Million Dollar Rose for Bo, ch. 2

by Debbie (Ldydebpv31)

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Series/Sequel: Chapter Two

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On the road, Bo gripped the gearshift, wanting so badly to push the car to its maximum limits. It was a dream car to drive. He knew he would have to talk Caitlin into letting him test-drive it at one of the local racetracks. Caitlin sat beside him looking over her shoulder every few seconds. She bit her lip nervously hoping that Bo wouldn’t wonder what was wrong. She tried to sit back and enjoy the beautiful countryside with its trees and grassy fields. She tried to learn the twists and turns of the road so that she could find her way around later. Bo noticed the shyness that had come over his pretty companion. He wanted her to relax, thinking that she was nervous about letting him drive her car. He inquired in a friendly tone, “Caitlin, where do you call home?”

Caitlin answered curtly yet casually, as pictures of her parents and her old life flashed through her brain,” New York.”

Bo teased, “Oh, so you’re one of those big city girls – Huh?”

Caitlin let out a small smile, “Yeah, I guess you might say that.” She wanted to tell him about her family’s estate in the country but that would be giving out too much information. Her intuition told her she could trust in the man behind the blue eyes, but her experience and thoughts of the men in the Cadillac screamed against it in her brain. She decided it was time to get him off the subject and knew that most men liked to talk about one other thing. She asked curiously, “Have you lived in Hazzard all your life? Do you have other family here besides…did you say Luke was your cousin?”

Bo smiled proudly. He was very glad to begin giving her his life story; to tell her all about his adventures in Hazzard County. Caitlin began to relax with each story. Each detail bringing laughter which kept her encouraging him to tell more.

Meanwhile, back at City Hall the man that Caitlin was worried about sat comfortably in Boss’s office smoking a cigar while offering Boss a choice from the box that one of his associates carried. J.D. Hogg noticed the expensive jewelry on the man’s hand and neck and the quality of the cigars he was being offered. He was very happy to be of service to whatever this gentleman wanted in hopes of making a little cash off him. They had already introduced each other so Boss almost begged, “Welcome to my little town, Mr. Sharp, What can I do you for?”

Mr. Sharp replied with a smile, a plume of smoke exiting his lips, “Just call me Will, J.D. You and I are going to be fast friends I hope.”

Boss Hogg agreed, “Well, all right then, Will, what is your business proposition?”

Will pulled out a photograph of Caitlin and asked, “I need to find this young woman. Have you seen or heard from her?”

Images of the girl handing him 100 thousand dollars in cash with a demand that he keep her whereabouts a secret flashed in Boss’s head. But if this man had more money to hand out, he saw no reason to keep her secret anymore. He evaded the question, however, “Now, let me see that.” He took the picture and looked it over carefully.

Rosco looked at the picture over Boss’s shoulder and said, “But Boss, you promised….” Boss knocked Rosco away from him.
Looking at Rosco with a threat on his face, Boss ordered, “Don’t you have work to do?” Handing the photograph back to Will, Boss said, “I’m sorry. I don’t know if I’ve seen her or not.”

Will understood Boss’s suggestion. He rolled the cigar in his hand and stared longingly at the photograph. He looked up at Mr. Hogg and said, “I am sure Miss Rose wouldn’t mind if you told me where she is, Mr. Hogg. We’re old friends. I’ve been sent here by her Uncle Charles to meet her. I have a message for her. It is very, very important that I find her soon.”

Boss sat down behind his desk, ready to dicker his price. He remarked pointedly, “How Much is it worth to you, Will?”

Again Will Sharp smiled. He knew greed was a way to most men’s hearts, Boss Hogg’s more than others. He offered, “I think a finder’s fee of about 100 thousand would be sufficient.”

Rosco blurted, “But Boss, she made you promise not to tell anyone.”

Boss replied, hinting to Will Sharp, “Yes, and she paid me good money to do it too.”

Will asked, “So then you have seen her?”

Boss nodded, “I’ve seen the girl. But I have duty to protect the citizens of Hazzard, Will. I can’t go giving private information to just anyone.”

Will held out a bag of gold coins and said, “J.D. This bag contains 200 thousand in gold. It’s yours for her new address. She will be only too willing to give you more after she has seen me.”

Boss’s mouth salivated at the sight of the bag. He reached for it, but Will pulled it out of his reach. Boss gruffly grabbed a piece of paper from his desk and wrote some information on it. He informed, “She bought this property from me this morning. I will not show you how to get there, you’ll have to find that yourself! Here’s the address!” He handed Will the paper and waited with extended hands for the bag to be dropped to him.

