Luke Who?, ch. 9

by: Marty Chrisman

Bo and Luke were both pleased to see Jesse and Daisy. Daisy spread a tablecloth out on the ground and unpacked the home cooked meal they had brought with them. When she’d finished setting everything up, they all sat down to eat. Jesse slapped Bo’s hand when he started to reach for a roll before Jesse had said grace. Sheepishly, Bo withdrew his hand and bowed his head, as Luke and Daisy did the same. After grace, they began to eat the mashed potatoes, meatloaf, rolls, and salad that Jesse had prepared.

As they ate they tried to figure out what to do next. Luke’s memory seemed to be coming back but he still couldn’t remember anymore than what he had already told Bo. With his memory returning, Luke was in better spirits. Even though things were still cloudy in his mind he could feel the bond with the rest of his family again, especially with Bo.

“Well,” Jesse said “According to Enos it looks like somebody grabbed Angie and she got away from ‘em and tried to flag somebody down for help…”

“And Luke just happened to be coming along and stopped….” Bo said “And got caught right in the middle of things…”

“Looks that way.” Jesse said “You remember anything like that happening, Luke?”

“Yeah…..kinda…” Luke said with a frown as he tried to force his contrary memories to the surface. He rubbed his fingers against his left temple in a slow circular motion. His head had been hurting all morning. He wasn’t sure if it was because he’d been hit in the head with something or if it was because he was trying to so hard to make his memories resurface. Bits and pieces kept slipping in and out of his mind but nothing he could grab hold of long enough to make sense out of it.

“Well, I’m sure it’ll come to you.” Jesse told him. Unable to do anything more until Luke remembered a little bit more, Jesse and Daisy prepared to leave. They said their goodbyes to the boys and headed back to the farm. When they arrived, they were surprised to see Rosco’s car parked in the barnyard, apparently waiting for them to return.

As Jesse climbed out of the pickup, Rosco climbed out of his car and walked over to the Duke patriarch. “Now Jesse, I need to talk to Luke.” He said firmly “You’re gonna have to tell me where he is.”

“I ain’t telling you nothing, Rosco.” Jesse said gruffly “And you ain’t talking to that boy until he can remember what happened.”

“Then I’m gonna have to arrest you, Jesse Duke.” Rosco blustered

“Rosco!” Daisy exclaimed in an alarmed voice “You can’t arrest Uncle Jesse!”

“Oh yes I can.” Rosco said with trademark giggle “He’s interfering with an official investigation.”

“You ain’t taking Uncle Jesse anywhere!” Daisy cried, grabbing Jessie’s arm anxiously.

“Now, Daisy…” Jesse said calmly, gently patting her hand. “Just settle down. I’ll go with the pea brain. He ain’t got nothing to hold me on anyhow.”

“Uncle Jesse….” Daisy said, looking at her Uncle in alarm. She looked at Rosco beseechingly and pleaded  “Rosco….”

“I’m sorry, Daisy.” Rosco said taking Jesse by the arm “Jesse’s gonna have to come with me until he decides to cooperate..”

“You’re just trying to find a way to railroad us Dukes for something!” Daisy cried angrily, watching with tears in her eyes as Rosco led Uncle Jesse to the patrol car and put him in the back seat. As the patrol car pulled out of the drive, Daisy reached into the truck and grabbed the CB “Bo Peep to lost sheep. You boys got your ears on?” she said into the mike.

“You got the lost sheep, Bo Peep.” Bo’s voice said over the radio “What’s up?”

“Rosco just arrested Uncle Jesse.”

“What! What for?” Bo said sharply with a trace of anger creeping into his voice.

“Because Uncle Jesse won’t let him talk to Luke.” Daisy told him. She could hear Luke saying something in the background and then her older cousin’s voice came over the radio “Daisy, this is Luke. Come back out here and get me and Bo. I ain’t gonna let Rosco railroad Uncle Jesse. If he wants to talk to me, I’ll talk to him.”

“Uncle Jesse don’t want you talking to him until you can remember what happened!” Daisy said

“I don’t care!” Luke said in a determined voice “I’m gonna talk to him but not until he lets Uncle Jesse go. Now come on back and get us.”

“Alright. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Daisy said, climbing into the cab of the truck and starting the engine. She knew better than to argue with Luke when he had his mind made up about something. Fifteen minutes later, she pulled back up at the camp site. The boys already had the camp broken down and everything packed. It didn’t take them long to throw everything in the back of the truck. The boys climbed into the cab with Bo behind the wheel and Luke riding shotgun.

When he reached the main road, he turned north towards town instead of heading back to the farm. They were about five miles outside of Hazzard when Bo saw a blue late model sedan coming up behind the truck at a high rate of speed. He didn’t pay much attention because that was just how everybody in Hazzard drove. At least, he didn’t pay attention until whoever was in the car started shooting at them.


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