by: Jamanda

Author’s note: This story is told from Daisy’s perspective.

It was raining again. I don’t care for rain sometimes because I have to hang all of the laundry inside and everybody gets tangled up in shirts and pants. Uncle Jesse was drinking a cup of coffee and Bo was doing the morning dishes when Luke came in with the mail.

“Another catalog,” he told Uncle Jesse, tossing it to him.
“I swear,” said Uncle Jesse, catching it. “If they send us these Christmas catalogs any earlier, they’ll be coming on the Fourth of July.”
“Anything for me?” asked Bo.
“Not unless you know anyone in California,” said Luke, grinning at me.
“Give me that!” I squealed jumping after Luke.

Luke teased me a bit by holding it over his head, but I managed to get it from him when he got tangled in a pair of his own long johns.

I gazed at the letter for a minute. It seemed like it had been ages since I’d gotten one, which made it all the more precious. Then I noticed that this one didn’t look like the others.

“Hey,” I said. “I don’t think this is from Enos.”
“It’s not?” asked Bo.
“No,” I said. “This isn’t his handwriting and it has no return address.”
“But it is from California right?” asked Luke, freeing himself from the long johns. “The postmark says L.A.”
“Yeah,” I said, opening it.

Dear Miss Duke,

I’m afraid I have some bad news, but I’m sure Enos would want me to tell you. Two days ago, he was injured in the line of duty. Please try not to worry, but he is in the hospital right now. I’ve included several phone numbers where you can reach me if you would like to check up on him.

Turk Adams

I read it several times before handing it to Uncle Jesse, who read it, nodded, and handed it to Bo. Bo read it, sighed, and gave it to Luke, who didn’t seem to need to read it.

“He’s hurt isn’t he?” Luke said.
“He’s in the hospital,” I said. “I need to call.”
“Go ahead,” Uncle Jesse said.

I grabbed the phone.

“Maybelle,” I said. “I need to call California…”

Maybelle tried the home number first, but Turk wasn’t there, so she tried to office number. Someone at the office told her he was at the hospital and forwarded us there.

“This is Turk.”
“Turk,” I said. “This is Daisy. I just got your letter.”
“Okay Daisy,” he said. “Are you sitting down?”
“Uh yeah,” I said, pulling up a chair and sitting. “What happened? Is Enos okay?”
“All right then,” he said. “We were apprehending a gang of drug dealers. One of them was resisting arrest and managed to hit Enos over the head with the butt of a gun. We had back-up come in to take the guy away, but Enos was knocked out, so I took him to the hospital.”
“Oh my,” I said, trying to take it all in. “How is he?”
“I’m not sure,” said Turk. “He uh…hasn’t woke up yet. He’s in a coma.”
I gasped.
“I’m coming out there!”
“No you’re not!” said Turk firmly. “You stay there with your family and keep in touch. If he doesn’t wake up in the next couple of days, then the department can bring you out here. But for now, just take it easy and let the doctors to their job.”
“Okay,” I sighed. “But you let me know the minute he wakes up!”
“I will.”

The next two days went by way too slow. With Maybelle connecting my phone calls, it wasn’t long until everyone in Hazzard knew about Enos. The minister of the Methodist church called a prayer vigil for him, to which even Boss and Rosco showed up.

Boss was being especially kind to me. He offered to give me a couple of days off, but I wanted to work to make the time pass by faster, so he let me call California from the Boar’s Nest.

“How is he?” I asked.
“He’s stirring a little,” Turk told me. “They think he’s coming out of it.”
“Oh thank goodness!” I said. “Can you call as soon as he does?”

I gave him the number for the Boar’s Nest as I was working the rest of the day.

“Is he awake yet?” Cooter asked.
“He’s stirring,” I said, grinning.
“That’s a good sign,” said Luke. “I’ll bet he wakes up today.”
“And I bet I know the first thing he says,” Bo laughed.
“Possum on a gumbush,” Luke said, imitating Enos’s voice. “What happened?”
“Oh you!” I laughed.

I hated it when Luke would imitate Enos like that. It made me miss him more than usual.

Maybelle was great at her job, as most of Hazzard county showed up at the Boar’s Nest, waiting along with me for the phone to ring. I could tell Boss was enjoying the extra business, but he was polite enough to hold it in. Everyone jumped when the phone rang and I ran over to it.

