Paul McCoy

by: Vixey

It was a beautiful bright sunny day in Hazzard County. And it seems a whole lot brighter since the Dukes cousin Vixey came to town. Well, brighter to Roscoe anyway. Roscoe and Vixey had the day off and were going fishing, Bo and Luke were tuning up The General, Daisy was working and Uncle Jessie was plowin’ the fields with the help of Maudine the mule.
Enos was the only one at the sheriff’s office when a man he didn’t recognize came in.
“Morning, can I help you?”
“I hope so, I’m looking for Vixey.”
Enos eyed the stranger and finally said, “ well I’m sorry to disappoint ya but she and the sheriff have the day off.”
The stranger muttered what sounded like a curse and then said, “Well can you tell me where I might find her, it’s very important.”
“Well, I don’t really know. You might try her cousins.”
Enos gave the man directions to the Duke farm. The man left without saying a word.
“You’re welcome,” Enos said.
As the stranger made his way toward the farm, Enos radioed to Roscoe at Bear Creek.
“This is Deputy Enos Strait callin’ sheriff Roscoe and Vixey ya’ll come back”
Vixey got to it first.
“This is Red Fox, Enos, come on.”
“A mean lookin’ feller just left here lookin’ for ya Vixey and he wasn’t too friendly either.”
“What did he look like?”
“Well he was about 6’5, weighed about 235 pounds, had blue eyes and dark hair.”
“Oh Lord!” Vixey’s heart sunk. She knew that description all too well.
Roscoe, noticing her face asked what was wrong.
“Thanks Enos. Say can you meet us up at the Boar’s nest and call Uncle Jessie and Cooter?”
“Sure thing.”
“I’ll explain everything there.”
So Enos radioed Jessie and Cooter. Meanwhile the stranger just missed the boys as they headed to meet Vixey. She didn’t say a word on the way to the Boar’s Nest and Roscoe looked pretty upset. He knew his girlfriend well enough by this time to know when something was wrong. She noticed his worried look and gave him a brief smile. ‘Yep,’ he thought to himself, ‘something’s up.’
They met up and Enos told them about the stranger and the interest in Vixey and about his reaction when Enos told him she was off.
“Well,” Vixey started, “from the description and attitude Enos gave me, it sounds like my ex-husband Paul has found me again. He was the main reason I left New York. I know what you’re all going to say. That I shouldn’t have run away from my problems but you have no idea what this man is capable of.”
“Well darlin’,” Roscoe said, putting his arms around her, “It doesn’t matter what he’s capable of, we’re all going to protect you from him.”
“I don’t need protection, Roscoe, I need action. He’s already tried to kill me more that I can count; he killed our first unborn child and tried to kill Lilly before and after she was born. He doesn’t care about cops or jail or laws, all he cares about is getting revenge and making my life a living–.” “Watch young lady,” Uncle Jessie said. “You’re not too big for me to turn on my knee and spank.”
Everyone laughed but Vixey; she was too upset and irritated.
“I need a beer.”
Cooter looked at her, “ Vixey, you’ve bee here for a month now and I have never seen you drink a beer.”
“I only drink when I’m upset and I would definitely call this upset.”
“So Paul’s his name, huh?” said Luke.
“Yep, Paul Ryan McCoy, the biggest mistake in my life.” Vixey sighed.
Just then Paul walked in. Unnoticed by the group he sat down behind Vixey.
As Roscoe looked at her, he noticed her sniffing the air.
“Whatcha smell?”
“I don’t know. It almost smells like.” She stopped.
“Smells like what?” Enos asked.
Just then Vixey realized what she smelled. She leaned in and whispered.
“It smells like Paul’s cologne.”
Just then, Enos Looked behind her and saw Paul.
“Don’t look now Vix but he’s right behind ya.”
Just then, Paul grabbed her by the hair.
“Thought you could run from me you little Whore.”
“Hey now,” Roscoe said, jumping up, “that’s no way to treat a woman.”
