Legends Never Die, pt. 2

by: Essy Jane

16 years and 9 months later…
The revving engine was heard by all as the General landed on the ground. The
tires were screeching like mad. The sirens’ wailing throughout surroundings
of the roads in Hazzard County but it’s nothing different from any other day
in Hazzard. But one thing is for sure, the driver is different. His name is
Jesse V Duke junior, one of the smartest drivers out there. He was named
after his late Uncle. But to Jesse he seemed to be alive with all the
stories his father Bo told him.

“Give up Jesse; I’ve got you this time!” Cletus screamed over the CB. Cletus
hung over his steering wheel as he stuck a long stick of gum into his mouth.
He could almost feel the cold handcuffs as he slapped them on Jesse’s
wrists. But that was only a dream for him. Other speed traps worked but not
with Jesse Duke. He was too much like his father. But the Dukes were well
trained from generation to generation. They had to be prepared for anything.
Especially in Hazzard County where everyday is a mystery no matter how
planned you had it.

“The day you have me is the day Pinocchio’s nose turns to Jelly,” Jesse
replied. All Dukes know two things driving and how to outsmart the law in
Hazzard County. There was a dip in the road. Jesse took every chance he
could to jump the old General.

“This is the Shepard calling his lost lamb, come in,” Bo said over the CB.

“This is the lost lamb calling. I am here and ready to talk my friend. What
would you like Shepard? Come back.”

“Quit playing around with Cletus and get your fanny back here. You have
chores to do.”

“Will do; just have to loose his lights. This will be a piece of pie. Make
its peach pie.”

“Make it quick son, the cows need to be fed.”

“That’s a 10-4 and an over and out Daddy.” Bo smiled and shook his head.

“That kid is too much like you. We need to train him to be like his mama,”
Nancy-Lou stated.

“Well your daughter outside is just as wild. She’s out there wrestling with
the best of them.”

“Well it’s your fault teaching them to rough house with each other.”

“They’s twins. What one is taught the other picks up, it’s not my fault.”
Nancy gives her husband a hug. “Maybe it is my fault. But there good kids,
they don’t try to kill everyone.” Bo recognized the engine of the General as
it pulled in. He walked outside. Jesse pulled himself out of the window of
the car.

“I know, feed the cows and join me in the field. You want to plant the corn
crop before the sun boils the seeds,” Jesse mumbles.

“That’s my boy. Where’s Jo Anna?”

“Oh, she was raising me when Cletus showed up. I don’t know where she went
with that jeep of hers. Cousin Daisy should’ve never bought that thing for
her. She’s dangerous.” Bo began to laugh. “She is absolutely loony, you
should see her drive! I’m even afraid of her.”

“You should be. Don’t ever bother your sister.”

“I should be scared of her.”

“Why is that son?”

“Well if I wasn’t then I would be abnormal.”

“Jesse you don’t say those things to your sister! Why in the world would you
say them about her?”

“Sorry Dad.”

Meanwhile in New York…

Maria was pacing back and forth waiting for her son to come in again. He was
never around and was always getting in trouble. This would be the 30th time
he would be brought home by the cops. Maria was heart broken every time that
phone call came that her son was doing something else wrong. She was sick of
listening to his attitude. As the knock on the door came, Maria opened the
door. “Lieutenant Luke Duke is still working ma’am. He paid the bail over at
the station. I suggest you keep an eye on this one, he’s quite crafty,” The
sergeant stated. The man had Jose by the shirt and looked down on him. Jose
glared evilly wanting to seek his revenge on the police department.

“Thank you very much. I know how he is,” Maria replied. “Jose…sit on the
couch!” Jose did what his mother said and sat on the couch. She gave her son
a cold stare. “You care to explain to me what happened?”
“I robbed a pawn shop. Wouldn’t have been caught if it wasn’t for that slow
poke Tubby donut junkie,” Jose mumbled.

“You shouldn’t have been there in the first place. You’re a disgrace to the
name you carry. Jose Beauregard Duke, look at me when I talk to you. You
can’t keep doing this! I worry at night.”

“That’s your problem.”

“No! You’re not going to worry me anymore. Hanging out with your amigos all
day long robbing people; this isn’t right. You’re causing your father and I
so much pain.”

“Stop caring!”

“I can’t, I love you Jose. You are my son.” Luke walked into the house and
threw his hat down. He was angry that another one of his men had to stop his
own son. But now Luke had a plan. Though his son would hate it, this was the
only way.

“Jose, I called my cousin in Hazzard County. He’s agreed to take you into
his home and take care of you like I could never do to you,” Luke told his

“That’s a hick town! You’re not expecting me to move there! What am I
supposed to do shoot squirrels?” Jose retorted.

“Yes if that’s what you really want to do. But you will remain down there
under probation. No guns! You can only have the use of a pocket knife. You
have done too many things wrong. It’s either this or Juvenile Hall.” Jose
couldn’t believe his father was saying this. He jumped up from the couch
facing his father eye to eye.

“I’d rather go to juvy!”

“Well that’s a shame because guess what? I’ve chosen your path for you. This
will be your life son!”

“I hate you!”

“Good.” Jose ran up to his room. He wasn’t willing to even look at his
father’s face. It was a curse that was brought upon him. Nothing that Jose
could do would change his father’s mind. Luke was a stubborn person and it
was lucky that he was. He needed to get tough if not for his sake then for
his son’s.

Luke looked at his wife. “I hope you did the right thing,” Maria commented.

“Sweetheart, I know that it is hard to let him go. But there’s family down
there. I’m thinking that if his cousin Jesse’s around him enough he’ll
straighten up. Bo and I got really close on that farm,” Luke answered.

“Antonio is always scared of him. I don’t know what to do about it. Tony has
bruises all over him sometimes.”

“I know.”

“He’s such an angry child. I don’t understand why he can’t just mellow out.”

“Sometimes it’s hard for children. Bo was a wild child but he’s so mild now
that he can actually run a farm. Before Uncle Jesse had to tan his hide to
feed the chickens, but now he is a pretty wealthy farmer. He raises live
stalk and everything. I’m proud of him.”

“Well I hope Jose can get the same help.”

“You and me both Maria you and me both; if this doesn’t work I don’t know
what to do.” A couple days passed and Jose said goodbye to all his friends.
He didn’t want to go to Hazzard no matter how wonderful Luke said it was.

He was ready to run away the minute his Dad left. Jose wasn’t about to stick
around in some town where they shovelled manure all day long. It was
something he just refused to do. Jose loved the city where everything was
done for him. There was no way he would work with dirty men in a dirty job.

Back in Hazzard…

Lily-Rose Hogg just created a new Garage for Hazzard. She had to borrow the
money but the young girl was on her way. It was bigger than the last garage.
She even had a separate section for the Hazzard police cars. Lilly-Rose was
a very good mechanic considering her experience. But then again, Lilly had a
mother that taught her to fix a car at six. She even taught Lilly how to
take an engine apart blind folded. Daisy Hogg would always be a tom-boy.