“Boar’s Nest,” I said. “Daisy speaking.”
“He’s awake Daisy.”
“He’s awake!” I called out to everybody.

There was a round of “YEEE HAAA” and Boss bought drinks for everybody while Rosco tried to quiet them down.

“Let the girl listen,” he said. “We gotta make sure he’s okay don’t we? Now HUSH!”

“So how is he?” I asked. “Can I talk to him?”
“He’s a little confused,” said Turk. “Um…are you sitting down?”
“Uh huh,” I said, sitting on a barstool. I didn’t like that question, seeing as what I found out last time he asked.
“Daisy,” said Turk. “He doesn’t remember who he is.”
“He doesn’t?” I asked. “You mean…?”
“He’s got amnesia,” said Turk. “He doesn’t remember a thing.”

I wasn’t sure what to think. I got off the phone after a while and everyone in the Boar’s Nest was looking at me.

“What is it Daisy?” Uncle Jesse asked.
“Amnesia,” I said. “He’s awake…but he doesn’t remember anything.”

Uncle Jesse held me as everyone else looked at each other.

“Now don’t you worry your pretty little head now Daisy,” said Bo. “I had amnesia once, remember?”
“That’s right,” said Luke. “He’ll get better.”
“I hope so,” I said. “I still wish I could see him.”
“Maybe you will,” said Uncle Jesse.

I wasn’t sure what Uncle Jesse meant by that until later that week. Turk called and let us know that he was bringing Enos to Hazzard.

“The doctors say that going back to the place where he grew up might trigger something,” he told me. “Frankly, I’m hoping YOU might be able to trigger something.”
“Maybe,” I said. I couldn’t help but smile.
“We’ll be flying out in two days,” said Turk. “Think you can meet us in Atlanta?”

We arranged it so that Bo and Luke would meet them in Atlanta with the General. I wanted Enos to see me in the Boar’s Nest, as that’s where he usually saw me anyway. That was the plan…and it didn’t work worth a pitcher of spit.

I was more nervous than Boss at tax time as I waited for the boys to show up with Enos. I couldn’t figure out why. It was just Enos. The same Enos that’s had a crush on me since seventh grade. The same one who wrote me nearly every week when he ran off to California. The same one I almost married. But the thought of seeing him again somehow made me nervous enough to jump out of my skin when the phone rang.

“Boar’s Nest,” I said. “This is Daisy.”
“Uh Daisy,” I heard Luke say. “Um…we might be a little late.”
“Why?” I asked. “What’s going on?”
“Well uh…we kinda lost Enos.”
“YOU WHAT!!!???”
“He wandered off,” Luke said quickly. “We can’t find him anywhere.”
“Luke Duke!” I yelled. “You find him or heaven help me…”
“We’ll find him Daisy,” said Luke. “What is it Bo?…What?…OUR CAR???”
“Now what?” I asked, wondering how this could possibly get any worse.
“Bo says that our car is gone,” said Luke as Bo was rambling in the background. “Some guy jumped into it and drove off.”
“Well you find Enos before you worry about that car,” I snapped. “Cause if he gets hurt…”
“We’ll find him Daisy,” said Luke. “I gotta go…”
“You better!” I yelled as Luke hung up.

I slammed the phone down and sighed. Now I was nervous AND worried. Enos could be anywhere. What if he couldn’t find his way home?

Now so ya’ll don’t get confused, I’ll fill you in on what happened, even though I didn’t find out about all of this until later.

Enos had indeed wandered off. Turk had left for the bathroom and told him to stay put, but Enos’s short-term memory wasn’t working up to par either. He simply wandered outside the airport and saw an orange car. An orange car that looked familiar.

Now Enos knew he had amnesia and the doctors told him to try his best to find things that looked familiar. So when he saw that car, he figured it must have belonged to him, since it looked so familiar. Naturally, he tried to open the doors, and seeing as they wouldn’t open, he figured out that it was a race car, like Richard Petty’s. So he climbed in through the window, hotwired it, and drove off.

It’s funny how amnesia works. Enos didn’t know who he was, who his friends were, or where he was going, but he did remember who Richard Petty was, that racing cars have doors welded shut, and how to hotwire a car when you don’t have keys (although he didn’t remember that it was Cooter who taught him how two years before). He also remembered how to drive when people are chasing you, which is what the Atlanta police were doing when they saw him tearing through town.

