Love and Devotion

by: Ameila Lynn

Trixie Coltrane tapped her fingers against the window ledge of her rented 1997 Firebird. She was edging closer to Hazzard County. She had’nt been there in 21 years. She was only 5 years old when her mother and step-father moved away to Altanta. She missed her Uncle Rosco and Aunt Lulu. In about 2 and a half hours, she willing be seeing them again.

But, the real reason she was returning back to Hazzard was the fact that she was planning a special issue for “Sophiscated Woman”. It was going to spotlight “life in a small town.” Hazzard was a small town and she was the editor, was’nt she?

She called Matt Andrews, top photographer and working exclusively for “Sophisticated Woman.”
“Matt, I want you in Hazzard in two days. I need you there for principal shooting. Get Missy, Sasha and Corinne out here in the same time. I have plane tickets for you four and a rental car to drive up in. You have your instructions and the map marked with the directions.”
“Yes, Trix. You’ll see us in two days. I understand you need to see your family and re-acquaint yourself with the town you left. How long has it been?”
“21 years, Matt, 21 long years. I was only 5 years old when Mom decided to move away…”

“21 years.” Trixie thought as she said goodbye to Matt and put her cell phone back in it’s perch. 21 long years. Would she remember every thing in Hazzard. Most importantly, would Uncle Rosco and Aunt Lulu recognize her?

Lulu Hogg sat at her desk at the Hazzard National Bank. She took over most of the business since her husband J.D. died three years ago. In his will, he left most of Hazzard to her brother, Rosco. But, Rosco realized he could’nt handle every thing. So, Lulu took over the bank and most of the big businesses. While Rosco took the Sheriff’s Department. It was hard on Lulu when J.D. died. They would have been married 40 years, this year. Of course, sometimes she want to leave him at one time or another. She missed J.D. so
“Miss Lulu, it’s almost time to close.” Luanne McCloud, head teller, called to Lulu.
“Let me see how much the balance is now. Oh, I have so much to do. I better call Bo or Luke to pick me up.” Since J.D.’s death, Lulu could’nt bear driving. There were alot of helpful people in Hazzard that would help Lulu. She knew that, but she always counted on the Duke family. Misery loves company Lulu thought. Since the death of Jesse Duke three months previously the Duke kids, Bo, Luke and Daisy, have been taking care of his debts. The Dukes have not been the same either. Of course, they are still caring about the folks of Hazzard, but they were a little lost without Uncle Jesse. He was the string that tied the
family together.
But, today was’nt a time to mourn. Today was the day Trixie was coming home. She had’nt seen little Trixie since she was 5. Since, Annabelle, her little sister and Trixie’s mother, took her away. The circumstances of the move were not happy. Annabelle married a low-life named Charles, that Lulu and Rosco disapproved of. He had no job and he drank constantly. They had problems with Annabelle.
Annebelle got pregant, with Trixie, when she was 17. The boy deserted her. Lulu and J.D. almost raised Trixie for the first 5 years of her life. then, Charles came into their life. When they married, against Lulu’s and Rosco’s wishes, Annabelle was fed up. She and Charles took poor Trixie to Altanta. Lulu wanted direct custody of Trixie. But, Trixie was gone before Lulu could go to court.
“Miss Lulu.” Bo Duke interrupted Lulu’s thoughts.
“Oh, Bo, I am sorry. I was thinking of Trixie. Have you been here long?”
“Just got here. I will drive you where you want to go. When’s Trixie coming in?”
“About 2 hours. I have’nt much time Bo. I have to go to Rhuebottoms’s store to pick some things up. I am going to meet her at the Boar’s Nest. Daisy’s working tonight, isn’t she?”
“Well, Miss Lulu, she hasn’t worked at the Boar’s Nest since she came back. She works at her own practice, remember?” Bo was a little concerned about Lulu. Since Boss died Lulu has been a little lost. But they were a little lost.
“Oh, Bo, of course, I remember. But, I am so wrapped up in Trixie’s homecoming, I can’t think straight.”
“I wondered what she looks like now?” Bo wondered out loud. “I remember this adorable,small girl visiting you and Boss.”
“Well, she is a editor at a big magizine in New York. I think she is very pretty now. I heard from her, last week. She’s coming to see us and something else. I can’t remember.”
They stopped in front of Rhuebottom’s store.
“Here you are, Miss Lulu.”
“Thank you , Bo.”

Trixie sped towards Hazzard. When she saw a sign that said “Welcome to Hazzard”, her heart beated fast. Suddenly, calm, cool Trixie Coltrane was overcome with emotion. After years, of just wishing and hoping that she would see Hazzard,again, she was actually here.

She was driving through the town. The buildings changed a little, but the attitude had not changed at all.
Folks were stopping to talk or help each other. That was missing from fast-paced world she lived in for years. She knew it would take a while to adjust. She would be in Hazzard for two weeks, then back to New York.

Then Trixie saw something that made her stop the car. It couldn’t be, could it? Right in front of the courthouse in the square, was a woman that looked like Aunt Lulu. Trixie got out of car. Was it really her?

Lulu saw a exspensive car stop right in front of her. Then, out comes thus beautiful young woman. She had black hair, as black as midnight, cut just at the end of her earlobes in a bob. She wore a smart two piece suit with a short skirt. Mock platform heels adorned for feet. Her eyes were a deep green color. Was this little Trixiebelle?
She spoke. “Aunt Lulu, is that you?”
The two women embraced and shed tears of joy.
“Oh my Lord, Trixiebelle. You grown up so nicely. You look like your grandmother Coltrane. Well, when she was younger.”
“Aunt Lulu, you haven’t changed at all. You’re still pretty as I remember.”

