Welcome Home Mrs. Duke

by: Essy Jane

Well now, welcome to Hazzard County. Come on, stay a spell. This is what you could consider the story before the story. Now, if y’all recall, there was a wedding between Nancy-Lou Davenport and Bo Duke. So, as you have guessed, Nancy-Lou has now taken on the name of Duke. Makes you feel warm all over now don’t it?

Now Bo said goodbye to all his wedding guests. Roscoe said goodbye to Boss Hogg as he drifted out of Hazzard County…finally retiring. Y’all have to wonder about that one. Bo Duke sure did. He couldn’t really imagine Hazzard being quiet. With Boss Hogg gone—that left Roscoe and let me tell you, I don’t see Roscoe being as much of a threat.

Bo loved Hazzard County. He loved living here. Heck, he loved being here. It was something that made him feel really good about being a husband. Nancy was a good woman and all but he was still nervous.

Bo had his last words from his Uncle in his pocket. He took it out again, pondering at the words. It was the last thing he had left of his Uncle Jesse. The last thing that Jesse would ever give him was this paper. It was worth more to him than all the gold in Hazzard County.

He began to read it again:

Dear Bo,
I am glad I got the chance to know such wonderful souls how to live. You boys were the only real sons I had. To have you boys growing up in my home has made me the happiest man on earth. I love to hold you both in my arms. You two have done well for yourselves. Luke has become an amazing boy. You have learned so much.

Now, you’re here to finish my legacy. Bo, I know this will seem weird to you but I have to ask of you a favour. I would like you to use my CB handle. From now on, let yourself be known as Shepard. You have been one of the most special people in my life and to have you carry on this tradition would make me the happiest man on earth.

Place your family first constantly and you will always have me with you in everything you do. Love and care for those left behind. You know what to do Bo, just do it. Don’t loose that special quality that made Nancy-Lou fall in love with you. Don’t loose the quality that draws Daisy to talk to you or Luke to spend time with you. Don’t ever think you’re less than anyone else.

Oh and don’t forget to wipe your feet before entering the farmhouse. That is important. Show a good example.

I love you very much.

Yours always and forever,

Uncle Jesse

He was the Shepard now, taking hold of Jesse’s flock. It made him sad more than worried. At the same time, Bo wondered if everything would turn out alright. “Bo? Where’d you go?” Nancy-Lou asked. He folded his letter and placed it back in his pocket.

“Right here sweetheart,” Bo answered. She smiled at him, throwing her arms around him. Bo couldn’t help but smile but soon it slithered from his face.

“You were reading the letter again?”

“Yeah.” Bo sighed. “I don’t know Nancy-Lou, this place just doesn’t seem right without him.”

“You know, he wrote a note for every single one of us?”

“You too?”

“Oh yeah, me too. Bo, your Uncle loved every living soul.”

“What did yours say?” Nancy smiled. She pulled out the letter, touching its soft pages. She handed it to her husband. He opened it and read:

Dear Nancy-Lou,

I am so proud of you for everything you did in Hazzard County. At first, you didn’t believe in yourself. Now, you are a confident resident of this beautiful place. I called it home for many years and I hope that you will do the same.

You are the only one I have ever met that could truly tame the heart of Bo. He was a lot like me in my day. You know, I thought I would be reckless forever. However, my wife tamed me of that habit—well, maybe not all together. Nancy, let him go on his adventures. He loves Hazzard so much as I know you do.

Have children be in this home. There is no better place to raise a child than on this farm. All the bills have been paid off. The entire mortgage has been paid in full. I want you two to have a new start which is why I am leaving you the farm, don’t tell Bo.

Nancy, you will go through many challenging times as husband and wife but communicate. That word means so much. I want you to always talk with your husband and let him know how much you love him and cherish him.

Make every day count. Don’t waste time on fighting. Just love each other. If you do this, you will forever be in the grace of the almighty.

I love you very much.

Uncle Jesse.

Bo smiled. He handed the letter back to Nancy-Lou. “Yours was longer than mine,” Bo commented.

“He needed to say more to me. I am a Davenport—I have a temper to match my good intentions,” Nancy-Lou told him. Bo smiled.