“After Cooter left five years ago, I didn’t know whether there would be
another awesome mechanic but now I know it’s my daughter,” Daisy notes.

“Well mom, I just hope people will come to a Hogg. I mean on our half of the
family we were known for dirty deals,” Lily-Rose replied.

“Well you are also part Duke, so they will come to you. Everyone remembers
your great Uncle Jesse.” There was the sound of an engine.

“There’s Jesse for his tune-up.”

“How did you know?”

“I’d recognize the General engine from a mile away. I promised him some new
parts. Jesse’s also going to do some body work on him too. He keeps that car
in good condition.”

“Bo would kill him if he didn’t. But I hear he’s making a new car?”

“Yeah, out of a mustang for his Dad’s birthday. Jesse’s been making it for
months. He started it from scratch, keeps in my backyard. He’s painting it
the same colour and welding the doors shut. He’s calling it the General Lee
as well. Only he’s putting the number 01 on the door.”

“Bo will love that.”

“Oh I know.”

“Country Cousin, this is the Shepard calling come in,” Bo called over the

Daisy picked up the CB. “This is the country cousin calling what’s up
sugar,” Daisy said

“Lost sheep number one is coming in today with his cowering lamb. I can’t
wait to see lost sheep one.”

“Luke’s coming with Jose? That’s wonderful news. I haven’t seen that kid
since he was six. I know that he’ll love it here.”

“He has been doing some pretty bad things according to Luke.”

“Yeah well what are you going to do about it Bo? I mean don’t all kids get
into some trouble? I mean Lilly-Rose got better as she grew up more too.”

“Yeah I guess so Daisy. But in any case, he’s going to be staying at the
farm. Are you at the Garage? Come back.”

“Yes I am.”

“Make sure that Jesse picks up his cousins. They’re expected at 5:00 Pm at
the bus station.” Just then Jesse pulled in. He had a big smile on his face
as he jumped out of the car.

“No problem, its 2:30 now. He’ll make it.”

“Country cousin, you know how the lost lamb gets side tracked. That boy has
the attention span of a jumping jelly bean.”

“I’ll stay and help out with the new part for the General so it will go
faster. Country cousin out.” Jesse ignored what his father said because he
knew Daisy would remember it for them. They began with changing the tires
and repainting the confederate flag on the top. Jesse made sure the horn
worked. Checking the lights was important. After they finished Daisy
naturally had to remind young Jesse to get a move on.

It was four o’clock so Jesse thought he had lots of time. But don’t ever
count on that in Hazzard. Jesse forgot about speed trap number four. There
was Cletus waiting for him.

“Two times in one day? Cletus you’re beginning to be predictable,” Jesse
said to himself.

“Alright Jesse pull it over. You were going 50 in a 15 mile zone,” Cletus

“Well I read 50 on the sign so believe me it’s not valid.” Jesse had to make
a detour from the bus station. “Cletus, can’t you let me go this time? I
have to pick up my cousins and my Daddy ain’t going to be happy when I tell
him you delayed me.”

“Like I’m going to fall for that one. You always have some excuse for your

“Cletus, this is crazy! I wasn’t speeding and you know it.” Jesse went full
speed on the General going through every place he knew. “This is lost lamb
calling Shepard, Shepard are you there come on.”

“This is Shepard here what’s up?” Bo replied.

“Well we need to listen to some blues.” Blues signalled the Dukes to change
the station from six to eight.

“What’s up son?”

“Cletus is on my tail and I can’t shake him. He must be having a day of good

“Have you tried Hazzard pond? Worked for me with Enos and Cletus when they
used to chase me; come to think of it I got Rosco with it too.” Jesse smiled
in excitement.

“Never thought of that.” Jesse headed for the pond making the big jump.
Cletus decided to follow. But instead of his usual failure, it looked like
he was going to make it. That is until that tree got in the way. Cletus
looked down at the pond. Jesse laughed and drove off.

At the bus station…

Luke looked at his watch wondering where is ride was. Luke thought about Bo
and how late he was for everything. But Bo always had someone on his tail.
Other times he would come home with giant bruises on his battered body. But
that’s how Bo was sometimes. But was Jesse the same? Oh what a question to

Jose rolled his eyes. He tapped his foot on the dirt road and looked at his
watch. There was no way he could run away if he was stuck at the bus stop.
“Just like those hicks. They’re too busy picking up road kill to look at the
time,” He said.

“You don’t know how unusual this place is. He’ll be here,” Luke replied.
Luke looked up and there was the General flying over his head. “See?”

“Flying cars? That’s the weirdest thing I have ever seen! Oh and of the most
dangerous too; whoever does that is a fool.”

“Hey, I used to fly in cars.” Jose looked at his dad strangely. Jesse
landed and did a swift turn. He popped his head out the window and waved.

“Sorry I’m late but I had a little speed trap trouble. You used to live here
Luke, you should know,” Jesse announced. “Come on in!” Jose tried to open
the door. He kept pulling on it.

“Hey, this door’s stuck!” Jose huffed.

“It was made that way. If you want to blame anyone it would have to be your
dad. You must use the main entrance, the winda.”

“It’s called a window.”

“That’s what I said.”

“That’s just hick talk I guess.”

“Hick talk is a lot better than talking like you’ve got a cactus shoved up
your butt now get in I am kind of in a hurry.” Jose sneered at Jesse. He
didn’t like him. But then again Jose’s mind was closed off at the moment.
Any place was better than this one. Jose put one leg in at a time and slid
in. He moved to the back as his father entered.

“Does he still handle good?” Luke asked.

“I’d show you but Dad wants us back home,” Jesse responded. Luke smiled. Now
again Jesse heard sirens. “Cletus twice and now Enos? Oh what a day, you
guys have to see what our General does now.” Luke smiled.

Jesse turned around to face Enos. “What are you doing?” Jose screamed.

“Facing my enemy,” Jesse replied. You could see Enos’ eyes widen through the
windshield of his car. Jesse honked on the Dixie horn and it let out its
music. The police car went further and further down the hill until his car
rolled over. Jesse looked to make sure he was all right. Enos got out of his
car and waved his fist a might but that was all the action they gained.

“Where’d you learn that one? Your dad and I never ever thought of doing that
to Enos or Cletus!” Luke exclaimed.

“Well, that’s called Jesse style. Can’t I be inventive?” Jesse answered

“You just proved you were. I can totally see your dad’s driving style in you
kid. I mean he was the master.” Jesse smiled. He loved getting the praise
of someone he admired so very much. Bo would sit up and tell his children
stories about old times. Though Jesse barely saw Luke, he knew him well.

The engine roared again. Jesse clenched tightly on the wheel of the General.
He picked up speed and brought the car into the air. Jose closed his eyes
tightly. Luke stared at the view the old General gave. It brought back some
amazing memories. Jesse Duke drove off towards the Duke farm. A place that
would change Jose’s life forever; maybe not right away but it would happen
for him.