While Trixie and Lulu were talking, a sheriff’s car parked in front of the courthouse. Trixie looked at the older gentleman exiting the car. Was it?
“Uncle Rosco?”
Rosco look at the young woman and realized it was his Trixiebelle. He embraced Trixie with tears running down his face. His little Trixiebelle.
“Trixiebelle, I can’t believe you’re here. Aunt Lulu and I have been waiting for this since you wrote us that you were coming.” He turned to Lulu.
“Weren’t we suppose to meet Trixiebelle at the Boar’s Nest.”
Lulu’s hand went to her cheek.
“Oh, yes, this reunion has made me forget about the little welcome home party for you, Trixiebelle.”
“Oh, Aunt Lulu, you didn’t!” Trixie laughed.
She knew her aunt was always overdoing special occasions. But, that what she loved about her aunt. How she makes fusses about everything.
“Everybody will be there.” Lulu told Trixie as she climbed into Trixie’s car.
“Were you waiting for someone,Aunt Lulu.” Trixie asked. She wondered why Lulu was doing standing in front of the courthouse.
“Yes, your uncle Rosco was suppose to pick me half and hour ago.” Lulu glared at Rosco.
“Well, Lulu, I was chasing some riffraff who were speeding.”
“You sure it wasn’t me, Uncle Rosco.” Trixie joked.
“No, Trixiebelle.”
“Well, we better get going. Everybody will be wondering where I am and you are.” Lulu said.
“Aunt Lulu, do the Dukes still live here.?”
Trixie remembered the Duke family very well. Even though, her life was short in Hazzard, she remembered them. Bo, Luke, Daisy, Coy, Vance and their kind Uncle Jesse.
“Yes, they do. Well, Coy and Vance left Hazzard a while ago. But, Bo,Luke and Daisy still do live here.”
“What about their Uncle Jesse?”
Lulu held back tears.
“Jesse Duke died three months ago. The cancer took him away.”
Trixie could’nt believe that sweet kind “Uncle” Jesse was gone. She remembered the kind elderly man. She remembered how she giggled when she hugged her. How he wiped her tears away when she felt like no one cared.

“How’s the family holding up?” Trixie mind wandered back to when she was a little girl. The Duke cousins always watched out for her. She always thought Daisy was very pretty. Luke, well Luke was absent the first three years of her life. He was in the Marines, fighting in the Vietnam war. But, it was Bo, she was closer to. She had a huge crush on him. Even though, he was eleven years older and was a teenager when she was younger.
“Well, they holding up well. Though I suspect they are not the same since Jesse died. He was all they had.”
“Those Dukes.” Rosco interupted Trixie’s thought. “They were one’s I was chasing.”
“Uncle Rosco, what do have against the Dukes? They seemed to be honest men. Plus, their uncle just died. Could you aleast stop chasing them, for me?”
“Trixiebelle,I will do anything for you. Those Dukes are lucky that you are my Trixiebelle.”
“Well, let’s get going.” Lulu said.
They left the courthouse and headed to the Boar’s Nest.

Bo and Luke Duke were sitting at a table near the bar at the Boar’s Nest. They had been retired, again, from the racing circuit. Since Jesse’s death, they were taking care of the farm. They were talking to their close friend Cooter Davenport. Cooter is a ex-senator of Georgia. Bo and Luke could’nt believe that their ex-mechanic friend was a ex-senator. They looked up and saw Rosco walk in.
“Well,Rosco, caught you boys again.” Cooter laughed.
Bo and Luke were ready to argue about the charges that Rosco would make up to arrest them. When they saw Lulu walk in behind him.
“Well, with Lulu behind us, Rosco won’t arrest us.” Bo laughed.

Then, they saw her. A dark-haired beauty with the longest legs,either Bo and Luke seen. She was talking to Lulu.
“Is that little Trixiebelle Coltrane?” Luke asked as the dark-haired young woman walked towards them with Lulu behind her. Bo felt his heart catch in his throat. The once-little girl he remembered was standing before him and Luke, a beautiful woman.
“Bo and Luke Duke. It’s me Trixie Coltrane.”
“Wowee, little Trixiebelle. You grew up very well. I didn’t recognize you at first. But, it’s those eyes. I remember those eyes.” Luke said as Bo grabbed some chairs for Trixie and Lulu.
“Luke Duke, you know that you haven’t changed a bit. I remember you hitting on all the girls. Don’t think, that just because I was very little, I didn’t know anything.”
“So, what are you doing back in Hazzard.” Bo asked as he took a sip of his beer.
“Well, I wanted to see everyone again. But, the real reason I am back is something I am really excited about. As my aunt Lulu told you, I am the editor of “Sophisticated Woman”. I thought this up-coming issue should circle around a small town and the lives of the people around it. My team will be here in two days. Aunt Lulu, I want to profile you in a article on successful women in Hazzard.”
Lulu’s face lit up.
“Oh, my Trixiebelle, that would be wonderful.”
“You know, Trixie, Daisy has her own successful practice in ecology. Maybe you could profile her too.” Bo said.
Trixie looked at Bo. He was as handsome as usual. Sure, he was a little older, but he was as handsome.
“That’s a possiblity, could you tell me where her office is located.?”
“I have an idea. Why don’t you come over and have dinner at our farm. Then you can ask Daisy there.”
“Bo Duke, is that an invitation to really get to know me again?”
“Well, kind of. Trixiebelle, it’s been a long time.”

Later in the evening,Trixie and Lulu joined Bo, Luke and Daisy, in the living room.
“So, how did you become the editor of Sophiscated Woman?” Daisy asked Trixie.
“Well, when I left Altanta, I went to New York City. I worked at a very small magazine, in the mail room. I want to get experience, so I could move on to the big time. Then I heard from a friend,in the business, that Sophiscated Woman needed a person to work in their mailroom. I jumped at the chance. That was five years ago. From there I climbed my way up. I took journalisms courses, to ensure that I would get a fighting at any vacant position that pop up. Just last year, I got promoted to editor,for the magazine. I am the youngest editor in the magazine’s history. Just being part of a team is all I want. But, calling the shots are pretty good.”
Trixie stopped talking and turn in Daisy’s direction. Then, she spoke again.
“That’s why I am here in Hazzard. I want to stoplight you and Aunt Lulu in the sucessful woman of Hazzard article. I heard from a good source that you have your own practice.” Trixie winked at Bo.

