Who are CJ and Roy Duke?


Characters created by Marlene Martin and Matt Mazak

Roy Duke (full name Roy Beaugard Duke) was born in Aug. of 1971 and is the oldest of the two cousins, but only by a month. He lost his mom (Jance Duke) when he was born and lost his dad (James Duke) when he was six years old in a car accident.

Roy has some features like his big second cousin Bo Duke, like light brown hair and blue eyes as well as his good looks, but has the spirit and nature of Luke Duke, except for is temper which is like Bo Duke.

C.J. Duke (full name Cindy Jane Lucas Duke) was born in Sept. of 1971 and is the youngest cousin of the two. She lost her mom (Kathy Duke) when she was a year old to sickness and lost her dad (Jack Duke) in the same car accident that also killed her uncle James when she was also six years old. She also has a twin older brother (Dusty Duke) that was presumed lost in a flood when he was two. C.J. Duke has some features like her older second cousin Luke, like the dark hair and a birth mark (located on her right ankle), but has a tomboy spirit like Bo and also tries to protect her cousins Bo, Luke, and Roy when she can (even though they try to stop her from doing that).

Both live with their grandparents (Albert and Betsy Duke) on a farm in Hazzard County however they do visit Bo, Luke, Daisy and Uncle Jesse during the summer when Bo and Luke pick them up in the General Lee. When they turn 18 they come to own a 1970 Confederate gray Dodge Challenger stock car named Rebel (affectionately known as”General Lee’s Little Cousin”) which C.J. Duke mostly drives and Roy did drive a few times before his accident which impaired his sight. They also of course get into trouble, thanks to Boss Hogg and Sherriff Rosco, just like Bo and Luke. However there is one thing, C.J. is not on probation but Roy is even though they both made moonshine runs since they were eighteen years old. Their CB handles are “Wolf Pup 1” for Roy and “Wolf Pup 2” for CJ.

C.J. and Roy also have a good friend named J. T. Davenport (Cooter’s nephew) who they sometimes hang out with at Cooter’s Garage. JT Davenport (full name Jesse Thomas Davenport) was born in the Spring and is around the same age as his friends CJ and Roy who he met at Cooter’s Garage when he and Roy were in the fourth grade and CJ was in the third. JT lives with his uncle Cooter Davenport on his farm while his father works for a trucking company, which has him traveling a lot of time out of state, as well as help out his uncle over at the garage by helping him repair General Lee for Bo and Luke or Rebel for CJ and Roy. JT also helps out his good friends CJ and Roy Duke out of the mess of trouble they often get into thanks to Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco. JT Davenport has dark hair, green eyes and also his uncle Cooter’s bad temper which often has him get into trouble like his friends CJ and Roy, who often have to bail him out of it.

C.J. and Roy have half Duke and half Hogg blood running through their veins, meanng that their dads were from the Duke family and their moms were from the Hogg family. However C.J. and Roy didn’t know about this until they were twelve years old and Bo, Luke, Coy, Vance, Daisy, Uncle Jesse, Cooter, J.T., Boss Hogg, Rosco, Cletus and Enos didn’t discover this secret until C.J.and Roy were thirteen years old.

Jack and James were brothers and were first cousins to Bo, Luke and Daisy but a few years older. (There is also a third brother, who is still alive. Jeb Stuart Duke.) Albert and Betsy Duke are CJ and Roy’s granparents, which means Albert is Jesse’s brother. So Jesse is a great uncle. =)

Both Kathy and Jance are Hoggs, and they are sisters. It is unclear at this point whether they are the daughters of another brother of Boss’s or are the daughters of Abraham Lincoln Hogg. CJ and Roy didn’t find out about the Hogg relation until they were 12 years old (1983, 84.)

James and Jack and their wives didn’t live in Hazzard County (this would explain why nobody really knew of the Hogg relation). They lived in Hatacapie County during this time.

Just to give y’all a perspective on the time frame of these characters….

CJ and Roy were born in 1971 so they are now (1999) 27 years of age (going on 28). Their car, a 1970 Dodge Challenger they got when they were 18 (back in 1989/1990)

CJ lost her mother at the age of two (1973, 74) and lost her daddy when she was 6 (1977, 78) in a car crash that also took Roy’s dad. Roy’s mom died when Roy was born (’71).

So since 1977 they’ve been living with their grandparents in Hazzard, visited often by their older second cousins, Bo, Luke and Daisy.


“Rebel” is a 1970 Dodge Challenger that is painted confederate grey. He has the number 21 painted on the doors, which like on the General Lee are welded shut,a confederate flag and checkered flag crossing each other painted on top, and the name “Rebel” painted diagonially down the side panels of the roof Rebel is often mecanically repaired by JT. Davenport but C.J. and Roy also do a little mecanical work under his hood as well,which is something that they learned from Bo and Luke who often called them “grease monkeys” ( a cute nickname that Bo and Luke gave them when they first had them under General Lee’s hood which resulted in them bening covered in grease from the engine.)

The Challenger came along sometime in 1975. It was a wrecked car that Jack and James were working on it together. They often spoke of building a car like General Lee and leaving it for their kids to have when they turned 18. After their death in ’77, the car ended up unfinished and sitting in the barn on what was James’s property for nearly 15 years, until CJ and Roy turned 18 and found out the car was still around. They got the car out of the barn and with help from JT Davenport went to work on rebuilding the car.

Rebel’s horn blares out the first few notes of “Charge!”
Below are three pics of 1970 Dodge Challenger to give you an idea of what the car looks like. Check out the one parked next to a General Lee!


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