Live Forever

By: Ameila Lynn

He sat on the cold floor. He had opened his eyes just a few minutes ago. How did he
get here? His hands were bound around a small beam. He was in a golden cage. Then
he remembered how this happened. What got him in this situation, he was in. Was he
ever going to see his family, again? Was he going to see Luke, Daisy and his uncle Jesse.
What about sweet little Dixiana? She was his whole world. Why did he let his anger get
him in this trouble? His mind rolled back three nights previously. When it all started…

Jesse Duke sat in his favorite chair reading the night’s edition of the Hazzard Gazette.
Seated across from him, on the couch, was little Dixiana Duke. Last year, Jesse adopted
Dixiana from the Hazzard County Orphanage. Dixiana was reading a copy of “Little
Women”. She was a small red-haired girl of 10 years. Jesse smiled while he watched
Dixiana, who, was absorbed in her book. She was such a serious little thing, when she
wanted to be.

The sound outside meant Jesse’s nephews Bo and Luke were home. But, the sounds
coming in the house, were not so warm and happy.
“Bo, I can’t depend on you for nothing. I changed the tire and when that one blew, I
looked and guess what, the spare was not there.”
“Well, Luke, I am supposed to know that tire would blow.”
“I wish you would concentrate on responsibilities, instead of women.”
Jesse dropped his paper and Dixiana dropped her book. She hated when Bo and Luke
“Now boys, settle down. What happened?”
Luke told Jesse what happened. As he did Bo was getting more and more irritated.
“Why do you blame me for everything?!”
Bo left the room with little Dixiana on his heels.
Jesse and Luke started to walk in the direction of the boys’ room, when they heard
Dixiana’s sweet voice.
“Please, Bo, you can’t leave. I don’t want you to leave.”
“I am sorry, Dixie, but I can’t stay where I am not trusted.”
Bo walked to the door of the farmhouse, the only home he really knew.
“Now Bo, stop being so stubborn. Luke didn’t mean to be so harsh.”
“Uncle Jesse’s right. I didn’t mean what I said.”
“It’s too late for apologies, Luke.”
Bo walked outside. Dixiana ran out behind him. She lifted her hand to Bo. In her
small hand was the keys to the General.
“No, Dixie, I am not taking the General. I don’t think Luke would want me to take it.”
She held her arms out to him. He lifted her off the ground and gave her the biggest
bear hug. He saw her small face, flowing with tears. It was so hard to turn around and
walk away. But, he had to leave.

Bo raised his eyes to the darkness before him. The thoughts of the events that happened
after him leaving the farm. Why did he leave? The image of sweet Dixie telling him not
to go. It broke his heart. Tears flooded his eyes and streaked down his cheeks. his
hands were bounded. So, he couldn’t wipe his face. He felt the tears drip off his chin.
He felt the tears fall into his jeans. The thought of never seeing Dixie again. In fact, the
thought of never seeing anyone he loved, killed him. The only person he would see
always, was the face that fell into his life an hour after he left his home.

The sprinkle of rain, that started when he left the farm, turned into a steady stream of
rain. He was wet, cold and hungry. But, he couldn’t turn around now. IF he could only
get to the bus station, outside of Hazzard, and get a ticket to Atlanta. Bo checked his
wallet. He had close to 100 dollars in his wallet. It could get him a one way ticket to
Atlanta. He’d check into a cheap hotel and then try to get a job. Bo was lost in his
thoughts, he didn’t see a car slow down beside him.
“Excuse me.”
Bo looked in the direction of the voice. There, in a 1982 Corvette, was the most
beautiful woman Bo had ever seen. She had tidy sleek red hair. It wasn’t as light as
little Dixiana’s hair. It was more auburn. It fell close to her shoulders. She had
piercing green eyes. She was wearing a denim shirt with the ends tied around her waist
and dark blue jeans.
“Do you need a lift? You seem so wet and cold. I’ll take you where you want to go.”
“I am going to Atlanta. Do you think you can take me there? Listen, if you can’t, can
you take me to the bus station.”
“I will take you to Atlanta. In fact, I live there. I was just driving home now. Hop in.”
Bo got in the woman’s car. He was ready to start a new life in Atlanta and he would
never took back. If he only knew what was going to happen to him in the next few days.
“So, stranger, where in Atlanta are you heading to.”
“My name is Bo Duke. I have no idea, honestly. See, I am leaving home.”
“Amber. So, young country boy, trying to make his mark in the big city, huh.”
“How did you know I was a country boy?” Then before she could answer, He spoke
“Well, it’s obvious, ain’t it? I am a good ole boy tired of the small town life and want to
try the big city.”
“Bo, do you need a place to stay?”
“Well, that’s kind of you, but I can stay at a hotel.”
“Bo, how much money do you have on you?”
“100 dollars, but I plan to try find a job.”
“Nonsense, you are going to be guest in my house. I have the extra room. Beside, 100
dollars is not going to get you for.”
“Well, if you insist, Miss Amber, I will take your offer. Just until I get on my feet.”
They drove on without another word between them. Bo leaned his head back and close
his eyes. He was only going to rest his eyes. If he only saw the sinister, but awkward
look on Amber’s face, he would have known he was in big trouble.

“Why was I so trusting? Why did I get in her car? Where did it get me?” Bo thought.
He wondered how Luke, Jesse, Daisy and Dixiana were doing. He was beginning to
wonder what her motives were. Was it pre-planned? Did she know who he was? His
mind reeled back to the first night he spent in this house. Before he was locked up like
an animal. It was pleasant at first. Suddenly, a beam of light pierced through the
darkness. Bo strained his eyes. A figure appeared. Was it she?

Amber turned the car into a stoned driveway. Bo couldn’t believe the size of the her
“Is this all yours?” Bo grabbed his suitcase.
“Yes, Bo, this is all mine.”
They entered the house. The entrance lead into a large foyer.
“Gee, this is beautiful home, Miss Amber. I never seen a house as beautiful as this.”
“Bo, you must be so cold in those damp clothes. I will show you to your bedchambers.
Then you can settle in. I don’t want you catch cold or ammonia.”
She led him upstairs to the guest quarters. As they entered the bedroom, Bo could’nt
believe how luxurious it was. The bed was covered in red satin sheets. The carpets was
white and plush. Bo’s feet sank into it. In the corner was a wardrobe made of pure
maple walnut wood with ornate handles.