“I would be delighted to be in your magazine. I remember when I was a teenager and I would try to smuggle “Sophiscated Woman” in the house. Uncle Jesse would get so riled up when he caught me reading it. He said that it was silly to read “that high-fluting magazine”. It would fill my head with nonsense.”
Daisy stopped and looked at both Bo and Luke.
“I miss him so much. I can’t believe he’s gone. He’s all we had. He raised us when our parents were gone, torn from us. Now, Uncle Jesse.”
Luke put his arm around Daisy and comforted his cousin.
“Oh, I am so sorry about your Uncle Jesse. I didn;t mean to bring up any memories, that would make you think of your uncle.”
“I don’t mean to be down. It’s still hard. But, it would’nt hinder your interview with me. Like I said I would be delighted. When do we start?”
Trixie explained to Daisy and Lulu that Corinne Edwards, her articles editor, would be doing the interview, and they would come in two days. She also told the Dukes and Lulu, the next piece of business.
“I need a cover model for the cover. Normally, we get the choice of the top models to pose, but I thought it would be more appropriate to have a Hazzard girl on the cover. Do any of you know anyone?”
Daisy thought about a co-worker’s teenage daughter. She was a pretty girl that had some potenial.
“I know someone perfect for it. If I can convince her mother. I will let you know tomorrow.”
Lulu was very tired. This reunion had emotionally and physically drained her. Trixie noticed it and so did Bo, Luke and Daisy.
“Miss Lulu, do you want to go home?” Luke asked. “You seem tired and well spent.”
“Yes, I think I better. Now, Trixie, if you want to stay, you can. Luke, could you drive me home. Then Trixie could stay.”
“Aunt Lulu, I think I better go with you. I am tired,myself. Thank you for dinner.”
Bo knew he had to get know Trixie again. There was one way.
“Trixie, do you think I could show you around Hazzard. You know, to get re-acquainted yourself with the town. It would also give you an opportunity to see where you want to shot the cover.”
“Bo Duke, I will take up on that offer.”
“Great, I’ll pick you tomorrow afternoon.”
Normally, she would take her own car, but this would be an expection. Plus, she want to catch-up with him.
“Ok, Bo, see you tomorrow.”
“Is this a crush, it is possible?”
“No, that was a childhood crush.”
“Are was it?”

Trixie waited for Bo on the porch of her aunt Lulu’s house. She was dressed casually. Since she was back in Hazzard, she wanted to blend in with the people in the place. She wore faded blue jeans with a silver belt buckle around her waist and equally faded denim shirt, tied at the waist. Light brown cowboy adorned her feet. Large silver hoop earrings ornamented her ears.
Her heart almost jumped in the chest, when she saw the familiar orange car with the Confederate flag on the roof.
“Trixie,girl,pull yourself together.”
“You never got over him, didn’t you?”
“I have too. It was a childish crush.”
“Face it, you’re gone on him.”

“Trixie, are you alright?”
“Yes, I am, Bo. All this overwhelms me. Being back in Hazzard, I mean.”
“It must be! Well let’s go.”
“Bo,could we just walk. It’s so beautiful today. It would be ashame to drive, on a day like this.”
“This day is just as beautiful, as she is.” Bo thought as he looked at Trixie. the sun reflected in her hair.
“Sure, Trixie, if that’s what you want.”
They started walking around the town. Bo pointed out the changes in the town. But, there was no where she want to shot the cover. But, as Bo led her around the corner of a the main street. She saw it, a beautiful garden.
“This is it! Bo! This were I want to shoot the cover here.”
“Hazzard Gardens.” Bo said “Are you sure?”
“Oh, yes,Bo I think it’s perfect. It’s so beautiful.”
Not like you,Trixie.Bo thought. Oh, how he wished he could said that to her personally.
“So, Bo Duke, what are doing with yourself these days. Aunt Lulu says that you are a race-car driver.”
“Well, I have since retired. Since Uncle Jesse died, Luke and I have been taking care of the farm.”
Trixie laid a hand on Bo’s fore arm.
“Listen, Bo, I am really sorry about your Uncle Jesse. I remember what a caring man, he was. He was there to help me out too. Remember, your uncle took care of me when my mom was working and Aunt Lulu was busy. I was envious of you, Luke and Daisy. You had a caring uncle. God, it was so hard.”
Trixie tried to hold the tears back.
“Trixie, it is alright.”
Bo put his arm around her shoulders. He was so close. A alarm went off in Trixie’s head. His lips grazed her temple.
“Oh god, not now”
“Trixie, you like him”
“But, it’s too soon.”
“Bo, let’s go back. I am kinda of tired. I want to rest.”
“It’s only been two hours, since we left. Was it something I did. When I kissed you, right? I am sorry. I don’t know what happened.”
“No, I am just tired. Plus, the sun has given me a headache.”
“Ok. I will bring you back. I think I should help Luke with the chores around the farm, anyway.”

They stood in front of Lulu’s house.
“Bo, I hope you did not take that personally, back there.”
“No, Trixie, I did move too fast. I am sorry.”
As she watched Bo slide into the General, Trixie thought to herself.
“Trixie, you liked that kiss, face it!”
“Maybe, but not now.”
She wished the voice in her head would stop.

Lulu was on the couch finishing a letter she was writing to her friend in Louisana, when Trixie walked through the front door.
“Why ,Trixiebelle, I was’nt exspecting you until supper. Did you and Bo have a quarrel or something?”
“No, Aunt Lulu, I had a bad headache and I am a little overwhelmed about this issue of the magazine. I’m going upstairs to rest.”

Trixie shut the door of the guestroom and lied down. She was over-whelmed,but not by putting this issue of the magazine, but her feelings for Bo. The truth was she never forgot Bo. After all these years she never forget his kindness, the way he walked and the he talked. The closeness that happened towards them,today, sent emotions she hadn,t felt in years. The feelings she had for him,as a child, came back fullforce. But, the timing was not right. She could’nt tell her aunt Lulu the truth. Not, just yet! Trixie knew perfectly well
Bo’s feelings for her. The way he looked at her, the tender way he kissed her. But, she didn’t want him to know her feelings for him. Trixie closed her eyes and tried to sort the feelings in her head.

Bo pulled into the familar driveway of the Duke farm. When he saw a vintage 1965 Corvette, he knew that only one person drove that car. His cousin Dixiana Duke.
“Dixie, are you here?” Bo called through the kitchen.
“Get you butt in here, Bo Duke.” Dixiana’s called out.
Bo walked into the living room, only to have a young red-haired woman fly at him.
“Dixie, what are you doing here? I thought you were on tour?”