At the Duke farm…

Bo was chopping wood when his wife came out. Bo put down the axe and put his
arms around his wife. They kissed and released. But Bo went for another for
good measure. “How’s Jo Anna doing with the barbeque?” Bo asked softly.

“She’s making a lot of steak. I don’t know who’s going to eat it all,”
Nancy-Lou responds.

“I bet she’s aiming to. I know that she has the stomach for it. I took her
to the doctor’s today for a check-up and he says that Jo Anna has one of the
highest metabolisms he’s ever seen.” Just then Bo heard the General
overhead as it flew into their mists. The yee-haa wasn’t missed by anyone.
Luke jumped out of the car.

“Jesse, that was awesome,” Luke laughed. Jose seemed to be holding on for
dear life. “We’re on the ground now son.” Bo ran to his cousin giving him a
massive hug. They looked like young men again instead of the fathers they
were. Luke slapped his cousin hard on the back.

“Luke you big hero you. Went against all Duke Principals and became a police
officer. A good one at that. You’re just as short as I remember you,” Bo

“Oh well, it’s alright. You still have that massive mop of hair. You won’t
ever cut it will you?”

“I promised I would keep it just so people could find me. I guess they can

“You’re amazing cousin. I see you took Uncle Jesse’s fashion statement. Look
at those overalls. Other than that you haven’t changed much. You have the
same hair with a few greys.”

“Those ain’t mine; they’re visiting for the summer. But yours on the other
hand look like permanent members of your fan club.” Both laughed.

“It’s just so good to see you again Bo. I shouldn’t have stayed away for so
long.” Jose came out of the General, still shocked from the rough ride. Jose
looked at the farm. To him it was a hostile environment. To the rest of the
Dukes it was home. “Well Jose? Do you have anything to say to your cousin?”

“I wish I was dead,” Jose mumbled. Luke smacked him on the back of the head.
“Nice to meet you Cousin Bo, I haven’t seen you in years.” Bo put out his
hand. Jose spit his gum in it.

“Jose! That ain’t polite!”

“So? It wasn’t polite you sending me here and you did it anyway!”

“I didn’t have much of a choice Jose. You weren’t exactly handing me out
different choices for you. Look how you were acting out there. Son I
couldn’t protect you from yourself. It was this or jail.”

“This is jail! I don’t know why you brought me here!” Luke was embarrassed
by his son’s attitude. He didn’t know what else to do with Jose. He was the
worst of the bunch. It was upsetting for Luke to even talk to his son.

“Don’t worry Luke, its life. My son’s not perfect either though we wish all
our kids are,” Bo reassured Luke as he messed up Jesse’s mop of golden red
hair. Jesse had a distasteful look on his face. “Jesse go take Luke to meet
your sister,” Bo commanded.

“Come on Jose, just keep your distance. My sister is not just any person. Jo
Anna is an interesting person. Jo Anna is the only one I know that can
survive with rabies in her body,” Jesse joked.

“Jesse!” Bo sternly remarked.

“Sorry Dad!”

“You sure you can deal with him?” Luke asked.

“Yeah, I can deal with him. I work at the community center don’t I?”

“But Jose has troubles. Serious ones, ones that you’d be locked up for in a
heartbeat.” Luke thought about his old days and how they could never be
compared to this. It was remarkable that they could get that far. Luke
thought about what could happen to his son if this didn’t work out for him.

“We had troubles too. If you keep in mind, I wasn’t the best kid either.
Luke trust me on this one, Nancy-Lou and I are geared up to take your son
into our home and care for him like our own. Jose comes with the dreadful
acts and the wonderful helping capabilities. It might take a while but I
know this is where he needs to be.” They two men heard the deep sound of a
young man screaming. It was Jose.

Luke and Bo ran to the back yard. Jose was in a half nelson from Miss killer
wrestler. Jo Anna must’ve been mad because she wasn’t letting him out. “I’ll
show you squirrel hunting!” Jo Anna huffed.

“Jo! Let him go!” Bo exclaimed.

“He insulted the Duke name! Eating possum and road kill?”
“Come on Jo you know this isn’t right.”

“You tell that to the judge when I am done breaking his neck!”

“You don’t have to kill everyone that abuses us.” Luke laughed. “Now what’s
so funny about this Luke?”

“You’re daughter is just like you,” Luke replied. Bo smiled and pushed his
hair back. It was true; Jo Anna was a self image of Bo. A lot of people just
called her Jo; it was a good nickname for her. Jo Anna let Jose go.

“You’re not worth it cheese ball. Or should I say apple nose,” Jo teased.
Jose didn’t like Jo Anna. She wasn’t his type of girl. “But next time you
want a date, think twice before askin’ your own kin. I may be a southern
girl but I’m not an idiot.”

“You’ll cave in,” Jose retorted. Jo went towards him again. It took both Bo
and Luke to hold her back.

“If you think I am marring the likes of you think again!”

Well the family sat down to a nice dinner of sirloin steak. When Jo Anna
cooked a steak you wanted thirds. Luke was catching Bo up on all the
adventures of being a law man in New York. He told Bo about the many men
he’d caught. The promotions he’d received. Bo listened like Uncle Jesse
would when he’d tell stories. How the times have changed. It seemed like
yesterday when Bo’s mouth wouldn’t stop moving.

Jose fell asleep in a new bed for the first time ever. Jesse couldn’t sleep
that night. Jose seemed to be having bad dreams. He mumbled in his sleep.
Suddenly, Jose began screaming. Jesse jumped from his bed and went straight
over to Jose. “What’s wrong?” Jesse asked.

“You wouldn’t understand,” Jose snapped.

“What’s there to understand?”

“My friend was killed in front of my eyes!”

“I know that feeling.” Jose looked into Jesse’s eyes. He didn’t realize that
he had a friend that was killed.

“How did he die? Falling out of a tree house?”

“Leukemia, he had a rare type and no one could help him. They tried
radiation everything…but he died.”

“Well at least he wasn’t shot to death!” Jesse’s eyes went from sorrowful to
extremely sad. “What are you going to ball?” Jesse looked Jose right in the
eye and shook his head. “You know what? I’m out of here. I hate this place!”

Jose stuffed all his stuff into a suitcase. He didn’t want to be here
anymore. Everything was so much more different. With all that was going on,
Jose was ready to crack. As he snuck to through the farm kitchen, the light
turned on. Jose jumped at the sight of Bo standing by the light switch.

“Hey Jose,” Bo stated as he walked towards him. Jose backed up in
hesitation. He didn’t know what Bo wanted from him. It was as if he was
attacking him.

“What do you want?” Jose enquired

“What do you want?”

“I want to go home.”

“You pass over that county line and you’re in jail.”

“I’ll do what I have to do. Besides why would you care? You haven’t even
known me for two minutes and you’re already telling me what to do? I don’t
think that’s right what you are doing. You better just leave me alone. I
would rather choose my life than be pushed.”