Amber entered the adjoining bathroom.
“Come, I will draw you a hot bath.”
She turned the golden taps on. the tub was black marble with stair leading to it.
“Thanks, I am kinda want to get out these damp clothes.”
“Here, let me help you.”
She slip her hands through his arms. She unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off. Her hands
traveled to the bottom of his t-shirt.
“Amber, I think I can undress myself.”
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to get carried away, it’s been a while since I had a guest here.”
A guest or a man? Bo thought.
“Well, I will leave you to get comfortable. Please, come down to the parlor, after, if you

She closed the bathroom door. But, she left it a crack open. She watched Bo take off
his t-shirt. She thought he had the most muscular, perfect chest. She thought that he
must be a strong worker, to have an upper body like that.
Bo, unbeknownst that Amber was peeking, undressed and stepped into the tub. He closed
his eyes and sunk more into the warm water. He thought about Dixiana. He was sorry
about leaving. Maybe when he was settled, he would write to her, and let her know that
he was doing fine. He sighed and continue to soak. Wondering how little Dixiana was

The Duke farm was settling down with sounds of nighttime. Little Dixiana was kneeling
beside the bed that she and Daisy shared.
“Please, God, let Bo be safe. Let him, please, come home.”
Daisy heard her little cousin, tearfully praying. She knelt down and put her arm around
Dixiana’s trembling form.
“Oh, Daisy, why did Bo leave? Luke and him had a big fight and he left. He took his
suitcase and left the farm. They have had fights before, but not one of them left before.
Luke told Daisy what had happened. Daisy knew it wasn’t either Bo or Luke’s fault. Bo
would cool off and come back.
“Oh, Dixie, don’t worry. I am sure Bo will cool off and come home. Maybe he’s at
“But, Daisy, what if he never comes home.” Dixiana leaned her head into Daisy’s
shoulder and proceed to cry. Daisy tried to soothe Dixiana, but she couldn’t.

Luke heard Dixiana crying and entered the girls’ room.
“Dixie, please don’t cry. I feel bad about Bo, too. I wish I would have watched what I
said. Bo’s very sensitive, he’s always been. I never thought he would leave.”
Dixiana put her arms around Luke. She hugged him.
“Oh, Luke, please don’t blame yourself. Bo can be so stubborn. I am a little mad at
him. Why did he leave? Doesn’t he know we love him.”
Luke and Daisy tucked Dixiana into bed.
“Goodnight Dixie, sweetheart.” Daisy said kissing Dixiana’s brow.
“Goodnight, Dixie” Luke said, also kissing Dixiana’s brow.
“Goodnight, Daisy, Luke.”
Daisy shut the light and she and Luke left the room.
“Luke” Dixie called out.
Luke walked back to the side of the bed.
“Bo, will come back. Don’t worry. It’s is not your fault.”
Luke smiled and squeezed Dixiana’s hand.
“Sometimes, you amaze me, Dixie. Do you know that?”
“Goodnight, Bo.” Dixiana whispered “Where ever you are. Please come home.” Then she
fell asleep.

Bo walked down stairs. He entered the large foyer. He wondered where the front
parlor. then he saw Amber walk out of a room.
“There you are.”
Bo walked to Amber, She grabbed his hand and drew him into the room. It was a
handsome room. It was decorated in red and black. She made him sit down in a black
velvet- upholstered chair.
“Are you hungry, thirsty?”
“Yes, Amber, I am a little of both.”
She poured him a glass of red wine, from a crystal decanter. Then she offered him a plate
of finger sandwiches.
“They’re probably not what you are used to, being a country boy. Tomorrow, I have you
made all your favorites, to make you feel more at home.”
“This is fine.”
“I hope you enjoy your stay. I will make you comfortable.”
She crossed the room and turned on the stereo. Soft music filled the room. She walked
in front of the chair Bo was sitting in. She took the wineglass from Bo’s hand.
“Want to dance, country boy?”
Bo and Amber started to slow dance. Amber caressed the back of Bo’s neck. The fire
light shone on Bo’s blond hair, circling like a halo. Amber thought he was so beautiful.
pity she had to keep him, prisoner. But, it wasn’t going, to be a loss. She had to get
him under her spell.
“You really can stir this city girl’s heart, country boy.”
“You’re not so bad, yourself.”
Bo lowered his head. Before he tried to kiss her, she kissed his lips. She slid her hands
through his hair. Both sets of hands, caressed each other’s backs. They clung on to each
other, like they would never see each other again.
She broke the kiss. “You are so irresistible, country boy.”
“Lady, you are like a magnet.”
She placed her hands as far as they could get into his flannel shirt. She caressed his bare
skin. Bo buried his face in her hair. He inhaled the scent of her hair. She unbuttoned
his shirt and buried her face into his bare chest. She inhaled his scent.
“You smell so delicious, country boy.”
“You, too, city girl.”
Bo put his finger under her chin and raised her face towards his face. He softly kissed
her lips.
She inserted her arms into his shirt and wrapped her arms around his body. She pulled
him closer. It seemed like forever, they were in this position.
She broke the kiss. “It’s getting late. I have to work tomorrow. You must be tired. I must have made you tired.
“Well, I am a little tired.”
Amber led Bo upstairs, they didn’t say a word. The magic that swept over them was still
thick in the air.
They were in front of Bo’s bedroom.
“Goodnight, Bo.”
Bo enfolded Amber in his arms.
“Lady, I don’t know what you did to me. But, I never had feeling like this, before.”
“Goodnight, my darling, country boy.”
She gave a quick kiss on his lips.
She watched Bo enter the bedroom. She closed the bedroom door.
“So far, my plans is going fine. Soon, daddy, I hope you will forgive me.” Amber thought
as she went downstairs.
Bo sunk into the bed. He closed his eyes. He thought about what had happened
downstairs in that room. He had romances with a lot of girls before. Why was this
woman different? He couldn’t put his finger on it. She was like magic, a dream that
wasn’t real. Was he dreaming all this? Would he wake up? But, he looked around the
room. It was real and she was real. Bo sighed deeply and fell into deep sleep.