For those who need to refresh their mind, Dixiana Duke was adopted by the Duke family when she was nine and a half years old. She was now 26 and enjoying a career as a pop superstar. Since, the age of 17, Dixiana Duke was a household word, a bonafide pop star. But, she never forgot her family. Bo, Luke and Daisy were her biggest fans and supporters. No matter how, busy ahe was. She always had time for her family. When Jesse was very sick and dying, Dixiana came home. She cancelled three television
appearances, a record signing of her new album, and a performance in New York. “Daddy” Jesse, Dixiana fondly called him, was probably her biggest supporter. When he died, Dixiana took so bad. But, to Bo, Luke and Daisy, Jesse still lived, through Dixiana.

“Well, the tour was cut short. My drummer Marty, came down with a bad case of the flu, and we could’nt find another drummer to replace him. But, instead of going right home, I decide to come here.
Bo hugged Dixiana tight.
“Well, good to have you back, here.”
“What are you doing back home so early, Bo.” asked Luke. “I thought you were with Trixie.”
“Trixie had a headache, so I had to bring her back to Mrs. Lulu’s.”
“That poor girl.” Dixie asked.
Then she added “Who’s Trixie?”
“Trixiebelle Coltrane. She’s Rosco’s and Lulu’s niece.” Bo said
“Trixie Coltrane! She’s here in Hazzard.” Dixiana exclaimed
Wait a minute, You know Trixie Coltrane?” Bo asked.
“Trixie interviewed me for her magazine, a year ago. Since then, Trixie and I have been friends. Shoot, we’re shopping buddies. Whenever, I’m in New York, we hook up. I got to see her. How long is she going to be in Hazzard?”
“Two weeks.” Daisy said.
“Hey, Dixie.” Bo changed the subject. “The annual Hazzard County dance is coming up. Are you going to perform this year. It’s been a while.”
“Shoot, Bo, the last time I did at that dance was when I was 15. That’s the night that talent scout form Nashville was there. Remember?”
“Of, course, but will you do again. If it was’nt for us persuading Boss Hogg to let you sing. You wouldn’t be where you are today.”
“Bo, I didn’t say I would’nt do it.”
“Well, will you?” Bo leaned his shoulder against Dixiana’s shoulder.
“Of course. I will perform at the dance. It would be an honor.” then she slyly added. “Are you going to ask Trixie Coltrane, as your date.”
“”Maybe I will or maybe I won’t.” Bo,lightly, smacked Dixiana in the arm.
Luke changed the subject.
“Since,you are home early, Bo, there are still some chores to do around here.”and Luke walked out into the hot sun, while Daisy and Dixiana watched them.
“I think Bo has it for Trixie Coltrane.” Dixiana said to Daisy.
“Dixie!” Daisy looked at Dixie in mock horror.
“Daisy, it is so obivious. the way his eyes lit up when I ask if he was going to take Trixie to the dance.”
“But, Dixie, isn’t Bo, a little bit old for Trixie.” Daisy asked.
“Daisy, love doesn’t care about age. If two people have total feeling for each other, it doesn’t matter what age of two people.”
Daisy walked towards the window and looked out. She watched Bo and Luke hauling hay. Their bare chests gleaming in the sun.
“Do you think that Trixie has the same feelings for Bo? I really don’t want Bo to be hurt.” Daisy said as she looked out the window.
“Tell you what, Daisy, I’m going to see Trixie. I have been meaning to see her.”
“Are you going to ask her, right out, if she have feeling for Bo?”
“No, Daisy. But, when I told her that I was adopted by the family, well Daisy, her eyes lit up. She asked about all of you, exspecially Bo. She asked about Bo, Daisy. If you asked if Trixie has feelings for Bo, well, I think she does.”
Dixie hugged Daisy goodbye and walked outside. With a quick wave to Bo and Luke, she said.
“Going to see Trixie Coltrane.”
Bo and Luke watched Dixie hop into her car and drive away.

Lulu looked out the window and saw a bright red car stop in front of her house. A young red-haired woman got out and was walking up and walk to the door and opened it.
“Dixiana Duke, what are you doing here in Hazzard. I thought you were on tour.”
“Hello, Mrs Lulu, tour got cut short.”
Dixie hugged the older woman.
Lulu held Dixie out arms length.
“Oh, Dixiana, you look so good.”
Dixiana was wearing dark blue jeans, a plaid flannel shirt, a hand-me down from Luke, a while tank top underneath. Platforms sandals adorned her feet and big golden hoop earrings ornamented her ears.
“Mrs Lulu, you are so modest. Anyway I heard your niece Trixie is in town. I have come to see her. Did Trixie tell you that she interviewed me a year ago? Well, since then we have been good friends.”

Lulu walked to the bottom of the stairs.
“Trixiebelle, there’s is a visitor, Dixiana Duke.”
Trixie walked downstairs and broke into a smile when she saw Dixiana.
The two young women hugged.
“How long has been?” Trixie asked.
“Ohh!,about two months.” Dixie said.
They sat down on the couch. Lulu walked into the kitchen, to make refreshments for the three of them.
When she entered back the room, the two woman were giggling and talking like two magpies.
“So,how are you,Trix? Bo told me that you were in town.”
“Yes, I am dedicating on upcoming issue about life in a small town. Also, I wanted to see everyone again.”
Trixie looked at Luke with a smile and love in her eyes.
Dixiana looked at Trixie. Should she hint about Bo. But, she decided not to yet. Instead she decided to ask about the subject about the upcoming magazine.
“So, what’s you angle about the issue of the magazine.”
While Trixie was talking about she was going to angle the magazine. Lulu realized that Trixie should include Dixiana.
“Trixiebelle,what about Dixiana. Well, you want to profile suceesful women from Hazzard. What about Dixiana? She’s more successful then anyone here in Hazzard.”
Trixie realized that with Dixiana’s tour being cut short, that she could be involved.
“Aunt Lulu’s right. Dixie, would you be able to stay to do a photo session and a interview. My team is coming tomorrow.
“Well, Trixie, I am staying for bout three weeks. Of course, I will do it. Besides, I really wanted to see you. When will the photo shoot starting.”
“Well,the crew will be here in the morning, so I think the afternoon. By the time they set up, it would be late afternoon.”
“Ok, then, it’s a date.” Dixie stood up.”Well, it’s getting late, I better get back to the farm. I bet Daisy has dinner on the table. I see you tomorrow. What time?”
“About four o’clock.”
“Well, see you at four, tomorrow.”
Dixie got into her car and drove away.
“Well, what a plesant visit. That, Dixiana Duke is so sweet. Then, again, she always was a sweet girl. Bless Jesse Duke for adopting that girl. She fit into the Duke family really well.”
Trixie was thinking about the upcoming photo shoot. When, she heard Lulu talking about the Duke family, the photo session floated out of her mind and the image of Bo Duke floated in. She tried to shake his image but she could’nt.
“Trixie, are you ok, dear?” Lulu asked her niece. the dreamy look on her niece’s face was a dead give away.
Her darling Trixie was in love.
“Oh, Aunt Lulu, I am ok. Yes, it was adelight to see Dixiana again. I can’t wait to do the photo shoot tomorrow.”
Lulu leaned over.
“You know the Hazard County annual dance is coming up in three days. I was wondering if you like to help me organize it. Maybe your people would like to cover it. You know take pictures and maybe write up an article.”
“Well, sure, Aunt Lulu. I ‘ll ask my staff tomorrow. See, what they think. Now what about dinner.”
Lulu walked into the kitchen to start dinner. Trixie wondered if Bo was going to this dance. Who was he going to take. She wondered if he was going to ask her. No, she thought, she must not think that. She was going but only to help her aunt. She would do the neccesary things for the magazine and then leave Hazzard. She would try and block the feelngs she had for Bo Duke, out and leave Hazzard, without a second glance back.