“You haven’t shown it yet.” They kissed each other. Now friends, that is love. I hope we continue to see this.


Bo got into bed, lying beside his wife for the first time. It was a special moment between the two of them. “So, what do you want to name our first son?” Nancy-Lou asked. Bo pondered about it for a while. He never thought about what to name children.

”Well we can name him after your dad if you want,” Bo replied. Nancy had a confused look on her face. She suddenly had a look of clarity.

“No, I think that he would be expecting that.” She yawned softly to herself. “But I think that it should be after you. Or maybe someone in your blood line would be best. How about we
name him after your father?”

“David? No, it doesn’t seem right.” Nancy thought for a minute. She couldn’t think of a better name than this one. It rang through her head like a
million bells. Nancy looked at her new husband.

“How about we call him Jesse? It’s the most appropriate name.”

“You know that’s the best idea that you’ve ever had. I love it. We will name him a name that will stick always.”

“I’m glad you like it sweet heart.”

“I am glad too.” They kissed each other and smiled. “Now, we best be getting to sleep.” Bo yawned long. “We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.”

“You’re right, Good night Mister Duke.”

“Goodnight Misses Duke.”

They were right, with the crow of the rooster, the two were working like wild fire. They seemed to not want to stop for no one. When the cows were fed, the chickens needed feeding. When the horses were done being brushed it was nonstop carrying of the fields.

So far there was no rest for the weary, especially on the farm. As soon as all the chores were done, Nancy-Lou and Bo made breakfast together and ate together. It was a nice moment between husband and wife. Not even ten minutes after dishes were done, someone phoned the house.

“Bo, I am sorry to bother you,” Essy-Jane commented.

“Hey Essy,” Bo replied.

“Look, I am I am really sorry. Someone challenged Judd to a wood chopping contest. Little Esmeralda got in the way and…Judd cut his toe open. Would you be able to…?”

“Essy-Jane, I’ll take Judd to the hospital. You don’t have to worry about a thing. He’ll be just fine and you can stay with Esmeralda.”

“Oh Bo, I can’t thank you enough.”

“What are cousins for?”

“I am sorry for ruining…”

“Don’t worry about it, Nancy will understand, honest she will.”

“Thanks Bo, see you soon.”

“Okay, bye Daisy.” Daisy hung up the phone and Bo did the same.

“What is it? What will I understand?” Nancy asked.

“Judd cut his toe open with an axe.” Bo buttoned up his shirt. “Essy needs someone to take him to the hospital.”

“Yeah, I do understand.”

“Okay, I am so sorry.”

“Honey, when I married you I married your family too. When they have an emergency, I don’t mind sitting in the sidelines.”

“I’ll make it up to you.” Bo kissed Nancy. “I’ll do it tonight.”

“No need lover boy, you just did.” Bo raced out the door and got into the General Lee. He shook his head.

“What kind of a husband am I?” He couldn’t believe he was a newly wed and that he was already leaving to help Essy-Jane. Jesse Duke was right, the minute he was gone, Bo took over completely. “Is this how it always was for you?”

Bo shook his head. He started up the engine and began to drive. He turned the corner and there was Cletus chasing him. Bo shook his head. “Cletus this here is Bo, I have a medical emergency. Judd cut his foot,” Bo said over the CB.

“Buzzers on a buzz saw, you get going Bo, sorry to bug you,” Cletus replied over the CB.

“No problem. Over and out—see you around. You can chase me later.” Bo put the CB receiver down. He made it over to the Duke house in town. Bo stopped the car and got out. He looked at Daisy.

“Oh thank goodness, Dr. Tomlin wasn’t in today and Judd’s foot was bleeding so bad that…” Essy began.

“Now Essy-Jane, I want you to take a deep breath.” Essy did as her younger cousin said. “Now let it out really slowly.” Essy let her breath run out coolly. She sighed in relief.

“Thank you Bo.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiled at her. “Where’s my patient?” Essy began to laugh, she pointed in the house. Bo smiled. “That will do just fine.”

“Okay, you need help?”

