Remembering You

by: Sara

I cant believe that Luke finally gets to come home today!, Bo said excitedly to his cousin Daisy and his Uncle Jesse.

I know Bo, its been a long four years, and I cant wait to see him again!, Daisy exclaimed giving Bo a hug.

It had been four long and painful years for the Dukes, but especially for Bo. When Luke
joined the Marines during the Vietnam War, Bo felt as lonely as he did when first came to the farm. That all changed when Luke befriended Bo and they promised to be friends forever.

Come ON, Bo, were gonna be late pickin Luke up from the airport!, Daisy yelled to Bo
who was in the farm house changing into clean clothes.

All right, all right, Im comin!, Bo rushed out of the house and hopped into Daisys jeep,
Dixie, where she and Uncle Jesse were waiting. Hit it, I wanna to see Luke the minute he
steps off that plane, Bo told Daisy as she pulled off.

As they drove to Capital City Airport, Bo started to remember he and
Luke became friends for the very first time.
Uncle Jesse when is Bo comin?, seven year old Luke asked impatiently while nervously
spinning the wheels on his favorite model car in the kitchen of the farmhouse.

Im goin to get him now boy, just calm down and remember he is only four and isnt as big
and strong as you are, Jesse reminded Luke.

Yes sir, but he and I can still have fun right?.

Of course you can Luke, you just gotta be real careful with him. Now you stay with your aunt and mind what she says to you, OK?.

When Jesse came home with Bo he careful lifted him out of truck and set him on the

Do you remember me now Bo?, Jesse asked Bo after setting him down.

Yes sir youre my Uncle Jesse. I got to ride some animals!.

Thats right and your Aunt Lavinia and I have been waiting for you. So has your cousin
Luke, do you remember him?.

Yes sir.

All right, lets go tell them were home.

As they entered into the kitchen, Luke was the first to see the head of his blond cousin. He
climbed out of his chair and went over to his cousin and thrust a small car similar to one
he had before into Bos hands.


Hi, Bo whispered, standing in the door way.

Im your cousin Luke an this is our Aunt Lavinia. Youre gonna be sharin a room with me.
Is that OK?.

Yes, Bo said quietly from behind his uncle.

Wanna come an see it?.

I guess so, Bo answered now standing in front of Jesse spinning the wheels of the car.

Luke then grabbed one of Bos suitcases and started in the direction of his room. Bo hung
back a while until his Uncle nudged him forward.

Go on boy, follow him.

Bo then ran after his cousin and caught up with Luke at the doorway of his new room he
was going to share and then followed Luke inside.

You can have that bed over there if ya want and Ill help put your clothes away while ya
take a look around if ya want, Luke said after setting Bos suitcase on the bed.


Luke started telling Bo about Hazzard while putting his clothes away.

An we can go look around the farm later. An we might be able to go fishin tomorrow if ya
want. Youll like my other friend too, Cooter Davenport he….

Wheres my mommy and daddy, Luke?, Bo asked suddenly.

Theyre in Heaven Bo, sos my momma and daddy.

Can I go with them?, Bo asked quietly hugging a teddy bear.

No, but you can stay here with me an Uncle Jesse an Aunt Lavinia. An you can be my
friend if ya wanna be. We could even be blood brothers later.

Ya mean it Luke? We could be best friends forever?.

Yeah of course I mean it, nothin will keep us apart.

Yee-haa! My first best friend!, Bo said jumping of the bed and rushing
towards Luke and practically knocking him down with a hug.

Come on Bo, lets go tell Uncle Jesse and Aunt Lavinia.

From then on, the two cousins friendship was inseparable. The Jaws of Life couldnt
separate them if it tried. The two went through the good and bad times together. They got
a new cousin two years later when they were six and nine. Daisy Mae Duke came to the
farm when she was seven after her parents were killed in an accident. Then tragedy struck the farm. Aunt Lavinia died two years after Daisy came. As soon as Bo and Luke turned sixteen and twenty, they started running shine for their Uncle Jesse. But they were caught by the revenuers and almost sent to the State Pen until Uncle Jesse promised not to make anymore shine and had the boys put onto probation. That meant that they couldnt have or handle firearms and couldnt cross county lines without permission. So the two decided to follow their dream and build a racecar like on the NASCAR circuit. So the two went to their buddy Cooter and borrowed his tow truck and went searching for a car that could hold the engine they had. They couldnt find the right car until they went to the Capital City Junkyard and found a 1969 Dodge Charger that was used in a heist and was impounded. They took it back to Hazzard to Cooters Garage and fixed all the parts that didnt work and welded the doors shut just like the NASCAR racerss cars. They painted the car a reddish-orange and put a Confederate flag on the roof of it. Then they put a black and white 01 on both sides and decided to the car General Lee so they added that to the car, too. Later that day while driving down the road in the new car they started talking about it.

Why didja put an 01 on the sides?, Luke asked Bo who was driving.

