called off the wedding and said Daisy deserved better.”

“Enos is an amazing man isn’t he?”

“More that amazing Enos is one of the most incredible people out there. I
hate that he quit the sheriff business. But I hear that DJ wants to bring
some honesty back in.”

“That he does, DJ has wanted to be a law man since he was only a knee high.
I hope he makes it.”

“Can you believe that there is a Karaoke contest? But there’s a catch, we
have to sing older country.”

“You mean from the 1990’s?”

“Yes Jamie.”

“Bring it on!” Jamie went up there and sang his heart out. One of the ones
that he sang to Daisy, “Check yes or no”; of course people followed him but
couldn’t beat him. The prize was $100. Well they stayed out all night. They
even went to the local motel to sleep in. Not without telling Daisy first of
Jose brushed his teeth with a freshly bought tooth brush. He looked at Jesse
who was jumping up and down on the bed. “What are you doing boy?” Jose

“It ain’t comfy enough so I am making it softer,” Jesse replied. Jamie
rolled his eyes and looked at Jose who was shaking his head. “The J
brothers, that’s what we are. I mean look at that all of our names start
with J.”

“How much of that buttermilk did you drink Jesse?”

“What? I ain’t crazy I just have a good attitude” Jamie laughed. They were
just too much for them. With that wonderful grin and that happy face both
Jose and Jesse were more than enough fun for Jamie.

“You boys need to catch some sleep you hear. I don’t want anyone to go
through the pains of tiredness when we have to get up tomorrow.” Jaime
looked at Jesse who was wide eyed.

“I don’t think that anyone should have to sleep tonight. It could be an all
night party if we wanted it to be. Jaime, when did you receive your first
kiss?” Jesse asked. Again Jose rolled his eyes.

“You dork! You sound like a girl at a sleepover,” Jose grumbled.

“Well I will tell you mine. Kimberly Fisher kissed me for the first time
when I was ten. Our braces got stuck together. We couldn’t get them apart
for anything. The janitor had to take appliers to them. Boy was I
embarrassed.” Jose looked at him in bewilderment and suddenly shrugged it
off. Jesse was Jesse and there was no other way to possibly explain it. He
wasn’t afraid of talking to anyone about anything. It was something that
made him special.
Jaime felt warm inside. There was something about being apart of that side
of the family that was amazing. He wanted this life to go on forever. Jaime
thought about his wonderful four children and his beautiful wife Daisy. Was
there any doubt that he had a wonderful life? Something in Jaime didn’t
realize how wonderful his world was until he came with two crazy kids to the
Boar’s Nest. Sometimes things just work that way.

“I am waiting for your story Jose,” Jesse commented.

“I will if it makes you shut up. My first kiss was when I was six. I had a
giant crush on my grade one teacher. I began to cry one day because I
skinned my knee. It didn’t hurt one bit but you think for one second I would
let a teacher that beautiful get away? Dream on. Anyway, she kissed my knee
and my cheek that day. I felt very lucky,” Jose answered.

Jesse started laughing. There was something about his cousin doing that
which didn’t surprise him one bit. Jose loved women very much. At first he
was sure that no matter what happened he could get any girl he wanted
including his cousins. Now Jose was working slower on his love life with
girls. In fact the young man was one of the most loved people in the
“No one wants to hear mine,” Jaime mumbled.

“If we didn’t do you think we would be talking about this kind of stuff if
we didn’t want to hear yours. I mean you are the man that needs to talk
about this stuff the most. You’re the old fart here as my grandpa would so
gently put it,” Jesse answered.

“Well if you can picture a smile on a young woman’s face that is brighter
than the sun. I perfect luncheon on the beach with her. She looked at me
once and I knew that I wanted to kiss her. I guess it wasn’t the right
person though…I didn’t feel any magic from it. She doesn’t even compare to
Daisy. When I kissed her the first time I almost died trying to let go. You
have to promise me that you will wait for the kind of person that will be
your wife. When you get one like Daisy don’t let her go.”

“You’re right she is amazing isn’t she?”