Will looked over the information, tossed the bag to Boss Hogg, and smiled, “It has been a pleasure doing business with you, J.D.” Will stood and spoke to his friend, “Let’s go find our elusive little girl. Shall we?”

Outside Will took the steps two at a time as he called, “Well, gentleman, Mr. Hogg was very helpful.”

1st Man asked, “You got the information?”

Will replied, “Just an address to some property that she purchased. But she’s here and she plans staying.”

1st. Man, “So what is our next step?”

Will informed, “Ray,” to his other friend, “Scott, let’s find the local motel and make ourselves comfortable. We’ll wait for Bronco to report back.”

Scott warned, “But she saw us here. She’s just gonna pick up and leave again.”

Will thought aloud, “Well, we’ll just have to make sure she doesn’t. I refuse to let her slip away from me again.” He squeezed the paper into a ball in his fist and then kissed it.

Bo was still giving a tour of the countryside to Caitlin. They laughed and Caitlin grew more comfortable being near Bo with each story he told. Her heart pumped warmly for him as the attraction she felt for him increased. After his last story, she asked, “So how much further do we have to go? Seems like we’ve been driving forever.”

Bo laughed, “We could’ve been there long ago, Caitlin, but I wanted to show you around.”

Caitlin replied, “Oh, And what about Luke? Won’t he be waiting for us? And what about my things? I need to unpack.”

Bo promised, “We’ll get there. I just wanted to keep you all to myself a little longer.” He reached for her hand, but she pulled it away and looked out the window in embarrassment. Bo felt guilty for offending her. He offered, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…”

Caitlin replied, “No, Bo, I’m sorry. I’ve just been having to pick up and move from place to place for so long and running into so much bad luck and then having to move again, that its hard for me to trust and let go. Please just give me time.” She reached for his hand.

Bo smiled, “Well what made you choose Hazzard?”

Caitlin answered, “In College I met a girl who lives in the next county. I remember her tales of the area and about Boss Hogg. I knew he was easily bought off with money. I needed to get away from home and I wanted to be somewhere I could stretch my legs and breathe fresh air.”

Bo laughed, “Well, you’d be a fool to trust Boss completely. He’d sell his own mother for the right price.”

Caitlin replied thoughtfully, “Even if their life depended on it?” She turned and saw the BMW still following them. She knew she needed to have Bo get rid of that car without telling him why. An idea popped into her head and she offered, “Did you say that Luke was going to be busy with an errand for your Uncle for a while?”

Bo replied, “Yeah, for at least a couple of hours.”

“Then why don’t you show me a place where we can have a small picnic? I’m starving and I have a small basket of food in the trunk.” She flashed him a beguiling smile.

Bo agreed, “Sounds like a great plan.”

Caitlin challenged, “First, though, you gotta earn it. I wanna see just what you can do with this car. So far you’ve been driving it slower than my grandma but I can see you’re itching to feel its speed underneath you!” She giggled at his look of shock. She suggested, “See the car behind us. For some reason, I think he’s been following us. Lose him!”

Bo squealed excitedly, “Are you sure?”

“Well you did tell me you drove race cars for a while! Prove it. Put this baby through his paces!” Caitlin laid her hand on Bo’s thigh and promised, “Let me see just how fast you can go!”

Bo stepped on the accelerator and felt the power of the car move them faster and faster down the road. He let out a yelp, “YeeHawwww!!!!!” and Caitlin looked to see the BMW having to take off to catch up. Bo also looked in his rearview expecting to find the car gone. He was bewildered at their being followed, but he decided that if the guy wanted to chase them then he’d give him a run for his tires. Bo downshifted to again get more speed leading the BMW over hills, around hairpin turns. He turned down an old road hoping to lose the BMW but as he came around the corner, he saw a tractor filled with hay stuck in the middle of the road. There were workmen trying to change a tire on the tractor and one directing Bo to go around. But it was too late. Bo had no choice but to jump it. Luckily, there was a slight dip in the road, which gave Bo a perfect launch into the air. Caitlin saw what Bo was being forced into doing and she swallowed in fear, “Oh My God! Bo, I didn’t mean for you to kill us!”

Bo smiled self-consciously, yet assured semi-confidently, “Don’t worry, I’ve done this a million times.”

