Welcome, KK

by: KK Duke

Author Note: Before this is read, you must understand that I created a new character that lived at the Duke’s house. Her name is KK Duke and was born in 1975. Most of the new characters that I will have will be children as well, but some will be adults.

The year was 1975 in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan when one very pregnant Peggy Duke was due to give birth to triplets at any moment. Her husband John Duke wished that these kids would come soon so that he could stop worrying about her going into labor. Normally people who are pregnant with multiple go into labor early, but not this trio. There was something different about them. Then again, Peggy Duke wasn’t supposed to be able to get pregnant, let alone that she would be able to carry a pregnancy to term. The doctors had told her to quit trying and consider adoption when she lost her fifth baby in three and half years. That was three years ago and suddenly she was blessed with three. Not that she was upset, but she was ready to have these kids. She was unable to get a good night sleep and all these kids seemed to do was fight with one another in the womb.

On August 27, 1975, Peggy felt different. She didn’t know exactly what it was, but she felt that these kids were ready to come out. She woke up a little after one in the morning and woke up John to let him know that she thought this was it. She left the bed to go to the bathroom when her water broke. Sure enough, it was now or never.

At 4:11 a.m. the oldest child, KK Duke was born, followed by Karen at 4:13 a.m. and the youngest Aaron at 4:16 a.m. What the proud parents didn’t recognize was that when the birth certificate information was filled for the youngest, they didn’t recognize he was actually a she. By the time the mistake was recognized, it was too late to change without going to court and paying money.

Life went from being quiet to suddenly hectic at the Duke household. Stress over the kids wore on the Duke’s marriage and soon enough John spent more time at the bar then he did at home with his wife and kids. He admitted to Peggy that he was never to thrill about the kids and wanted out of the marriage. Peggy was heartbroken over this. It didn’t help that KK seemed to be different than the other two kids. She would pound her head for periods of time that baffled everyone. No one could understand her behavior. She would also scream during the night because of her ear infections. Life was not joyous at their household for quite some time.

The kids’ first pediatrician told Peggy that he still walked the floors with his grandson who was 15, when she expressed concern regarding KK’s ear infections. With the kids 18 months old, she decided it was time then to seek out another pediatrician instead of walking with her at the age of 15. Once Peggy had found one, a door opened up. He was able to explain to Peggy why KK would pound her on the floor. It was because she was probably allergic to the wool blanket that she used to cover her and suggested that she have her tested for all sort of allergies. Meanwhile, for her earaches he recommended that her adenoids be taken out. She would respond well to medication, but it wouldn’t fully get the infection out. It would be better for her to get them out so that the family could rest better.

John couldn’t give a rat’s butt about the kids anymore. It was all there fault that he wasn’t getting the satisfaction that he once got. Peggy had also gained a lot of weight because she couldn’t get out as much with the three kids. He mainly disliked KK because it seemed that any time he was romantic with Peggy she would wake up screaming. He couldn’t take it anymore. He had gotten more involved with his friends at the bar that provided him with more than companionship.

The day of KK’s adenoids operation came. Peggy left their teenage babysitter with Karen and Aaron. John suggested that since this was an out patient deal that they leave for the weekend. Peggy felt that it was the only way to save her marriage and agreed to it. Although she felt guilty about leaving KK after her operation, but she still loved John and would do anything to salvage their relationship.

The operation was a success and John and Peggy left KK in the care of the teenager until they returned. What would happen next would shock anyone.

John, as mentioned before, had become good friends with his drinking buddies. He was sick and tired of being responsible for these unappreciated kids. All they every do was interfere with their lives. Peggy seemed to spend way too much time with them and all he wanted was to go back to the way it was before kids. His bar buddies had persuaded him to do something drastic about the situation.

So he paid a bounty hunter to get rid of his wife, babysitter and the kids. Little did John know that his plan wouldn’t work entirely. Unfortunately his wife and the babysitter died, but the kids were spared. What had happened was that Aaron and Karen were taken by a neighbor to spend time with their kids. KK was sleeping in the crib at her house. What happened was that John claimed that he was going to the local gas station to fill up the tank when the bounty hunter came into the house and killed the babysitter. He then went to find Peggy who was rocking KK to sleep when the bounty hunter killed her. He thought that the baby was killed as well. Not knowing that there was three kids instead of one, he turn the thermostat down so the house was freezing and left with John.

Coy Duke was in town and he had not been able to see his new cousins since they were first born and decided to drop in. He had known that KK had just been operated on and wanted to see if he could help out Peggy. What he didn’t expect when he opened the door was the body of a young female. He immediately went to a neighbor’s house and asked them to call the police. When the police search the house they saw Peggy dead and expected the baby to be dead as well. The police were shocked when the baby started crying. KK was fortunate because the bullet wound had gone through Peggy, but missed KK and was laying a few feet from her. The police asked Coy a bunch of questions and one question was who next of kin was. The only person he knew of was Jesse Duke down in Hazzard, Georgia.

Coy called him up to explain the situation and to see if he was up to taking in three 18 month triplets. When he said that there was no way that he could take them, Coy pleaded with him to take KK.

“Uncle Jesse, she needs someone that will pay attention to her. She the sweetest thing in the world and won’t be too much trouble.”

“Coy, I’m past my child rearing age. I have three here,” Uncle Jesse stated meaning Bo, Luke, and Daisy.

“Uncle Jesse, who are you talking to?” Luke asked, after being considered still a child, after serving time in the Marines.

“I’m talking to Coy”

“Uncle Jesse, listen, KK needs someone attentive to her needs and you are the perfect person to do it.” I’m sure that her two sisters will be able to be placed easily, but I don’t know about her.”

“Coy, you drive a hard bargain, but let me talk to the gang here. Where can I reach you at?”

Coy gave Uncle Jesse the phone number that he could be reached at and hung up the phone.

“Okay, Uncle Jesse, what was that all about?”

“First of all, you know my brother Jackson that died years ago had a son named John”

“Yeah, we met him once or twice,” Bo piped in.

“Yeah, he wasn’t the smartest bird of the flock, was he?” Luke stated.

“Well, it seems that John and his wife Peggy had three children about 18 months ago. That was Coy on the phone and he said that there had been a gruesome murder done at their house. Apparently, KK, one of the babies had an operation earlier today and was resting at home. They believe that John had something to do with the murder of his wife and babysitter. They also believe that KK was a target as well but someone was spared. Coy wanted to know if I would take all three in, but then had begged me to take in KK.”

“Why specifically KK?” Luke asked.

“KK needs some more attention than most kids. She has just had her adenoids taken out and also she has severe allergies.”

“It would be nice to have another girl here,” Daisy said.

“What about the other two children.”

“I have an idea about them as well. You know Ms. Zang down the road a bit; she has mentioned that she would love to have kids. Maybe she would be able to take them in; at least they could grow up together.”

After a few moments, Jessie asked, “So what’s the verdict?”

“It would be nice to have a kid around here. I’m in,” Luke stated.

“It would be nice to have another girl,” I’m definitely in!” Daisy stated.

“I’m not sure – I don’t know much about babies, but I’m willing to learn,” Bo stated.

“I don’t know how I get into these things,” Jesse commented under his breath.

Uncle Jessie also called Ms. Zang wondering if she would like two 18 months old and explain the whole situation to her. She was ecstatic. She also agreed that it would be the best way since the other two seemed to be way ahead of KK in many areas and that way she could be given extra attention.

Uncle Jesse called Coy back and was relieve when he would take KK in and had actually found a home for Karen and Aaron.

A week later, KK Duke entered the lives of the Dukes of Hazzard and nothing would be the same again.

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