KK Duke

KK’s Chronicles – A Dukes of Hazzard series by KK Duke

These stories will come from KK’s viewpoint. These are different stories instead of one long story.

Welcome, KK — Tonight on the Dukes: A new member is about to be introduced to the Duke Clan.

First Impressions Aren’t Everything — Tonight on the Dukes: KK keeps the family up during the night and Luke learns from Doc Appleby why.

The Bonding Experience — Tonight on the Dukes: Secrets from KK’s past begin to appear.

The Diagnosis — Tonight on the Dukes: Uncle Jesse realizes that everyone in the family needs to know the truth about KK.

The Truth About the Kid — Uncle Jesse tells why KK came to Hazzard.

The Missing Bone — Tonight, on the Dukes: KK must have an operation…

Conversation — Tonight on the Dukes: Luke is nervous about KK’s surgery on her leg. Bo decides to stay the night with Luke and KK at the hospital to keep them company.

School — Tonight on the Dukes: Now 5, Uncle Jesse reminisces about KK’s life on the farm so far and can’t believe that the news he receives about KK when he meets with the school’s principal. (Note: This story may be boring to some, not much happens, but sometimes these filler stories are needed.)

First Day Blues — Tonight on the Dukes: KK begins her first day at school with unexpected results.

I Have Had Enough! — Tonight on the Dukes: KK receives a note from the teacher which sends Uncle Jesse and Luke to talk to KK’s teacher.

Steven Gleason vs. KK Duke — The beginnings of a long and lasting friendship

It Wasn’t Suppose To Happen — Tonight on the Dukes: Walking home from school KK comes upon an accident. (Okay, it’s not much of a intro – but if I give anymore it will ruin the story :)) NOTE: This story takes place when KK is seven.


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