Luke looked out the window. It was 2:00 a.m. Where was Bo? Did he really leave
Hazzard? Or was he really at Cooters’ like he heard Daisy tell little Dixie?
“Are you waiting for Bo?”
Luke turned around and saw Dixiana behind him.
“Dixie, what are you doing up? It’s late.”
“I couldn’t sleep. I had a nightmare.”
“About Bo?”
“Yes, I dreamt Bo was hurt really bad. I couldn’t help him.”
“Well, I am worried about Bo, too. Do you want me to take you back to your room?”
Dixie looked at Luke, right in his blue eyes.
“Can I sleep in Bo’s bed? Maybe it will help me sleep.”
“What if Bo comes back?”
Dixie thought seriously for a moment.
“Well, then, I will be the first one to see him.”
“Well, ok, come on.”
Luke took Dixiana’s little hand in his hand and led her to the room him and Bo shared.
He helped Dixiana get into bed and tucked her in.
“Goodnight, Dixie.”
“Goodnight, Luke.”
Dixiana snuggled into Bo’s pillow. She inhaled his familiar scent. It was like Bo was
actually there. But, he wasn’t, she reminded herself. He was gone and they didn’t know
where he was. She closed her eyes, prayed a quick prayer and then fell asleep. Luke
looked over at his sleeping little cousin. She looked so small in Bo’s bed. Of all the
Dukes, Dixiana was probably closer to Bo. Luke thought she probably wilt without Bo’s
love. He was a little angry at Bo for abandoning her. Didn’t he know she looked up to
him. Didn’t he know that she really loved him. Of course, she was close to both Bo and
Luke. She rather ride with them in the General Lee than ride with Daisy or Uncle
Jesse. But, she was truly loved.
But, if Bo really loved her, why did he leave?
Luke sighed and closed his eyes. “Where are you, Bo? he whispered to himself and fell

Bo opened his eyes to the sound of the bedroom door opening. It was morning. He
heard the birds chirping and the sun was shining.
“Amber, is that you?”
He, then, saw a small blond girl enter the room. She looked no more that 16 or 17.
“No, my name is Adella. I am Mistress Amber’s servant girl. Mistress Amber is away
this morning. But, she asked me to serve you.” She entered the bathroom and put down
the freshly laundered towels, she was carrying.
“Well, Adella, I am a little hungry. If I meet you downstairs, I would like a little
“I have breakfast for you. I had a feeling you would be hungry.”
Before Bo could open his mouth. Adella came in with a large-size tray. It had two eggs
done over-easy, four slices of crispy bacon, two pieces of toast and a glass of freshly
squeezed orange juice.
“Well, thank you, Adella.”
She placed the tray on a tray on a small table.
“I will leave you to eat and freshened up. When you are done with the tray, leave it by
the door. I will retrieve it. Mistress Amber has told me let you know that you are free to
roam the house. But, I ask you to stay out of her quarters in the west wing if the house.
It is forbidden.”
Adella walked out of Bo’s chamber, leaving Bo to eat his breakfast and to get dressed.

When Bo had finished his breakfast, he picked up the tray and put it outside his door.
He, then, went to the bathroom. He turned on the tap and splashed cold water on his
He wondered why he wasn’t allowed in Amber’s quarters. she was so friendly with him,
last night. But, all should have privacy, Bo thought as he walked back into the bedroom.
He straighten the sheets on the bed. Just as he was about to open the door he heard a
“Come in.”
Adella walked in. She held Bo’s clothes in her arms.
“Your clothes from last night, Mr Duke. Mistress Amber wanted me to clean them for
“Thank you, Adella, it’s Bo, I feel kind of funny when you call me, Mr. Duke. I feel I
have to turn around and see if my uncle Jesse is there. Adella, do you mind if I call my
family and tell them I am fine.”
Adella looked at him and with a slight quiver in her voice she said.
“I’m afraid our phones are down. Mistress Amber was supposed to get a repairman to
fix them.”
Bo frowned.
“well, I guess I will have to wait.”
He clapped his hands.
“Well, Adella, I guess you will have to show me around this beautiful house.”
“I will be happy to show you around.”
Bo exited the room, first. Adella watched him. Since, this will be your home, forever.
“Keep him occupied,” Adella remembered Amber saying to her. “Until I am ready to
proceed with the plan.”
“Well, are you coming?” Bo called. “I could get lost in a house like this.”
Adella followed close behind Bo. She would not take her eyes off him. He was a pawn
in her mistress’s plans. Both him and his cousin Luke.
He’s very handsome, Adella thought. When the mistress is done with him. I hope I
get to have him.
Adella’s thoughts were interrupted by Bo.
“Well, Miss Adella, where do we start?”

Later, in the afternoon, Luke came back to the farmhouse. He had no luck finding Bo.
No one in Hazzard had seen any sign of him. He had come home empty handed.

Dixiana heard the General pull into the driveway of the house. She push open the door
and rushed outside. When, she saw Luke climb out of the General without Bo, she knew
that Bo had really ran away.
“Oh, Luke, you couldn’t find him?” Dixiana said with a lump in her throat.
“No, Dixie, I didn’t see him anywhere. He wasn’t at Cooter’s either.”
Uncle Jesse heard Luke and Dixiana talking and went outside.
Dixiana saw Jesse approach her.
“Oh, Daddy Jesse, Luke couldn’t find Bo. He really ran away and I’ll never see him
again.” Dixiana started to cry. Jesse embraced her. He tried to comfort her, but she
cried and cried.
“I looked everywhere and couldn’t see him, anywhere.”
“Did you see J.D and Rosco and file a missing person report?”
“I tried, but Rosco brushed me off. Do you think they have anything to do with it.”
“I don’t think J.D would sink low to take advantage of Bo.”
“He did it once. Do you remember when Bo had amnesia and Boss made him believe
he was his father.”
Jesse nodded his head. He remembered that real well. It was before Dixiana came into
their lives. “Poor Dixie” Jesse thought as he held the child in his arms. She loved Bo, so
“Well, Luke, all we can so is pray. Pray that Bo comes to his senses and comes home.”
They walked back into the farmhouse.