“Let me guess,” Paul said, “ This is your boyfriend right?”
Vixey looked at Roscoe. He could see how scared she was. He couldn’t believe the wildcat that only a month ago, had all but cussed him out for locking up her cousins on a trumped up charge, had turned into this cowering scared rabbit all because of this man. Now he understood, as did the rest of them, what she had been through.
Paul continued, “ that you would even consider associating with these simple-minded hayseed bumpkins is unbelievable.”
“Now wait just a minute mister,” Uncle Jessie started, “ if you want her you got to go through all of us.”
Then Vixey realized that Paul would hurt all of them just to get his revenge on her.
‘I can’t let that happen,’ she thought to herself.
Just then, she kicked him in the groin. Paul doubled over in pain as Enos and Roscoe put the handcuffs on him. Roscoe turned back to Vixey. Sobbing she threw herself into his awaiting arms.
“Shhh, it’s okay we got him and he’s going to jail. Enos cuff him and stuff him and forget about reading him his rights ‘cause he ain’t got any.”
So Enos took Paul to jail and the Dukes with Roscoe and Cooter Took Vixey back to her farm, which was now finished except for the porch.
Meanwhile, back at the jailhouse, Enos had just finished putting Paul in his cell and went upstairs to file the report. Paul sat down for a few seconds and then spotted the keys hanging on the wall. And as the boys had done hundreds of times knocked them down, escaped, stole a brown sedan and sped away. Enos called Roscoe on the CB and told him what had happened. They, accompanied by Cooter, Jessie and the boys went to look for him. Daisy stayed behind with Vixey. With no luck and night beginning to fall they called off the search to be continued tomorrow. Vixey, who didn’t want to be alone, asked Daisy and Roscoe to stay with her that night.
“You didn’t touch your supper,” Daisy pointed out.
“I’m not hungry.”
Roscoe was really worried now. “Come on Sugar, ya gotta eat and save your strength in case he comes back.”
“I’ll be fine.”
Daisy looked at Roscoe, “Roscoe can you help me in the sitting room?”
She whispered, “We gotta do something.” “Yeah she’s gotta eat.”
Vixey sighed, “you do realize I can hear every word you say in there and I’ll eat a little but not this much. The very sight of him makes me sick to my stomach.”
“I know Baby but you need your strength and your sleep if you’re gonna stand up to him,” Roscoe pointed out.
Vixey sat down on the couch and motioned for Roscoe to sit next to her. He held her as she snuggled into his warmth, and finally feeling safe, drifted off to sleep.
The next morning, the search continued with Vixey and Roscoe covering town, Jessie and Enos covering abandon buildings and barns and the boys covering the shacks in the swamp. Even with all that searching, they still missed Paul, who was hiding in Cooter’s loft.

Talking to himself, Paul worked out his plan. “Okay Paul how are you going to get her with that idiot sheriff and those cousins all around.” He finally had and answer, Lilly. He knew she would do anything for their daughter. “That’s it, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll kidnap Lilly.”
So Paul made his way to the schoolhouse and Vixey, thinking Lilly would be safe there let her go. As Lilly played with her friends, she failed to notice her father standing by the door. It wasn’t until they were called in did she realize he was there. “Daddy,” Lilly stammered, “what are you doing here?” As Paul looked at the 4-foot dark haired child he thought that maybe she did look like him. “Well sweetie, I just came to see you and your momma.”
“What did you do to her?”
“I didn’t do anything…YET. But it’s amazing what she’ll do when she finds out I have you.”
Lilly promised herself she wouldn’t cry no matter what he did to her.
“What’s the matter, not happy to see your old man?”
Lilly whimpered as she remembered what he almost did to her the last time she saw him. They had been in Alabama visiting her Uncle Mark when her dad caught up with them. She had been 3 at the time and he had promised her mother he had changed. She believed him and they had spent time together. He was looking through some of his papers and holding her when she dropped her milk right on his lap. He had grabbed a belt and had only gotten off one lick when her mother came in and stopped him. He had thrown Vixey against the wall and started back on her again. Then her Uncle Mark had heard the ruckus and threw Paul out.