“I need some help fixing the barn door, you want to help me?” There was a
moment of silence between the two. “Do you want to help me?” Bo was very
persistent in getting Jose to go for him.

“But it’s three in the morning.”

“You would’ve been getting up in two hours anyway. We can fix the barn door
and then move onto the fence Jesse broke last week.”

“Why are you doing this?” Bo laughed.

“Why hasn’t your father been doing this? This is what he used to do with his
Uncle Jesse.”

“He has I just can’t…well…get close to him. He’s a cop and I have to be the
pig’s son. That’s what they see me as. I hate it!”

“So you kept this up because you wanted to be known as a rebel and not a
policeman’s son?”

“You can’t understand that?”

“I can relate to it. Jose when I was younger I was a lot like Jo Anna and a
lot like you. The only big difference is, I tried to be good and a lot of
times it would backfire. I guess that you don’t have that problem. Your
problem is that you won’t let people in.”


“Let’s go fix the barn.” Bo grabbed the tool box from inside a box he’d
made for it. He signalled Jose to go outside. Jose did sanding and a ton of
work on that barn. Two hours work in fact. When he was done with Bo, it
finally worked. Afterwards, the two painted it.

When they were done, the two began on the fence. Bo started to talk some
more. “So, how did your father get shot last year?” Bo asked.

“Well, he was saving the world again. He always seems to do stuff that a lot
of other policemen won’t do. He’s jumped houses without being scared. Dad
just doesn’t understand how worried he makes Mom.”

“You also mean how worried you were.”

“Yeah…I’m worried about him every night. I never know what’s going on. Is he
okay? Or is something going to happen like…”

“Four years ago, those attacks on September 11th?” Jose burst into tears. Bo
stopped what he was doing and gave him a hug. He didn’t know what else to do
with him but give Jose love. The child obviously had past pains. They
weren’t going to fix themselves. Jose kept them bottled inside him all these

“The phone lines were all busy. I couldn’t get any information at the police
station. I was scared he was there. I didn’t know what was going on. We were
watching it on TV. He came through the door. I hugged him and wouldn’t

“Jose, that scared the living daylights out of me too. I was scared for his
life and all of yours.”

“I never have told anyone this!”

“Not even your mom?”

“No, I haven’t had the guts to. I guess I got scared and turned to the wrong
people. I don’t know why but they seemed to have quick ways out. Everything
I have done I have felt bad about. But somehow a life of crime didn’t seem
so bad. Now I guess it’s all coming back to haunt me. ”

“Well you’re with us now. It’ll take a while to get used to. But you can do
it. And I know you can.” Jose never had this much support before.

10:00 AM…

Luke stretched and went outside. It seemed like ages since he’d ever had
that much sleep. He looked at Jesse cutting up wood and Jo moving hay over
towards the barn. “Hey Mr. Napping Sue, how was your sleep?” Jo asked.

“Well…good,” Luke replied.

“You’re probably wondering where your son is.”

“How’d you…?”

“Hey, I’m good at this whole relationship thing.”


“Oh, he’s with Dad fixing the fence.” Luke wondered what was going on. His
son would never lift a finger. In fact, Jose was so involved with technology
it was like nothing else existed. He would never go to build anything; he’d
call the repair man.

Luke paced himself over to the fence. He watched his son slowly tap a nail
into place. He was laughing and talking to Bo like a normal human being.
Jose wouldn’t say anything nice to anyone since September 11th attacks. This
was the first time Luke heard him laugh in four years. “Hey dad,” Jose
cheerfully remarked. He took a deep breath but started laughing full pace
once more.

“I haven’t heard you laugh like this in a long time,” Luke replied.

“Well start thinking on the long track. You didn’t tell me my cousin was so
funny.” Luke glanced at Bo. He remembered all the jokes he told.

“Which one did he tell?”

“The one about the foreigner on the train, it was rich!” Luke chuckled. He
remembered that one very well. Bo was great at telling jokes with accents.
That’s what made them so good.

“Hey, what are you doing here?”

“Performing manual labour but I like it. Jesse’s going to take me fishing

“You never wanted to go before.”

“Yeah but…I don’t know this seems different. I guess there’s something about
this place that makes you want to do things. Maybe because I don’t know
anyone yet but I still want to be accepted.” Jose wondered about his father.
He seemed so upset. Jose didn’t know why. Jose looked at the white painted
fence. “You okay Dad?”

“Yeah…I’m fine.” But he wasn’t. Luke was still scared about his son. More
than anything in the world Luke wanted his son to be safe. But personally,
he still didn’t trust Jose to be in Hazzard, even under the care of Bo. Luke
was too scared. He didn’t know what Jose might do. Luke was scared that his
son would take advantage of his best friend in the whole world. He was also
worried that there wasn’t a think he could to about it. Luke just didn’t
want his burden to be shifted to another. Bo was a good man but was he good

“Dad, I’m sorry for being the way I was. And I know that you were extremely
worried about me. But I want you to know that I have the inspiration to
change. I want to be a good son and a good friend. It will take some time
but I am ready to try new things. You don’t believe me don’t you?”

Could Luke believe him? Jose lied so many times. Luke would be waiting up
for his son all hours of the night. Maria would cry her eyes out. When Jose
would come in he would just shrug and tell them to forget. Just to forget
about where he was or what he was doing. But Luke worried. He didn’t stop
worrying either. Luke thought about how Uncle Jesse must’ve felt when Bo and
Luke were in trouble.

“I trust you’ll try.”

“I will Dad, I won’t stop trying either.”

Luke walked away but not without Bo following him. Bo grabbed his shoulder
and turned him around. Luke’s eyes were filled with tears. He was very
upset. Luke sank to his knees. The land was green and filled with moister.
Luke’s jeans filled with the liquid from the spring soggy ground. He put his
head into his hands and wept. Bo knelt down beside his dismal cousin who was
lower than the worms of the earth.

“Luke, do you love your boy?” Bo asked.

Luke began to cry all the more. He thought about all the troubled times his
son had. How Jose didn’t take his first steps until one and a half. Luke
remembered how Jose had those terrible dreams at night. No matter what Luke
tried he could never calm his petrified son.

“I…I love him,” Luke replied.

“Do you trust him?” Luke didn’t answer. His reasons for not trusting his boy
was simple. That reckless teen hadn’t told the truth in four years. It was
as if that special person inside his son had vanished into nothing.

“I-I can’t” Luke’s face turned scarlet red from the tears that frayed his
face. Bo wrapped his arms around Luke hoping that he would feel some
comfort. But still Bo was thankful. Not for Jose’s faults. But he was happy
for the deeds of his own son. Jesse wasn’t the best kid. But he was honest.
Sometimes he would do things that worried Bo more than anything but he
always confessed to them.

“Do you trust your son?”