Nighttime fell. It was dismal scene in the Duke farm. Dinner was silent. Not one of
them spoke a word. After Jesse said the blessing, the silence began. Usually, dinnertime
at the Dukes was not quiet. They would sit and talk about their day. Dixiana did most
of the talking while Jesse, Daisy and the boys listened. But, Dixiana was not talking
tonight. She was eating her food mechanically, not a word. She looked at the empty.
She looked at the empty chair where Bo normally sat, across from her. Tears filled her
“Daddy Jesse, may I be excused? I am not that hungry and I am a little tired. I am
going to lay down.”
“Alright, Dixie, if you feel like going to bed, that’s fine. Goodnight sweetheart.”
“Goodnight, Daddy Jesse, Daisy, Luke.”
Daisy and Luke gave Dixie a kiss on the cheek. Then, Dixiana went off to bed.
“Poor thing. She’s taking this so hard.” Daisy said as she took Dixie’s plate and cleared
“Well, it’s not going to well for all of us. The sooner we’ll all sleep better.” Jesse said.
Daisy cleared the plates and started washing the dishes. Uncle Jesse went into the living
room and pick the paper to read.

Luke went down the hall. Instead of going into Dixiana and Daisy’s room, he went into
his and Bo’s room. there, lying in Bo’s bed, was little Dixiana. Her face was swollen
with tears. She had cried herself to sleep.
“Oh, Bo, if only you could only see how you hurting her.” Luke said as he kissed
Dixiana’s flushed cheek.

Bo waited for Amber in the front parlor. Maybe the magic would continue. He was
sipping a glass of red wine. Adella had fixed a fire in the fireplace for him. He sat and
looked into the fire. He almost fell asleep in the chair. The fire was warm in his face
and the wine was making him drowsy.
He was so absorbed in the fire, he didn’t sense Amber’s presence.
Amber crept behind the chair Bo was sitting in. She place her hands on both of his
shoulders and softly caressed them. Bo tilted his head back. Amber tilted her head
forward and their lips softly met in a kiss.
“I missed you, Amber.”
“And I, you, country boy.”
Amber walked around the chair. She faced Bo. Before Bo could rise, Amber sunk to
her knees before him.
“Don’t move.”
With her hands on his thighs, she leaned in and kissed him. Her hands tightening on his
thighs. She kissed him, deeply. He put his arms around her and drew her closer. As
close as he could get to her. Not a word was spoken between them. She kissed him so
powerfully that he was knocked to the floor. They were still locked together.
He felt the slight weight of Amber’s body on top of his body. Their kiss was broken.
Amber leaned on her elbows and looked at Bo’s beautiful face. He had the most
beautiful blue eyes. His eyes told secrets. Secrets, she would unlock. He buried his
hands in her luxurious red hair. Moments passed with them locked in this position.
“Lady, I have never ever felt this way before. What kind of magic spell, have you put on
me? Because if you put one on me, it’s working. I am falling madly in love with you.”
She leaned forward and softly kissed his lips. She, then, kissed his jawline. Her lips went
down the side of his neck/ Bo put his arms around her and pull her down fully on the
his chest, She buried her face in his neck. He felt her hands entangle in his blond hair.
“Bo, if you really love me. You will accept me for who I am.”
Bo raised Amber’s face from out of its haven of Bo’s neck.
“Amber, darling, what are you saying?”
She smiled a devious smile.
“Amber, what’s going on? Why are you looking at me, like that?”
Amber didn’t answer. She bent her head and buried it into Bo’s neck. Before Bo could
speak or move, Amber sunk her teeth in. Bo’s breathing almost stopped. He felt his
body responded to Amber’s deep kisses. For some reason, he wasn’t scared. He felt
deeply relaxed. His heartbeat slowed.
While Amber drank from his neck, she unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his body. She
inserted her hands underneath his blue t-shirt. She felt his skin of his chest. When she
felt his heartbeat dangerously slow, she drew back. Bo opened his eyes.
“What are you?” Bo gasped.
“I am a vampire. My real name is Amber DuLouis. I was made 150 years ago.”
“I have fallen in love with a 150 year old vampire. All my luck. Well, lady you sure
fooled me. Now, if you are done with this little game, I would like to go home. I think
I overstayed my welcome.”
“I don’t think so, country boy. I love having you around. In fact, you are staying here
forever. I forgot to inform you. but, you were too busy falling in love with me. It was
so fun pretending to be in love with you. But, you do belong to me now.”
She grabbed the neckline if his t-shirt with her two hands. To Bo’s surprise, she ripped
off his body. She slid off of Bo’s body and stood up. She grabbed his shirt and what
was left of his t-shirt.
“What did you do that for?” Bo demanded.
“You won’t be needing these.” Amber said “You are going to be my slave. I love to see your
beautiful body. I want to see how you work it. You will do all the services around here
for me. Especially, personal services. If you know what I mean.” She smiled and show
her fangs.

Bo saw Adella walk into the room. She had two golden bands in her hands. A small
latch bonded the bands together. She handed them to Amber. Amber, with the help of
Adella, gathered Bo’s wrists and snapped the bands on them.
“Now you are completely mine. Adella, take him to his new chambers. Bring him up, to
my chamber when I want him. In the meantime, work him to point of the exhaustion. I
want him well worked.”
Adella helped Bo up and marched him out of the front parlor and the corridor. She
stopped at stairwell, that led downstairs to the basement.
“Now, walk down, country boy.”
She led Bo down the stairs. Then, Bo saw a golden cage. Adella led him to the cage.
She unlocked the cage door. She pushed Bo in and had him in sitting position. She,
then, forced his arms around a beam. She latched the bands together. She locked the
cage door and walked away, leaving Bo in utter darkness.

