Million Dollar Rose for Bo, ch. 1

by Debbie (Ldydebpv31)

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Series/Sequel: Chapter One

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Warnings: The Story has some of the usual car chases, fist fights, etc., but there is also a little sexual content and suggestions of sexual violence but not very graphic. You be the Judge.



The day was already hot in Hazzard County and the morning hours were barely over. The General Lee flew down the road to town, Luke and Bo laughing and discussing the purpose for their trip. A loud bang brought the General to a halt next to a big tree. Bo and Luke discovered a blown tire. They surveyed the damage and proceeded to get the necessary tools and spare tire to change it. As Bo put the jack under the car and Luke loosened the lug nuts, a blood-red Dodge Viper sped past them. Luke followed it with his eyes and watched it turn around and head back towards them. The Viper spun around again and pulled up alongside them. When the window rolled down, a young woman with curly, long strawberry blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and the most kissable lips that Bo had ever seen greeted the boys. He blinked away those thoughts when those lips didn’t smile his way but instead quickly looked down the road in worry as she asked impatiently, “Can one of you help me. I think I’m lost. I’m trying to find the town of Hazzard. Am I on the correct road?”

Luke pulled off the damaged tire as Bo stood to help the woman. He smiled, “You sure are, Ma’am. Just keep going that way and it will take you right to City Hall.”

His answer seemed to relax the woman and she almost smiled at him. She replied, “Thank you. I am so late!” Without another word, the young woman’s car window closed and she disappeared down the road.

Bo was left to chase after her dust. Luke laughed at his cousin and told him to come back to help him finish their tire. Soon they were ready to go into town themselves. Luke noticed impatience about Bo’s driving and remarked, “Bo, You just can’t go chasing after every girl who asks you for directions.”

Bo replied defensively, “I’m not chasing after her. I just want to get that errand done for Uncle Jesse. I mean I would like to get another look at that car she was driving. But the Girl – haven’t given her green eyes another thought.”

Luke smiled, a knowing look in his eyes, “She had green eyes?” The cousins looked at each other and laughed.

In front of City Hall the red Viper quickly pulled into one of the parking spaces out front drawing the attention of the people passing by. The Viper’s door open and the woman stepped onto the pavement, her green eyes scanning the surrounding area very carefully. She hoped that this little town would be the answers to her prayers and be a safe haven away from her problems. The woman straightened her tight, black denim skirt and smoothed the soft pink jacket that covered the white cotton tank top. She grabbed her purse from her front seat and went into City Hall’s doors.

Inside, she found Rosco P. Coltrane reclining behind his desk, his feet propped up on the desk and a fishing magazine lying across his sleeping face. The woman noticed the hound dog watching her from his padded basket beside Rosco’s desk. She smiled at the dog and made friends with him. She then pounded on Rosco’s desk and said, “Sheriff? Sheriff, can you help me?”

Rosco waved her away and said, “I’m busy! Can’t you see that!”

The woman replied, “What I see is that you are sleeping and I need your help finding Boss Hogg.”

Rosco jumped at the sound of Boss Hogg’s name. He looked around nervously, “Where? Where is Boss?”

The woman replied, “I don’t know, Sir, that’s why I’m asking you.”

Rosco asked, “And who might you be and what do you want with The Boss?”

The woman ordered, “Look, Sheriff. My uncle called Mr. Hogg several days ago to arrange an important business meeting for me. I was supposed to be here an hour ago, but I got lost. Please just go tell Mr. Hogg that Caitlin Rose is here to see him about the house.”

Rosco gruffly agreed, “The name’s Rosco P. Coltrane. You better learn it cause I’m the law ’round here. Now wait here and I’ll see if the Boss is in.” He hurried to Boss’s office and disappeared behind the door.

After a few minutes of waiting, Caitlin followed Rosco to the door and listened to what was going on inside. She heard Rosco say, “Umm, Boss, there is a woman outside that says she’s gotta appointment with you. She says it’s very important that she see you about a house?”

Boss was very busy going through several deeds to land and counting his money. He barely heard all of Rosco’s words and told him, “Just send her away. Tell her not to come back!”

Suddenly the door to his office flew open and Caitlin strode over to Boss’s desk with a wade of cash in her hands. She waved in front of Boss’s nose and then sat down on the edge of his desk, allowing her skirt to edge up her thigh, while she fanned her face with the cash. She teased him, “Well, Mr. Hogg. I guess my Uncle was wrong. He said you were very interested in taking this money from me for that piece of property he discussed with you.”

Boss almost fell over himself trying to apologize, “Well, what is your name, Honey. Rosco didn’t tell me who you were.”

