Submission Guidelines


1. The story must be Dukes of Hazzard related (duh. LOL). Crossovers are accepted.

2. Please submit your story in .doc or text file. Also, if you want to post separate chapters please send me the story already broken up into chapters.

3. Submit stories to Please put “DOHFF Submitted Story” in the subject heading. This is crucial! If you put nothing in the subject line, I may think it’s spam mail and delete it.

4. Although many stories that are posted here are posted also on, please try and send me stories that are not already posted on other multiple websites. If you have several stories that are posted at please don’t send them all to me now to post here. You can send me a few and I will post them, but otherwise I can add your stories to the DOHFF C2 community. Please email me at the same address above the links to your stories on to be added to the C2.

5. DOHFF will be updated as frequently as time permits me. Your story should be posted within 24 to 48 hours after you submit it.

6. No news is good news. Unless I have a problem (techncial or with content) with your story, you will not hear back from me once you submit, so assume that all is okay. Of course, if you have a question for me (or I have a question for you) I will certainly contact you, but otherwise no news is good news.

7. Unfortunately, I am unable to beta read or edit submissions.  Your story will be posted in the condition in which it was sent.

8. I WILL NOT post stories that have no punctuation, capitalization, quotation marks or paragraph breaks. This is extremely difficult to read and to comprehend and nobody will have much patience to read your story if it’s all one run on sentence or a great big block paragraph.

9.  I accept pretty much all ratings of fics, including ones with adult content, however I currently do not accept slash fics or very graphic adult type stories. This is not because of any personal bias or phobia but is simply due to the fact that a wide range of age groups visit this site.  If you know your way around cyber-Hazzard, you know there’s other sites for slash and graphic adult stories that are better equipped for keeping those under age out.

10. Please make the following information clear with your submission:

  1. The title of your story
  2. Your email to be posted with the story for folks to send you feedback, and what author “name” you are going to go by. Example: “I Stole the General Lee – And Lived to Tell About It.” by: Possum On A Gum Bush.
  3. Please specify if this a chapter or part of a larger story. That way when I post it I can put it as “Chapter One” or “Part One” Plus it’ll prevent folks from emailing you and saying “Hey, this story kinda ended weird. Are you writing more?”
  4. Please include a spoiler. The spoiler does not have to be lengthy or involved. Using the story example above, you could say “Tonight, on the Dukes…a young runaway decides that having wheels is better than walking. But of all the cars in Hazzard County to steal, they take the General!”
  5. Please include a rating (you can go by the film rating system or the structure)

11. Once a story is posted, you have one opportunity to change it and submit a new version. Repeat versions tend to get a little annoying.

Lemme send a story to you that meets all your requirements!

Your requirements are stupid! Take me back to the Archive I’d rather read stories!