The next afternoon ws a busy one. The photo shoot was in full swing.
Misty, the makeup-artist, was putting the finishing on Dixiana’s make-up. Trixie decided that Dixiana would be the cover. She felt that this issue of “Sophiscated Woman” would be undoubtly the most sellout issue in the magazine’s sixty year history. With Dixiana Duke, the mega-pop star,on the cover.
Lulu and Daisy watched while Dixiana walked from the make-up chair to the spot Matt, the photographer, picked for Dixiana to pose.
“Wow, Dixie looks so good.” Daisy said to Lulu.
Dixie did look good. She was wearing a off the shoulder blouse tucked into flared jeans, and her trust platform sandals.
“Trixie is a genius to use Dixie on the cover. Say, Lulu, did you tell Trixie about the dance?”
“Well, come to think of it, Daisy, I have ask her to help me organize it.”
They turned to see Bo and Luke drive up in the General Lee.
“Well, we could’nt keep them away,could we?”
Daisy and Lulu laughed.

Trixie’s heart lept into her throat, when she saw Bo slided out of the General Lee. Bo spoted her and walked towards her. Trixie could hardly breathe.
“Damn, why can’t he not be so good-looking.” Trixie thought as Bo walked right up to her.
“Hey, there!” Bo said as he looked around ans was watching Daisy, who was now posing for pictures for inside the magazine.
“Daisy, looks good. Thanks for using Daisy and Lulu.”
“well, Bo, as I recall you suggested me to ask Daisy. Thanks, it was a great idea. How can I repay you.”
Bo turned to Trixie.
“Well, there is one thing. The Hazzard County annual dance is coming up.”
“Yes, I know. I am helping Aunt Lulu with it.”
“Well, I was wondering if you want to go with me.”
Trixie’s heart hammered in her chest. He would have to ask her. She wanted to say yes so badly. But, she knew if she did, she would on her way to falling in love with him.”
“No, Bo, I can’t.” she scrambled to get a excuse. “I am helping Aunt Lulu at that dance. I really think I should just help her.”
Bo sighed.
“Well, I just thought I ask.”
He started to walk away. Then, Trixie grabbed his arm.
“Bo, look I am sorry. Please understand.”
“I do, Trixie.”
Trixie watched him walk away.
“Oh god, why did you say, No”
“I don’t want to fall in love.”
“Too late, you do!”

“Trix, are you alright?” Dixiana asked.
Then she saw Trixie look at Bo, who was walking away.
“Trixie, did my cousin say something to you?”
“No, he didn’t. He just asked me to the dance.”
“Trixie, I knew it! I asked Bo asking you.”
Trixie turned and looked at Dixie.
“So, this was your doing. Did you put this idea in Bo’s head.?”
“Trixie, please listen to me. Bo has feelings for you. If I encouraged him, I am sorry. But he is gone on you. Did you say yes.”
When Dixiana looked at Trixie’s face, she knew she said no.
“Trix,you refused him?”
That’s all Trixie said before Dixiana interupted
“Trixie, you have feelings for him too. Don’t you? I always, see your eyes light up, when talk about my family. You never stop thinking about him.”

“Alright,Dixie, I do have feelings for him.”
“Then, why did you say no?”
“Dixie, I will be honest with you. I don’t want to fall in love. I have my career to think about. I can’t have compliations.”
“Trix, just go to the dance with him. I am not promising the outcome. But, please, go to the dance with him. If you don’t, I’ll have one moping cousin on his hands. Please Trix.!”
Trixie laughed and shook her head.
“Alright Dix, I will. I don’t want you to give me that puppy dog face. Could you tell him.”
“Sure,Trixie, I will.”
Then Dixiana heard the wardrobe head ,Sasha, called her over to change into another outfit to wear for more pictures, for the magazine.
“I will tell Bo, you change your mind.” Dixiana called over her shoulder.

Trixie watched her friend walk back to the trailer where the wardrobe was.
Darn that Dixiana Duke, changing her mind like that. Well, I will go with him to the dance. But, just as friends. She snapped out of thought when Matt called out to her. Apparently, they were almost done, so she could go home. She would go back to her aunt Lulu’s house and tell her that she would be going to the dance with Bo Duke as her date.