The city driving came real natural to him, as Enos had driven plenty in L.A., and crazy enough to make his partner see a psychiatrist. Once he lost the Atlanta police, he instinctively pulled onto the highway going north…towards Hazzard county. He wasn’t sure why he was going that way, but I think all good ol’ boys have little homing devices that kick in and bring them home. Not only that, but I think the General wanted to go home too.

Anyhow, you can imagine how surprised I was to look up and see Enos stroll right into the Boar’s Nest and order a beer.

“Sorry?” I asked.
“A beer ma’am,” he said. “I’m parched.”
“Well sure,” I said. “But the beer here is awfully watered down. Sure you don’t want something else?”
“Anything wet really,” Enos said, looking around. “I’m just thirsty and the sign said ‘Cold Beer’.”
“Sure thing,” I said, watching him out of the corner of my eye.

Enos would’ve never forgiven me if he knew I had served him beer, so I got him a buttermilk like he always had before. He looked at me funny, but drank it anyway as I called Luke back.

“He’s what?” Luke asked.
“He’s here,” I said. “And your car is parked out front.”
“How in the…?”
“Never mind that,” I said. “Just take the bus up here as quick as you can. He doesn’t recognize me and he was trying to order beer!”
“Woah,” said Luke. “His mind must be shot if he forgot that he doesn’t drink.”
“Oh no,” I said, seeing Enos wander out the door. “I gotta go! Get back quick!”

I hung up and ran after him, but Enos was already off again. The General tore out of the lot just as Rosco was pulling in.

“Jit jit!” Rosco said, doing a double take. “That looked like Enos driving the General Lee!”
“It is,” I said, running up. “Get after him Rosco! We’ve already lost him once! I’ll be right behind you!”
“Oh good grief,” said Rosco. “The dipstick really has lost his mind.”

I climbed in my Jeep and followed Rosco, who radioed Cletus to try and cut the General off. But apparantly, Enos wasn’t having any of it. He jumped the General over Hazzard pond and poor Rosco wound up splashing into it. Cletus kept him from turning onto the main road, so the rest was up to me.

“This is Bo Peep to Shepherd and Crazy C,” I called over the cb. “Ya’ll got your ears on?”
“This is Crazy Cooter comin’ at ya…what’s your twenty?”
“I’m chasing the General down Old Willow Road…Think you can cut him off?”
“I’m on my way Daisy.”

Cooter pulled through and cut Enos off. We both got out and ran up to the General. He was just sitting there laughing.

“He has lost it,” Cooter mumbled.
“Whoo Whee,” Enos laughed. “I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun! You folks do this a lot?”
“All the time,” I said. “Now Enos, you git out of there before Bo and Luke decide to press charges for you stealing their car.”
“Who?” Enos asked, climbing out of the General. “And who are you? And how do you know my name?”
“We’re your friends,” said Cooter. “And Bo and Luke were going to pick you up when you done run off in their car. At least you remembered how to hotwire it.”
“You never should’ve taught him that Cooter,” I scolded. “Now Enos, you come with me back to the farm.”
“Sure thing pretty lady,” said Enos, looking me over. “I won’t argue with that.”

Now Enos had looked at me plenty of times before, but for some reason I didn’t care for the way he was looking at me now.

I told Cooter to tow the General back to town and meet Bo and Luke at the bus depot. Then I took Enos to the farm.

“Doesn’t any of this look familiar?” I asked him.
“Sure don’t,” said Enos, looking around. “Just that car. You’re looking a little familiar though…”

He was grinning and staring at my legs.

“You ain’t lustin’ are you Enos?” I asked.
“No,” he said, sitting up quickly. “What makes you think that?”
“You were staring at my legs.”
“Well you can’t expect a fella not to,” he said, looking at me again. “Especially when you wear shorts like that.”
“Oh Enos,” I sighed. “Don’t you remember anything?”
“Like I said,” he told me. “I remember that orange car…”
“Exactly what was the car doing?”
“It was…speeding down the road…and I was in a car behind it…there were three of them.”

I did a double take and almost went off the road.

