Christmas Kin – A look at Christmastime with the Coltrane’s, as one family member settles in to Hazzard County. *2005 Christmas Challenge*

Chances of the Heart – Hazzard law man walks through a Versace ad and ends up in the Hotel California…. *2006 Romance Challenge*

Bronze Star – Something from Rosco’s past, something the Sheriff has tried long to forget, comes back in an unexpected way. *2007 Appomattox Challenge*

General Lee’s Little Cousin – The fall of 1989 ushers in a new era in Hazzard County. When CJ and Roy Duke turn 18 years old, they inherit “Rebel,” their fathers’s 1970 Dodge Challenger that the two Duke brothers were working on building into a powerful race car. But when they died suddenly in 1977, the car remained unfinished. Now, the Annual Hazzard Road Race is approaching and CJ and Roy vow to make “Rebel” everything their Daddies intended him to be. *CJ and Roy Duke Series*

More DOH fanfiction by MaryAnne can be found here.


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