The next morning, Bo heard Adella coming down the stairs.
“Morning, it’s time for you to start your services for Mistress Amber.” She unlocked Bo’s
cuffs and led him upstairs.
All day, Bo was worked. Adella had him washing windows, floors and the occasional
dishes. He swept the floors, vacuumed the rugs. Adella made him work outside. He was
mowing the grass, and picking the weeds out of the garden.
By the time he got to chopping the wood for the fireplace, he was exhausted. His limbs
ached. He could barely keep his eyes open. He felt a hand enclose on his upper arm.
“I think you did enough for today.”
Adella dragged Bo back into the house.
She led him back downstairs. Back into his prison. He closed his eyes while Adella put
his arms back into position and snapped the bands together.
She put her finger under Bo’s chin and raised his face close to hers.
“It won’t be long until you are used to this. You are stubborn, beautiful one. But, she
will break your spirit.”
She let his head drop. She closed the door and went back upstairs. Bo leaned his head
back and uncomfortably fell asleep.

He saw the figure approach the cage. Was it Amber? Was she coming to see her
prisoner? But, it was Adella. She unlocked the door. She went around and lifted the
little latch of the bands on Bo’s wrists.
“She wants to see you. She sent me to get you.”
She led him upstairs to the main floor. Bo didn’t protest at all. He was to emotionally
drained. She was using him. Keeping him from his family. Somehow, he deserved this.
After all, he left home because of a stupid fight he and Luke had.
Adella led him to the door of Amber’s chambers.
She knocked on the door.
Adella entered the chambers. She pushed Bo inside.
“Here he is, Mistress Amber.”
“Thank you, I will summon you, if I need you.”
Adella nodded and closed the door behind her.
“Come here, Bo.”
He saw her reclining on her bed. She wore a black tight satin nightdress.
“Come here, I don’t bite.”
“Yea, right, then what was that little make-out move with me, last night.”
She lifted her arm and extended her hand.
“Please, don’t make this difficult. Come here, I want to talk.”
Bo sighed, out of defeat and took her hand. She made him sit down on the side of her
“Now, what is your motive? Are you so lonely to have a man around or something.?”
She sat behind him. She slipped her arms around his chest. He felt her full breasts
press into his back.
“Do you really want to know why you are really here? What my true motive is? Well,
beautiful one, it is simple. You were not a random country boy, I picked up. I knew
who you were. I know about your family. For the past year I planned this.”
“Planned what?”
“I was just getting to that. It’s a long story. 150 years ago, before I was made into a
vampire, I lived in Hazzard. My father was a farmer. Anyways, Thaddaus Hogg, that
would be JD Hogg’s great, great grandfather, ordered my father to get off his land. When
my father refused to sell out land, Thaddaus Hogg raised our mortgage. When my father
couldn’t pay, he had no choice to sign a deed. Well, after that, my father all hope and
died. I was made into a vampire before he passed away. I vowed I would get my fathers
land back. It was only a year ago, that I came up with a plan. I studied Hazzard County
and I found out that Thaddaus Hogg’s great, great grandson Jefferson Davis Hogg ran
Hazzard County. I was especially curious to know that J.D. Hogg’s one wish was to
have you and your cousin Luke behind bars in state prison. So, now, I have put my plan into action.”
“What’s that?” Bo asked. His mind filled with dread. He knew what it was, he
just wanted to confirm his fears.
“I have talked to Mister Hogg and his loyal Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane. We have come to
one agreement. The deed that was dated in 1832, in exchange for you and your cousin
“How are you going to get my cousin Luke? He doesn’t know where I am.”
She leaned in and whispered into his ear.
“I already took care of that. I called Mister Hogg at the Boar’s Nest. I know your
cousin Daisy works there. I told Boss Hogg to make like she was eavesdropping. If I
know your cousin, she will tell your cousin Luke where you are. And, then I’ll be waiting.
By, the end of the week, you both will be on your way from this prison to another. Of
course, it won’t be as luxurious as this one. You know, Bo, it will such a shame to let you
go.” But, while I got you here. I won’t waste any minute.”
She lowered her mouth to the soft skin of his neck. She tightened her arms around him.
When she knew she had him immobilized, she sunk her teeth in.
“Not again.” Bo said thickly. His heart slowed. His breathing staggered. His head felt
so heavy. He couldn’t hold it upright any longer. His eyes fluttered close. He felt
drained, not only some of his blood, but his energy.
Amber, slowly, retracted her teeth out of his neck. She placed his head on her shoulder.
Her hands slowly slid down until they landed just around the waist of his jeans. Two or
three of her fingers slid under the waist of his jeans. He felt her breasts rub against his
back. He felt so relaxed. But, he thought, she was enemy. She was going to help Boss
Hogg put him and Luke away.
“Now, you must sleep. You’re tired, aren’t you?”
Bo tried to resist but he couldn’t. He tried to speak, to deny her. But, he couldn’t. He
allowed her to lay him down. He felt his arms be raised over his head. He felt his wrists
being secured to the bed post. His boots and his socks were removed. She put her
hands on his belt buckle. He felt her removing his belt and undoing his jeans.
“I am comfortable. Please you don’t have to strip me.”
She sat down on the bed near his upper body. Her hand slid casual, down his arm. He
felt her hand under his upper arm. Her gentle caresses made his body truely relax. His
mind was consumed with darkness and he fell in a deep sleep.
“Soon, Bo, soon. Your cousin will join you and things will get a little interesting around
here.” She, softly, caressed his face. Bo slept deeply and soundly.

When Daisy overheard Boss Hogg talking to an unknown person. She knew it was
about Bo.
“You have Bo Duke. Where are you? Yes, Oh yes, I will. Now you don’t hurt a hair
on that boy’s head. Yes, the end of the week. Yes, 156 Cherry Lane, Atlanta.”
Daisy went quietly outside to her jeep Dixie, to use her CB.
“This is Bo-Peep. Lost Sheep#1 or Shepard. Can you hear me, Bo Peep.”

Boss went out to the bar area where Daisy worked. When she wasn’t there, he know she
was calling the rest of the Duke family.
“Rosco, Rosco, this a glorious day for me. She fell for it. Now, she probably calling
Luke. Rosco, do you know what this means?”
“What fat little buddy?” Rosco realized. “Oh-h! It means those Duke boys will be in
state prison.”
“Right, Rosco, those Duke boys will out of my hair for ten years. Oh, what a glorious

Dixiana was inside the house doing some homework. Jesse was out feeding the
chickens, when Daisy’s CB call came in.
“I got it, Daddy Jesse.” Dixiana said as she went to CB in the house.
“Bo Peep, this is Little Cousin. What’s up?”
“Little Cousin, is Luke there?”
“No, Daisy, Luke went out. He’s still looking for Bo.”
“Well, I heard Boss Hogg on the phone, at the Boars Nest and he knows where Bo is.”
“Where is Bo, Daisy? Did he say where?”
“Yes, 156 Cherry Lane in Atlanta. I can’t get Luke.”
“Maybe, he’s on another CB channel. I will try to call him, Daisy.”
“Thanks, Dixie, this is Bo Peep out.”