Caitlin wondered, “And did you…” Her statement was swallowed as they hit the dip and the car sailed into the air, over the tractor, and landed safely on the other side, speeding away. The BMW was not so lucky. It spun to its side and crashed against the tractor, the sound of scrapping metal filling the air.

Caitlin clutched at Bo’s arm for safety as she watched the BMW disappear from view. Bo continued racing away as he kidded, “Are you gonna be OK?”

“As soon as my entire life quits flashing before my eyes I will be!” She felt exhilarated by the experience. She laughed, breathlessly, “That was so great! I’ve never done that before! When can we do it again!”

Bo joined her laughter and was pleased with her brave reaction. He suggested, “How ’bout after lunch? I know a perfect place.” He watched her look behind them again and he too checked to see if the car had caught up to them. He noticed the worry she was feeling steal into her eyes for just a second again. He had seen fear before but ignored it thinking she was afraid of his driving. Now he knew it was something else. He wanted to ask, but knew it was none of his business. He offered, “Look, Caitlin, you don’t have to tell me why that car was following us or why you wanted me to lose him. But I hope you can trust me enough in time to let me know what’s going on. I’d like to help.” The smile died on her lips and he knew he’d made a mistake. She wasn’t ready to open up to him yet. When she looked away, he took her hand and said, “Wait, don’t…You don’t have to say anything. Let’s see what you have in your trunk.”

Bo merged back onto the main road only to find himself caught in Enos’s speed trap. Appreciating the sports car, Enos knew he had to give it chase. He realized that Boss would be very grateful from the fine on the ticket he’d give that driver. Enos raced after them with sirens blaring and lights blazing all over the road. Bo promised Caitlin that he could get rid of Enos easily, but she had other plans. She half-ordered, “Oh No, I don’t think I can handle another jump – not on an empty stomach anyway. Let’s just pull over, I’ve gotta great idea.”

Bo shrugged, “Yes, Ma’am.” as he parked off the road a bit, “I hope you know what you’re doin’. Enos ain’t that easy…”

Caitlin interrupted impatiently, “Please be quiet a minute and switch me places before he gets here!”

Enos grabbed his ticket book and slowly walked up to the driver’s side window. He blinked twice at the young woman sitting where he swore he saw Bo’s blonde head sitting just a moment before. As sweetly as possible, Caitlin leaned out her window and asked, “Is there a problem, Officer, Sir?”

Her smile melted Enos’s heart. He thought of his sweet Daisy, though, and put this girl out of his mind. He stood up taller to impress the woman with his professionalism. He considerately removed his hat and informed, “Well, Mum. Ma’am you were speeding back there. I’m afraid I’m going to have to give you a ticket.”

Caitlin laughed astonished, “Speeding! Are you sure, Sir? I could swear I was doing 30 like the sign said way back. Course it’s so hard to keep it at that speed with this baby. Sometimes He just has a mind of his own.”

Enos explained, “Well, Ma’am, you were doing 30 miles per hour like you said, but this here is a 25 miles per hour zone. You must’ve missed the sign. But I’m still gonna have to give you a ticket.”

Caitlin pouted her lips prettily and opened her car door. She frowned, “Oh, I am sorry. You are right I didn’t see the sign. But even you must admit that the sign needs to be moved so people like me can see it better.” She wrapped her arms around Enos’s arm and suggested, “Well, Ummm,” She looked at his nametag on his uniform, “I’ll let you take me over to your big police car and give me that ticket. Will that be all right? That way I won’t be embarrassed in front of my new friend.” She waved at Bo, who watched the show in wonder at what she was going to do.

Caitlin made Enos go back to his squad car. She jumped up onto his hood and said, “I’ll watch you write me that ticket right here. Is that OK?” She pulled up her skirt a little allowing Enos to look where he wanted. She reached for the pen in his pocket and “accidentally” dropped it to the ground. She followed him down to retrieve the pen, apologizing for being so clumsy. When they stood up together, they were nose-to-nose, almost lip-to-lip. Caitlin threw her arms around Enos’s neck and purred seductively, “You know, I’m so glad you pulled me over! I just love policemen with their big police cars, their big guns, their big sticks, and their tight fitting handcuffs. You are just driving me wild.” She hugged Enos closer to her leaving him no choice but to use his hands to push her away from him. She ran her hands down his side and threw herself closer to him in a big hug around his waist.

