The Love of a Family

Bo and Luke decide to leave Hazzard County to start their own lives, but with out each other even a family seems lonely, will they leave their new lives and go back to Hazzard? Find out tonight.

by:  Cecilia Sanderson

Bo looked sadly at the childhood room that he shared with Luke ever since he was a small child; the fond memories of the past came to his mind. This was a place of happiness, through good times and some tears where shed here as well. Bo took in his hand a picture of them when they where boy’s he looked at the picture with tears in his eyes. Bo put the picture back on the shelve as he took one last look at the now empty room, as he closed the door behind him. Luke stood waiting in his brown jacket holding his black suite case, as Bo came out and shut the door behind him.

He looked up at his older cousin with a lonely expression, Luke saw the look in Bo’s eyes and cast his own to the ground. Well I guess this is it, as he put their cases in the back seat. Daisy came out with tears in her eyes. I’ll miss you boy’s be careful and don’t forget to write, Luke and bo gave daisy a hug and a kiss on the cheek as Luke touched her face and wiped the tears away from daisies eyes. Please don’t cry daisy well come visit again, oh Luke be quite and get on out of here! She said laughing half heartedly as tears filled her eyes again. bo was next as he gave her a brotherly sisterly hug, now you and uncle Jessie take care now, said bo his voice quivering as he held back the tears. Jessie stood watching as the boy’s said their good by’s and climbed into the general lee as bo started the car and drove down to the Chickasaw airport.

Hogg had declared their probation through so that they could leave and live their own lives, when they pulled into the air port friends where there waiting to see them off. Roscoe, enous, and cooter stood by their cars as Bo parked the general a few feet in front of them. They both climbed out the window as they took their luggage out and placed in front of the general. Calling crazy cooter this is lost sheep one, calling crazy cooter. Cooter smiled sadly, this is crazy cooter here ya loud and clear over, you’re a good friend cooter we’ll miss you an awful lot, and yeah so will I.

Well I guess that’s it this is lost sheep 1 hanging up for the last time over and out, cooter voice began to quiver as he smiled half heartedly tears coming to his eyes. that’s a big ten four lost sheep 1, a shout out to you too lost sheep 2, Luke smiled tears swelling in his own eyes as he and cooter hugged in a friend way. As did Bo, roscoe smiled and was almost in tears himself, Luke I just want ya to know that well miss chasing you boys! Said roscoe, sure will Luke I’ll miss you and Bo something awful. Said enous smiling his usual goofy smile, Luke shook roscoe hand as did enous, and then Bo did the same.

They both turned back to cooter. You look after the general lee for us, cooter again said half heartedly. Don’t you worry none about ol general I won’t sell him, Bo and Luke took one last look at the three. Flash gave a bark as they smiled, and good luck to you to flash you ol scoundrel, said Luke as he patted flash on the head. Flash barked again; well I guess this is good by for the last time, said Bo to roscoe and the others.

I reckon it is, and with that Bo and Luke got on the plane as they waved good by to cooter and the others. Bo sat in his seat next to Luke looking lost in thought them where silent for a moment then Luke broke the silence. So I guess this is good by little cousin, said Luke smiling slightly, Bo sat silent then looked at his older cousin. Yeah I suppose so but it ain’t for ever, said Bo his pushing his blonde hair out of his eyes. For the rest of the trip they where silent neither spoke to the other, 3 hours later the plane landed at the air port in Oklahoma they exited the plane as Luke turned to Bo. Bo looked up at his cousin as he smiled weakly. Luke turned to leave but just before he did bo said his name, he stopped took a deep breath and turned around, tears where running down bo’s face as he ran over to Luke and hugged him tight Luke placed his arms around bo in a brotherly embrace. Luke’s tried to hold back the tears, as he breathed in deep; you take care of your self Bo. Bo clung to Luke as he continued to cry not caring that he sounded like a child, Luke’s voice began to quiver as tears escaped his hold.

Bo let go of him as he tried to dry the tears, you be careful now Bo. you to Luke, said bo Luke picked up his suite case then turned and walked toward the airport station, his eyes filled with tears as he knew bo was watching him leave. Bo watched Luke until he was out of sight as Bo picked up his own bag and placed his hat back on his head, he wiped his eyes and walked toward a different plane as he boarded and took his seat. The man next to him noticed the look of distance in bows face, well hey there kid what seems to be the problem? Asked the old man, Bo shook his head as he cleared his thoughts then looked over at the kindly man. Nothing I’m fine, said Bo oh come now I know that look any where you defiantly have a problem now why don’t you tell ol Lennie all about it.