“I guess when you find that girl that you want to marry you just don’t know
it at first. She is so wonderful and so…totally amazing that you just
think…you’re not good enough for them.”

“You are good enough for Daisy…believe me. I would never doubt that for a

“Sometimes I do. I can’t help but think if she had married Enos. How lonely
would I really be?” Just then Jesse knew that he came to the real root of
Jaime’s problem. He wasn’t mad at anyone. He was just having some troubles.
Jaime was good enough for Daisy. In fact Jaime was more than good enough. He
was successful and smart. He was funny and wonderful all at the same time
and nothing could take from that. He wondered though if things would have
been different what would have life been like? Would he be on the road of
crime again? Jaime didn’t even want to think what happened back then. It was
too hard and too tragic for anyone.

As they fell asleep, the sound of rushing cars were upon them. It didn’t
disturb them one bit. In fact it relaxed them right to sleep. It was the
best feeling of their lives to be with their cousin. Nothing could take the
place of family no matter what happened.

Jamie walked into the house that morning with a smile on his face. He looked
at his daughter and one son talking at the table just laughing away.
Lily-Rose and Leo were the best of friends as brother and sister should be.
They shared everything with each other.

Jamie looked at his wife sitting there crocheting a sweater for the newest
couple’s babies. Jamie pushed back Daisy’s soft brown and sliver streaked
hair. He kissed her soft neck. “Wow you look like you have been hit by the
happy bus. I can’t believe it you are smiling from ear to ear. Now I must
say it is a wonderful change. What puts you in such a cheerful mood my
dear?” Daisy asked.

“Your cousins made me go out. We talked all night and sang and just had fun.
Guy stuff is the best stuff I have ever done. Those guys make me laugh. I
have never seen Jesse that hyper in my life. He had no sugar either…just
butter milk like Enos used to have. I didn’t think anyone liked butter milk
like Enos did. You know what, Jesse and Jose are good guys,” Jamie replied.

“I couldn’t disagree with you even if I wanted to. You know what they have
good people taking care of them. Nancy-Lou and Bo; I mean those two are
amazing together. I never thought that Bo would be that responsible in my
life. Now that I look at him I wonder if Uncle Jesse was the same way. Uncle
Jesse…god rest his soul, is one of the most amazing men I ever got the
chance to encounter with.”

“You know what? I am lucky to be brought into such a family. I just wonder
sometimes if you would be happier with Enos…or if he would be happier with
you. I guess I got you involved with me because well…I love you more than

“I know you mean that darling.” The both kissed.

Lily-Rose couldn’t help but get off of her chair and go to see those two
wonderful young men. How could it be that two guys such as them could do
such wonderful things? Lily was happy again as was her father.

Meanwhile at the Duke farm…

Bo was laughing at Jose. He had a big ice pack on his head. “My head feels
like it is going to explode,” He mumbled. Bo could remember the many
hangovers he had. That’s why Bo stopped drinking. Bo decided that if he
couldn’t remember what happened the night before then he might have been
doing stupid things like Coy and Vance did.

Coy and Vance were packing up in another room getting ready for a new life.
They were going to move out of Hazzard County just so they could make
something of themselves. Of course they would be missed but it was about
time. Coy walked out and put the suitcases on the floor. “Woe, Jose looks
like we did,” Coy commented.

“Don’t even get me started. I am never drinking again,” Jose exclaimed. He
held onto his head and tried to sit up. However it was very unsuccessful.

“You know that’s a lie.”

“No it isn’t. I had enough of that stuff.”

“No you haven’t.”

“Don’t you go and argue with a man that has a hangover that could scare all
of San Francisco.”

“He’s pretty dizzy.” That’s about the time Lily arrived. She got out of her
truck and opened the door, slamming it against the wall.

“Whoever just did that is going to pay the piper!” Lily-Rose laughed and
smiled at the two boys. She gave them both a hug one by one. Now I think
that’s pretty dang special.

“He’s himself again and I won’t ever forget that for as long as I live. You
boys are special and I love you,” Lily-Rose said.

“Well we owed you one,” Jesse replied.

