Embracing Her

by: Essy Jane

Welcome to Hazzard County y’all. Yeah I know, you love me. I am too much to resist. It must be my deep voice that attracts you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be shy about it. I am a good storyteller and one heck of a singer—don’t ya think?

Oh you came for the Duke Boys? Well that’s okay, I ain’t head banana and I don’t plan to be. So what is today’s tale about? Well wouldn’t you like to know? Oh you would? Sorry, I was being a little bit cheeky.

This story is a love story. I know, you have probably heard enough about all that love. Really though, this is about the normal girl and a boy—well Hazzard Style. So just pay attention now, I can’t explain everything three times for you.

Well you see that girl over there? You know, walking along the dirt road? Yeah, the one with the blonde hair. I am sure you can see her. She is the only one walking on the road.

Well, I know she’s not a Duke but she does have a big part in this story. Now, I suppose you wanna know who she is. Meet Lynn Franklin. Now this particular girl, who has blue eyes, is extremely different from most of the people you’re goanna meet.

Lynn is an orphan. Seriously, her parents are no where to be found. Yeah I know what you’re thinking and I would be thinking it too. That’s not too unusual, for Hazzard County.

After all, Bo is an orphan too. For those who don’t know about this story, I will fill you in. You know, just so you don’t get lost. Both of his parents were killed in a car wreck.

He lived with his Aunt, Jessie Duke who was a great mom to him until—well she passed. Cameron was too selfish to keep his kids not to mention his nephews so he gave them away.

Anyway, Bo soon moved in with someone who would be a friend and a father to him. He loved Jesse Duke more than anything. What was nice was, Jesse loved him and Luke just as much. He was thrilled to have them over.

Now friends, fairytale endings don’t happen to everyone. You know that as well as I do. Although in Hazzard, we love the successful conclusions. The happy ending makes every person feel good.

However, Lynn lives in a Group home—or lived in a Group home rather. This girl hates it there. She doesn’t like the children. Most of the people living there tease her. Why? Lynn is smart. She is in Grade twelve and she’s only fifteen.

When Lynn was a baby, the poor girl was left in a garbage can. A nurse found her and took her right to social services. Now imagine this…you don’t know who your family is. You have no idea whatsoever. Now wouldn’t that be a kicker?

She has never had a family picnic. Lynn has never gone on a father daughter fishing trip. She has always wanted to stay in one place longer than three months. However, they always moved her about.

It wasn’t because she was a bad kid. No, it was because they really needed the space for certain children. Lynn was the only one willing to move.

She had been all around the United States. Lynn loved to travel. However, the last home just seemed to take too much out of her. The bad kids seemed to harp on her. Lynn fought well for herself.

On the other hand, that wasn’t her only problem. Nope, this poor girl had a problem with her newest group home. They wanted to get her out of there. Some of the Group homes were like that.

Justin and Kim were the group home leaders. They didn’t like Lynn’s attitude. They continuously taunted her, telling Lynn to hit them. She couldn’t take it anymore. So, Lynn decided to make herself go missing.

If I was treated in such a fashion, I don’t know what I would do. I had a good loving family who loved me. After that, I had Jesse Duke as family. Now I don’t know about Lynn but I would feel a lot of pain.

Some people take it out in anger. Lynn takes it out on cars. No, not destroys them—fixes them. Lynn is quite the handy girl. She loves vintage cars. Anything older makes her mouth water.

So when she saw the General Lee driving down the road with police cars following, you had better believe she was attracted to it. Lynn smiled at Bo. Now when you’re a girl, you should never smile at a driving Duke. Especially when this Duke is Bo Duke.

Bo took an immediate turn. He made a leap in the General Lee, putting Roscoe up in a tree when he jumped. Bo then turned right beside this young woman.

“You want a lift ma’am?” Bo questioned her. Lynn smiled. His face was so bright and cheery. She loved it. Maybe this Hazzard County was the place for her.

“Y’all are running from the law. What makes you think I wanna drive with you?” Lynn questioned, lightheartedly.

“Well you see ma’am…” Luke began.

“You don’t have to say a thing. I saw him change the sign back there.” Luke smiled.

“So you don’t mind driving with us then?”


“Hotdog! Get in miss…” Bo began.

“Lynn.” Bo shrugged. Luke moved into the back. Lynn climbed in the window.

“How did you…?”

“Oh come on, I know a race car when I see one. You have a V8 engine under there don’t you?” Bo began to drive again as Enos began to chase the Dukes.

“That’s right. We work really hard on this car to make him stay up to date.”

“Uncle Jesse would club us one if we didn’t,” Luke added.