Again Bo looked at the man strangely then sighed as he sat silent thinking hard, well when ever you’re ready to talk I’m here. The plane ride was very long on a count he was going to Louisville to work as a car dealer; Bo woke as he looked out the plane window at the inky darkness. He looked over at the man who was watching the movie gone with the wind on the airplane screen. The man sensed Bo’s awareness as he turned and smiled, well hello again young man I trust you had a good rest. Oh yeah sure, said Bo blinking the sleep from his eyes, so do you want to talk now or not at all? Asked the man, Bo looked at him again and smiled, sure why not. after bo finished telling his sad story, the man nodded his head, yes I know exactly how you feel I left my cousin’s in hazard county as well about 35 years ago, and there’s not a day that goes by that i don’t ask myself did I do the right thing? But nothing ever goes back to the way it was before. Bo nodded his head in agreement, as he turned and looked out the window again thinking on what the man had said.

Bo felt himself slip into a light sleep as he leaned back on the seat and let the comfort of the cushioned chair take him into a silent slumber. One of the women who worked there covered Bo with a blue blanket as he pulled it up around his shoulders leaning back on the pillow she put behind his head. Luke entered his new house as he set his suite case down on the table; the new house was completely furnished as he flipped the switch on. he took a seat on the couch and sighed a heavy sigh, he felt tired so he drifted off to sleep on his couch as he lay there sleeping bo’s face came to his mind. His big smile his thick curly blonde hair and a laugh that could heal even the saddest of hearts, the next day Bo awoke only to find that the plane had just landed. he stretched and stood as he grabbed his bag and followed the people off the plane, on the far side of the parking lot sat a small but roomy car it looked a lot like a small SUV with the ragtop down.

The color of the car as red, Bo sighed and headed toward the car, all ready he missed the general lee as he climbed into the driver’s side of the car. He remembered the sound of the horn and the thrill of the chase, when he and Luke would try to out run roscoe and enous. bo started up the car and drove away from the air port as he pulled up to the first stop light, a man behind bo honked his horn as bo continued on up the road until he pulled down a dirt road. The breeze blew his long blonde hair as he pulled into a small drive way and killed the motor, he looked up at the small farm house and gave a deep sigh. This home reminded him of his home in hazzard it was small with 3 rooms, and a circle drive way. Just to the left a large fence sat surrounding 4 acres of knee high grass brittle and yellow, it would take work but Bo was determined to be a simple farmer just like the good ol days. Although it would not be the same with out Luke and the others but he would manage some how, he entered the small house and flipped on the light, the living room was small but roomy as he too sat down on a recliner that sat in the corner in front of the room.

A small TV stood in front of the room as he flipped it on and surfed through the channels, a few minutes later Bo had drifted off to sleep until the next day. In the morning Bo woke early and realized he had better get to work, so he slapped a piece of meet on two pieces of bread and hurried out the door. When he arrived the shop sign said welcome to zuzu’s shop, he parked the car in the small space between the building and the flag pole that flew the American flag. Bo looked up at the flag as he saw the rebel flag instead, even though it really wasn’t the rebel flag. Well hello there stranger what can I do for you this fine day? Asked a young woman behind the counter, howdy names Bo duke I’m here about the head mechanic job I was offered. Oh we’ve been expecting you Miss Zuzu’s office is on down the hall way last door on the right.

Thank you kindly, said Bo tipping his hat and walking toward the door, he knocked lightly on the door as a soft voice answered. Come in, Bo entered the room and closed the door behind him; the woman looked up at Bo with a warm smile and asked him to take a seat. Howdy mam names Bo duke I’, here about the job, oh yes Bo duke you subscribed for the head mechanic job. Uh yes mam, please call me zuzu! She said smiling, Bo just smiled a little. Now where are you from? she asked, hazzard county miss zuzu said bo with a country boy smile on his face, hazzard county huh I have some relatives up that way you wouldn’t happen to know them would you? Well I might what are their names? Asked Bo, Mister JD Hogg. she exclaimed, bo started laughing of course I know him he’s only the biggest money monger in the whole hazzard territory, he’s the one always pulling shuck n jives on me and Luke.

She laughed, yeah that sounds about like him, now here’s your uniform if you wish to wear it! She said looking at him smiling. Well do you want me to wear it? Asked Bo looking at her side ways and smiling with that cunning charming smile of his. Honey I don’t care what you wear as long as you do the work, she said. Bo just smiled and stood, well mam I think I best be getting to work, I’m much obliged for the job Bo tipped his hat and nodded his head then left the office. Smiling as he shook his head and tisked at the way she acted, Luke sat up in his own home as he looked at the clock, ooh shoot I better get to work. said Luke hurried to the bathroom as he checked his appearance in the mirror so as to look good at the interview, he placed his hat on his head and hurried out the door, he climbed into his large crown Victorian and drove out of the drive speeding up a little.