From the Viper, Bo watched in shock as Caitlin threw herself all over Enos. He didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or go help Enos. He saw her pull Enos’s handcuffs from his belt loop and suddenly understood her plan. He smiled at her cleverness.
Enos’s face reddened as he protested earnestly, “Please, Ma’am! Ain’t you takin’ this a bit too far?” He squirmed trying to free himself from her embrace, but he was pinned against the door of his vehicle. He offered, “Look Forget the ticket! Lady, You are free to go!”

Caitlin smiled, “Oh Don’t do that! I always pay my fines. I’m a good girl who needs someone like you to remind me to stay within the speed limits.” She felt for the door handle of Enos’s car and hooked one end of the handcuffs to it. Then after she felt and looped the other end through Enos’s belt loop, she launched herself into him again, kissing him on the mouth, and closing the cuff tightly to his pants.

Enos managed to disengage her lips from his for a second and breathlessly asked, very amused and flattered by her attack on him, “Again, Ma’am you don’t have to do this. What…what are you doing!”

Caitlin threw him another beguiling smile, “Nothing!” She held his face in her hands and kissed him again. This time before he could push her away, she managed to shove a 100-dollar bill in his pocket. Her task accomplished, Caitlin let go of Enos and stepped back. She planted a look for shock across her own face and then offered embarrassedly, “Oh I am so sorry for doing that. I don’t know what came over me. You were just so kind and cute, I just had to take a chance.”

Enos smiled, having enjoyed the experience. His attacker was quite a good kisser. He could still taste her cherry lipstick in his mouth. Before he could respond back She said, “Umm, if you don’t mind, I need to go get my license now. Hide from my embarrassing behavior — You know. I’ll be right back.” Enos watched her escape to the passenger side of her car. To his disappointment, she blew him a kiss; he heard her say, “Bo, Let’s get outta here!” and he watched the Viper disappear down the road. Enos yelled at them to stop and he turned to jump back in his car to chase them. However, his pants refused to move with him and before he realized why, he pulled harder and the pants tore down the back and dropped to the ground below uncovering Enos’s heart covered boxer shorts and naked hairy legs. Enos sighed a helpless sigh at being tricked by a girl. He laughed at the story that he knew would be allover Hazzard. Picking up his torn pants, he threw them in the back seat of his vehicle and then drove off.

Bo quickly turned out of sight down a small dirt road. Caitlin was pleased to find that the road dead-ended into a grassy field by a tiny stream. Several large trees surrounded the pond and the remains of another sat like bench near the edge of the water. She was enchanted. The water glistened in the sunlight and swirls told her there were fish to be caught. The opening of the passenger side door briefly broke her enchantment. She looked to see Bo’s hand waiting to help her out. As she emerged, She offered appreciatively, “This is so beautiful, Bo. Its perfect.”

Caitlin walked a little ways from the car to get her bearings and look around. She asked, “So where should we eat? Under that tree by the water or should I use that stump like a table — the one in the sun?”

Bo shrugged, “It don’t matter, Caiti.”

Caitlin faced Bo at the sound of her shortened name coming from his lips. She loved it though she wondered how he knew to call her that. Another voice echoed from the past in her thoughts, “Caiti-girl! Come give your father a hug.” Then another voice, “Caiti, I want to marry you.” She fought that voice forcing it from her thoughts even as her eyes moistened with new tears. Her hand pressing on something beneath her shirt that dangled from a chain around her neck automatically to comfort herself. She ducked back into her car on the excuse that she needed to get the keys from the ignition. Her thoughts pulled into check; she took the keys to the trunk and opened it.

Bo felt her relax a little after he had helped her out of the car. She was smiling and really enjoying the pond. He thought he’d seen her become sad, but it was only for a very brief second, which caused to think that he had imagined it. Then he realized he had shortened her name. Maybe he offended her, he thought. But She had dove back into the car before he could ask about it. He promised himself to try harder to watch what he said to her. Now she stood at her trunk and he joined her asking, “Can I help?” She was trying to lift a large suitcase in order to get to the cooler and picnic basket underneath. She held the suitcase and Bo pulled both items from the trunk. He noticed two more large cases inside the trunk underneath a blanket. He commented, “Wow, you sure do have a lot of stuff back here.”

Caitlin laughed, “That’s what happens when you decide to pick up and run…I mean leave home. A girl has to be prepared for anything that comes along. There’s more waiting for us when we get to my new place.” She withdrew the blanket and said, “So which is it? The stump and the sun, or the tree and the shade?”