Dixiana, unsuccessfully, tried three c.b. channels until she got Luke.
“Lost Sheep#1, this is Little Cousin.”
“This is Lost Sheep. What’s up, Little Cousin?”
“Daisy just CB me. It seems she overheard Boss Hogg and someone. Point is, Luke, he
knows where Bo is.”
“Where, Little Cousin?”
“156 Cherry Lane, in Atlanta.”
“Thanks, Little Cousin.”
“Luke, be careful.”
“I will, Lost Sheep#1 out.”

For the next two days, Amber had poor Bo worked hard. Bo wondered when Luke
would come and get him. He was exhausted and sort- of weak. But, she didn’t make
him sleep in that cage, anymore. For the last two nights, he was sleeping on Amber’s
bedroom floor. His wrists were latched on the leg of her bed. But, he felt that Amber
was softing a little. For those last two night, while sleeping almost uncomfortably, Bo
felt Amber covered his exhausted body with a blanket.

Bo was sweeping the front porch when he heard a familiar sound of General Lee. He
kept his head down and continued to sweep. He didn’t want Luke to endure what he
went through in the past four days. He didn’t want Luke to look into his eyes and find
them emotionless.

Luke saw a blond figure sweeping the porch of the house. This was 156 Cherry Avenue.
that blond with his head down was unmistakably Bo. He stopped the car. He slid out
quick as he could and quickly walked to the house.
“Bo, it’s you. Are you alright, cousin.”
Bo kept sweeping, and he kept his head down. Tears formed in his emotionless eyes.
When Bo wouldn’t say or acknowledge his presence, Luke become worried.
“Bo, cousin, ‘please talk to me. You are not still mad at me, are you? I’ve been worried sick.
Please, look at me.”
Bo lifted his head. Luke saw into Bo’s expressionless eyes.
“Bo, talk to me. Who’s got you here? Boss Hogg said that you were kidnapped. What’s
going on?”
Before Bo could speak, a presence was known between Bo and Luke.
“You must be Luke. My mistress has been waiting for you. Bo, you have done pretty
well, today. The house is in good order. You must be rewarded.”
She grabbed both Bo and Luke’s arms and pulled them into the house.

“Bo, what’s going on? You’re doing the housework and what’s with the wrist bands.”
Bo was silent. He know what his reward was going to be. For, him, it was more of a
punishment than a reward.

They walked towards the two double doors that Bo knew all to well.
Adella knocked on the door.
“I have brought your faithful slave and his cousin Luke.”
Luke could’nt believe that Bo was being used as a slave.
“You may go, Adella. I won’t need you for the rest of their stay here.
Adella left, leaving an emotionally drained Bo and a confused Luke behind with Amber.
“You are Bo’s cousin Luke. I see that beauty runs in the family.”
Amber walked behind Bo. Her arms slid around his chest.
“Adella says that you did a great job around the house, You must be rewarded.”
Luke watched in horror as Amber put her fangs in Bo’s neck. He watched Bo close his
eyes and surrender himself. After minutes, she extracted her fangs.
“Lie down, darling boy.” Bo laid down on the floor. Amber locked Bo’s wrists around
the post. Bo closed his eyes.
“He’s asleep. Now, Luke, we can talk.”
“Alright, whoever you are, what do you want with Bo and me. What have you done to
him? He won’t even look at me. Now, lady, I am a fair person. I see alot of hurt in
those eyes of yours. Now, what did you do to Bo?”
Amber felt a emotion that she held down for years. Somehow, Luke could bring it to
the surface. Bo couldn’t. Maybe because his emotion were more overpowering than
“The name is Amber.”
“That’s a start. Now, Amber, What’s a story? Why us? Why are you treating my cousin
this way.”
Amber looked at Bo, who was sleeping soundly. A twinge of guilt sprang to her.
“Darn, Luke, I am so confused. I am sorry I am putting your family through this.”
Luke looked into Amber’s green eyes. Tears were starting to form. He was making her
so confused. Just minutes ago, she was taking advantage of Luke’s emotionally drained
cousin Bo. She wanted to do the same to Luke. Now, she felt so disgusted with herself.
She never showed emotion since she was mortal. That was it, she thought Luke was
reaching her mortal “emotion.”

“Amber, I am trying to understand. Please tell me why you are holding me and Bo
Amber sighed and told Luke the same tale, she told Bo, just a night earlier.
“I knew that Boss Hogg would be involved. In fact, I knew a Hogg would be involved.”
“Luke, I was so desperate. I thought this would be the only way. I thought I could pull
it off. I did at first. You see, with Bo, it was easy. He was vulnerable. He had left
home. I think he fell in love with me. I was so desperate for this plan to work that I
pretend to fall in love with him. I am so sorry that I hurt him, Luke.”