“Easy honey,” he said. “What’d I say?”
“You remember three of them?” I asked.
“I know it’s crazy but…”
“No it’s not,” I said. “There was a time where we had three of them. Do you remember what happened?”

Enos actually stopped staring at my legs and sat back. He stared off into space until I reached the farm.

“Uncle Jesse!” I called. “We’re here!”
“There ya are,” said Uncle Jesse. “I heard ya on the CB but the truck won’t start. What in tarnation’s been goin’ on?”
“Who’s that?” Enos asked.
“This is Uncle Jesse,” I said, getting out of the Jeep.
“Oh there you are Enos,” said Uncle Jesse. “Come on inside.”
“Okay,” said Enos. “I still don’t get why you’d need three of the same car.”
“What?” Uncle Jesse asked.
“Never mind,” I said. “Just keep an eye on him. He tends to wander off.”
“Where you going?” Enos asked.
“I gotta get back to work,” I said. “You stay here with Uncle Jesse and try to remember.”
“Remember what?”
“Anything!” I said.
“Well you don’t have to get all huffy about it,” Enos scowled. “Just cuz I was looking at your legs.”

Uncle Jesse stared at me and I just sighed and got back in the Jeep.

“Remember Uncle Jesse,” I called. “Don’t leave him out of your sight for a minute!”

As I drove off, Enos turned to Uncle Jesse.

“She don’t trust me do she?” he said.
“After what you just said,” said Uncle Jesse. “I don’t trust you either. Now git!”

I looked in my rear-view mirror at Uncle Jesse ushering Enos into the house.

“Oh Enos,” I sighed. “What’s happened to you?”

Uncle Jesse told me later that he had to put Enos to work doing chores to keep him from wandering off. Even then, Enos kept sneaking into my room and going through my closet.

“Whoo whee,” Enos said, going through some unmentionables. “I sure would like to see her in this!”

Uncle Jesse chased him out again when suddenly Enos stopped.

“What’d you call me?” he asked.
“I called you a dipstick!” Uncle Jesse scolded.

Uncle Jesse noticed that Enos was starting to remember something.

“Hold on,” said Uncle Jesse, grabbing the CB. “Just sit down here…This is Jesse Duke calling Sherriff Rosco…”
“This is Sherriff Roscoooo P. Coltrane here…What do you want Jesse?”
“I got that old deputy of yours here,” said Uncle Jesse. “And he seems to recall the word ‘dipstick'”
“Well of course he does…he IS a dipstick!…I remind of that all the time.”
“Well,” said Uncle Jesse. “I think you ought to come over and remind him again…”

Just then, Uncle Jesse heard an engine revving up.

“Hey Mister!” Enos called. “I found out the problem with your truck! The gearshift was stuck in neutral!”
“Enos!” Uncle Jesse yelled. “You git back here!”
“Nuh uh,” said Enos, putting the truck into gear. “I’m gonna find that good lookin’ girl. Ha ha!”

With that, Enos was off again.

“ENOS!” Uncle Jesse called after him. “Oh, that boy without his memory is worse than Bo and Luke put together! And that’s saying something!”
“Jesse?” Rosco said over the CB. “Did he just do what it sounds like he just did?”
“Rosco,” said Jesse, into the CB. “I’d like to report a stolen truck…you know what it looks like…Oh, and when you find him…LOCK HIM UP AND MAKE SURE HE DON’T GO NOWHERES!”
“That’s a BIG 10-4 Jesse,” said Rosco. “Which way’d he go?”

Balladeer: Well, Enos was tearing down the road like a bat out of…well you get my point…and he was lovin’ every minute of it.

“Enos you dipstick!” Rosco yelled into the CB. “What do you think you’re doing? Pull it over before you hurt somebody!”
“You ain’t the boss of me,” Enos radioed back. “And neither is anybody else! Ha!”
“Oh he’s asking for it Flash,” Rosco mumbled. “He’s done gone insubordinate!”
Flash barked.
“That’s right,” said Rosco, picking up the CB again. “This is Sherriff Rosco P. Coltrane calling deputy Cletus Hogg, you got your ears on lugnut?”
“Right here Rosco.”
“I’m following a stolen vehicle down Old Mill Road. I want you to cut him off at the junction.”