“His mother and I have tried so many ways to get him to be respectable
but…It doesn’t work. I even tried give him lectures. But I can’t seem to do
it as good as Uncle Jesse. The words just don’t come out right. I figured
that if Uncle Jesse could help us then we certainly could help him. I am
tired Bo. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

“You will think of something. They didn’t promote you on the force for those
grey hairs.” Luke laughed nervously. He took a deep breath and wondered what
he was going to do.

“You’ll be okay with him?”

“Better than okay I hope.”

“Why are you so good with people?”

“Because I don’t try Luke. Why are you good with people?”

“I don’t know, because all people are so full of life?”

“There you go. Don’t let your bad feelings get in the way. I know they have
saved us on many occasions. But sometimes you have to think things will get
better before they get worse. Now you will be on that bus tomorrow?”

“Yep, I will be going back to see my other half and my little son.”

“How’s he taking this?”

“Like any nine year old would. Antonio says he’s going to miss his brother
and hopes that he’ll be okay.”

“He will be Luke and so will you.”

“Well I hope you’re right Bo. I am just worn to the bone.”

“You won’t have to worry anymore I think Luke. I have him here and I am sure
that your boy is a fast learner.” Bo stood up and put a hand out for Luke.
They walked back to the farmhouse.

Two weeks later…

Jose was virtually falling asleep while fishing. He looked at his line that
was just sitting there in the water. “And they call this a sport,” Jose
mumbled to himself. He looked at his watch and wondered if Bo would be mad
if they were late. Although Bo was quite different from his dad, he trusted
him with more.

“Hey I have returned,” Jesse exclaimed. As he began to walk a little bit
faster poor Jesse slipped on the mud and fell into the creek.

“You’re scaring the fish! Just my luck being stuck with Curly off of ‘The
Three Stooges’; you have to be the loudest fishermen I’ve ever met.”

“Sorry Jose, I didn’t know you liked fishing so much.”

“I don’t, but I’d rather catch something than to have gone out here for

“You’re out here to relax.”

“Haven’t you ever heard of TV?” Jose moved up a little on the stump he was
leaning on. He wondered if Jesse would grow up. But the kid was wild and
free. You really can’t break up that kind of a child. It’s like depriving a
pig of his slop in the morning, it just wasn’t possible.

“I have watched a few shows. I don’t really get into it.”

“You’re underprivileged, how many people around the world have cable?”

“I haven’t counted.” Jose rolled his eyes and smacked his head. “It was a
joke Jose. I didn’t mean anything by it. Man I’m cold!” Jesse rubbed his
arms swiftly with his hands. He was freezing.

“Well you wouldn’t have caught me doing a nose dive into the creek!” Jesse
wasn’t listening. He was off in his own little dream world as usual.

“If I’m curly then you must be Larry.” Jose packed up his fishing rod. He’d
had enough for today. Jose put his rod in the back of the General. As he did
so Jesse began screaming and jumping up and down like a teenage girl. “I got
a bite!”

“How is it that you have all the luck when you are the most thoughtless kid
I’ve ever seen?” Jesse started to reel him in. He put the large fish into
the net. This was the ninth fish Jesse had caught. Jose only got four.

“I really don’t know.” Jose got into the driver’s seat.

“Well we have to get you home before you catch pneumonia so hurry up.” Jesse
opened the trunk and threw the fish into the container but not before
gutting it. After that he jumped into the General. The boys zoomed off. Jose
had to take the shortest way so naturally he skipped the bridge and jumped
it. He was only driving for about ten minutes when the tire burst.

“Wow! You’re just having all the luck today!” Jesse exclaimed. Jose
struggled to gain control of the car. He finally urged it to a stop.

“Well, tire changing time.” Jesse began to laugh uneasily. “You did get the
spare tire fixed didn’t you?”

“No I didn’t Jose; plum forgot about it.”

“I’ll plum forget you! I bet you didn’t get the CB fixed either.”

“Was I supposed to do that?”

“And I thought I was supposed to be the bad one. I don’t get why simple
things don’t stick in your mind. It’s lackadaisical Jesse.”

“It’s what?”

“Lackadaisical? Lazy, careless, stupid and other words I can’t think of
right now. But it was your responsibility to get it done.”

“You sure are smart.” Jose roared with laughter. “You are smart!”

“If I were smart I wouldn’t be on probation right now. We better start
walking.” Jose and Jesse began to walk a very exhausting and time consuming
walk. As they walked, the light clouds that hovered over them became dark
and it started to rain. Jose grumbled and stared at his brainless cousin.

They were quite cold and wet by the time they reached home. Jesse had
hypothermia; he was cold to the touch. “What’s with the wet clothes? You’re
dripping all over my mopped floor!” Bo exclaimed.

“Sorry Bo, had car trouble,” Jose replied.

“Why did you call Lily-Rose?”

“Because numbskull forgot to get the CB fixed, I told him I would do his
chores well he got the CB and the spare fixed.” Jesse was shivering through
his teeth as was Jose.

“Never mind that now! Get them close off before you freeze to death!” They
did as he said. Jesse had to take a hot shower because he was so cold. Jose
refused to take one. He didn’t want to waist Jesse’s water anyway.

At the supper table, Jose’s teeth were chattering like mad though he
wouldn’t do anything about it. He ate a hot meal which made him feel
somewhat better. The phone rang and Jose naturally raced for it along with
Jesse. Jose won this round. “Hello?” He answered.

“Hi there Jesse,” A voice returned.

“If I was Jesse you would be Rudolph.”

“Who is this?”

“Jose Duke. I am new to this hick town. But I am sure you are not a stranger
to this place if you’re calling here.”

“Luke’s son Jose, sorry kido, I didn’t recognize your voice! Boy you sound
different from the last time I saw you then again you were only five. I
haven’t been to New York since then. How’d you end up in Hazzard?”

“Well I’m on probation down here and am unable to leave this county.”

“Ah, well that’s a shame.”

“Who is this anyway?”

“Excuse my manners; this is Cooter, Cooter Davenport. I’m Jesse’s Grandpa.”

“You want to speak to my cousin?”

“Yeah your cousin Bo though, I want to come down and I want to stay with him
a while. I think it would be fun to go back to Hazzard.”

“He’ll say yes, why ask? Sorry to be rube but it’s a waste of time asking
him. If I know that cousin of mine he’ll agree to it in a heart beat.”

“I guess so but you will tell him I’m coming right?”

“And ruin the surprise? I wouldn’t think of it Cooter. Who do you think I

“Someone with a lot of attitude and time on his hands; you have to know this
is coming from a man with lots of experience. Jose you’re quite the kid. You
certainty don’t take after your father.”

“I try not to. Believe me it’s bad enough living in a place like New York
with out having to be like your father. Surely you can understand that.”

“I guess. Well I’ll talk to you later.”

“See ya.” Jose hung up the phone. He went into the living room and grabbed
an oversized quilt and wrapped himself in it. He then sat back at the table
and continued eating.

“Well?” Bo questioned. Jose put his fork up and tipped it as if he was
toasting the chef. He stuck the piece of chicken in his mouth. Bo tapped his
fingers on the table with eagerness. He wanted to know who was on the phone.
Jose chewed slow and soon swallowed.