“Well, for starters, you could take those wristbands off him. Let him a least sleep a little
more comfortably.” Amber sighed. She unlocked the bands and removed them from
Bo’s wrists. Bo, unconsciously, moved his arms. He placed his beside his head.
“What did you do to him.” Luke asked as he looked Bo’s sleeping form. “He always
tells me everything, now he won’t even looked at me.”
“Maybe it was you. You did have fight with him, didn’t you? ”
“He told you?”
“No, Luke. I read his thoughts. Some immortals, like me, can read people’s thoughts.”
“How do you do that?”
“Well, there’s two ways. I could just look into their eyes and read their thoughts that
“Then, Amber, look into my eyes. What am I thinking?”
Amber gazed deep into Luke’s blue eyes. She saw Bo and Luke riding in the General
Lee. She saw a farmhouse with a family working together. This must be Bo and Luke’s
“you are thinking about family. How much you want to leave take Bo with you.”
“You’re right. What’s the other ways, you read people’s minds. Is it what you did
to Bo?”
Amber looked at Bo, who was sleeping, on his right side. she touched Bo’s neck, where
the marks, that her fangs made, were.
“Yes, Luke and that way is so powerful. I feel emotions as well as read thoughts. That’s
how I felt Bo’s emotions, how he was feeling. As I drank his blood, I felt his emotions.
his pain and his fears. That’s why I picked him instead of finding you, first. Plus, he was
walking toward Atlanta. He ran away from home.”
“Bo is very vulnerable. I admit, he always been high-strung. but, Amber you didn’t have
to treat him like this.”
Amber hung her head. She didn’t want Luke to see her. She tried to control her
emotions. Luke put his hand under her chin and raised her face.
“Amber, this is crazy, I want you to do what you did to Bo, to me.
Amber put her hand through Luke’s hair. She tilted his head. Her mouth closed on
Luke’s neck. She plunged her fangs into his skin. Luke felt really light-headed. He felt
his heart pounding in his ears. He wondered if Bo felt this amazing sensation. At first,
he couldn’t speak. When he regained his speech, he questioned Amber.
“Amber, do you know what I am thinking, what am I feeling?”
When they starting talking they were sitting on Amber’s bed. When Luke asked her if
she felt him, she responded by pulling Luke down. His emotions were so powerful, she
had to lie down. Never had a mortal make her feel like this. She didn’t feel like this,
with Bo. Though he was beautiful to look at, she didn’t feel anything. But, she was
totally in love with Luke. She withdrew her teeth from Luke’s neck.
“Amber, what I am feeling? Can you tell me?”
“Luke, I felt your love for your cousin, your worries. He will be alright. I didn’t hurt physically. It will
take him a while to get his strength. Oh, Luke, how can I make him forgive me. I hurt him so much. I
used him.”
“Well, it will take some time. But. I am sure Bo will forgive you.”
Luke looked over at Amber. Her face was buried in his neck. He heard the unmistakable sounds of
Amber crying. Luke shifted so that her face near his face.
“Amber, please, it will be alright. We’ll think of something. But, you got to let me and
Bo go. We have a family that loves us and are probably worried about us.”
“But, Luke, without you and Bo, I can’t get the deed away from Boss Hogg. I made a
deal with him. You and Bo for the deed. Oh. Luke, what am I going to do?”
“Good question. Well, we’ll have to think about it.” Luke yawned. “It’s getting late. I
think you should get some sleep too. Maybe, we’ll think of something. Don’t worry. I’ll
talk to Bo, tomorrow. Ok.” Luke said when he saw Amber’s doubting face. He put his
arm around Amber’s shoulders and pull her to him.
“Bo” Amber said. then she got out of bed and put one of the blanket on Bo’s body.
She then got back into bed and fell asleep near Luke, snuggling against his body.
“Goodnight Amber.” Luke whispered as his lips grazed her cheek.

Morning came. Luke awoke. He slipped out of Amber’s bed. He carefully wrapped the
blankets around her. He made sure the windows were closed tightly and the curtains
closed, knowing what Amber was. He walked to where Bo was lying. He needed to talk
to Bo. Get his feelings, and try to explain that amber confessed to feeling confused.
“Bo, cousin, are you awake.?”
Bo opened his eyes.
“Luke, is that you? I wasn’t dreaming, last night, was I?
“No, Bo, I am here. Are you alright?”
“Well, I am a little weak. Luke, I am so confused. Did she tell you why we are here?
Do you know what she is? Do you know what she did to me?”
“Whoa, Bo, slow down, cousin. I know. she told me everything. How Boss Hogg’s great,
great grandfather took her father’s land and how she planned to trade you and I for that
deed. I know what she is, Bo. What she did to you, she did to me.”
“Luke, she’s evil. She attacked me, locked me up like an animal. Then, she made me
clean her house. Wait, she did it to you.”
“Well, I want her to.”
Bo looked at Luke in amazement.
“You want her to do it? Luke, are you crazy?”
“No, she told me, she can read thoughts and feel emotions. Bo, she knew we had a fight
a fight, the night she picked you up. She read your mind. How did you feel when she
did that to you? You know, drank your blood.”
“Well, the first time, it was unexpected. It felt weird. I felt my heart pounding. I felt my
blood through my veins.”
“I felt that too.”
“But, Luke, she used me.”
“She’s confused, Bo. She didn’t want to hurt you. We have to help her.”
“I want to hear it from her, Luke. I want her to feel sorry for what she did to me.”
“Just talk to her, Bo. She’ll give you an explanation.”
Bo sighed. He knew he had to face her. To finally, tell her, how he felt. But, confused
or not, she had to be reckoned with. Tonight, Bo and Luke would talk this situation of
off with her.

Dixiana peered out the windows. It had been almost a day since Luke left to find Bo.
Now, Luke hadn’t come home. She was starting to get worried. It had been nearly a
week since Bo left home. A lot of questions filled her head. In the corner of her eye,
she saw Jesse entered the living room.
“Daddy Jesse, Luke has been gone the whole night and he hasn’t come home yet and
Bo’s still missing.”
“I know, baby, it’s hard on us. We know that wherever Bo and Luke are, they’re safe.”
“but, what if they’re not. Remember, what Daisy said, Boss Hogg got a call from
someone who has Bo. What if that person has Luke too. Oh, Daddy Jesse, I am so
“Well, Dixie, there’s only one thing to do. We’ll go see J.D and see who it was. Then
we’ll go and find Bo and Luke.”
Jesse and Dixiana went into town. They entered the Sheriff’s department. Rosco was
brushing his dog Flash’s fur when Jesse and Dixiana entered.
“Oh, now, what do you want Jesse, I am so busy. Ain’t I, Flash?” Flash barked as if to
tell Rosco that Jesse had something important to discuss with him.
“Rosco, I want to see J.D. It concerns Bo and Luke. Someone called J.D. and they said
they had Bo. Rosco, I want to speak to J.D.” Jesse ‘s voice raised a little.
“My boys are missing. I want them back, safe.”
“What’s all this commotion?” J.D. Hogg walked into the Sheriff department from his
“J.D., I want to talk to you. Somebody called you and said they had Bo. Now, Luke’s
gone out to get him, but now he hasn’t been back yet. Who was it that called you. Who
has my boys?”
Well, Jesse, I’ll that I don’t know. They didn’t give their name. They told me they had
Bo and that I had to give them what they wanted.”
“The boys are being held for ransom, J.D.”
“Well, just Bo. I don’t know how Luke got there.”
“J.D., Daisy overheard you talking to this person. You gave an address. Daisy gave to
Dixiana. Then, Dixiana told it to Luke. Now, that you couldn’t help us, we’ll find them
ourselves. Come, Dixie, let’s go and find Bo and Luke.”
Jesse and Dixiana walked out the building.
“Daddy Jesse, are we really going to find Bo and Luke.”
“Yes, let’s get Daisy, and go out to Atlanta. Tonight, we will bring Bo and Luke, home.”