“Sure, why not.” Essy-Jane and Bo helped Judd into the General Lee and they were on their way to the hospital.

“Hey is something wrong, Bo?” Judd asked. Bo sighed.

“You could tell huh?” Judd nodded. Bo shrugged and laughed. “Funny Daisy didn’t notice anything was wrong.”

“All of a sudden, you had the look Uncle Jesse always got when there was trouble just around the bend.” Bo smiled.

“Am I that much like him?”

“You know Bo, you have done a lot of growing up which is pretty amazing.” Judd smiled and shook his head. “You are doing a great job but something is on your mind. You want to talk?”

“Well, I was just wondering how boring Hazzard was going to get.” Judd crocked an eyebrow.

“Hazzard? Boring?” Judd laughed as he shook his head. “Now there are two words I didn’t think would be used in one sentence.”

“With Boss Hogg gone there ain’t goanna be anymore opponents.” Judd Duke shrugged.

“JD Hogg—hmm, he wasn’t your only challenge in Hazzard as I recall.”

“He was the biggest though.”

“Yes there is. Didn’t you hear? With all the money Roscoe’s gotten…he’s going to get a tutor. Boss gave him all of his memoirs. Now, if he doesn’t learn from those—I don’t think he’ll learn from anyone.”

“This will be different.”

“You think?”

“Nah, I know it will.”

“Well I don’t know.” Bo scratched his head. He turned the corner on the old dirt road. Judd Duke smiled.

“You just wait and see Bo. Things will be different but the same.” Bo continued driving. He made his way over to the hospital.


As Bo had promised, Cletus had found him and was chasing him yet again. Bo always loved a good chase. It was just like old times only Luke wasn’t in the seat. Bo missed his cousin. He longed for Luke to be making his comments.

“Why does everything have to change? Huh Uncle Jesse? Why does everything have to move forward? A few years ago, Luke would have been telling me what I was doing wrong with my driving. Now—well, I don’t know, I don’t think that he’ll ever do that for me again,” Bo said. He shook his head.

Bo took a big jump. He looked up and smiled as Cletus tried the same thing. He landed in the tree. Bo stopped to see if he were alright. Sure enough, Deputy Hogg was shaking his head and falling out of the tree.

Bo began to laugh. He sped back home. As he got out of the car, Nancy-Lou got in. She moved over to the driver’s seat. Bo didn’t understand his wife. He came home to spend some time with her and now—well, here they were.

“Am I new at this?” Bo questioned. Nancy-Lou started up the engine. Bo was now beyond confused. What was his wife thinking?

“No, we’re goanna look around, I am telling you Bo Hazzard is too quiet. BB was so bored he called us,” Nancy-Lou replied.

“Well Roscoe’s running the County now. Just how much danger could it get into?” Nancy-Lou tapped her foot. “No, Roscoe couldn’t get into that much trouble.”

“You wanna make a bet? It is Hazzard. There has to be something going on.” Bo shook his head.

“You ain’t goanna let me rest are you?” Nancy smiled and shook her head no. “Now Mrs. Duke, you sly dog you.”

“I thought it would help to go on a Hazzard adventure. After all while you were gone, I always went on them with Essy-Jane.”

“You did, didn’t you?”

“I may not be Luke but I am a good driver and I can shoot a pretty mean arrow.”

“Alright, I’ll be right back…I forgot Jesse’s pocket watch in the drawer.”

“Hurry back, my love.” He gave her a long kiss. Bo nodded. “I mean it, I am waiting for you. I love you more than anything Bo. Please remember that.”

“I couldn’t forget, Nancy, not ever.” He kissed her again. Now can’t you tell they’re newly weds? I sure can.

He walked into the house. He opened up the drawer and pulled out the pocket watch that had been used by his Uncle for years.

Bo looked up at a picture of his Uncle sitting on the mantle. He couldn’t believe it had only been a couple months since he had last really talked to him. Bo smiled.

“Uncle Jesse, is this what you meant? Huh? Do it with Nancy?” Bo asked. He sighed as a smile rolled on his face. “I guess you think of everything huh?”