Balladeer: What Rosco don’t know is that Enos somehow knew to switch his CB to the police frequency, and found out that another lawman was about to cut him off.

“Well, we’ll just see about that,” Enos grinned.

Enos turns off right before the junction and Rosco and Cletus turn sideways and crash into each other.

“See you later suckers!” Enos called out the window.

“Doh!” Rosco yelled. “Now he’s gone too far. He done scuffed my vehicle on purpose!”
“Who did?” Cletus asked.
“You mean that’s Enos?”
“No,” said Rosco in a sarcastic tone. “It’s the queen of Sheba. Of course it’s Enos. He don’t know who he is so he’s done turned into some kind of…”
“Worse than that.”
“A theif?”
“Right,” said Rosco. “Now I’m gonna follow him and you try to cut him off again.”

Enos, seeing that he lost Rosco, turns into the Boar’s Nest. I was a bit surprised to see him.

“Enos!” I scolded. “What are you doing in here?”
“I came to see you pretty lady,” he said, putting his arms around my waist.
“Well you’re supposed to be back at the farm with Uncle Jesse.”
“But he don’t let me do anything…”
“Oh Enos,” I sighed. “You’re acting like a two-year-old.”
“Oh really?”
“Well, would a two-year-old do this?”

With that, he pulled me forward and kissed me. I didn’t notice at the time, but he was also pulling my keys out of my back pocket. I was taken aback at first, then I pushed him away.

“What has gotten into you!?” I gasped, not sure weather to slap him or not.
“A whole lotta lovin’ baby!”

Just then, Rosco and Cletus burst in.

“There he is!” Rosco yelled. “Freeeeeze!”
“Uh oh,” Enos said. “Gotta go!”

Enos escaped out the back door as Rosco and Cletus chased him. He jumped into my Jeep and took off again.

“What?” Rosco said. “He done switched vehicles!”
“MY CAR!” I yelled.
“Was that really Enos?” Cletus asked.
“I’m gone Daisy,” Rosco said.

Rosco and Cletus took off after Enos again.

“Flash,” Rosco said. “I’m startin’ to get a terrible headache.”
Flash barked.

Balladeer: I agree with both of them. I’m gettin’ a headache just watching this.

I got in the car with Cletus during the chase. Enos was really having a good time with my Jeep. He took it cross country to get away from us.

Rosco: (over CB) Cletus, get over on highway 26 in case he gets off.
Cletus: Right Sherriff.

I was sitting in a daze next to Cletus. I still hadn’t fully recovered from Enos kissing me like that. Part of me wanted to slap him, but most of me wanted him to do it again. He hadn’t ever kissed me like that before.

We got on the highway and headed back to town, but didn’t see Enos or my Jeep.

“Hey stop by Cooter’s,” I said. “Bo and Luke should be back by now and they can help out.”
“Good idea,” said Cletus.

Cooter was chatting with Bo and Luke in front of the garage. Turk was making a phone call.

“I know Chief,” said Turk. “Don’t worry…Everything is under control…I’m sure he’ll be better in no time…Yes sir…Bye.”
“Hey Daisy,” said Bo. “Where’s Enos?”
“I wish I knew,” said Daisy. “He’s gone and taken my car and Rosco’s chasing him cross country.”
“What again?” Turk asked.
“He took Jesse’s truck earlier,” said Cletus, with a slight laugh. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was trying to figure out which one’s his.”
“Well come on,” said Luke. “We better go help ol’ Rosco.”

Bo and Luke took off in the General and Cooter and Turk took the towtruck. As Cletus and I were leading the way, Rosco came on the CB.

Rosco: (over CB) This is Sherriff Rosco P. Coltrane calling Cooter Davenport.
Cooter: Crazy Cooter comin’ atcha.
Rosco: I done gone into the pond again. That dipstick made a sharp curve and I wasn’t able to stop.

I moaned as we all went out to Hazzard pond. Cooter towed Rosco’s car out while the rest of us drove around to see if there were any signs of Enos.

“Hey,” I called. “I see my Jeep.”

Cletus stopped and let me out. I ran over and found my Jeep in a cluster of trees.

“Well,” I said. “At least he didn’t scratch it. And he left the keys…”

Just then I heard a yell, a motor, and a high pitched laugh.