Amber put down the phone. Boss Hogg had the deed and now he demanded Bo and
Luke to be returned back to him.
When, Bo and Luke walked into the living room where Amber was. When they saw the
color of Amber’s face, they knew it had be trouble.
“Amber, it was Boss Hogg, was it?” Bo asked.
“Yes, he has the deed. I have to bring you back to Hazzard. Oh, boys what am I going
to do? I want my father’s land back.”
“Amber” Luke kneeled in front of her. “It was so long ago. Can’t you let it go?”
“NO!” Amber grabbed Luke by the collar. “I can’t,” she hissed.
“Amber, please, calm down.” Luke put his hands on hers and softly unclutched them
from around his collar. He looked at Bo ,who was behind the chair Amber was sitting.
“Bo, could you leave alone for a few minutes.”
“Sure, cousin,” Bo was relived. He thought for sure that Amber was going to attack
Luke and possibly himself.

Luke took Amber’s hands into his hands and look into her eyes.
“Amber, I know it’s hard. But, Bo and I aren’t the people you should be taking your
hurt feelings out on. You should have talk to your father. Do you really think that
getting your father’s land back would change everything.”
“Oh, Luke, why did you foil my plans? I was so ready to turn you and Bo in, but you
had to ruin them.”
Luke lean over and softly kissed her.
“Come on, is it so hard?”
“Oh. Luke.” She put her arms around Luke and drew him in with a long, passionate kiss.
She never felt this way about a man before. Even when she was a mortal.
They kissed for a few more minutes.
“Just let us go, Amber. I promise that no harm will come to you.”
“For you, Luke, anything. You have a way with words.”
She bent her head and softly kissed his neck. The scent of his blood was overpowering,
but she would harm him in any way.
“Luke, I never felt like this before. I think I am in love with you.”
“I love you too. At, first I was so angry at you for using Bo like that. But, as I heard
your story about your difficulty with your father, I felt a lot of sympathy for you. Then,
last night when I held you in my arms. I want to love you and protect you. Amber, you
are not as tough as you think, you just as feeling as Bo and I are.”
“Luke, I love you. But, it’s going to be so hard to stay together. You know what I am.
I can’t love you like a mortal woman.”
“Amber, I don’t care. I really want to be with you.”
“And I with you.”
They met for a long, heat kiss before they called Bo back into the room.

“Well, I reckon everything is ok! Now, Amber, could you let us go.” Bo asked.
But, before Amber could answered, they heard a commotion in the hallway.
Adella walked in the room.
“Mistress Amber, we have visitors. What should I do. they claim they know Bo and
“Send them in.”
Jesse, Daisy and Dixiana walk into the room.
“Bo” Dixiana cried. and ran into Bo’s open arms.”I missed you so much”
“Dixie, I am so sorry. I should’nt have ran away. Uncle Jesse, Daisy. I am so sorry.”
Jesse embraced Bo and Luke. “My boys, are you ok?”
“Yes, Uncle Jesse.”
“Sir, I am so sorry that I hurt your nephew. I am the one who kidnap him.”
“Why did you do that?” Daisy demanded with her hands clenched fists.
“Daisy, let her explain.” Bo said.
Amber explained the whole situation and how Luke changed her mind.
“Leave it to J.D. Honey, the Dukes and Hoggs have been friends and enemies for
“I made my mind up, Mr. Duke. I am not giving Bo and Luke up to J.D. Hogg. I am
letting them go. Boys, you can go home.”
“Mistress Amber–”
“Adella, I lied to you too. I am so sorry.”
The Dukes watched Amber and Adella embrace.
“You’re all I have.”
Dixiana walked up to Amber.
“No, you have us now.”
“You would forgive me after all I put you through, especially you, Bo.”
“Amber, Uncle Jesse taught us to forgive all.” Bo gathered Amber in his arms, like did the
first night and hugged her.
“We will visit you, when we come to Atlanta.” Daisy said as they walked out the front
“That would be nice.” Amber said as the Dukes walked out of the house.
Luke went to Amber and put his arms around her.
“Remember, you still have me. I will come and take care of everything for you. I meant
that promise, I will never let anyone harm you.”
Luke and Amber kissed, while the others looked on. Bo was a little mournful. He
thought him and Amber could have something special. But, it wasn’t meant to be. He
felt his left hand being held. He looked and saw Dixiana holding his hand. He picked
her up and gave a big hug.
“i think that Amber and Luke will be happy together.” Dixiana said.
“Dixie, you are so right. Do you know how thoughtful you are.” Bo said to his cousin.
“No, tell me.” Dixiana said as Bo carried her to the General.
“Uncle Jesse, do you think they will be alright.” Daisy indicated about Luke and Amber.
“Well, baby, I think Luke is what Amber needs. I recken she never had that much love
and Luke is the right person to give it to her.”
Dixiana peered out of the General Lee.
“Hey you two lovebirds, break it up.” Dixiana said.
Luke let Amber go.
“I will see you soon, I promise.” Luke said softly and walked to the General.
Tears coursed down her cheeks as she watched the Dukes drive away.
The Dukes kept their promise and visited Amber and Adella. Luke and Amber fell more
and more in love.
Boss kept the deed. but still tried to frame Bo and Luke for something.
All was normal in Hazzard again. Whatever normal is.

The End
Live Forever
Amelia Lynn
Copyright 1999

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