Miss Tizdale’s Replacement, pt. 11

by: Essy Jane

Now we’re at the barn dance. Boss is country line dancing with Lulu. Even though it is a fast song, Uncle Jesse and Emma are in the corner nuzzling each other, swaying back and forth. “Oh Jesse, you’re so sweet,” Emma said. She took off her shawl.

“Now Emmer, don’t you do that you’ll catch cold,” Jesse said. He wrapped the shawl back around her.

“Oh, you’re so wonderful. How anyone could let you go free for so long.” Jesse pulled away and blushed.

Luke is bumping hips with Amy-Lou, the top brunette in Hazzard, a smart one at that. “You know, when I’m done my residency maybe…” She began.

“You can marry me?” Luke asked.

“Honey, we ain’t serious yet. Besides, I want to start a clinic in Chikasaw.”

“Chikasaw? Why not Hazzard?”

“Honey, I have lived here all my life.”

“I was really hoping it would stay that way.”

“I don’t want to trample on the other clinics here.”

“Well the other doctors wouldn’t mind.”

“Luke, come on.” Luke’s head drooped. “For goodness sakes, I ain’t dying. Besides, four years of residency is a long time.” Luke’s lip sunk down. “Oh come on now Luke, let’s just have some fun.”

“Okay but I’m gonna miss you.” Over on the other side of the room, you could see a beautiful dress Bo had picked out. Now I couldn’t decide what looked better, the dress or the owner.

Now Daisy gave her word to a certain Cletus Hogg that she would go out with him. She did it after misleading him about the moonshine still. You know when she asked him? After Rosco yelled at Cletus about the body work he had to get done.

Why did he have to get body work done? Well Daisy had to jump Hazzard pond and Rosco had to follow her of course. He almost made it. Almost only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. So Daisy went out with him to make him feel better and she did it with a warm heart.

Suddenly a slow song came on, everyone got with someone they loved or cared about. Bo has finally gotten his date with Essy. Right now, they were dancing away. “Bo, you have been a great date tonight,” Essy commented.

“Well you ain’t so bad yourself,” Bo answered.

“You know what?”


“It’s a shame I am leaving Hazzard.”

“Essy-Jane! Why do you have to leave? I finally am able to talk to you and ya have to leave? Can’t you stay one more week? Maybe two weeks? Would you do that for me?”


“We could dance and have fun and…”

“Bo, my Auntie wants me to go other places, find out if I can be more than a post mistress.”

“Can’t you do that a little closer to Hazzard?”

“Bo, I wish I could but I’ve been thinking.”

“About what?”

“I think I want to be an actress. I’m going to LA to see if I can.” Bo began to laugh. He cleared his throat when Essy-Jane gave him a dirty look. “What, you think I can’t make it?”

“It’s not that.”

“What then?”

“I finally am able to say a real sentence to you and now you’re leaving.”

“Bo, it’s not like I’m going to be away forever.”

“Yeah, you don’t care about me.”

“Wanna make a bet?” She pulled him in and kissed him. Bo’s eyes widened. Essy finally let go of the kiss. She looked at Bo. “Hey, we’ll always be friends no matter what.” Bo smiled.

“I’d like that but Essy you have one predicament on your hand.”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“You’re in love with us Dukes.” Essy-Jane rolled her eyes. “No, really, one of these days you’ll marry one of us.”


“You’ll do it.”

“Bo Duke…”

“After all, we’re movie stars.”

“Bo, shut up and kiss me.” Essy pulled on his collar and kissed him softly. Thank goodness its back to normal here in Hazzard, if there is a normal.

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