Bo put the watch on his new overalls. He knew that they would get lots of wear before he was through with them. Bo didn’t mind. It was always something he expected to happen.

Bo walked outside and got into the General Lee. Nancy-Lou put it into drive. Her eyebrows went up. She began to drive.

“It took you long enough,” Nancy told her husband. She switched gears. Bo shook his head.

“When did you become such a lead foot anyway?” Bo questioned.

“When you left to go to NASCAR—and then when you went for your music career.”

“You did fine without me then Mrs. Duke?”

“Nah, I still missed you. I had to think, alright what would Bo do.”

“You did, did you?”

“Oh yeah and I was plum scared half the time I have done things.”

“You do realize Nancy-Lou that you have got yourself a southern accent now, don’t ya?” Nancy nodded as she laughed.

“Bo, I wouldn’t want it any other way.” Nancy-Lou saw a dip in the road and took it. “Besides, what kind of a Hazzardite would I be if I wasn’t Southern?” Bo laughed.

“You’re funny.” The General Lee landed. Bo couldn’t help but be excited. “YAHOOO! Dang that was smooth.”

“Good, you like my driving. You better or you’ll get a cold dinner.”

“No, you better like mine or you’ll get a cold dinner.” Bo began to laugh. “Remember, I still cook better than you.”

“I beg to differ.” Nancy winked as she made her way into town. Now these two were really good together. I am glad they got married.

These two will make a wonderful couple. I just know they want to have a happy marriage. Well it will be a busy one in Hazzard County.


Sure enough, something was going on. No, Hazzard doesn’t end because Boss Hogg leaves. Do you see that? Cletus and Roscoe are conversing. A Hogg and a Coltrane. I tell you, it seems like that relationship will never end.

“Roscoe…” Cletus began. Roscoe cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, BOSS ROSCOE, why did you want to see me?”

“Ain’t it obvious Cletus?” Roscoe asked. Cletus thought for a minute and shrugged. “I need a partner. Enos is too honest to go with my schemes but I know you are…unless you’re a bad Hogg.”

“Well…I don’t know if I…”

“Cletus, stand up to the plate. What would Jefferson-Davis Hogg think of you if you suddenly…”

“Cousin Boss would probably belt me one.” Roscoe nodded once. “Well I guess I could go along with what you’re saying but…”

“Good, I’ll give you the same cut Boss gave me.”

“Oh great, I’m goanna be poor.”


“What are we doing?” Roscoe smiled. He rubbed his hands together.

“I got the idea from that woman who went through here. You remember the one—she had that truck full of casino parts?”

“YAWN, it has been done.”

“I don’t care if it has been done a million times, we’re goanna do it. There’s more too, Khee.” Now Boss Hogg usually ran multiple schemes. Roscoe decided he would try to be as cunning.


“We have some hot goods coming in that we’re goanna buy real cheap and sell at full price.” Roscoe smiled as he stuck a chocolate cigar in his mouth.

“Is that real?”

“It’s chocolate you dipstick!” Roscoe straightened up in his chair. “Now, you need to get them pesky Dukes out of the way or they’ll mess up everything.”

Well Roscoe, you are right but you are too late. The truck with all the “Hot Goods” is being chased by Nancy-Lou. Now if you wonder why, well just wait until Bo asks her.

“Why are we chasing the truck?” Bo questioned. You see, I knew he was goanna ask.

“That’s Boss’ driver,” Nancy-Lou replied.

“Are you sure?”

“Oh yeah, I could spot ol Steven from a mile away. He used to work for my Dad.”

“Driving the senator? What a job.”

“Yeah well Dad fired him when he found out he was selling pictures of Dad to his opponents.” Bo shook his head.

“What is this world coming to?”

“Well anyway, if Steven is driving you know it is something hot.”

“You also know that Roscoe will say something stupid to get out of it.”

“Like, well I don’t tell him what to do on his free time.”

“You got it.”

“So what do you wanna do?” Bo reached into the glove box. He grabbed a radio.

“They goanna end up noticing General Lee trailing them. I’ll go aboard.”

“How are we goanna get them to stop?”