“What are your names by the way?” Lynn questioned. Luke smiled.

“Well I am Luke and this here is my cousin Bo.”

“It is nice to meet both of you.”

“Where are you staying Miss Lynn?”

“Well uh…”

“You’re staying with us,” Bo remarked.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Dang right we are. There’s no way Uncle Jesse would let us dump you on the street now,” Luke cut in.

“Uncle Jesse?”

“You’ll like him, don’t worry about it.”

“Thanks—thank you so much.”

“Don’t even mention it, Lynn. You know, you will be just like a part of the family.” Lynn smiled. She was so pleased to have these two strangers around. I would be too.


Now bringing this young woman home wasn’t goanna be all easy. Uncle Jess—I mean Jesse Duke didn’t mind having the company at all. However, he didn’t like liars and Lynn didn’t make a very good start.

“Hold it, you’re not 18—you are…15 years old ain’t you?” Uncle Jesse said as he looked closely at Lynn. She rolled her eyes. Lynn headed for the door. “Where are your folks?”

“If I had any, I would tell ya,” Lynn answered. She felt bad for lying—she just didn’t wanna be reported.

“You know, I can take a lot of gunk from people. Lying ain’t one of them.”

“Well I am telling the truth, sir.” Jesse looked into her eyes and smiled at her. Lynn’s head lowered as if she had killed someone.

“I believe you.”

“Look Mister Duke, I really am sorry. I didn’t wanna lie, I just wanted to stay here.”

“I know—just don’t lie to me again.”

“Yes sir.”

“Now, you live with a foster family then or do you…”

“Group home for now. They were in the process of moving me. However, I couldn’t stay. They weren’t the nicest people around here.”

“Well—I suppose until we figure this out, you can stay with us. However, you will have to be in school if you’re under my roof. What grade are you in?”

“Grade twelve.”

“You are fifteen and in grade twelve?” Daisy asked.

“Yes, you can make me take a test if you want, Daisy. But I am in Grade twelve,” Lynn replied.

“I don’t care what grade you’re in Lynn as long as you go to school,” Jesse cut in.

“Well she’s in luck, Lynn you’re in all of my classes then,” Bo commented. Lynn smiled. She liked Bo’s personality for sure. He seemed to have a great wit about him. Lynn loved having him around.

“Well why don’t you show her around town? Tomorrow we’ll take her to the school and enroll her.”

“Okay Uncle Jesse.”

“Actually, if you don’t mind, I would rather stay and help on the farm. Daisy is somewhat incapacitated and I know y’all could use the hand,” Lynn announced.

“Really?” Daisy questioned.

“Sure, why not. I would love to help out around here.”

“You are one good egg, Lynn.” Well you know that did it. Lynn smiled at Daisy. “You might turn out to fit in here.”

“I hope so.” Daisy laughed.

“Come on, there’s nothing to be worried about.”

“Sure there is.”

“Pray that social services don’t find her here,” Luke grumbled.

“Well Luke, we’ll deal with that when it comes. For now, we’ll make our house guest as comfortable as possible,” Jesse answered his nephew.

“I guess but I am still worried about it.”

“So are we but worrying ain’t goanna make it better,” Daisy commented.

“Yeah, I remember when we worried about Daisy staying here,” Bo added.

“And look, I am still here.” Lynn smiled. She loved having the Duke family around her. Mostly because they gave her hope. Hopefully she would be able to stay.

Meanwhile, in town, Roscoe was being pulled in by Dodger. Now friends, he don’t look too happy. Them boys really did do a number on him. I wouldn’t be too happy either.

“So do you wanna have a new one this time?” Dodger asked merrily.

“You hush Dodger!” Roscoe exclaimed. The younger of the two Davenports couldn’t help but laugh.

“Easier said than done, Roscoe, you know that as well as I do.” Dodger opened the door and got out.

“You’re not nice, Davenport, not at all.”

“Sure I am.” He walked around and leaned on the passenger window. “Besides, discovering a new species of bird, I was thrilled, the Coltrane.” Roscoe began waving his fist.

“I should write you a ticket for assaulting an officer.”

“You mean insulting and no, that category doesn’t exist.” Roscoe crossed the street, leaving Dodger to himself. Now, the State police were just collecting up the money that good ol Bo and Luke called about.

That meant good things for Roscoe. There was Sally standing there in uniform. She was talking with Enos. Roscoe cleared his throat. She looked up at him.

“Good morning Sally Hunter,” Roscoe announced. Sally smiled. There was nothing better for her than to see this wonderful man, this Roscoe.