Bo was seated at the dinner table. He was drinking a cup of coffee and thinking about Trixie. He was disappointed that she turned him down. He could’nt stop thinking about Trixie. Her green eyes glancing into his blue eyes. Her lips, how much did he wanted to kiss those lips. His thoughts were interruppted by the farm door opening.
Dixiana walked in.
“Hey there” Dixiana said to Bo.
“How did it go?” Bo asked.
Dixiana sat down across from him. Looking at her cousin’s face, she knew why he looked distracted.
“You are thinking of Trixie Coltrane, are’nt you?”
He nodded.
“I know you asked her to go to the dance with you.”
Bo looked at Dixiana.
“Did she tell you that she refused me?”
“Bo, she told me. But ask her again. I think you’ll find she changed her mind.”
Dixiana put her hand on his arm.
“Just ask her again. If you have feelings for her, you would’nt give up.”
Bo smiled and he patted her hand.
“You never changed at all. You were always thoughtful.”
“Hey, I just want to see my family happy. I know that being with Trixie Coltrane makes you happy. So, that’s why I am telling you this.”
Bo stood up, walked to Dixiana’s chair and give her a big hug and kiss.
“Thanks Dixie.” he said as he walked out the door.
“Anytime, cousin.” Dixie said as he watched Bo climb into the General Lee and drive away.

Trixie was outside Lulu’s house. She was sitting on the porch. She was drinking a cup of tea, and looking at town. It was all to sudden. Here she was in Hazzard with more than oneweek to go, and she was wishing she wasn’t leaving. the reason, why she did’nt want to was pulling up in his car.
Bo stopped the car and slid out of the General. When he saw Trixie, his eyes lit up. she was a lovely creature with her green eyes.
“Dixie, said that you would be here.” Trixie said. Then, seeing Bo’s confused face, she added. “Dixie called me.”
“Well,Dixie sent me, here.” Bo sat down next to Trixie. “Trixie, will you do me the honor of being my date for the Hazzard County annual dance.”
“Yes,Bo, I will. I am sorry I refused you before. I didn’t know what I was thinking.”
“Well, I pick you up at seven. Ok!”
“Seven sounds perfect.”
“Well, I better go. It’s getting late. I better go. See you Saturday.”
“yes,see you.” Trixie watched Bo get into his car and drive away.
She knew she was falling in love and she could’nt help it. It would be so hard to leave him.
But,her career comes first. She tried convinceing herself that, but it was no use. She loved Bo Duke more than her career.

She shook her head and thought of the one thing she could think of.
“Aunt Lulu, I am going to the dance woth Bo Duke, and I haven’t anything special to wear.”
“Well, I am so happy that you are going to have a good time. And you could’nt find a sweeter person than Bo Duke. I know you will have fun. We could go to the Hazzard Emprioum and find something. We could go tomorrow. Let’s see if Daisy and Dixiana would like to come. It be a day out with girls. Oh. I can’t wait.

Next day Trixie, Dixiana, Daisy and Lulu were shopping at Hazzard Emprioum. But, Trixie could’nt find anything that would suit her. She helped Lulu pick out a dress for her. Daisy bought new new shoes to go with her red dress, she was wearing. Dixiana was describing the dress, for she was the one, who bought the dress for Daisy.
“Enos is going to be knocked off his feet, Daisy.” Dixiana said.
Trixe still couldn’t find nothing. Dixiana had a brillant idea.
“Trix, I have the perfect dress for you. I bought it last year. I know it will suit you. Let me pay for Daisy’s shoes and Miss Lulu’s dress. then I will to the farm, pick up the dress and bring it to you to try on.”
“Now,Dixie, you are not paying for my shoes.”
“Or my dress.”
“hey, don’t argue you two. I am paying . It is not everyday that I treat the people I love.”
“Oh, Dixie, you spoil us.” Daisy said .
She turned to Trixie.
“Last Christmas, she spoil the boys, Uncle Jesse and I. the presents that came from this girl.” Daisy said as they left the Emprioum.

“Oh, Dixie, It’s perfect.” Trixie exclaimed as she looked the mirror. Trixie looked into the mirror and stared at herself. The dress was an empire style dress. It was white and fell right to the floor.
“With your hair up, it be perfect. When Bo sees you in this dress, well it knock his boots off.”
Trixie could envision herself in this dress and being held in Bo’s arms. Her heart started beating fast.
Dixie knew her friend was thinking of her cousin. She knew that they had feelings for each other. And that the feelings were strong.
“Well. Trixie, you are a vision in this dress and I can’t wait to see the expression on Bo’s face when he sees you.”
“I can’t wait too.” Trixie thought to herself. Out loud she said, “Dixie, you are so flattering.”
“Ahh, come om Trixie. Stop being modest. You,girl, are a knockout. Well, I better get going. I see you Saturday. Take care, Miss Lulu.”
“See you. Dixiana.” Lulu said as Dixie exited the house and drove away.
“Oh! Trixiebelle, that dress is so beautiful on you. Bo Duke is sure going to have the most beautiful date at the dance.”
“Oh, Aunt Lulu, you are being just as flattering as Dixie.”
“But it is true, Trixiebelle! Oh, look at the time. We better start dinner.”
Trixie took off the dress and put it on the padded hanger that Dixie brought it on. She looked at the dress,
How it was going to turn out.

Preparation were being made late Friday afternoon. Lulu and the ladies of Hazzard were putting up decoration up the Boar’s Nest. the Boars Nest was offically closed until the next night. The night of the dance.
Bo, Luke and Daisy were watching Dixiana rehearsing for the dance. This dance was so special to Dixie.
Sure, she played huge stadium around the globe but here in her hometown. But, she knew tomorrow wasn’t for her. It was for Bo and Trixie. She knew that tomorrow sparks would be flying between her closest friend and her cousin. She knew the chemisty between them was too intense. Trixie tried to deny the feeling but Dixie knew better, Her friend was so gone on her cousin, it wasn’t funny.
“Sounding good, there Dixie.” Bo said.
“You going to blast them away.” Luke added.
“Now, fella, no special attention for me, ok. I am just your cousin, not a big star.”
Luke and Daisy walked away and started to help tranform the Boar’s Nest.
Dixie could see Bo clearly.
“Something on your mind,cousin.” Dixie asked.
But then she added “It’s Trixie, ain’t it?”
“Yeah, I can’t stop thinking about her. I never felt this way before.”
“Bo” Dixie grabbed hishands and held them in hers “You’re in love with Trixie. You love her.”
“Yes Dixie, I love her. But I am scared. How do I tell her.”
“Well, wait until the timings right and then you tell her. You have to let her know what’s in your heart.”
“Dixie, how do you so much?” Bo asked
“I don’t know that much about love. But seeing the feeling you have for her. I know that you have to be happy.”
“You are right. cousin.”
“Ain’t I always.” Dixie turned back to mircophone and started singing again while Bo turned to help Luke,
Daisy and Lulu with the preparations.