“Didn’t Essy-Jane Duke say that Tina was in town?” Nancy smiled. Now for all of those who don’t know Tina, she is Jeb Stewart Duke’s youngest sister.

“You’re kidding me.”

“Nope.” Tina has blonde wavy hair and great—uh—legs. Well I am a man ain’t I? She could blow a man right off his chair. So to use her as bait was smart.

“This is Shepard calling Tiny, are you in Tiny, come back?” Bo questioned over the CB.

“This is Tiny, Shepard, I got my ears on, what do you sweetheart?” Tina questioned.

“Hey we need a decoy. You remember the road we tripped the bike messenger on when we was kids?”

“How could I forget?”

“I need you there in ten minutes.”

“10-4 Cousin, I’m gone.”

“What the heck are you goanna do with Tina Duke?” Nancy asked.

“What are Dukes good at?” Bo questioned as he put the CB down.

“Well you had better know what you’re doing.”

“Of course I do.” Now I wonder how this is goanna go? I guess we’ll have to sit and watch now won’t we. Hold on folks.


As Steven was making his way to his stop, there he saw the strange car sitting there. Now this is a beauty. This is what they call a 1968 Triumph TR250. This is an example of fine building.

I tell you, this car is gorgeous. It has a 2.5 liter six cylinder—twin carb…150 Bhp. Oh baby, I am drooling. This royal hotness is very rare.

Would you believe that Tina won this bad boy in a poker game? I bet the poor fool who parted with this one is crying in his boots. Nice car, for sure.

There was only about eight thousand ever made. It is highly sought out—even though it ain’t very old yet. Now the poor British man gave it to her but not all that willingly.

Anyway, there was a set of legs sticking out of the front of the car. Now any hot blooded man who loved cars and women would stop for her. Thank goodness Tina hadn’t been there for a while. No one would recognize her.

“What seems to be the problem, sugar?” Steven asked. Tina slid from out from under the car.

“Well howdy, sure was nice of you to stop. You are a cute one,” Tina began. Wow.

“You drive a roadster huh?” She smiled.

“Yeah but my baby up and died on me. Dang, I love this car but she needs a lot of work. Especially when a gopher comes into her undercarriage.” Steven pulled at his collar.

“Well, I’ll take uh—I will take a look for you.” Now this was good timing. Bo climbed in the back of the box. He smiled at his wife who closed the doors for him.

She waved at Steven who promptly got back in his truck. Nancy-Lou laughed. She couldn’t believe it worked. Tina began waving at the driver, handing off the car like she was a slinky car decoration.

“This is Shepard calling Mad Mama, do you hear me? Come back?” Bo said over the CB. She smiled.

“Mad Mama here. What do you need sweetheart, come back?” Nancy-Lou questioned.

“We have hit the jackpot here. There are stereos and things. Dang, I think we need to pull in the whole gang for this one.”

“I believe you Shepard. This one is goanna be a fun operation to destroy.” Nancy-Lou scratched her nose. “I think we need to bring in some bears.”

“Oh yeah but not our bears.”

“I was thinking State bears.”

“Nancy-Lou, you hop to it gal. You phone up those bears.”

“What about you, honey?”

“Oh come on Nancy, I can handle myself.”

“You sure?”

“Oh yeah, I’ll be hanging out here.”

“I’ll switch cars with Tina.”

“Great idea.”

“She’ll follow you in the General Lee.”

“You can get the poop from her when you get back in the saddle.”

“10-4 babe.”

Now I wonder how this was goanna go. Then again, there are Dukes everywhere. Well and the Davenport clan who would help out too. I guess we better hold on to something, this one will be interesting.


While Bo was sitting, Nancy-Lou called the police. Tina was trailing the truck and Essy was coming up behind in Uncle Sam. Now friends, this will be quite the ride.

Look what Luke and Daisy are missing? Poor people. I wouldn’t ever wanna leave Hazzard but Luke has his reasons. Daisy is having fun in LA. She seems to enjoy it.

Well, I guess that Hazzard will be waiting for their visits. Until then, we had better get on the goodie wagon, the kids are ready. In other words, the action is about to begin.

