Server Migration for Dukes of Hazzard is Complete!

General Lee racing through Hazzard CountyThe migration to the new server and hosting for is now complete! You should find the site loads a lot better and doesn’t stall out anymore. The Forums also were migrated over and everything appears to be running smooth. Of course, if you find anything odd or out of whack, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can post a message in our Forums topic on the recent move, you can comment here on this post, or you can email us.

Thanks everyone for your patience! We’re really gonna be racing now!

Dukes of Hazzard website revamps

CooterWDukesYou might have noticed that we’re running  a little sluggish lately. Not just us, the website! Ya see, we have the happy problem of getting more traffic than expected. It’s bogging down our cheap, crappy hosting service.

This means that out site “stalls out” once in awhile and takes too long to load. If that happens, please refresh the page and it should pop right up.

In the meantime, we are working on a permanent solution to this problem. Namely, upgrading our hosting service and connecting all the dots to it. Since we are not technical wizards, this should provide vast amusement for our competition. But being dense has never stopped us before, and it won’t now! We’ll be running better than ever in the near future. We thank you for your patience!

And don’t forget, the Dukes of Hazzard is being aired weekdays on CMT! Check your local listings for air times and episodes!


Forums Are Back!

Long-time visitors to Dukes of Hazzard will remember we had a forum here many years ago, which was closed down due to the overrun of spammy signups and technical snafus. Now, things have come full circle and forums are back! And they’re staying! Join our Forums, and talk about Dukes of Hazzard episodes, Dukes of Hazzard fanfiction, the General Lee or whatever is on your mind!

Whatcha waitin’ for? Come on in and join the yap!


Please Pardon Our Appearance!

Howdy folks! If you’ve stopped by recently you’ve noticed Dukes of Hazzard is going through a transformation. Got a fresh coat of paint on the place and a bit of a new layout. I’m still in the process of renovations but all your favorite Dukes of Hazzard fanfiction stories are accessible via the “Stories Archive” section. Soon, you’ll find stories listed by Author and you’ll be able to find stories via various categories, such as cannon and non-cannon, crossovers, ect.

There’ll be some dust and debris, but the site is still open so continue to enjoy the fics! Y’all know how to maneuver around construction sites in Hazzard anyway right?


And if you’ve written any Dukes of Hazzard stories and would like to post them here, by all means contact me!


Legends Never Die

Tonight, on the Dukes, when you think it is all over it has actually just begun. Now with with Duke Boys and Jo Anna Duke another adventure begins as Boss Roscoe leads Hazzard into disaster with his bumbly law men. Is Hazzard safe? Find out in this epic adventure of friendship life and plain old fun. The General makes his star appearance once again. *COMPLETE*

by: Essy Jane

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10