Well, all racecars have a number and ours should be 01 cause weve been nothin, but from now on were number one!.

Nothing could separate those two good ol boys now, but one thing did. When Luke was
sixteen, he decided to join the Marines and fight in the Vietnam War. When he told the
family it nearly crushed them, but for Bo, he couldnt stand to look at his best friend when
he knew he was never coming back and ran out of the house in the direction of the barn
leaving behind a momentarily stunned Luke. He rushed out of the house and started
chasing after Bo.

Bo wait! Come back and listen to me!.

Luke ran into the barn and looked into the stalls and behind the feed, but he couldnt find
him anywhere. Then Luke remembered that Bo like to hide in the barn loft behind the
bales of hay. Luke slowly climbed the ladder and could hear the quiet sobs of his cousin.
When Luke got on the loft he saw Bo was crouched on the ground, with his head in the

Bo?, Luke called coming closer to Bo.

Bo’s head popped up suddenly, scaring Luke to death.

Go away! I dont need you! I dont need anybody!, Bo yelled jumping up and turned around
angrily to Luke with his fists clenched at his sides.

Come on, you dont mean that!, Luke said coming to Bos side.

Yes I do! Yes I do! Yes I…. I DO!, Bo whimpered.

No you dont, now listen to me, Luke said making Bo sit down on the bales of hay, I think
I should go fight in Vietnam, Ive got a gut feeling I should do….

Why do all the people Im close go away and never come back?, Bo asked as if he never
heard Luke.

Bo Im going to come back, I promise.

You dont know that, I dont know that, NOBODY knows that!, Bo shouted jumping up.
I do, Im gonna come back here an there aint nothin gonna stop me, Luke said putting his
arm around Bos shoulder.

But you aint even old enough the enlist yet, youre only sixteen. Howd ya do it? Maybe I
could enlist an we could fight in Vietnam toget…..

No Bo, you would never pass at thirteen, I barely passed at sixteen!, Luke said sitting
back down on the hay.

Four years is a really long time, an youre my best friend, an………it just aint fair Luke!, Bo
said sitting back down on the hay as well.

Itll pass an the next thing ya know Ill be back, Luke said said while standing up and then pulling Bo up.

But I cant say goodbye, itll be too hard.

Then dont, just say see ya on the flip side or somethin. Now promise me that ya believe Im
comin back, Luke said looking into Bos sapphire blue eyes and only saw trust.

I…I promise. I promise Luke, Bo answered looking back into Lukes trusting icy blue eyes.
Im glad and I still have a week till Im shipped out”.

All right, Luke. Lets go spend all the time ya got left with family.

Ok, its almost time for dinner anyways and its Uncle Jesses crawdad bisque and I dont wanna miss it!.

All right, race ya to the house!, Bo yelled then grabbed the old rope tied to the rafters and
swung down and raced out the barn doors with Luke hot on his heels.
I promise Luke, Bo said coming out of his memories and back to Daisys jeep just as she was pulling onto the highway.

What didja say Bo? Ya know youve been awful quite the whole ride, Daisy asked looking
slightly worried.

Shes right boy. Is anything wrong?, Uncle Jesse asked from the front seat.

Uhhh…no Uncle Jesse, just thinkin bout Luke is all, Bo said going back to thinking about
the day that Luke left.
The Duke clan headed to the airport a week later to say goodbye to Luke and watch him
leave. While waiting for his airplane, Luke tried to comfort his family and not break down

Now dont worry yall, Ill be back. Please dont cry Daisy, four years will pass before ya
know it, Luke said watching his family.

He saw that his cousin Daisy started to cry and Uncle Jesse comforting her and Bo
looking everywhere but at him. Luke glanced at Bo then gazed at the clock in the airport
terminal. He had five minutes until he had to board the plane.

Well I guess I better say see ya later now guys, aint sayin goodbye, though, Luke said standing up and setting his bag on the chair.

All right boy, Jesse said walking over to Luke and giving him a hug.

Ill never forget you Uncle Jesse and especially your crawdad bisque, Luke whispered.

Oh Luke, Im gonna miss ya so much, Daisy said rushing into his arms and kissing his cheek.

Im gonna miss you, too Daisy, but dont you worry, Ill be back, Luke said in return and
kissed her forehead.

Finally, it was time to say see ya in a bit to his best friend and his cousin. Bo stood up
slowly and made it over to Luke with something tightly clutched in his hand.

I aint sayin goodbye, Luke. But heres a present to remember me by while youre in
Vietnam, Bo said to Luke and pushed the small item into his hand and pushed his fingers
over it.

Luke pulled Bo into a brotherlike hug and quietly whispered to him.

Ya know Im gone miss ya most of all while Im gone. Aint gonna forget any of ya though,
especially you.

Please dont go Luke, Bo pleaded and started to cry.

I got to, Bo. Please dont cry, please dont cry Bo, Luke pleaded and finally broke down
into tears.

Im sorry Luke, I know ya gotta go, just please be careful and remember your promise, Bo
said with his eyes watering with tears.