Now Bo was still in this truck which was okay because Tina was behind him. However, Steven spotted General Lee—which Bo thought would happen. That’s why he was in the truck in the first place.

Well, Bo could hear the sirens behind him. “Tiny this is Shepard, what’s up?” Bo questioned on his radio.

“Big trouble Shepard—ah, Cletus is on my tail. I am goanna have to loose his lights. You have to be landing soon so—when you get there give me your 20 okay cuz?”

“Yeah sure Tiny, you just stay away from ol smoky behind ya.”

“10-4 cousin.” Now, let’s see how Tina does against Roscoe’s crony, Cletus. Dukes are usually good at two things love and cars.

Now Jeb Steward Duke seems to be good with motorcycles. How about good ol Tina Duke? Well I guess we’ll just have to watch.

“Tina, this is Messy Essy, don’t worry about the cookie trail—I’m on it,” Essy said over the CB. Now she was behind the truck following. Ain’t them Dukes smart?

“10-4 Messy Essy, you keep on him,” Tina answered. She put the CB down. “Let’s see if you can keep up with Hazzard pond.” Tina turned the corner and smiled. She swerved left and right.

Cletus was in his car chewing bubble gum. His eyebrows went up and he had a smile on his face. Now friends, look at Tina go.

“This is Cletus Hogg calling the General Lee, pull over you’re under arrest,” Cletus commented.

“This is Tiny Tina Duke now what’s the charge Deputy?” Tina questioned over the CB.

“Ah—following too close.”

“Sure Cletus, I was WAY, WAY back.”

“Fine then, following too far.” Tina rolled her eyes. She swerved by the water. She took the jump.

“You ain’t goanna catch me here.”

“Watch me.” Cletus did the same thing. He was smiling away. “I think I am goanna make it this time! Then I’ll…” Nope, he wasn’t goanna make it. He went into the water. There was a large splash.

“This is Messy Essy calling Tiny, how did you do, over?” Essy questioned over the CB.

“This is Tina, I am heading back to the danger zone. Don’t worry, we’ll get them good. We’re headed to the barn just off of route ninety,” Tina answered.

“Alright, be there in half a smidgen. I just have to jump over Cletus again.” Now ain’t the Dukes funny? Tina made another jump over the pond and went the other way.

The truck pulled over. AS the doors opened, Bo kicked one of the men in the face. Now this was goanna really be interesting. Bo looked, at them.

“You know, four on one ain’t a fair set of odds. Why don’t I fight one of ya at a time?” Bo asked. Nine more men came out. Bo swallowed.

“Who is he?” One of the men asked.

“Reg, he’s Bo Duke, a local hero,” Steven replied.

“I don’t like heroes.”

“And I don’t like losers who pick on one person,” Essy said.

“That goes double for me,” Judd added.

“Well you know, thirteen against three ain’t goanna work for you,” Reg told Judd.

“Y’all haven’t heard of him have you? Do you know Killer Kane?” Bo questioned.


“That would be the one.” Suddenly they heard something.

“What the heck is that?” Steven asked. The Dukes got on the floor. The other men weren’t sure what to make of it. General Lee went through the top of the barn and right out the other side.

Judd took on two at a time. Bo—three. Essy-Jane had already walloped one guy into the ground and was working on a couple. Two of them held her while another tried to come after her.

Well when Judd saw this, he shook his head. “No one does that to my wife,” He hissed. Judd hit the two guys he was fighting right down—one punch each.

He ran towards his wife with fire in his eyes. Judd knocked all three to the ground. Essy-Jane smiled as she got up.

“My hero,” Essy laughed. She kicked the guy that was about to hit Judd with a chair.

“No, my hero,” Judd replied. They shook hands. BB and his wife Kim walked in. They smiled.

“Dang, I’m goanna love this!” Kim announced. She began beating up some of the men.

Well you want me to make this short and sweet? Bo and his gang of amazing people beat up the baddies before Nancy-Lou got there.

Yup, Boss Roscoe had lost his first round. Now why do you think that happened? Well come on the Dukes almost always win—in Hazzard County.


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