Caitlin replied, “I am your 9 a.m. appointment, Mr. Hogg, See.” She found her name on his ledger and pointed it out, “I am Caitlin Rose.” She held out the money, “As agreed, I have 200 thousand dollars in my hand. 100 for the small farmland you were to find for my uncle and 100 for keeping this whole thing between us. No one is to ever know that I was here!”

Boss smiled, “Oh yes, Miss Rose, I do recall the conversation I had with your uncle and the delivery that I helped to send on to the property in question. It’s all waiting for you right now.” He searched his desk for several pieces of paper and gave her a pen, “All you have to do is sign this, give me the money and the land, and all that’s on it is yours.”

Caitlin took the pen, holding the cash away from Boss’s greedy hands, “And your silence, Mr. Hogg, do I have that as well and your Sheriff’s here?”

Rosco saluted the girl, “You can count on me, Miss, as sheriff of this county the privacy of her citizens is my honor to keep.”

Boss Hogg rolled his eyes and said, “Well, We have a deal. Here is your deed and all the information on the property you’ll need, including the address.”

Caitlin signed the documents and then handed Boss all the cash in her hands. She was glad to be rid of it and hoped it would be enough to keep her safe in Hazzard. A pair of smiling blue eyes and soft blonde hair, however, invaded her thoughts. She knew she needed to find out about the man who helped her, so she asked, “By the way, I have a question. I was wondering if you know the names of two fellas who drive a orange Charger with a Confederate Flag painted on its hood?”

Boss asked hopefully, “Why would you want to know about the Duke Boys? Did they hurt you? Do you want them arrested? Rosco! Go…”

Caitlin grabbed onto Rosco’s hand before he could run away. She said, “Wait a minute. No, I don’t want these…Duke Boys…Arrested. They gave me directions when I was lost and I wanted to be able to thank them.”

Rosco escorted Caitlin out of Boss’s office and said, “The Boss don’t have time to be givin out addresses of criminals. You best stay away from them, Ma’am. They’d be nothin but trouble for you.”

Caitlin became irritated and said, “Thank you for your help, Sheriff. I will certainly try to follow your advice.” She scratched Flash on his head and then hurried back to her car.

Across the street from City Hall, The General Lee was parked at Cooter’s garage. Luke was helping Bo load some car parts that Cooter had sold them into The General when he was saw the young woman from the Viper furiously walking out of City Hall. Luke got Bo to look that way, “Wow, there’s that green-eyed car you were admiring this morning, Bo.”

Bo smiled at Luke’s jab. He replied, “Wonder why she’s come here?”

Luke speculated, “Well, its probably business with Boss Hogg which means she’s trouble with a capital T.”

Bo remarked, “What kind of business could she have with Boss?”

Cooter observed, “I’m not sure, but she doesn’t look very happy.”

Cooter was correct. Caitlin was not very happy. She looked over the information that Boss had given her and there was an address, but no directions on how to get there. Again, she found herself thinking about Blue eyes and suddenly she was aware of those blue eyes watching her from across the street. A voice inside her warned of about getting involved again. It wasn’t time, it was too dangerous, don’t trust anyone! The voice said to her. But it was obvious that she needed help finding her new home, so she built up her courage to seek him out for that. She looked over the streets, breathing in the fresh air, using it to keep her nervousness under control. When the way was clear, she crossed the street heading in the direction of Cooter’s garage.

The three men watched the young woman as she headed toward them. Bo announced excited, “Hey, I think she saw me! She is coming over here.”

Cooter nudged Bo and said, “No, Bo, its me she’s coming to see.”

Luke argued laughing, “Nope, both of you are wrong. She smiled at me.”

However, as Caitlin got closer to them, it was very obvious who she was interested in talking to. Her eyes never left him as she tried to smile, “Um, I’m hoping one of you can help me. My car desperately needs an oil change. He’s such a baby when I don’t take care of things like that when I’m supposed to.”

Cooter stepped in front Bo and proudly introduced himself, “You can call me Cooter, Ma’am. I’d be obliged to help you.”
Cooter tried to wipe as much of the grease off his hand when Caitlin extended hers. He was relieved and impressed when she didn’t shy away and instead grasped his hand in a friendly greeting. She returned, “Caitlin Rose. My car is the red one in front of City Hall.” She handed him the keys and said, “Please hurry. I’ve been on the road since early this morning and I would like to find my new home. I would be most grateful.”

Cooter tipped his hat and said, “Right away, Miss Rose.” Her kind manner inspired Cooter to want to help her any way he could. He practically ran over to City Hall to retrieve her car.

Caitlin turned to see the two men who had helped her on the road trying not to laugh at their friend’s eagerness to help her. She took another deep breath of courage and offered, “I’m sorry for not taking the time to thank you on the road.” She said, “I’m Caitlin Rose.”

