The Duke Boys and General Lee Return in the New Autotrader Commercial!

We’ve got to hand it to – they managed to put together a commercial that’s as much fun as a Dukes of Hazzard episode. John Schneider and Tom Wopat reprise their roles as Bo and Luke Duke as they tear across the countryside in a race from the law.

Now, we’re happy that Autotrader created this, in fact we’re thrilled, so we’re very hesitant to pick at the video. But we are a little sad that Autotrader took pains to avoid showing the roof of the General Lee – and therefore avoided showing the flag.

In fact, the car was never referred to as the “General Lee” at any point. Even when the lettering for the General Lee should have been visible, in the showroom scene, debris on the car conveniently hid the letters.

We’re guessing that these strategic omissions were made out of an abundance of political correctness; Autotrader is going after a mass audience, after all, and not simply pandering to Dukes fans. We understand that. We still enjoyed the commercial, and have to give it kudos for capturing the fun-loving spirit of The Dukes of Hazzard. Heck, we even learned something about Autotrader in the process!


15 Reasons Why the Dukes of Hazzard is Insanely Popular!

GeneralLeeLogoEditIn no particular order….

1. Everybody likes fightin’ the system.

2. Cars! Cars! CARS!!

3. The General Lee (see #2, “cars”)

4. Daisy Duke = every boy’s first crush

5. Crazy car stunts (see points #2 and #3)

6.  Wholesome family fun

7. Southern pride / country pride / chicken fried

8. Bo and Luke Duke = good ol’ Boy hunk-a-rama

9. Uncle Jesse

10. Boss Hogg  

11. Rosco

12. Cooter – the hardest working man in Hazzard County

13. Sliding across car hoods and climbing through the windows = COOL

14. Bows and arrows with dynamite sticks = GENIUS

15. Happy endings!

What’s YOUR favorite thing about the Dukes of Hazzard?

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