“Oh no,” I said. “Don’t tell me…”
“ENOS!” Cooter yelled out. “NOW YOU’VE DONE GONE TOO FAR!”
“He took your truck?” I asked.
“He done took my truck!” Cooter whined. “A man’s truck is his castle!”
“Well my Jeep was okay,” I said. “Maybe he’ll leave your truck behind too.”
“Yeah,” said Cooter. “When he steals what…Boss’s caddie?”

Balladeer: You know, at the rate ol’ Enos is going, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Well, Cooter called it. Enos didn’t get very far in that tow truck with Rosco’s patrol car still attached to it. He saw a white convertible parked at the Boar’s Nest and thought it looked appealing.

“Wow,” he said. “Now this is a lot better.”

He raced off as Boss and his driver ran out of the office.

“I know!” Rosco yelled from the back of my Jeep as we drove up. “He’s done gone on a rampage of stealing every vehicle in Hazzard County!”
“Well get after him you dodo!”

Boss jumped in Cletus’s car with Turk. Bo and Luke picked up on the situtation pretty quick and went after the white caddie. Rosco and Cooter were with me and decided to leave the tow truck at the Boar’s Nest.

“At the rate he’s going,” said Cooter. “I don’t think he’ll take the same car twice.”
“We need a plan,” said Rosco.
“Don’t use the police channel,” I said, picking up the CB. “I’ll bet he’s been listening to it.”
“Hey you’re right,” said Cooter, taking it. “Hey ya’ll. Let’s listen to some rock and roll.”

Bo and Luke knew that this was the signal for channel 8. We told Rosco this and he sent a separate message to Cletus.

“The streetcar is going up the hill.”
“What kind of message is that?” Cooter asked.
“Cletus knows what it means,” said Rosco. “I’ve been trying out a new code.”

After a few minutes, Cletus was able to remember that “streetcar” was equal to 5 and “hill” was equal to 3. He added 5 and 3 together and switched to channel 8. Turk thought it was unnecessarily complicated.

Enos of course, had no idea what any of that meant and just kept going, which was the whole idea. We were able to have Bo and Luke cut him off on the left fork, while Cletus came in from the north, and us from behind. Boss was madder than a hornet when all of us ran into his car from different directions, but I was more worried about Enos.

“My car!” Boss yelled. “My beautiful car!”
“Enos,” I cried. “Are you okay?”
“You people are crazy!” Enos was yelling as Cletus handcuffed him.
“You’re the one who’s lost it!” said Turk.
“Get him back to the jail,” said Rosco. “Lock him up before he can do anymore damage.”
“My car!” Boss wimpered.
“Oh you hush,” said Luke. “Let’s go.”

We managed to get Enos back to the jailhouse. I pulled up as Cletus and Rosco were dragging him out of Cletus’s car, but Enos was putting up a pretty good fight.

“I ain’t done nothin’!” he yelled. “That’s there is my car! I know it.”
“He done remembered his car once we got him in there,” Rosco told me.
“Well it did used to be his,” said Cletus.
“Well see if he remembers this,” I said. “I think he needs a shower…”
“Oooh oooh,” said Rosco. “Like the one’s he used to take?”
“Exactly,” I said. “This ol’ boy needs some cooling off.”

Bo, Luke, Turk, and Cooter had to come in and help Rosco and Cletus with Enos, who was still pretty strong and didn’t know what was going on. They picked him up and carried him into the back locker room of the station. I stood outside with Boss and heard a lot of yelling and squealing as Uncle Jesse came in.

“What in tarnation…?” Uncle Jesse asked.
“He’s taking a shower,” I said. “A nice cold one.”
“Well if that don’t jog something,” Boss said. “Nothing will. It’s about all he ever did.”
“I didn’t think he took them that often,” I said.
“Oh he did,” said Boss. “Every time he came back from the Boar’s Nest. Cleanest man in the state.”

That made me giggle. Bo, Luke, and Cooter came out to join us.

“They’re helping him get dressed in one of his old uniforms,” said Luke. “That’ll probably jog something too.”
“But why does he need help with that?” I asked.
“Well once we got him wet,” said Bo. “He kind of went off into a daze.”
“I don’t know how he was able to do that all the time,” said Cooter, who was soaked. “Y’all didn’t have to give me one too.”
“Cooter,” said Uncle Jesse. “You’ve been needing a shower for years.”
“Well next time,” said Cooter. “Could it at least be a hot one?”