Luke missed Bo and the general lee the thrill of speeding down the hazzard county roads, throwing up dust and out running roscoe p Cole train, and enous straight. It was only a few minutes before he pulled into what looked like a forested area as a large sign said commission of loggers this way, with a big arrow pointing to a small log cabin. He made his way over and knocked on the door, yes come in came a female voice Luke was surprised to see one of his child hood friends sitting behind the desk. Jessica is that really you, she looked at Luke squinting her eyes why Luke duke you ol sun of a gun what you doin all the way from Hazzard County? She asked, well me and Bo decided to leave hazzard to start own lives, said Luke as he sat in the chair in front of the desk. gee it must have been hard on bo I know how much you boys’ cared about each other shoot when we was growin up you two where inseparable. Luke smiled sadly as he cast his eyes to the floor, yep walking away from him just leaving him there at the airport was the hardest thing I ever had to do. said Luke almost in tears, Luke I’m sorry I upset you, no it wasn’t you it’s just I don’t think I can manage with out bo he’s just like a brother to me.

Well you let me know when your ready and I’ll pay your way to go see Bo and give him my regards. Luke smiled and looked at his hands as his thumb rubbed the end of his hat, well I trust that you can handle being head logger you’ll be over all the other workers and if they don’t listen you let me know and I’ll see to it that they know. Luke smiled and tisked, he stood placed his hat back on his head and said later Jessica then walked out the door. Bo entered the shop as the other workers looked up from their work, howdy! Said Bo as he took his hat and placed it on a side table, one of the workers wiped his hands and stopped in front of Bo. So your the new head mechanic well welcome to zuzu’s work shop names jimmy and these three loafers are john, jimbo, and lacy.

Howdy every body names Bo duke, he shook hands with each person and smiled, so what do we have to do? Asked Bo, well this car here is having some problems but I can’t seem to figure out what the deal is. Well let me have a look, said Bo be my guest said jimmy stepping aside. Bo rubbed his hands together as he rolled up his sleeves and moved to place himself in front of the car, he felt around for a moment then with a smile on his face turned back to jimmy. There’s yer problem the oil tank has leaked all over the carborator, all we need is to clean it up and replace that oil tank and carborator. Jimmy smiled wow you really do know something about cars don’t ya? Asked jimmy, well I should me and my cousin built a dodge charger together.

Wow a dodge charger we don’t see many of them around here now a days, Bo just smiled. Luke made his way toward a small group of men as they looked up at Luke, howdy names Luke duke. Said Luke stopping in front of a rather large man, the man smiled warmly howdy there stranger names roger and these here lazy bums are Lennie, Rodriguez, and Antonio. Olla senior, they both said Lennie just nodded his head. So what are we doing? Asked Luke, well where cutting some small trees and carrying them to that truck over there, mind if I help asked Luke, not at all right then let’s get to work. after work bo said good by as he drove back to his little farm he used the money he made that day to buy a push plow and a small hoe as he headed to the fence and opened the gate closing it behind him. He spent three hours working on the 1st acre until just about all of it was plowed and degrassed. A tired Bo tromped through the door as he headed for the bathroom to take a nice cold shower.

after wards he ate some cold chicken from the fridge and then headed for bed, he set the alarm clock for six as he laid back and put his hands around the back of his head staring at the ceiling wishing that he had his cousin Luke to talk to, with in the next hour bo had fallen fast asleep as did Luke 2 weeks passed and still bo and Luke became more and more adapted o their new life style, bo had almost the whoa 4 acres plowed and ready for seeding, as Luke became more and more popular with the workers at the logging job. But it didn’t seem to matter Bo felt like he was all alone, he felt distant and spaced out sometimes he would break into tears for no reason and would just want to ly around and stare at the ceiling. Likes mind had wandered away from him as he sat one of the logs and stared blankly into space, antonym noticed this sudden change in Luke as he looked at his newly found friend. Senior Lukas what is wrong? Asked Antonio sitting next to Luke, Luke did not answer. What is bothering you my friend? He asked again, Luke snapped back into focus as he looked at Antonio he could see the worry in Antonio’s eyes. Oh nothing I’m fine just a little tired that’s all, Antonio knew why he was so distant. Ah me! Said Antonio, Lukas my friend you miss your young cousin don’t you? asked Antonio, Luke nodded his head as he fought back the tears, I just can’t manage with out him he was my every thing the one purpose I had to live, I just can’t make it with out him Antonio, I just can’t. By this time tears streamed down his face as he buried his hands in his face, now I know it was a mistake to leave Hazzard County. Said Luke, I know it seems like I am a child. said Luke, Antonio placed a hand on his shoulder, my friend you take it from a friend if it was me I would not just sit around feeling sorry for my self and beating my self up.