Bo chose, “How ’bout the tree in the shade.”

Caitlin nodded, “Agreed.”

Bo picked up the cooler and followed her over to the tree. He asked, “What’s for lunch?”

Caitlin replied sassily, “Food, Silly.” She smacked his hand away from the cooler and said, “Please go get the basket while I spread out the blanket.”

Bo returned quickly to find her kneeling on a soft patch of grass shaking out a thick Indian blanket over the ground. He set the basket on top of the blanket as Caitlin retrieved the cooler. Caitlin invited, “Now, if you will please join me, I will tell you the choices I can offer you.”

Bo remarked hungrily, “OH, I’ve got more than one? Just what do you have in the basket?”

Caitlin removed the lid and described, “Well, Ummm, there’s some cold fried chicken. Some cubes of cheese…” She removed the items as she called them out, “There’s also some ham sandwiches and a bag of mustard pretzels — my favorite!”

Bo asked, “Mustard pretzels – what are those?”

Caitlin looked at him in shock. Then she shook her head remembering where she was in the world. She explained, “Only one of the best snacks in the free world. They’re not as good as the ones you get from the street vendors in Central Park or at one of the shopping centers. But they do in a pinch.” She opened the bag and offered, “Try one” Before Bo could decide, she withdrew a pretzel and shoved it in his mouth. Then she gobbled up several on her own. She closed her eyes at the tanginess spreading over her tongue.

Bo laughed at her enjoyment of what seemed like such a simple pleasure. He looked at the food spread before him, also enjoying the new food in his mouth, and asked, “Where did you get all of this food? Why do you carry it with you like this?”
Popping another pretzel in her mouth, Caitlin answered, “When I’m on the road like this, I try to make as much as I can before I leave so that I don’t have to eat in restaurants that much. It’s also nice to have something already prepared when I get to a new place. Unpacking and Packing is so tiring.” She yawned at the thought of sleeping that night in a warm bed again. She shook off the drowsiness and requested, “Would you look in the cooler and tell me what I put in there last night?”

Bo laughed and lifted the lid to the cooler. He informed, “You have what looks like a bottle of wine, some lemonade, and small bottles of soda.” Soon the two people were settled down enjoying Caitlin’s picnic lunch.

The day was hot as Bo and Caitlin finished their lunch together under the shade of the trees by the pond. Caitlin sighed, feeling very content. She found it almost to easy to be comfortable near Bo. He was funny to talk to and his blue eyes smiled at her whenever he caught her watching him. Caitlin tried to relax more on the blanket, looking out over the pond. A breeze rippled the water and Caitlin felt the urge to feel the wind on her face. She stood up from the blanket and brushed the crumbs from her skirt. Bo watched her stroll along the edge of the pond. He asked, “Where are you going?”

Caitlin shrugged, not looking back at him, “No where, just restless.” She spied a fallen log hanging over the water from the bank of the pond.

Bo followed her to the log as she sat down on its edge by the trees surrounding it. He asked, “May I join you?”

Caitlin moved over a little, saying, “Make yourself comfortable.”

Bo sat on the ground near her using the log as a backrest. He said, “I haven’t eaten that much in a long time. Your chicken was great.”

Caitlin smiled, “Thank you. That’s been one of the great things about moving around. I’ve had to learn to cook for myself and I must admit I’ve inherited my grandmother’s touch.” She gently lifted a chain from underneath her cotton tank top. There was a locket at the end of the chain and a bridal set of wedding rings looped onto the chain. Bo thought it was a locket until Caitlin opened it to reveal one side of it was a watch. Bo also saw a picture of two people on the other side of the locket, but Caitlin gently shut up the timepiece as she remarked, “It’s getting late. We should probably get going,” and dropped the long chain back under her shirt.

Bo laid his head back against the log and said, “Why? It’s not that late.”

Caitlin laughed, “Because your cousin Luke is waiting for us.”

Bo looked at his own watch and said, “It’s only 12:30. Luke is still doing errands for Uncle Jesse. We have more time, I swear. Besides,” he held his stomach, “I ate to much. I can’t move a muscle.”