Rosco, Cletus and Turk walked Enos to the front jail cell and locked him in. Enos looked like he was in a trance, staring straight ahead with his mouth open.

“Oh Enos,” I sighed, feeling sorry for him.
“I think he’s in shock,” said Turk.

Enos sat there as a multitude of pictures, colors, and words came swimming into his head all at once.

Enos you sly devil, why didn’t you tell me you were coming home?…Now Enos you can tell me. Any change?…Enos you dipstick!…Never mind the folk songs dodo!…It’s my turn to drive!…You still working out with barbells?…Enos, just forget it all right? Forget it…They got my keys and your car!…It’s not our fault you’re on the wrong side…I think deep down you want to fight the system just as badly as we do…Enos, ain’t nothing gonna happen to either of us…

Enos started muttering things under his breath. Things he used to say.

You left ’em in yours Sherriff…Now Bo, you and Luke better straighten up now or I’m gonna tell Uncle Jesse on ya’ll…Dang it Cooter, I’m gonna hafta give you a ticket for littering now…Tweedledum is running peanut dooleys in that naked baby ice cream truck!…They’re the best thing since catfish and hush puppies…You want that pie a’la mode?…Can I go home and take a nap now?…I ain’t ever disappointed to see you Daisy…

“I think he’s rememberin’,” said Rosco.
“Enos?” I asked.

Rosco opened the jail so I could sit next to him. Enos looked at me.

“Possum on a gumbush,” he said.
“Enos?” I asked. “Do you remember me?”

He blinked a couple of times and looked at me again.

“Daisy?” he asked. “Is that you Daisy?”

I nearly burst out crying when he said my name. I threw my arms around him.

“Oh Enos,” I cried.
“Oh Daisy,” he said, holding me. “I don’t what you’re doing here, but I sure am glad to see you. I just had the weirdest dream…”
“Don’t you worry about a thing Enos,” I said, looking into his eyes. “Everything’s gonna be fine.”

With that, I gave him a kiss. I got up and let Turk take over.

“Hey Turk,” said Enos. “What happened? How’d Daisy get here so fast?”
“Easy Enos,” said Turk. “It’s a long story.”

We all left Turk to explain everything to Enos. I went back to work, even though I could’ve taken the rest of the day off. I was about to get ready to close up when Turk and Enos came in.

“It’s okay Daisy,” said Turk. “He remembers everything.”
“Everything?” I asked.
“Unfortunately,” said Enos. “Daisy I…I didn’t mean it…”
“Oh Enos,” I laughed. “I know you didn’t. You just went a little…crazy…that’s all.”
“It’s no excuse,” said Enos, not looking at me. “I had no right to steal those cars…or try to drink beer…or come onto you like that…”
“Enos look at me,” I said, lifting his face.

He did with those big puppy dog eyes of his that make me want to melt.

“I gotta confess,” I said, whispering. “Part of me really enjoyed it.”
“You did?” Enos asked, raising his eyebrows.
“Not that part of me didn’t want to slap you,” I said. “But Enos, you’d never kissed me like that before.”
“I guess I could never bring myself to,” he said, looking down again.
“I bet you could now,” I said slyly.

Enos turned red and was fighting a grin, but I didn’t let him go. Finally, he gave in and kissed me. And this time, it was a LOT more passionate than even the last one.

Needless to say, Turk had to go back to California by himself.

“I knew this would happen,” he said, as we were seeing him off at the airport.
“Sorry,” said Enos.
“That’s okay,” said Turk. “Maybe now I can get a partner who knows how to drive.”
“Turk,” said Enos. “Hush.”

Enos held me close as we saw the plane take off.

“Enos,” I said. “I’m awfully glad you decided to stay.”
“Me too,” he said. “It’s about time I stopped trying to run off from who I really am.”
“And who are you?”
“A down home country deputy,” Enos grinned. “Who’s madly in love with a down home country girl.”
“Well Enos,” I giggled. “I think that down home country girl’s in love with him too.”
“Enough to marry him?” he asked, playing with my fingers and slipping something on one of them.
“You bet!”

Balladeer: Now I figured those two’d get hitched by the end of this thing. Didn’t you?

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