I would how you say leave my new life and return to the old, because a man who is not a happy one might just as well be dead, that is what my mother always told me so lukas maybe you should consider what I said. He stood up and smiled, then returned to his work Luke sat for a moment as he thought about what Antonio had said wiping his eyes. Bo sat in the far corner of the shop starring blankly at the floor with a lost _expression on his face, jimmy was concerned for Bo he had been acting like this for almost 2 weeks now. Jimmy wiped his hands free of grease and walked over to Bo as he pulled up a chair and sat down, hey Bo what’s wrong you seem distant almost not here. Said jimmy, Bo looked at jimmy and sighed, oh nothing is wrong I just don’t feel very good that’s all. Jimmy snorted, oh come on Bo vie known you long enough to know that something is bothering you, now come on tell me I’m your friend.

Is it your cousin Luke? Asked jimmy, Bo tried to hold back his tears but they escaped his grasp as they trickled down his face. Yes Jim, I just can’t function with out him, we grew up together we never went anywhere with out each other except when we argued. I just can’t believe he’s not here, when he left me standing there at the air port I wanted to die. well let me tell you something bo if I where you I would not beat myself up over it I mean if it where me I’d drop what I was doin and head back to hazzard. Bo wiped his eyes as he looked at his friend jimmy; jimmy said nothing else as he left Bo sitting there. Bo knew that jimmy was right and that he had made his mind up, he walked up to jimmy and spoke. Your right I’m going home to hazzard I can’t stand being away from Luke, and even if he doesn’t come back then edleast I would have daisy and Uncle Jessie. Lacy came over to him and smiled, good for you Bo we’ll miss you, and he nodded his head and shook each of their hands. Good luck Bo, and with that Bo drove back to his small farm house as he packed his clothes quickly and drove to the air port. Yes I would like one way plane ticket to hazzard county, name please? Asked the girl, Beauregard duke.

She printed out the ticket and handed it to him; he paid and hurried off toward the plane. In likes town he had just bought his ticket as he entered the plane, hours later likes plane arrived at the hazzard county air port. Shortly after Bo’s plane arrived, Bo hurried off the plane as his feet touched hazzard soil, Bo took in a deep breath of the familiar air that he was so used to. He was finally home, Bo looked around and what he saw made his heart leap for joy there on the far side of the parking lot sat a red dodge charger cooter and his eldest cousin Luke. Bo ran all the way over until he was about 4 feet away from Luke, Luke, said Bo softly. Luke turned as he stared at his cousin, Bo! With in the second Bo and Luke where locked in a brotherly embrace, tears of joy streaming down their faces. I though I’d never see you again I missed you so much, said bo crying and laughing at the same time, they broke the hug as they all laughed and cried, even cooter shed a few tears. come on little cousin let’s go home, Luke slid across the hood as he jumped in through the window, bo jumped in thought the drivers side as he started up the car and speed out going 70 as he speed past a small place where roscoe sat. they stopped the car in front of roscoe as Luke called out to him, come on roscoe ain’t ya going to do your job the dukes are back and where hell on wheels yeeeeeheeee! Bo sped off throwing dust up as roscoe giggle that little laugh, come on velvet ears let’s cuff’em and stuff’em gugugu!!! He chuckled and sped after Bo and Luke. Hey Bo you remember that bridge out at peach tree creek? Asked Bo with a smile on his face, he shook head with a sly grin.

way ahead of ya cousin, bo made a 180 as he sped around in the other direction until the bridge came into view, half the bridge was destroyed as bo gave it more gas, the general hit the bridge as it sailed through the air and landed with a thud on the other side. Roscoe saw the bridge and tried to jump it, but his car splashed into the creek as the water came up to the window, Bo and Luke stopped to make sure he was all right, as roscoe pulled flash from the car. Luke and Bo laughed out as they sped away. Roscoe with a mixture of anger and complete joy yelled out, I’ll get you dukes.

Bo and Luke sped into the yard as they parked and jumped out of the general, Daisy looked out the window as her heart jumped for joy. Uncle Jessie Bo and Luke have come to visit; Jessie and daisy hurried out the door daisy threw her arms around Bo as he picked her up and spun her around. Oh Bo, Luke I’m so glad you are here, well get used to it daisy cause where back for good. Daisy cried out with joy, what made you boys changes your minds? Asked Jessie, Bo put his arm around likes shoulder and shook him lightly, well let’s just say an unhappy man would be better off dead, daisy just laughed as Luke and Bo smiled. Come on let’s go inside I’m starved, said Bo as they all went inside.

The end.

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