The Final Run

by: Jamanda

Here’s our theory on Bo and Luke’s final run:

Bo and Luke are tearing down the road in the General Lee on what was to be their last run. As usual, Rosco pulls in behind them.

Luke: Right on schedule.
Bo: Good ol’ Rosco.
Luke: Better go ahead and lose him Bo. He’s too honest to let us go with this load.
Bo: 10-4 cousin.

The general speeds up and Rosco laughs and picks up the cb.

Rosco: Okay rookie. Let’s see how you hold up with the real pros. I’ve got a couple of runners heading south on highway 124. Show me what you can do.

Rosco drops back and Bo and Luke are fairly confident that they’ve lost him.

Bo: That was almost too easy.
Luke: Bo look out!

Another police car comes out of nowhere and manages to run them into a ditch. The other policeman approaches the general as Bo and Luke climb out.

Cop: (aims gun) All right now. Hands up.
Luke: Yes sir.
Cop: (nods to Bo) Open the trunk.

Bo sighs and moves to the back of the general. Luke then jumps on the officer and attempts to disarm him. But the officer wrestles with him and pins his arms behind his back while aiming his gun at Bo.

Cop: No tricks now. Open the trunk.

Bo grimaces and opens the trunk of the General, which is loaded with ten gallons of moonshine.

Cop: All right now, y’all are under arrest.

As the officer take Bo and Luke to his car, he reads their rights.

Cop: Ya’ll have the right to remain quiet. Anything ya’ll say can and will be used against ya’ll in a court of law…
Bo: We know.
Luke: Uncle Jesse’s gonna have our hides.
Cop: Real sorry about this fellas.

Bo and Luke sit in the back of the car while Rosco’s voice crackles over the cb.

Rosco: I can hardly believe it. You done passed the test! Welcome aboard Deputy Enos Strate.

Bo and Luke stare at each other and then at the officer in the front seat. He looks at them sadly.

Enos: Real sorry fellas. I didn’t know he’d have me chasin’ you.

Balladeer: Well don’t that just put a churn in your buttermilk?

Bo and Luke are sitting in the county jail.

Luke: I just don’t believe it.
Bo: Me either. How in the world did ol’ Enos become a lawman? His daddy ran shine right along with ours right?
Luke: Yeah he did. Which would explain how Enos was able to catch us.
Bo: Yeah, he always was the crazy driver.

Rosco: (coming down the stairs) Yes, they’re right down here Jesse. Now they still have to report to trial in two days.
Jesse: I understand Rosco.

Rosco lets Bo and Luke out of the jail. They walk out with Uncle Jesse before he lets loose on them.

Luke: He didn’t Uncle Jesse!
Bo: That dang deputy did.
Jesse: All right then. Since when have any of them been able to catch you?
Luke: Since our old pal Enos Strate done betrayed us all and went into law enforcement.
Jesse: Enos Strate? Phil Strate’s boy?
Bo: The very same.
Jesse: The big fella who kept grinnin’ at Daisy but never had the guts to talk to her?
Luke: That’s him.
Jesse: He’s gone lawman.
Bo: See for yourself.

A patrol car drives up and Enos gets out.

Jesse: I don’t believe it.
Luke: (sarcastic) Hey Enos ol’ buddy.
Enos: Hey Luke…Bo…Mr. Duke.
Jesse: I don’t believe it.
Enos: Please Mr. Duke, I didn’t want to arrest these boys. I didn’t even know it was them. But I just got this job and I gotta do what the sheriff says.
Bo: Apologies ain’t gonna keep us out of prison.
Luke: Let’s go.

The Dukes leave and Enos sighs and goes inside.

At the Boars Nest, Bo and Luke try to explain the situation to Daisy, who unlike Uncle Jesse, is NOT surprised.

Daisy: (sighs) I always knew Enos was too honest to be a ridgerunner.
Bo: But a cop?
Daisy: Well what else could he do? He’s a crazy driver, one heck of a good shot, and too honest for his own good.
Luke: I can’t believe you’re sticking up for him.
Daisy: Well you two were breaking the law.
Bo: I don’t believe this…First our good buddy and now our cousin.
Daisy: Oh fellas now don’t be like that.
Luke: Speak of the devil.

Enos comes in with Rosco and J.D. Hogg.