“What are you going to do with me?”
“I’m just going to keep you until your momma comes to get you.”
“She thinks I’m at school.”
“Not for long.”
He picked up the CB.
“This is Paul calling Vixey, and if you want Lilly back you better answer me.”
At the sound of his voice, Vixey, still asleep on the couch with Roscoe, jumped up.
“W-w-what do you want,” she asked, her voice shaking.
“Well I just want to let you know not to get Lilly from school. She’s here with me and if you want to see her again you’ll come alone to Ridge Runner’s road in one hour.”
The radio went dead. Daisy called up the rest of the family and Cooter and let them in on the whole thing. They had an hour to come up with a plan that wouldn’t endanger Lilly, Vixey or anyone else. Finally, Vixey said, “Ya’ll its no use, no matter what we come up with Paul wants us both and he’s not going to exchange Lilly for me.
“We’ve got to come up with something Vixey,” Luke pointed out.
“It’s no use, I have to go alone.” And with that, Vixey ran out the door, jumped into her Cadillac, and sped off toward the meeting place.
“We gotta go after her,” Roscoe argued.
“But your heard what he said,” Bo pointed out.
Just then Luke thought of a plan.
“Roscoe, call Enos and fill him in. Ya’ll come in from the East, Daisy, you come in from the West, Cooter, the South and Uncle Jessie, the North.”
“Well what about ya’ll?” Daisy asked.
“We’ll come in from the top.”
“Huh?” Roscoe said.
“We’ll jump sidewinder’s canyon and come over the top.”
So they all headed in their directions, while Vixey was just arriving at the meeting place. She saw Paul pointing a gun at her with one hand while holding Lilly with the other.
“Let her go, it’s me you want.”
“No, no you are mistaken. I want you both. I want to tie up all my lose ends and then get out of this backwoods nightmare.”
“But why, I mean we weren’t bothering you here. We were just trying to get our life back together after the pain you caused.”
“See that’s what I’m talking about. You both spread lies about me and get me in trouble with employers and girlfriends and such.”
“Lies, nothing we’ve ever said about you is a lie. You did try to kill us. You always try to kill us no mater what we do or where we move you follow us and mess up our lives. Paul I’m happy here. For the first time since I left you I’m happy. I’ve found my family and a man that loves me and will treat me right. Okay I admit he’s not the smartest man in the world but he’s sweet, sensitive and kind. He loves Lilly and me. He understands all the pain I’ve been through.”
“Pain, I’ll show you pain you witch.”
As Vixey Cringed, waiting for the blow that was sure to come the rescue party closed in on the hostages and circled the car.
Roscoe and Enos got out of their patrol cars with their guns drawn.
“Alright just FREEZE it right there and let them go.”
“No way sheriff, I’ve got what I came for.”
Uncle Jessie tried to reason with him, “ Now come on, what good could they do ya. First place the car is stolen so the cops will be all over you.”
“Especially with the way you dive Paul,” Vixey said smirking just a bit.
“Shut up. I’ll let the squirt go but Vixey stays with me.”
As Paul let Lilly go into Daisy’s awaiting arms, Vixey elbowed him right in the ribs and flipped him over her shoulder. He tried to sit up but one of Vixey’s red cowboy boots stopped him.
“I don’t think I’m going to let you up just yet.”
Roscoe pulled out his cuffs. “Let him up so I can stuff him.”
As Roscoe went to slap on the cuff, Paul kicked them out of his hands and started running. Just then they heard the General’s horn sound as it jumped the canyon and headed right for Paul. Luke jumped out and drug him to the ground. Roscoe picked up the cuffs and finally slapped them on Paul. Enos put him in the back of his patrol car and took him to jail to wait for the State Patrolman to take him to Atlanta.