Shaking her head in amusement, Caitlin too felt very full. But she only felt energized. She liked being able to laugh. It had been such a long time since she been allowed to laugh. Bo made it easy though. She was still wary of the feelings he was bringing out of her. She looked back out over the stream, concentrating on the sounds of the birds’ sweet songs; the frogs and crickets adding their music; and the trees rounding out the rhythm. Her senses were alive in this beautiful place as she tasted the spray of the sweet water on her lips, and scented the wild flowers growing in wild abandon over the whole field. The heat of the sun caressed her skin and she loved it shining on her face. She slipped off her white sneakers revealing her bare feet and rose to balance herself on the log. She carefully walked to the other end of the log that hung over the water; and sat down dangling her feet while enjoying more of the breeze. A hint of wild lilacs filled her senses. As Caitlin moved to her new spot and got herself comfortable, she asked, “Bo, I’m curious. Why doesn’t Boss Hogg like you and your family?”

Bo watched his new friend enjoying the scenery and was pleased to see her begin to relax a bit more. Bo followed her and replied uncaring, “I’m not sure anymore. Why?” He tried to sit down and had to grab on to Caitlin’s hand to keep himself from falling into the water. Caitlin quickly dropped his hand when she was sure he was safely seated.

Caitlin focused her attention on the water as she shrugged, “I don’t know, just wondering.” Caitlin looked at Bo and then back at the water. A wicked grin appeared as she contemplated an idea. She casually rubbed the side of her neck and sighed, “It sure has gotten hot.”

Bo threw a stick in the water and agreed, “Yep.”

Caitlin replied disappointedly, “It would be a good day to go swimming.”

Bo wholeheartedly agreed, “That would be great. That water looks so inviting. Too bad we don’t have the time.”

Caitlin leaned back a little, resting her hand behind Bo’s back. Then she pushed against his back saying, “Well, you’ll just have to make time!” and helped Bo fall into the water.

Bo tried unsuccessfully to hold on to the log and Caitlin. But he found her disappearing back to the edge of the pond as he bobbed up out of the water, his rear end sitting on the cool bottom underneath. He shook out his hair and yelled in amusement, “Hey, Why’d ya do that?”

Caitlin looked back at him innocently, “What! I didn’t do anything. You slipped! And besides you said you wanted to go swimming.” She stood at the edge laughing at him. She had not been able to pull a practical joke on anyone in a long time. She didn’t know why she felt she could with Bo, but she was going to find out if her feeling was correct.

Bo felt his boots filling with water as he tried to stand. He got to his knees as he said, “I didn’t mean with my clothes on.” He looked at her threateningly, “You realize I’ll have to get you back.” His threat died on his lips as he again submerged himself under the water.

Caitlin bit her lip, trying not to laugh any more. Then she saw him stand and stare at her even more threatening than before. He was trudging towards her and She took a step backwards. She stood proudly and dared, “And what will you do, Mr. Duke!”

Bo finally made it out of the water and stalked Caitlin as she continued to back away from him. He stared at her trying not to smile and warned, “I’m going to give you a little swimming lesson.”

Caitlin feigned fear, “Oh, Bo, Please, You Can’t!”

Bo nodded, “I can and I will. Who’s gonna stop me!”

Caitlin held up her hand trying to ward him off and begged, “Wait! Isn’t…Isn’t there some way else to get me back. Please! Please, I…I was only playin’. And you…Well you said you wanted to swim.”

Bo nodded, “Yes, I did. But I believe, Ma’am, you said it first.”

Caitlin pouted, “But I didn’t mean right NOW!” as Bo backed her into a nearby tree.

He put his arm against the tree as if pinning her there. He got into her face and said, “Looks Like you get to go swimming. Come here!” But the look she gave him captured him and he froze for a moment.

Caitlin looked into his laughing eyes and felt his breath mingling with her own. For a split second, she pictured kissing him. The idea was a pleasant one and maybe would postpone his revenge. She stood on her toes and followed her desire and shocked him with a deep kiss. In the next second she was escaping under his arm and running back towards her car. Bo yelled after her and ran. He chased her over the clearing and back towards a patch of tall grass and weeds. When he got close enough, he reached for her waist causing her to trip to the ground. He caught her before she hit, preventing her from landing too hard as he rolled her into his arms and took the brunt of the fall for them. He rolled over her and pinned her in the grass and breathlessly sighed, “Gotchya!” He felt her arms go around his neck and accepted her silent invitation to kiss her. He could feel her chest rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath.

Caitlin took her fingers and sunk them into his hair. She giggled, “No, I think I’ve got you.” She was surprised at her forwardness yet she could not deny the attraction that had been growing between them since coming to the pond. She laughed heartily, “I think I’m going to like living here very much.”