“Well what?” Jose questioned.

“Who was on the phone?”

“A person.”

“Who was it?”

“A friend of yours. I want to keep it a surprise. He’s coming to Hazzard and
you will be so happy to see him it will be remarkable.”

“Why won’t you tell me?”

“Just prepare the spare room and don’t ask questions.” Jose let out a big
belch. He smiled and walked out of the room. Jose was a very particular
person. He didn’t like to be told what to do but he still would listen to
open suggestion. That was the thing about Jose. He was quite the weird young

Jose turned on his music and jumped onto his bed. Suddenly out of the blue,
Jose screamed, “Excuse me!” Bo rolled his eyes from the next room.

“Thank you Jose!” Bo screamed over the music. Bo laughed under his breath.
He remembered when he would pull stunts like that. Uncle Jesse would be
ready to tan his hide. Nancy-Lou stared at her husband. She wondered what
was going through his head. It seemed as if Bo and Jose hit it off really
well. But she was uncertain about Jo. Jo Anne was one of those kids you just
couldn’t boss around. Jo liked Jose but not very much.

“Your cousin is attractive,” Jo Anna sarcastically remarked as she glared at
Jesse. Jesse smiled and knew how Jo Anna’s mind worked. She disowned anyone
who would try anything with her.

“Well I’m glad you like him. Just no marrying in the family,” Jesse teased.

“Well sorry, I’m not like the men of this family. I don’t marry my cousins.”

“Dad didn’t marry his cousin.”

“Maybe it’s because he got some sense from Daisy and not Luke!” Jo Anne
leaped from her chair and jumped on Jesse.

“You’re insane!”

“Maybe so but I’ve got the makings of a wrestler.” Bo rolled his eyes. He
knew sports were in the family. Especially those sports that involved
beating the day-lights out of people but this was ridiculous.

“This is your doing Bo. I told you that putting them in kick boxing and
wrestling wasn’t going to help them make peace. I also told you that when
you put them in Karate too. But no one listens to mommy,” Nancy Lou stated.

“Hey, they need this knowledge in Hazzard. Do you know how much trouble
rolls through this County?” Bo retorted.

“Well I would’ve settled for an easy run of the mill self defence class.”

“Now honey you know that doesn’t teach them enough.”

Jose giggled from his room as he turned the music lower. He wasn’t as bad in
Hazzard as he was in New York. Jose mostly stuck to himself or hung out with
his cousin. Jose didn’t know these people and didn’t want to. He figured
that they were hicks. The only hick he could seem to stand would have to be
Jesse. The rest seemed to be well…boring.

Jose didn’t like them or they didn’t like Jose anyway. But another thing
that bothered him was that he was different. Everything he said or even did
was noted in people’s head. A person’s character was taken a lot more
seriously here than in New York. Here he was treated with respect by doing
nothing. He didn’t have to put on an act with anyone. Jose didn’t like it.
The guy wanted to leave now more than before. But he knew that he couldn’t.
Jose felt homesick. He missed his parents. He missed listening to his mom
speak Spanish or his Dad as he walked in at night. Jose even missed his
little brother. This place scared him.

Late that night, Jose got up and dialled his home number in New York. He
knew it was late but he had to hear someone’s voice. He didn’t care who it
was as long as they had a New York or a Spanish accent. Luke picked up the
phone as it began to ring. “Duke’s residence,” He mumbled softly.

“Hey Dad how are you?” Jose questioned.

“Jose do you have any idea what time it is buddy?”

“Midnight, I know what time it is. I missed you Dad. I haven’t seen you

“Two weeks ain’t forever. You’re doing fine over there I’m sure of it.”

“How do you know?”

“This is the first call I’ve gotten in two weeks. You have to be doing
tolerable work son. You know I wouldn’t let you reside in a place that you
couldn’t mature in. You’re my son and the one and only person who can get
through this. You’re a Duke ain’t you?”

“I am a Duke, I wasn’t proud of my name before. But now things are so much
different. Jo Anna is a bit of a crazy young woman. She was beating up Jesse
today. She could kill me. I thought having the knowledge of the street would
prepare me. But I was extremely mistaken. These people are crazier than some
of the hoods out there.”

“Yeah well…you will get used to it. Have you made any friends?”

“Not yet. I haven’t had the urge to. I can’t seem to get…comfortable with
these people.”

“You can to. You’re just biased towards these people. You’ve been told what
country life was like. But what is it really like Jose?”

“Fun…slow…I don’t know Dad. I like it but it’s strange. Lily-Rose is
teaching me how to put an engine together blind folded. Bo is teaching me
the finer points of farming. Cletus is teaching me the value of an honest
police force. I never thought that I could be raided so much. This is coming
from one who is in trouble with the law.”

Luke laughed. “Well that’s Hazzard for you. You better go to bed son; you
have another big day ahead of you.”

“Yeah, goodnight Dad; I love you.”

“You mean that Jose?”

“More now then ever before Dad; you are the best person I have ever met.”
Jose hung up the phone. He leaned back on the wall and cried.
Jesse opened the fridge; it scared the living daylights out of poor Jose.
Jesse grabbed the milk and closed the fridge. He grabbed two cups out of the
cupboard. Jesse then grabbed a box of Oreos and made his way over to the
table. He smiled and gave Jose a stack of Oreos. Jesse then pouring a cup of
milk for Jose cleared his throat. “You know, I am proud of you,” Jesse
mumbled- “In every way you have proven yourself to be the best. I see you
and notice not just a boy in training but a man. You were taken from your
home and put here. Now you’re finding the true path of life.”

“How are you so deep? I mean one minute you’re a total goof ball and the
next you know the meaning of life. I like you Jesse, I guess this is what
Dad talks about,” Jose remarks. Jesse dunks his Oreo cookie into the nice
cold milk. He twists it open and steals the icing from within the cookie

“Well, it takes a lot to be me. Mrs. Stratton says I act too much like my
father. She says I should change my name to go with my attitude. Well that
woman’s a scaly old fat lizard. I can’t see her living much longer. He has
to be about 1000 years old or older. I bet she’s older than the treaty of

“Are you becoming a geek?”

“No, a Greek god, but I could be leaning towards it.” Both giggled under
their breath. You could hear Bo mumbling in his sleep. Jesse laughed.

“You do that too you know. “

“I give up and that’s it! I am my Father.”

“Is that a bad thing?” Jesse thought for a minute and laughed once again.
Jose joined in the chorus. Nancy-Lou walked out. She grabbed a cup for her
milk and joined the boys. Jose stood up anxiously he was sure that Nancy-Lou
was going to tan both their hides. Jesse took an arm to Jose’s shirt and
dragged him back to his chair. They seemed to be having a good time talking
and eating.

