Them Duke Girls!

by: Susan

The girls is Bodine (Mostly called Bo) and Lucy. Bo’s the slim blonde one. A few years younger, but a little taller than her cousin. She’s got long legs that go all the way up, and a figure like one o’ them big city fashion models.

Lucy’s just a couple inches shorter, and darker. A brunette, with a whole lotta curves. She’s a little stockier than her cousin, but it aint none of it fat. It’s just Lucy!

Now either of ’em, alone, could stop traffic, on a major highway, at rush hour; but when you put ’em together, like they mostly are, well, boy howdy, have you got yourself a sight!

This one time they lost a bet to ol’ Cooter, and went jogging around the town square, in them shorts and tops they wear for waitressin’ at the Boar’s Nest? Well, Cooter nearly had him more work than he could handle, what with all the men – And not a few women, too – stopping to stare; and running into things, ‘cos they wasn’t exactly lookin’ at the road, if you know what I mean. (Now you don’t think that was ol’ Cooter’s idea do ya? Things had been a mite slow…)

Anyways, the two girls work for Boss Hogg, out at the Boar’s Nest, to help try and make ends meet, and keep up the payments, not only on the farm, where they live, but on the General Lee, their orange ’69 Dodge Charger, which they’d seen being towed to a scrapyard, and had fallen in love with, on first sight. (Girls is like that, sometimes. They take a fancy t’ things, y’know.) They’d had to get a loan to buy it, but they got it, and their cousin Davy, who lives with them, too, had helped them fix it up, and now it was one of the sights of Hazzard County. Two pretty girls running around in this bright orange racing car. The doors had been welded shut, which meant they had to climb in and out of the windows, but nobody ever commented on it. (Especially when they got a look at Bo’s legs as she swung out of the driver’s side!)

Now, them two girls was almost as much of a draw at the bar as the beer itself, and Boss knew it. Any time them girls and their cousin caught him out in some crookedness, all they had to do was threaten to quit, and he’d do just about whatever they wanted. They did cut him some slack, though, and didn’t threaten to quit too often, since he was an old moonshinin’ buddy of their late uncle’s. (Their uncle died some years ago, leaving just the girls, their cousin Davy and their Aunt Jessica, whom most everybody calls Jessie, to run the farm.)

Jessie’s plump and white-haired, which, when she’s in a joshin’ mood, she tends to blame on the cousins and the things they get up to, but she’d give you the shirt off of her back if’n she thought you really needed it – and her cookin’ is known throughout Hazzard. ‘Specially her pies! Mmm-mm!

Davy, on the other hand, is a little shorter than his cousins, and somewheres in the middle, age-wise. Medium built and brown haired, and good-lookin’ enough that he’s never without a date on Friday and Saturday nights. He’s a real nice fella, and the girls sure do like him a whole lot. Course, all o’ the Dukes is popular. They’re good people and folks just naturally take a shine to ’em.

It’s just the way things goes, in Hazzard County.

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