I will and Ill keep my promise till I see your blue eyes again.

Luke then picked up his bag and gave his ticket to the woman standing at the terminal
door to the runway. He turned around and quickly waved to his family then walked
towards the plane.

As Luke sat down he remembered that Bo had given him something and
hadnt looked at it. He opened his hand and saw it was a small ring that could fit on his
pinkie finger and had a small yellow tigers eye stone in it. After a few minutes he put it in
one of his zipper pockets so he wouldnt lose it. He looked out the window towards the
airport and saw Bo, Daisy and Jesse standing there looking at the plane. Daisy and Jesse
saw him first and they started waving to him. Then Bo saw him and put his hand up to the
window and left it there. Luke then copied Bos action and left his hand on the window
until he felt the plane start to move. And that was the last the family saw each other for the
past four years.
Ok, guys, were here and still have five minutes to spare, Daisy exclaimed as she pulled
into a parking space close to the airport.

Great! I can wait five minutes, Bo said while jumping out of the jeep and then helped Jesse
climb out.

As they walked into the airport, Bo and Daisy started to ask each other questions.

Do ya think that he looks any different?, Daisy asked.

I doubt it, but in the last letter he sent me he said he was boxing and thats a pretty rough
sport, ya know. But I wouldnt worry none, with all the brawls weve gotten into at the
Boars Nest, he probably aint got nothin to worry about, Bo answered slinging his arm
around her shoulder.

Now kids, dont get too excited, Uncle Jesse said with a laugh and sat down in a chair in
the waiting area close to the door where Luke was going to come through.

Ok, Uncle Jesse, the two said simultaneously and sat down in two chair close to Jesse.
Remember when ya first came here and that bully started pickin on you and a told Luke
and he got so mad he punched that guy right in the eye and got etention?, Bo said
laughing and started throwing playful jabs at Daisy.

Yeah I remember that. Uncle Jesse wailed on him good, too. Now do ya remember when you dared Luke to jump his motorbike across Hazzard Pond and he did and his bike made it across and he didnt?, Daisy said giggling while she remembered.

Yeah I remember that and he came out of the pond fuming at me and started chasing me so I climbed a tree and went out onto a branch that went over Hazzard Pond and he decided he wasnt gonna give up and went out onto the branch after me and the branch broke and we fell into the water.

Hey kids, Lukes planes landing right now and he should be gettin off in a few minutes so
get ready, Uncle Jesse said walking over to the kids.

The two got up from their chairs and stood looking out the window with other families gathering around the window. Soon, the plane came into sight and the stairs unfolded. Baggage handlers came and got the luggage and pretty soon the passengers started to come of the plane. A few Marines came off the plane first then Luke stepped off the plane. He looked towards the window and saw his family and Bos hand was pressed against the window just like the day he left. He ran through the door of the terminal and into the arms of his family.

Oh, I missed you guys so much!, Luke said while in a group hug.

We missed you more than you could know boy, and were so glad youre back!, Uncle Jesse said, and I made your favorite for dinner…crawdad bisque!.

Great Uncle Jesse!, Luke said while Daisy gave him a big hug.

Luke, the farm wasnt the same while you were gone!, Daisy said with a

At last Luke came to Bo who gave him a big hug.

You came back just like you promised! I knew you would! I missed ya so much and I can drive now too! An theres so much more I wanna tell you an…., Bo said excitedly.

Calm down Bo. Of course I kept my promise. I told ya I would keep it until I saw your
blue eyes again didnt I?, Luke said with a laugh, Now I got all of ya presents when I was
comin back. Heres yours Uncle Jesse, theres yours Daisy and this is yours Bo.

Wow, new material for dresses! Its beautiful Luke, thank you so much!, Daisy said
unwrapping her present.

New overalls! I needed some new ones Luke. Thank you boy!, Uncle Jesse exclaimed.
Bo slowly unwrapped his present and discovered a bow and arrow.

Wow Luke! This is great. Now you and I can go hunting together an not break our probation!.

Well, while I was at Fort Worth in Texas I saw it and thought of ya. I got a matching one
like yours, too, Luke said with a grin.

Well guys, its getting late and we dont wanna miss that bisque so lets go!, Uncle Jesse said standing up and walked towards the exit with the cousins following.
Bo and Luke piled into the back of the jeep with Daisy at the wheel and Uncle Jesse right beside her again. About as soon as Daisy started the jeep, Bo started asking questions about Luke and the Marines.

What was it like over there Luke?, Bo asked.

Well…its wasnt the best thing in the world. And it wasnt fun at all. Made some friends
over there you might like……

The cousins kept on talkin when they got home and were in bed until Jesse told the to
quiet down for the night.
And theyre friendship was never an issue again. They did everything together from riding in the General Lee to joining in on brawls at the Boars Nest. Theyve been best friends forever and in fact they still are. Like they say theres no place like home.

Especially in Hazzard County.


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