Two months later…

Everything seemed to be going well with the Duke family. Jose got used to
being a hick or at least that was his definition. Cooter had been staying
with the Dukes for the past couple of months. Bo loved the idea of having
the kid’s Grandpa Right in the house. Now Jose had friends now, good friends
that wouldn’t turn their back on Jose like some of the ones did in New York.
Jose was now a current member of school. As they were driving home one day,
Jose came across a car with New York plates. He knew the car well.

“Pull over Jess,” Jose commented as he slipped out of the general. There
were two guys with dark black curly hair standing over by a tree talking
real mad faced. “Hola amigos, what brings you to Hazzard?” The two boys
look at Jose and laugh. There names are Manuel and Antonio. They circled
him, mocking Jose’s clothes.

“Look at him, last time I saw you, you were wearing long baggy pants and a
t-shirt. You’re wearing flannels now?” Manuel laughed.

“Well would you want to get your clothes full of mud?”

“I would rather have muddy clothes than look like that.”

“Why are you in Hazzard?”

“Don’t remind me of why I am here. That Boss Rosco cheated us. We’re going
to give him a present to reward him for being a good boss at his bank. You
were a sturdy man with a gun. Do you want to join us?” Jose stopped and
thought for a moment. But what was there to think about? Jose was on
probation. He wasn’t about to get dragged into this. He couldn’t risk it. It
wasn’t only for Jose’s dad but also for himself and Jesse.

“I can’t. I won’t.”

“You better not tell on us boy either. We know who we told and if we get
caught I’ll tell the big boys.”

“Why would I tell? You used to be mine and I know that the big boys don’t
want to hear that there business partner would mess with them.”

“See ya; I got to go home now.” Jesse started the engine. They drove silent
the rest of the way home. Jesse was wondering the whole time of what they
were talking about but still wasn’t sure. He didn’t understand there code of
talk. But that night they talked. Jesse beat it out of Jose in a wrestling
match. But his next plan was to get crazy Jo Anna to do so.

Manuel and his buddy were planning to strap enough equipment to blow up nine
wear houses to them and rob his bank. These boys weren’t playing with
knives. They had lethal weapons. They were ready to get Rosco for how he had
swindled them. “You have to talk to Cletus. He’ll help us I know it,” Jesse

“No! If you tell him I will say you’re lying,” Jose replied.

“Why? Do you want Rosco to be hurt?”

“No, I just don’t want our farm house to be blown to the rubbles of nothing.
You don’t know how dangerous these men are.”

“What men is dangerous Jose?” Cooter asked as he walked into their room.

“You can’t help us anyway; you’re nothing but an old guy!” Jose exclaimed.

“You’re calling me an old guy? Are you presuming to tell me that I, Cooter
Davenport am an old fart?”

“Yes, that is what I am saying. You are old and wouldn’t know how to deal
with things like this.” Cooter chuckled He sat down on Jose’s bed.

“You haven’t lived in Hazzard long enough to know how much trouble this town
attracts. I may not be a young squirrel but I am not stupid. I am not too
old to help you with your problems.” Jesse knew Cooter was right. Living in
Hazzard was like experiencing life in a motorcycle gang. Now Cooter was
wiser then those boys. So Jesse explained the problem to his Grandpa. Jose
didn’t really like him for that though. “Well y’all really do have yourself
in a pickle.”

“Yeah, we have to deal with it ourselves. I can’t even touch a gun. It’s
strictly knives.”

“Along with Bows, arrows and dynamite; haven’t you learned anything about
your probation?”

“Yeah that I am stuck here and that I can’t touch a gun.”

“Well Jesse can touch one and he knows how to use them arrows and bows.”

“I use Guns Cooter; they fire a lot faster and a lot better than any arrow.”

Later that day, Jesse began to train Jose how to use a Bow and arrow set.
Now remember, all Dukes know two things, how to drive and how to get away
from the law. But Dukes that came for Hazzard County knew many more things.
Two of them were arrows and dynamite. Bo’s Uncle Jesse had taught him
everything there is to know about dynamite and naturally, Bo taught all that
to his son Jesse. It would be passed down to all.

Jose seemed to get closer to the target with each shot. He seemed to be a
natural at it. Jesse and Cooter alike were surprised he had never shot an
arrow in his life. Some things come natural to some and to others it comes
with practice. Personally this one skill was in the bag for young Jose.

Over at the Hazzard bank…

Now we are going to meet a character like no other. Boss Rosco P. Coltrane
the toughest biggest man in all of Hazzard County. He wore a blue police
style suit that was completely and totally covered in rime stones. Boss
Rosco was either called Boss Rosco or just pain old Boss. He wouldn’t accept
any other name. It was as if that was the only one that came across his

Now Boss was one of the most unfair men you have ever seen. He would make
these deals and break his end of the bargain or he would give people half of
what they asked for. Since Boss earned his fortune he went back to school
and became more twisted and more obsessed with money than ever before.

Sound familiar? Well it should because his role model was one of the great
schemers of all times, Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg or better known in Hazzard
as JD. Both are the toughest gruffest men that were ever known in Hazzard.
But there was one catch; Rosco was still as happy and go-lucky as he always
was. He couldn’t totally loose his whole personality.

You’ll see what I mean when Cletus walks in. He’ll come in on 5-4-3-2-1. The
door opened to reveal the same old deputy Cletus Hogg. “How many tickets did
you get pee brain?” Rosco asked.

“I thought I was dipstick,” Cletus complained. He always seemed to complain
when he was called dipstick and now he was complaining when he wasn’t.

“Cletus you lug nut! I have to separate Enos and you from each other. What
am I supposed to call you dipstick one and two? Khee hee hee well there’s
your new CB names. Oh I love it I love it! Well how did you do on the speed

“Well I tried to catch the Duke boys but they’s going too fast.”

“You know them and sirens. They’re going to be meddlers I can feel it in my
bones. All Dukes are trouble. Boss controlled Bo and Luke with threats of
probation. Now only that Josie has it.”

“His name is Jose.”

“I don’t care what his name is. I care that both get probation so them ding
dongs don’t worry me to look like your dearly departed cousin.” The place
suddenly went quiet and both Rosco and Cletus put their heads down. “Poor
Boss Hogg, if only he hadn’t had that heart attack. Now go get Jesse on

“But how would I go about that Boss? Buzzards on a buzz saw. I can’t even
think of anything Jesse has done that consider him going to jail or getting
on probation.”

“Make them rob a bank together I don’t care just do it.” Suddenly the doors
swung open. This was one person Boss Rosco really didn’t want to see that
day. She was tall, slim blonde and beautiful.

It was Rosco’s wife named Destiny. She married for money and she lived for
money. But she did give Rosco one thing, his pride and joy. This was his
son, he was more brawn then brain but Rosco loved him all the same. He was
16 years old just like Jesse. Perry Parker Coltrane was his name.

“Where’s my credit card!” Destiny screamed.

“Now pumpkin, remember your anger management class,” Boss started.

“Don’t now pumpkin me you ravished oversized blue sardine! I want my credit

“You don’t get one any more butter ball I am sorry.”