“No way, you boys have always been there for me especially you Jesse.”

“Just trying to do my job. Anyway we got to head back to your garage

“Oh right, I almost forgot.”

“You would forget your head if it wasn’t screwed to your head. Come on Jose,
time to go.”

“Time to go, you think I can go with a headache like this? I mean you’re
spinning,” Jose complained.

“Well that’s your own fault,” Jesse laughed.

“Some friends you are.” With that they were all gone and now the real fun
was going to begin. Something always had to be done just to make sure that
Bo didn’t find out about this too fast. Bo always seems to catch onto
surprise parties and no, we didn’t want him to this time.

That afternoon Bo was working on more stuff again. His wife had kept him
busy the last three days. When the man got sick of working, Nancy-Lou would
give him a peck on the cheek and it would perk him right up. Bo was humming
an older tune he used to sing to Jesse and Jo Anna when they were little. He
sang it since it first came out. Jo Anna walked into the house with a dress
that went clear past her knee. Her hair was all done up nicely and she was
wearing make-up. Bo stood up at first sight of her not being impressed at
what she was wearing. There was no way he would let his daughter out of the
house in clothes like those. “What do you think you’re wearing?” Bo

“Clothes Daddy just clothes. I am going to go on a date,” Jo replied. She
hated wearing dresses more than life but she was going to get her father to
be surprised at a birthday party yet.

“Not in that you ain’t, it’s by your butt!”

“Yeah, Joshua likes it like that. Now if you don’t mind I am going to go out
there and wait in the barn so your comments can remain in the house.” Jo was
a good little actress. She knew how to fool her father. Jo began to walk out
the door shaking her butt while she was at it. Bo swiftly popped up out of
the chair. He raced after his daughter.

“You never wear dresses that short. In fact, you never wear dresses at all.”

“I thought I would try it.” Jo Anna kept on course walking to the barn. She
didn’t want to come in contact with him while thinking her dress was that
short. Bo would rip her head off. She opened the barn door and Bo walked in
turning on the small switch to light up the barn.

“Surprise happy birthday Bo Duke happy birthday!” Everyone screamed. Bo
jumped, not expecting it at all. Nancy-Lou got him good this year. Bo
couldn’t believe it. Jo got some pants on and took the belt off her skirt.

“Okay, y’all got me this year I am sorry I doubted you all,” Bo laughed. The
music started and Bo smiled at his sweet wife.

“I told you Bo, you’re hard to surprise,” Nancy-Lou commented.

“May I have this dance?”

“Gladly my sweetheart.” Nancy-Lou linked arms with Bo. He took her out to
the middle of the barn and began to dance. Bo cradled Nancy-Lou closer in
his arms.

“Where are Jesse and Jose at?”

“Well they’re getting a birthday present that they’ve been working hard on.”
Bo smiled at his wife.

“You’re the only present I need today. Nancy kissed Bo on the nose. She
loved her husband more than life. Suddenly a horn was heard. It was the
usual General horn but it was weird, there was an echo after it. It was the
same horn at a different time. The song ended and Bo let go of his wife. Bo
walked out of the barn and saw the freshly painted mustang. He was in tears
as he read the writing on the car.

“Happy Birthday Bo, from Jesse and me,” Jose commented. He looked at the car
and couldn’t believe what the boys had done for him.

“How did you get the money for this?” Bo asked.

“Well I can answer that! We did odd jobs around Hazzard and bought the frame
for it. It wasn’t that hard to make Dad,” Jesse replied. Bo was speechless.
He couldn’t believe that he had a General again. The love for this car was
great as well. For this car was made out of love and no one could take it
away from him…not even fate itself could remove Bo from his General.
After all the guests went home, Bo decided to race his son and his cousin
Jose. It would be a long good one. Bo would win of course because well he
was smarter than the boys when it came to racing. Certain tactics you never
forget after you have been on a race track.

Bo loved his second cousin. He was a wonderful child. Jose was a great
person now, always helping others. Bo’s work was done however there would
always be another adventure for the Duke boys.

But this ain’t the end y’all, just wait for the sequel.

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