Luke shook her offered hand, “I’m Luke, Ma’am, and this is my cousin, Bo.”

Caitlin tentatively took Bo’s hand, unsure of the feelings just looking at him caused in her. She smiled, “I’d like to do something to repay you both. You really saved my life. I thought I’d be lost forever.”

Bo shrugged, “It was our pleasure, Caitlin Rose.”

Caitlin loved the sound of her name coming this Adonis’s lips. Again though, she shook away her attraction. She requested, “Well, I’m hoping you could do me another favor and help me find out where this is.” She handed them the scratch paper that Boss had scribbled her address on.

Bo asked, “Is this what you saw Boss Hogg about?”

Caitlin answered, “I bought this property from him. Do you know where it is?”

Luke answered, “This is Widow Sander’s place. Boss was having it remodeled after she died without anyone to leave it too.”

Bo said, “We know right where it is.”

Caitlin asked, “Have you ever seen it? Is it furnished as Boss promised? He’s already delivered some of my things there. Is it secluded and safe from strangers finding it from the main road?”

Her last remark concerned Luke, but he let it drop, figuring it was none of his business. He said, “Well Bo, Uncle Jesse is expecting this and we have several other errands to run for him too.”

Caitlin suddenly didn’t want Bo to get away from her. She had to think of a way to get to know him without letting him know how interested she was in him. She offered, “Please help me. I need to find this place and I have no idea how. Look, I can pay you and I’m going to need a hand cleaning and unpacking. I could hire the two of you for a couple of days.”

Bo liked the sound of that and answered, “You gotta deal, Caitlin Rose.”

Luke was about to argue, but didn’t want to stand in his favorite cousin’s way, so he said, “We’d be glad to help.”

Caitlin smile grew large and she said, “Then it’s all settled. Now when Mr. Cooter gets finished with my car, I can follow you to the Sander’s Farm.”

Bo replied, “No, Luke has a couple of things to take care of before we can help you. So I can show you where it is.”

Caitlin said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I’d hate to inconvenience you.”

Bo soothed, “Don’t worry. Luke, tell her you don’t mind meeting us there.”

Luke shook his head in amusement, as did Caitlin. Even she understood that Bo was trying to be alone with her. Instead of scaring her, it intrigued her. She was growing more attracted to this eager man every second she was with him. She almost laughed but a copper Cadillac parking in front of City Hall with a silver BMW following behind caught her attention and her good mood faded to one of anxiousness and irritation. She looked at her watch and said, “Could you please check to see….”
Before the words were out of her mouth, Bo understood and yelled, “Hey, Cooter, get a move on!”

Cooter came up out of the garage and said, “It’s done. I was just cleaning up. That is one fine automobile, Miss Rose.”

Caitlin was trying to hide herself among the three men she was standing with. She watched two men get out of the Cadillac and the driver of the BMW get out and walk over to the rear of the Cadillac. Her thoughts were interrupted by Cooter trying to tell her about her car. She absently handed him 100 dollars and said, “Thank you, Cooter. I’m sure you did a wonderful job.”

Cooter said, astonished, “Umm, Ma’am, you’ve given me too much money.”

Caitlin saw the man from the BMW start to look her way and she backed away hoping he wouldn’t notice her. She replied, “Oh, Keep the change.” Then she turned and walked straight into Bo.

Bo caught her before she could knock them both to the ground. He asked worriedly, “Caitlin! Are you OK?”

Caitlin jumped away from Bo’s touch. She was brought back to reality though and tried to cover up her actions. She replied, “I’m sorry. I guess I’m being a little absent minded. Must be from driving for so long.” Pulling herself together, she suggested, “Maybe we should go?”

Bo accepted her answer easily; “I’m ready when you are.”

Caitlin thanked Cooter again and made Luke promise to meet them as soon as he could. Turning to Bo, she offered, “Bo, Please drive. I’d like you to show me all over this beautiful county of yours.”

Like a child being given a new toy, Bo yelped and said, “You gotta deal, Caitlin!” He helped her into the passenger side of the car and they were off.

As they passed City Hall, the gentleman sitting in the back of the Cadillac stood up out of the car. He saw Caitlin’s Viper and ordered, “Bronco! There she goes! Get outta here! Follow her but don’t scare her. We can’t have her escaping from us this time. I’ve put too much out and burned to many favors to find her.”

Bronco replied, “I’m on her, Will,” and he took the BMW and sped off after them.

As he drove past Luke and Cooter, Luke watched the car go chasing after the Viper. He remarked, “Cooter, I gotta funny feeling we’re about to get ourselves into trouble again.”

Cooter agreed, “Well, that’s how we spell trouble in Hazzard County – D U K E!”


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