J.D.: Well, well, Bo and Luke Duke. Looks like you two got yourselves in a peck of trouble.
Bo: You could say that.
J.D.: Well, I’ll just be seeing you two in court tomorrow.
Luke: There goes any chances of a fair trial.
J.D.: (scowls) Let me remind you boys, that this here new deputy caught you with the evidence fair and square.
Bo: You mean that there traitor.
Rosco: Now you hush! You’re just jealous because he managed to outfox you! Come on Enos.

They leave and Daisy shakes her head.

Bo: Our own buddy.
Daisy: Poor Enos.
Luke: What are you feeling sorry for him for?
Daisy: Didn’t you see him? He couldn’t even bring himself to look at us. He’s downright ashamed of having to arrest you two.
Bo: I’ll bet he’s not too ashamed to testify against us tomorrow.

The next day, Bo and Luke appear in the courthouse where J.D. Hogg seems all to eager to send them up the river. Rosco and Enos are both at his side when the Duke family comes in.

J.D.: All right Duke boys. You have been accused of running illegal moonshine in Hazzard county. How do you plead?
Bo: (sighs) Guilty
Luke: Guilty.
J.D.: All right Enos. Enter a plead of guilty.
Enos: Yes sir.
J.D.: Now then, as Justice of the Peace of Hazzard County, it is my bounding duty to send you boys to prison.
Enos: Excuse me Mr. Hogg?

J.D. is a bit surprised to be interrupted.

Enos: I do believe that, although these boys were arrested in Hazzard County, it is the jurisdiction of the ATF to bring in the official charges and sentencing.
J.D.: Oh, yes, yes….

Enos goes over to a door and brings in Agent Roach.

Luke: Now he’s really done it.
J.D.: All right Agent Roach. Have at ’em.
Roach: Of course. Now, Mr. Duke, seeing as these boys have plead guilty as charged, you are eligible for an offer from the Federal Government.
Jesse: What kind of offer?
Roach: We’re willing to offer these boys strict probation, and in return for their freedom, your family will no longer produce or sell illegal whiskey.
Jesse: You mean, we give up making moonshine, and the boys go free?
Roach: For the most part. Now they will be on probation, which means they can carry no firearms, illegal materials, and cannot leave the state without permission, among other things.
Bo: But we wouldn’t go to prison?
Roach: No.
Jesse: Well, our…craft…has been in the family for years…but these boys mean more to me than life itself so…All right.
Roach: Wonderful! Now if you’ll just come with me Mr. Duke…

Outside the courthouse, Bo and Luke are being congratulated by Daisy and Cooter.

Luke: Probation. I just don’t believe it.
Bo: Sure beats prison though. I’ll take bows and arrows over guns any day.
Cooter: That was sure close though. I mean, who’d of thought that ol’ Agent Roach would let you guys off like that.
Roach: (coming down the stairs) Oh don’t thank me boys.
Daisy: Well why not? You got them out of prison didn’t you?
Roach: Wasn’t my idea. That new deputy that arrested you two heard about it down in Atlanta and suggested it to me.
Luke: Enos?
Bo: He thought of it?
Roach: Not only that, but he said that if I didn’t get you boys off, he’d quit and go work in another county. Now after bringing in you two, I didn’t think the Sheriff would take kindly to losing such a good lawman when he just got him.
Cooter: Well I’ll be…

Agent Roach leaves and Uncle Jesse joins the rest. They head over to the Boars Nest to celebrate. Daisy is treating them when J.D., Rosco, and Enos come in.

J.D.: I just don’t understand it. We had ’em. I mean we really had ’em.
Rosco: Now don’t worry it. With them on probation it’ll be easier than ever to catch them again. Especially with the new deputy.
J.D.: I certainly hope so.

J.D. and Rosco go into the back room while Enos sits down by the bar. Daisy goes over to him.

Daisy: (flirting) Can I get you anything stranger?
Enos: (looking down) Oh no, I’m on duty right now.
Luke: (puts hand on his shoulder) Go ahead Enos. It’s on me.
Bo: Do you still drink buttermilk ol’ buddy?
Enos: (grins) Well, I guess an ol’ buttermilk wouldn’t hurt.
Daisy: Oh Enos, you ain’t changed a bit.
Bo: That grin certainly hasn’t.
Luke: Hey Enos, has uh…anything else changed?
Enos just grins. J
Luke: Hang in there buddy.

Balladeer: Well folks, that’s the legend of how an old friend returned to Hazzard and kept Bo and Luke out of prison, which just goes to show, it takes a lot more than a badge to break bonds with the Dukes of Hazzard.

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