Meanwhile Vixey and Roscoe went back to work after Boss got a hold of them on the CB and told them they better do some work today or they’d get fired. So Vixey went back to her desk and Roscoe went back to his office to start the paperwork. An hour after they took Paul to Atlanta the telephone rang. Vixey did her job and answered it.
“Hello, Hazzard County Sheriff’s Office. Yes this is she. Yes they did. I see. Uh-huh, okay. Thank you, I will. Good-bye.”
“Who was that?” Roscoe wondered.
“That was the police department in Atlanta. They said they were taking Paul to the State Pen and he escaped.”
“Oh no.”
“They chased him for an hour but they lost him.”
“Did they say anything else?”
“Nothing except that he wasn’t headed for Hazzard.”
“That’s good news.”
“Yeah, but he’ll be back. He always comes back, like a roach.”
“Well next time we’ll be ready for him.”
“Yep, but he’ll be worse next time.”
“Quitting time ya’ll,” Enos said.
The three punched out. As they were walking out the door the phone rang.
“Hazzard County Sheriff’s Office.” She immediately recognized the voice on the other end.
“I’ll get you next time,” Paul sneered, next time. And you’ll never know when I’ll show up.”
With a click, the phone went dead. Seeing the look on Vixey’s face Roscoe know.
“It was him wasn’t it?”
“Yes it was but he doesn’t scare me so much now.”
The phone rang again, this time Roscoe answered it.
“Hello, yeah hang on Daisy.” Handing the phone to Vixey he said, “ its for you.”
“Hi Daisy, yeah, why? Hang on I’ll check. My cousins want us to come for supper tonight.”
Roscoe smiled,” sure. I’ll even take ya.”
“Okay sugar,” Vixey smiled, “how ‘bout you Enos?”
“I’d love to go.”
“Okay Daisy the three of us are on our way. Yeah okay, bye”
The three left. Roscoe and Vixey in one car and Enos in the other. Supper was catfish stew and cornbread with lemon pie for dessert. Vixey looked over at Lilly who was fast asleep. “Gosh I hate to eat and run but I got to get this youngun to bed. She’s got school tomorrow and I’ve got to work. So do you two,” she pointed out to Enos and Roscoe.
So Enos went on home and Roscoe took Vixey and Lilly home. As Vixey put Lilly to bed, Roscoe watched her and thought to himself that if he and Vixey were to get married that he would be the happiest man alive.
Vixey noticed him smiling. “What?”
“Nothing, just thinking.”
“About what?”
“The future and what it might bring for us, all three of us.”
“Well as my dad used to say, ‘ don’t obsess about the future because soon it will be here and then you will be wishing for the past’ or something like that. My dad was weird.”
“I noticed.”
Vixey tsked, “oh you.”
She playfully shoved him and sat down of the couch.
“Come here”
He sat down beside her as she leaned on his strong shoulders.
“I feel so safe when you’re holding me.”
He looked into her deep green eyes. “ And when I hold you, everything is as it should be.”
Later that evening as she followed him onto the porch, they kissed.
“I hate to go but we both got to work in the morning.”
“I know, good night and drive careful.”
“I will. You know Vixey, even though we’ve only been dating a month, I have to say this. Here goes, Vixey, I love you.”
“Oh Roscoe, I love you too.”
They kissed again and then Roscoe got in his car and left. Vixey locked the door and got ready for bed. Before turning out the lights, she checked on Lilly. Then she went to her room and looked under the bed just to make sure. Feeling safe, she got under the covers and turned off the light. As she started to fall asleep, the phone rang. In a sleepy voice she answered it.
It was Daisy. “Did I wake you?”
No I was just getting into bed. Daisy, Roscoe told me.., told me.., well told me he loved me.”
“That’s wonderful. I just called to tell you that Lilly left her shoe here.”
I wondered where it was. I’ll get it tomorrow sometime.”
“Well I’ll bring to the office tomorrow and you can tell me everything.”
“Okay Daisy, good night.”
As she hung up the phone, she smiled to herself and fell asleep.
Well folks, all is right in Hazzard again. Goodnight ya’ll.

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