The Duke farm was buzzed with excitement. Daisy had came over to get ready.
“Wow, Daisy, looking good.” Dixiana said as came into the girls’ old bedroom.
Daisy was wearing the red, satin, snkle length dress that Dixiana had bought her. Her hair ws up in a french twist. The outfit was completed by her red satin high heels.
“Thanks, Dixie and you look great too. Let show the boys.”
Bo, Luke and Enos were sitting on the couch when Daisy and Dixiana walked in. They stood up as a polite gesture.
“Daisy, you look so beautiful.” Enos said as his eyes swept over his fiancee’.
“Thank you, Enos” Daisy leaned over and kissed Enos sweetly.
“Hey, what about me?” Dixiana said in a mock disappointed voice.
“Dixie, you could stop traffic.” Bo said as he held his cousin lightly around the waist.
Dixiana was wearing a tight, gold dress. The dress stopped a inch from her knees. Her trusty black platforms were replaced by a pair of gold t-strap platforms.
Her long red hair hair was pulled to one side and was left flowing down her shoulder. A long golden, diamond studded clip held it in place.
“Thank you Bo. Must I say you and Luke look hot! If you two weren’t my cousins, I’d be fighting the girls for your attention.”
Both Bo and Luke were wearing their dressy blue denim shirts with new dark jeans.
“Well, let’s go you all. Bo, I do believe a certain lady is waiting for you.” Dixiana teased her cousin.
“I’ll meet you all there.” Bo said as he drove away is loner car.

“Oh, Trixiebelle, you look so beautiful.” Luke said as Trixie emerged from the stairs. She was wearing the white dress that Dixiana let her borrow. The magazine’s hairstylist did Trixie’s hair in a romantic updo with ringlets falling into her face. Misty had come over to do Trixie’s face. Trixie looked like she walked out of a Jane Austen novel.
“Thank you Aunt Lulu.”
“Bo Duke is sure going to have a wonderful surprize when he comes to get you.”
They both heard a car stop in front of the house.
“Upstairs, Trixiebelle, you have to makeb an entrance.”
Just as Trixie walked upstairs the doorbell rang. Lulu opened the door.
“Hello, Miss Lulu, you look pretty.”
“Oh, Bo Duke, you are a flatterer.”
She turned to the stairs.
“Trixiebelle, honey, Bo is here.”
Bo’s eyes widened when he saw Trixie float down the stairs. She looked like a dream. Bo almost had to pinch himself to see if this was real.
“Trixie, you are a vision. You look beautiful.”
“Bo, you look great too.”
Trixie thought Bo looked so beautiful, like a dream.
Bo and Trixie looked into each other eyes. Not a word was spoken between them. It was until Lulu spoke that Bo and Trixie were brought back to earth.
“Well, you must be going now. You don’t want to be late.”
Bo lifted his arm.
“Shall we go, Miss Coltrane?”
Trixie took Bo’s arm
“Let’s go, Mr. Duke.”
Lulu watched Trixie and Bo drive away. She hoped that all be alright for her niece.

The dance was in full swing when Bo and Trixie got there. When they entered the Boar’s Nest, people stopped.
“Trixie, you look beautiful.” Daisy said as she and Enos walked up to them. “Your hair, that dress. Doesn’t she, Enos?”
Enos look at Daisy with umspeakable devotion.
“Enos, doesn’t she?” Daisy asked.
“YEs, Daisy, she does. But not as beautiful as you.”
Daisy encircled her arms around Enos’ neck.
“Oh, Enos” she kissed his lips.
“Hey, cut that out.” Dixiana demanded mockly. “Get a hotel room.” she teased. Then seeing Lulu get on stage. “I got to go.”
Lulu stopped in front of mircophone on the stage.
“Thanks everybody for coming to the Annual Hazzard dance. This dance will be better this year, because we have here with us tonight two special people. First, my lovely niece Trixiebelle Coltrane is here from New York and our own hometown star straight from her world tour. You friend and mine. Miss Dixiana Duke.”
Dixiana walked up on the stage. Her band was behind her, complete with a drummer, a local from Hazzard.
“hey, everybody! Thanks for having me here. I am so glad to playing tonight here in Hazzard. My home. This first song, I would like to decicate to my “Daddy” Jesse. Thank you” she said as the audience applauded.
She swung into a song that was dear to heart. the couples slow danced and the rest of the audience swayed to the music.
Dixiana watched Bo and Trixie as they danced in each others arms.
Dixiana swung into song after song, keeping the audience on thier toes.
Then the lights dimmed.
“For my last song. This song is off my latest album. This is for all the lovebirds out there.”Dixiana looked straight at Bo and Trixie. “You know who you are. It’s called “After all the years.” Dixiana swung into a pretty ballad.
Trixie stared into Bo’s eyes. He was holding her tightly close to him. Bo knew he had to tell Trixie how he felt.
“Trixie, I got to tell you tihs. Please listen to what I have to say.”
“Yes, Bo.” Trixie thought to herself. “this is it.”
“Trixiebelle Coltrane. I am in love with you. I never ever had feelings like this before. I thought I did. But, I didn’t I had to tell you this.”
Trixie knew she could’nt hide her feelings either. “Bo Duke, I love you too. I tried to hide those feelings, tried to deny them, but I can’t. I love you with all my heart. I always have loved you ever since I was a little girl.”
Bo bent his head and softly kissed her lips. Trixie kissed him back.
Dixiana saw this tender way of affection between her friend and her cousin and almost lost her place in the song.
Daisy and Enos saw the affections in Bo and Trixie. Daisy held Enos to her.
“Enos isn’t it wonderful. Bo and Trixie are in love.”
“Yes, Daisy, it sure is.”
In fact, everyone saw the affectionate way between Bo and Trixie.”
Lulu almost broke down. Her beloved niece in love with one of nicest people in Hazzard.
The dance was over with, Then,came the fun took of cleaning up. Lulu, the Dukes, Trixie and the rest of the Ladies Auxiliary helped. Lulu knew that Bo and Trixie wanted to be alone.
“Bo, why don’t you take Trixie home. We have all under control here.”
Dixiana’s hands were seized by Trixie.
“Thanks Dixie.” Bo joined them and put his arms affectionally around Trixie.
“Yes, thanks Dixie. How can we ever thank you.?”
“Well.” Dixie laughed.
“Trixie let’s go before she makes us do something.”
Everyone watched Bo and Trixie leave the Boars’ Nest.
“There goes one attractive couple.” someone said.
“Dixie, what did you say to them.” Luke asked.
“Luke, I think it was that song.” Daisy said.
“Daisy’s right. It was the song. I delibartely sang it for them. I knew they both had feelings for each other, but were afraid to tell one another. I kninda of help them.”
“Dixiana Duke!” Daisy said, then hugged her cousin. “You were always thoughtful.”
“Well, Daisy, I want my family to be happy and Trixie makes Bo happy.”

