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Dukes of Hazzard currently has 70 authors in the archive.
Authors listed in alphabetical order.

A.L. Reynolds
(Little Miss Rodeo and The Duke Boy)

Amanda Robson
(The Rangers)

Ameila Lynn
(Live Forever, Out of Darkness, Love and Devotion)

(Hazardous Hazzard)

B.L. Davenport
(T’was The Night Before Christmas, Hazzard Style)

(Hazzardous Perspectives)

Blanche Hogg
(Starting Over, Life’s About Changes)

Bo Schneider
(The Blizzard, Luke’s Squirrely Friend, Bo Gets Even)

Bobbi Raye Duke
(The Search for Bobbi Raye, Luke’s View on Grape Nuts, “I’m a Redneck” *Monty Python spoof…DOH style*)

Bo James Duke
(I’m Home, ME)

(A Hazzard Halloween)

Carolyn Gates
(Oh, Those Daisy Dukes!)

Cecilia Sanderson
(The Love of a Family)

(Drifting Home, Hard Tack, Horses in the Clouds, My Hero, Unknown Beginnings)

Chet and Scoot
(Brothers, A Christmas Wish, Tough Girls)

Cousin Shilo
(A Fantasy in Hazzard)

Cousin Bonita
(Knight in Hazzard, Present for Rosco, the Kin Series)

DaisyMae Duke
(The Gift of the Magi, Dukes Style, ME)

(Boss as Boss, See Rosco)

(A Million Dollar Rose for Bo)

Delilah Kelly
(The Lucky Star)

(Maudine’s Christmas)

EmyRae Duke
(One For All and All For One)

Essy Jane
(Legends Never Die Series, Generation Next Series, Joining the Dream,Boss Hogg’s Nightmare, Weight for a Load on the Dukes, I Came With a Leap, Battle of Hazzard)

Heather (LostSheep3)
(The Baby)

(A Normal Day in Hazzard County (Daisy Diary), A Christmas Gift)

Jaded Phoenix Burning
(Words Spoken in Jest)

(The Drought, The Playpen Returns)

James Faraci
(The Dukes of Hazzard Meet the S Club 7)

Jason McBroom
(The Successor)

(Silent Night, Hazzard Night, Dark Ripples, Be My Valentine, Hopping Down the Bunny Trail)

JessieMae Duke
(The Rangers)

Juanita Ford
(General Lee vs. Rebel, CJ Duke Falls in Love)

(How to Survive a Double Date in Hazzard)

Karen Campbell
(Smokey and the Dukes)

Kate Matthews “Dixie 01”
(Diane’s Gift, Missing in Action, Don’t Be a Stranger)

(New Wheels for the Dukes, Greatest Hazzardian Hero, Hazzard Meets the Hulk, A Hazzardous Leap)

(A Cousin’s Betrayal)

(The Mom Thing, Morpheous Dreams, Four Seasons of Bo Duke)

(A Sad Christmas in Hazzard, Masquerade Halloween Ball)

KK Duke
(KK’s Chronicles)

Kristy Duke
(The Ransom, A Friend’s Betrayal, Key Witness, The Hijackers The Unexpected Hero, Evicted, An Interview with Garrett Duke, An Interview with Ethan McKleen, Bryceton Series)

Lizzy Jackson-Davenport
(More to Christmas, Out of CB Range?)

(Brotherly and Sisterly Love)

M.L. Shards
(Don’t Try So Hard)

(Silence Speaks a Thousand Words, The Darkness Within)

(The Golden Child)

Marlene Martin
(Forgiveness, Who Are CJ and Roy Duke *character sketch*)

Marty Chrisman
(To Go Home Again Series, Tears in Heaven, A Debt Repaid, Luke Who?, Daddy Luke, In God’s Hands, A Father’s Revenge, A Special Hazzard Homecoming, Plane Crash, Old Flames Burn the Brightest, P.O.W., Luke’s Story)

(Christmas Kin, Chances of the Heart, Bronze Star, General Lee’s Little Cousin)

(Boar’s Nest Saturday Night, Graveyard Shift)

Mike Stevens
(The Dukes Meet the Bandit, The Start of it All)

(Greater Love)

(Chance of a Lifetime)

Rebel Yank
(Grey Seal)

Rose O’Thorns
(Mining the Past, A Bird Has to Fly, Hazzardous Nights, Growing Pains)

(Echoes from the Past, Remembering You)

Sarah Stodola
(The First Hello, Homework, Lady Daisy, For Always, A Christmas Tale, No Such Thing as Monsters, The Last, He Didn’t Have to Be, Cousins, Lone Star Dukes, Secret World)

(How Jumper Came to Be, Hilery’s Valentine’s Day Present, Once Bitten Twice Shy, Well This is Just Swell, When Generals Attack, Lex)

(When Love Comes to Town)

(Them Dukes Girls!, Film Hazzards)

Susan Porter
(Hometown Honeymoon, Dear Daisy)

(Friend in Blue, Rainbow in the Dark, Tiger Lily and Mint Julip Kaleidoscope, Creatures of Habit, Garden Variety Piece Work, Calliope Dean and the Purple Cricket, Garnet Element, Renegade: End of Innocence, The Hoedown, The Difference and Reverence Holiday, Mistaken Identity)

(Blood is Thicker, I Remember)

(Khas Dalton, Welcome Drifter, The Return of Shelly…)

Val Strate
(Rings and Rumors, The Best Valentines Gift You Ever Gave Me, Just Say Cheese, Mistress and Machine: Cricket’s Fable, Beast of Blood, Christmas Spirit)

(Waiting, Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad…?, Trouble on the Horizon, Missing Teddy, Through the Looking Glass)

Vixey Fox
(Hello Vixey Fox, Paul McCoy, 4th of July, A Hazzard Wedding, Daddy Coltrain…)

(Choices, Jessica Lynn)

(Beneath a Hazzard Moon)

Yva (Enos Fan)
(A Man’s Heart)

Zephiey (Tina Miller)

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