The Golden Child

(X-Files/Dukes of Hazzard Crossover) – Eight year old Patricia has a secret that men are willing to kill for. In this orphan’s mind rests a source of psychic energy so great, the balance of world power can be changed by her thoughts alone. The X-File’s Secret Society wants to imprison and control her. The United States Government wants to destroy her. Can Bo Duke and Fox Mulder save this “Golden Child” from herself?

Author’s Note: In an attempt to keep true to the timeline of a series, The Golden Child is a story that takes placed after the X-FILES FIGHT THE FUTURE MOVIE. Also, this story is a sequal to my first fanfic: THE PLAGUE. If you keep these timelines in mind, it will further enrich your reading experience. Enjoy! :) Rated PG-16 for language and violence.

by: Margaret


Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

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