“Are you calling me fat?”

“No, you’re a perfect pair.”

“So you’re saying I have big hips is that it?” Rosco just couldn’t win with
this one at all so he shoved his wife out the door and locked it. She kept
banging on the door and yelling. But neither Boss nor Cletus could hear the
words very well.

“So what was I doing?” Cletus asked.

“You were going to get probation for Jesse. Do it mighty quick to or else,”
Boss replied. Cletus went for the door but remembered Destiny being there.
Cletus opened the window climbed out. The one person that just happened to
be there but Lilly-Rose; she was smiling at first but then cracked up into a

“Oh you think it’s funny right now but wait until you’re as big as me,”
Cletus remarked. Lily-Rose just chuckled. She tried to pull Cletus out but
he was wedged in their good.

“I think I’ll need to hitch you to the back of my tow truck.” Lily-Rose
pulled as hard as she could. Just then Jesse walked up towards them.

“Now here’s a funny scene. Cletus, didn’t I tell you to stop eating all them
dough-nuts?” Jesse teased.

“Cousin, he’s jammed in their good. Pull on an arm for me?” Lilly-Rose
asked. Both Jesse and Lilly-Rose pulled on Cletus’ arms hard. While Rosco
kicked his bottom trying to get it out of there; wasn’t a pretty sight
ladies and gentlemen. On the last tug, it sent the two flying because of
Rosco’s pushing. Each party was out of breath. Cletus got right up and
thanked everyone for their help. He ran off to the police station next door.

Jesse got up and noticed Jose just laughing hysterically at the two that
were so out of breath. “Come on, we’ve got to get into that bank. Stop
playing around,” Jose stated. He ran towards the bank and stood in line.

Boss was working the desk while Mary-Joe was out. Boss didn’t like sitting
at the front desk too much. He figured what he didn’t have to do wouldn’t
kill him. But just the same Boss was working as hard as a little chubby bee
on a break.

He called for the next person to come up to the front desk. It was Jose’s
old friends. They took out their machine guns and began to shoot. Everyone
screamed. “I want all the money in this bag and no talking among anyone,”
One of the two said. Boss did as the man asked and filled the bag.

“This will show you to mess with boys from the big apple,” The other told
Boss. He pointed the machine gun right at Boss Rosco. Jesse jumped up and
took the punishment for Boss. The two men made a get away for it soon after

Jose got up and saw his cousin lying on the floor in a pool of red blood.
His yellow shirt was stained in it. “Jesse!” Jose screamed. He got down on
his knees beside his cousin. Jose listened to his chest. He was still
breathing luckily. “You’ll be okay, you have to be Jesse.” The ambulance
pulled up and took Jesse away. Jose wouldn’t rest until he could go in that
ambulance with him.

Meanwhile on the road…

Lilly-Rose and Cooter were in hot pursuit of the two crooks. They we armed
and ready for this action. Well almost. The boys did a jump and in
Lilly-Rose’s tow truck well it wouldn’t work well. “Times like this I wish I
owned me a General,” Lilly-Rose mumbled to herself. She wasn’t too happy
about loosing those fellas but that’s how it happens sometimes.

“Well Lilly, if we could win them all we wouldn’t be playin’ fair,” Cooter

“I guess it’s just as well that we didn’t catch them.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well they would have had the torture story of a lifetime to tell. Besides
that, when Boss was through with them, they would have no way out of

“That’s what your Uncle JD did when he was still alive and still the Boss of
Hazzard County. But I guess we should let him rest in piece. How’s your
Auntie doin’?”

“Why Miss Lulu isn’t too happy about his death. But she’s hangin’ on as
usual cousin Cooter.”

“Yeah I’ll bet. With that sizzling attitude and her wonderful will to do
fine work with people it’s not a wonder.”

“I’ll go buy you a soda.” They got back in the tow truck and drove back to
the garage.

At the hospital, three hours later…

Bo was crying his eyes out as well as Nancy-Lou. Both loving parents and
both are wondering why this had to happen to a person that didn’t deserve
it. But also, they wondered about Jose. The poor boy sat in silence waiting
for the news of his cousin. It wasn’t easy to even think about.

Jose didn’t want to think that this new wonderful person in his life could
be passing on to the next world. It wasn’t fair and it just wasn’t right.
Jesse’s love and devotion to people was what the world needed. Though he was
a bit scatter brained at times, Jesse was one of those folks you could trust
your life in their hands.

Suddenly Cletus came in. “Jose Duke, you’re under arrest for the attempted
murder and also the shooting of your own cousin Jesse Duke. Now, you will
come with me silently,” Cletus stated.

“Cletus you dung head! Now you think for one minute that my cousin would go
and shoot his best friend now there’s something wrong!” Bo exclaimed.

“Well he’s covered in Jesse’s blood and we have no other leads so I guess
he’s guilty until proven innocent.”

“You mess everything up! It’s innocent until proven guilty. You’re being
just as inhuman as Rosco was when he was still sheriff.”

“Well good for that but I am still taking him in.” Jose stood up and went
with him willingly. Bo hit the chair hard. No one actually saw who did the
shooting. No one that was even in the bank bothered to look up. They just
saw one machine gun left at the scene and Jose holding his own cousin.

“Bo, we’ll get him out of this. I know we can do so. Besides, if we can’t we
can always call Luke. I know that an officer of the law can get things to
change,” Nancy-Lou said.

“Well what if Luke can’t? This is Hazzard remember? It’s not like other
places. Now Jose is stuck in prison until Boss Rosco feels like letting him
out? He knows that Jose had nothing to do with it. Both you and I know it. I
am not going to let some poor and innocent boy suffer because they want poor
Jose in the slammer. I was in jail too many times on false conditions,” Bo

“I know sweetie and you don’t want Jose to have to think about this all

“You read my thoughts honey.”

“That’s what I am here for to help you.”

“I am so happy that your father let us marry. I honestly thought that he was
going to end it for us.”

“Well you know if it wasn’t for you talking to Daddy we wouldn’t be
anywhere. Bo, I really need you to stay here with Jesse. Jose needs someone
right now more than anything. I know you’ll understand. Luke got into a lot
of trouble.”

“Yeah he did.”

“Well Jose got into a lot of trouble and now is reaching for the light. He
needs help though. More now than ever before; Jose is calling it by name and
reaching his hand to people.”

“I know.” Nancy-Lou gave Bo a big kiss and walked out the door. Bo sat there
and still waited on news about his son. As the doctor came out, he was
relieved to hear that his son was alive. But Jesse was in a coma and there’s
nothing funny about those ladies and Gentlemen.

Bo walked into the recovery room and stared at the many machines. One as he
could tell was keeping Jesse breathing. Another one was talking his blood
pressure every two minutes. There was an IV in his right arm that was giving
him blood and also intervenes medicine. Jesse looked pale but peaceful as he
lied there. Bo wondered why his son would have to face such disparity.

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