Here I have collected various links and whatnot to aid in research. I have collected a TON of links, many of them submitted by folks and several that I just haven’t gotten around to adding to the list yet. But I will! Y’all stand by eh? LOL. Make sure you check out our Beta reader section. (Yes, I have a beta reader! Yeeehaa!). Anyone who would like to be a beta reader, let me know and I’ll add you to the list!

UPDATED: June 17, 2012

Research Sites
These are some sites that may prove useful for research purposes for your fic.

Cars Lookin’ for an idea of a hot car for your character in Hazzard County? Check out the vehicles at eBayMotors. Listed by manufacturer and then by models, you can get a pretty good selection of possibilities. From Chargers to Trans Ams, Superbirds to Thunderbirds, there’s an endless supply of hot rod possibilties. Remember tho’, it doesn’t necessarily have to be domestic. 1981 Ferrari anybody?

North Carolina Moonshing — A survey of moonshine culture 1900 – 1930. How to make it, drink it and sell it.

CB Lingo
Trucker Slang — Still trying to figure out what the hell CW McCall was singing about in “Convoy”? Go here. ROFL
More Trucker Slang — Short list similar to the above link.
CB Radio Ten Codes – Common CB ten codes. This is specific to the Citizen’s Band radio and not to be confused with the Police Ten Codes. Police Ten Codes can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Baby Namer What’s in a name? A lot, depending upon where the name originated. This site lets you pick names by gender, first letter, number of syllables and by country of origin.

If your character suffers an injury you better make it believable. No walkin’ around immediately after suffering force blunt trama to the head eh?
Writing Realistic Injuries — Nice general overview of various injuries and the physical results of such injuries.

Poker FAQ — Don’t know three of a kind from a full house? Go here.

Old West/Cowboy Stuff
Now listen up partner! We don’t cotton to just any ol’ roughcut around here. LOL

Old West Writer’s Guide — Western slang and phrases used mostly from the 1860’s through the 1880’s. This place is ace-high. Khee!
Rodeo Chatter — Terms and phrases commonly heard around the rodeo.

Translator¬†(English to German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean…)
Gotta foreigner comin’ to Hazzard? Wanna impress the local folks with some sayin’s of a different tongue? Go here. Be aware tho’, that often what you say in English, that’s translated to the other language doesn’t exactly come out the same when you translate it back to English.


The following folks are available to be beta readers.

Kits — “I’ve been betaing fics in various fandoms from Hogan’s Heroes (I know nuthing! – MaryAnne) to CSI to Stargate for four years, and have written a number of fics on my own. I also own the first two seasons of Dukes of Hazzard and most of the other episodes as well.”

Sign up to be a beta reader! Email MaryAnne.


Miscellaneous sites with tips on the craft of writing. Covers fiction, non-fiction, screenplay and short story. (A BIG thanks to Daney and Kristy for a lot of these links!)

References, Encyclopedias and Libraries

Twists, Slugs and Roscoes – A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang — A Roscoe, by the way is a gun. Imagine that? LOL. Anyway, you wanna sound tough like Cagney? Brash like Bogart? Think you can write another sequel to the Big Sleep? Ya better brush up on yer tough talkin’ slang. — Encyclopedias, maps, online libraries, quotations, dictionaries and a lot more. Nice all around reference site.

Copyright Law

Copyright 101: A Brief Intro to Copyright Law For Fanfiction Writers — Basically, what we do is infringement on other’s copyrights but it’s not as bad you might think.

General Writing Exercises

Get into it! — Yer stuck. Writer’s block….the plauge! The most frustrating thing a writer can face. What do you do? Read these tips….and remember that you’re not alone.

Fanfiction Writer’s Character Chart — Nice chart to help you get a good understanding about your major characters. Their likes, dislikes, how they look, how they dress and some of their darkest secrets.


Dukes fanfiction has been critized as being nothing but full of Mary Sues. But what the heck is a Mary Sue?! Check out some of these links to see what qualifies as a Mary Sue and how to avoid the pitfall.

Mary Sue Test — Although this is a test for specific fandom (Gargoyles) many of the questions are generic enough to be applied to just about any fandom. Is your character a Mary Sue? Take the test…

To Good to be True: 150 Years of Mary Sue — An interesting paper written about the Girl We All Love to Hate. LOL