Bo an Trixie were on Lulu’s porch. They were holding hands and looking up at the stars.
“I made a wish on one of them stars.” Bo said as he looked deeply into Trixie’s eyes.
“What was the wish?”
“That you would stay here with me in Hazzard.”
Trixie’s face crumbled and she started to cry.
“Trixie, what’s wrong? Did I make you cry?”
“Oh, Bo! I want to stay with you but I have to go back to New York.”
“Well, then, Don’t go back. Stay with me, here in Hazzard.”
“Bo, it’s not easy. I have a magazine to run.”
“Then, I’ll wait for you.”
Bo lifted her tear stained face. “Trixie, you know I love you. If you have to go back, I’ll wait for you.”
“Oh, Bo!” Bo and Trixie lissed long and hard, like was their last time on earth. Bo held her in his arms when Trixie’s voice softly said in his ear.
“Bo, put me to bed.”
Bo couldn’t believe it.
“Here, in Miss Lulu’s house? Trixie are you sure?”
“Bo, I am tired, I just want you to put me to bed. I want to wait until I am married. I am an old fashioned girl.”
Bo lifted Trixie into his arms and went into the house. He took her into the guest bedroom.
“Bo, I am going to change. Can you wait out there?”
Trixie changed into her nightgown abd re-entered the room.
“Now, Bo, put me to bed.”
He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. Once, there, he lowered her down.
She settled down and held her arms to him.
“Please stay a little while until fail asleep.”
“Of course, Trixie.”
Bo looked into Trixie’s eyes and held her hand. He watched she smiled at him.
She closed her eyes and feel asleep.
Bo bent down, kissed her on her temple and laid the blanket down on her. He, then, went downstairs and out of the house. He locked the door and went to his car.
He looked up at the window that was the room that Trixie was in,
“Goodnight Trixie, I’ll wait forever.” he said as he drove away.

For the last week, Trixie and Bo were enseparable. They did everything together. During the day, they go for rides in the General. They would go to Altanta or go to visit Jesse’s grave. At night, they would stay on Lulu’s porch and looked at the stars and each other. They would kiss and kiss until Lulu would call Trixie in. It was like they were to teenagers again.
Then, the last night, the night that both Bo and Trixie dreaded was upon them. They sat in the porch of Lulu’s house, looking out the quiet streets of Hazzard.
“Oh, Bo! I have to leave you, tomorrow. Please don’t tell me that’s all over.”
“Dixiana, it’s not over. It’s just the beginning for us.” Bo held Trixie’s hands in his hands.”
“I told you, I will wait for you. I’ll go where ever you go.”
Trixie put Bo’s face in her hands. “Bo, you don’t have to go. You belong here in Hazzard.”
“Trixie” Bo’s eyes teared up.
Trixie put her finger to Bo’s lips.
“Becausem I am going to stay here in Hazzard.”
“But, Trixie, your career. The magazine means alot to you.”
“Oh, Bo I thought it was. When I first came here. I thought I would do the issue and leave. But, now, I realized you are most important to me. Bo, I love you! I am going to stay in Hazzard. I will pass the editor postion to Corinne. She knows the ropes.”
“Oh, Trixie, I don’t believe it. You’re staying. You are going to give up your career.”
“Believe it, Mr Duke.” Trixie said she kissed his lips.
If Bo could’nt believe that Trixie was giving up her career, neither could everyone else.
“Trixie, are you sure?” Matt said.
“Yeah, Trixie, are you sure you want to give your job to me?” Corinne asked.
“Yes, I am resigning as editor as “Sophisiated Woman” to stay in Hazzard.”
“Trixiebelle, are you sure?” Lulu asked.
“Yes,Aunt Lulu, I am staying in Hazzard. I love Bo and can’t bear to leave him, so I am staying here.”
That night at the Boars’ Nest,there was a celebration. Lulu was celebrating the fact that Trixie was finally back home for good. Bo and Trixie were celebrating their love.
“I love you, Miss Coltrane.”
“I love you more, Mr. Duke.”
Bo and Trixie kissed while everyone watched.
“Ain’t love grand!” Dixie said to everyone.

Bo and Trixie were married one year after they vowed their love their supposed last night.
Trixie gave up her job title as editor to Corrine and settled into editor of the Hazzard Gazette. Some people thought it was crazy that Trixiebelle Coltrane was stepping lower to edit a news paper after editing a major magazine. But, Trixie was crazy. Crazy in love with Bo Duke. Now, today, she was becoming Mrs Trixiebelle Duke.
Rosco gave the bride away. He still could’t believe his Trixie was marrying a Duke. But, he saw the sincere look of love came between Trixie and Bo, he let all things slide between him and the Dukes.
Daisy was expecting her and Enos’ first child. They were married less than a month after Trixie’s return back to Hazzard. Daisy was the matron of honor and Dixiana sang at the reception.
Bo and Trixie looked into each others’ eyes as they danced.
“I love so much, Mrs Duke.”
“I can’t believe we’re together forever at last, Mr. Duke. We will share everything now. Our hopes, our dreams and secrets. Nothing will be hidden now.” Trixie said.
Bo looked at Luke. Luke knew that look. IF Bo was going to share everything with Trixie, he would have ,someday, tell the deep, dark secret, that him and Luke sworn they would keep.

The End
(To be Continued)
Amelia Lynn
Love and Devotion

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