Bo smiled, “Oh Really.”

Caitlin returned, “Oh Yeah.” And kissed him again.

Bo warned, “I’m still going to get you back, you know.”

Caitlin pretended to pout, “Oh can’t we just forget about that. I’m enjoying this much more.”

Bo stood up and then helped her to stand beside him. Before she could walk away, he lifted her into his arms and kissed her again. He kept kissing her while walking into the water until his knees were submerged. Caitlin barely noticed where they were going until Bo said, “Well, Miss Caitlin, I think it’s your turn.”

Caitlin looked around as she said, “Turn? My turn for what?”

Bo lifted her slightly away from him and said, “This!” as he tossed her away from him into the deepest part of the water. Caitlin went all the way under, her uplifted arms the last to disappear. When she came up, she threw Bo a look of disgust while wiping water from her nose. Bo moved away from her. He sat down on the log again and laughed. Caitlin stomped through the water over to him, her toes sinking into the soft sand. As she got closer she made her temper calm down and looked at Bo helplessly, “Ok, you got me, Bo. Now will you help a poor city girl get out of this cold water?” She offered him her hand.

Bo nodded and reached out for her. Caitlin felt him start to pull and stiffened her arm in return, pulling slightly her way.

Confused, Bo asked, “What are you doing?”

Pretending to be irritated, Caitlin replied, “Trying to get out of the water. I thought you were gonna help me.” Bo shrugged an apology and pulled on her arm. This time when he stopped pulling, Caitlin pulled Bo off the log. But instead of just knocking him into the water, Bo fell against her and they both went under the water. They found their footing in the water and began splashing and chasing each other around the pond. Their laughter rang loudly throughout the clearing until Bo finally caught her in his arms and showered her with little kisses to her wet cheeks and drinking the water from her lips. He asked, “Are you satisfied now?”

Laughing sillily, She said, “You bet.” Bo picked her up and carried her to the stump that almost had been their picnic table. Caitlin looked at herself as she felt cold water dripping from every part of her body. Luckily her shoes were still waiting for her by the fallen log and were still dry. The couple’s laughter died down and Caitlin looked at the watch hanging around her neck. She made sure no water had gotten inside the delicate timepiece. When she was sure none had and that it was still working, she announced, “Oh Dear, Bo. Its almost 1:30. We get going.”

Bo said, “Don’t you think we should dry off first?”

Caitlin said, “We don’t have time. I just need to get out of these wet clothes. We have time to drive by your house so you can change if you want to.”

Bo replied, “No, if we go there, Uncle Jesse will try to tie us talking to you and then Luke will kill us for not showing up.”

Caitlin hurried over to her open trunk and opened one of the suitcases inside. She picked out a few things that she would need and looked around her for a good place to change. Bo asked, “What are you going to do with those?” He looked at the clothes in her hand.

Caitlin said, “Change, Silly, I told you I wanted to get out of these wet clothes.”

Bo said, his eyes widening with surprise and curiosity, “Out here? In the Open?”

Caitlin rolled her eyes, as she returned sassily, “No, on the moon. I’m going over to that clump of trees to change. You stay here. I’ll only be a few minutes.” She disappeared inside a thick over growth of trees and bushes. Bo watched the leaves of the trees rustling as she moved about. At first, he contemplated peeking and even tried to get a fast look. But his conscience got the better of him and he turned away with a slight blush to his cheeks. Caitlin’s voice could be heard singing the words to a song. Her pretty voice got closer and she tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to see her dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a button down-the-front tank top. She carried her wet clothes beside her. He followed her to the trunk where she wrapped her clothes in a towel. She withdrew another towel and threw it at him with a smile. Bo toweled his own hair for a second, the feel of his own clothes beginning to bother him. Caitlin laughed at him as she retrieved her shoes and then went to clean up the picnic mess. Bo joined her and helped her to store everything back inside her trunk. Caitlin kept the blanket out and said,

“Here,” handing it to Bo, “Lay this under you on the car seat.”

Bo joked as he laid the blanket across the driver’s seat. He turned and pulled Caitlin to him. He said, “Thank you, Miss Caitlin, That was a very interesting lunch.”

Caitlin agreed and gave him a soft peck to his cheek. She got into the passenger side of the car and Bo sat down on his side. They drove off in a plume of smoke towards Caitlin’s new home.


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