“Why hello there Roscoe,” Sally replied.

“How are you doing?”

“I can’t complain. Work has been fun…especially around Hazzard County.” That was what was funny about good ol Sally. Now this gal wanted to see Roscoe so she volunteered to make any and all trips to Hazzard.

“Well Hazzard is a special place.” They seemed to be connected no matter where good ol Sally was. “People find it to be—amazing.”

“Well tourism has gone up quite a bit.”

“Yeah, Jesse’s book about his family has given us a lot more people. Baddies love to hide here but they can’t hide from the Sheriff, Khee.”

“Roscoe, you are such a cutie pie.”

“Well I try to be.”

“You are succeeding.”

“One of these days we will be married.” Sally laughed. “No really, I will get you a big ol ring and you can have Daisy as your maid of honor. Ooo, and Flash as a bridesmaid.”

“You never know.” Her partner tapped her on the shoulder. “Dang, time to go—well until we meet again huh?”

“I wish you would stay.” Sally laughed as she shook her head. “I miss you Sally.”

“I know, I will be back again.” Sally kissed him on the cheek. She blushed and walked out the door. Now friends, Roscoe looks like he saw his first car.

I guess love is love. Luke and Bo found it with the General Lee. Daisy found it with Dolly. Roscoe has met someone special. Nothing will ever change that.

Sally sighed, not wanting to leave yet but she knew that she had to. Sally tried to put on a smile. She walked out. Roscoe followed, watching as she got into his car. He sighed.


Boss Hogg marched out and stood beside Roscoe. “Oh forget about that danged fool of a woman for five minutes. We have plenty of work to do,” Boss Hogg growled. He signaled for Roscoe to follow him.

“What kind of work?” Roscoe asked. He walked into the police department side. Roscoe followed Boss Hogg into his office. Boss sat down in his chair and turned to the filing cabinet.

“You know your fat sister is trying to starve me?”

“Leila means well.”

“I ain’t going on a diet. You better talk her out of it or I am taking my lunch money out of your pay.” Roscoe looked confused.

“Why my pay?”

“You’re her brother ain’t you?”

“Yeah but…”

“Well you should know how to control her from these urges.”

“She’s concerned about it.”

“I don’t care, you stop it or else.” Roscoe gulped hard. Boss Hogg pulled out a large sandwich and rubbed his hands together. “Now, we get to the real business.”

“You’re goanna share your sandwich?”

“Don’t be ridiculous Roscoe.”

“Can I just sniff it?”

“No, you ain’t a dog.” Boss took a bite and began chewing it well. “Now, here’s the deal, I looked up something in Jefferson Davis’ schemes.”

“Ooo, I love his schemes little fat buddy.” Roscoe pinched Boss’ cheeks. Boss Jacob-Daley Hogg didn’t like this. He slapped his brother-in-law.

“I hate when you do that.”

“Sorry Boss.”

“Anyway, I hired men.”

“Are they smart?” Boss Hogg rolled his eyes. “Well you should hire smart men…especially street smart.”

“I ain’t a moron.” Boss Hogg took another bite of his sandwich. He chewed pretty quickly. “You know, we need some good money.”

“For your food?”

“That’s right, for my food. Now, they’re sending money for…” Boss swallowed hard. “Burning.”

“I hate when that happens.”

“So do I, waste of good cash. So I have decided that we’re goanna do something smart. We’re goanna keep the money.”

“Boss I ain’t no genius…”

“No you ain’t.”

“Ain’t the bank goanna give you new money to replace the old stuff?”

“Oh of course they are pea brain.” Boss Hogg pulled out a two quart bottle of soda. “But, we can claim that it was stolen.” He grabbed a large cup and filled it full, sipping it slowly.

“By who?”

“Who do we always blame?”

“Ah…the Duke Boys?”

“The Duke Boys, exactly.”

“There’s just one problem with your plan.”


“When the money is taken in, Bo Duke is in school.” Boss Hogg shook his head as he took another bite.

“For once you are right.” Boss Hogg slammed his fist on the desk. “How are we goanna change it?”

“I don’t know, unless the school is flooded in two weeks I…” Boss Hogg snapped his fingers.

“I got it! We cause a flood in the school in two weeks.”

“Well who is goanna do that?” Boss Hogg looked at Roscoe and smiled.

“You are, bonehead.”

“Oh Boss do I have to?” Boss Hogg shook his head yes. Well now that is just dirty. Those boys are in for a roller coaster ride and they don’t even know it. Watch out y’all, this is goanna be dangerous.


Now when Lynn signed up for these classes, she was given an option that she thought was neat. Lynn was allowed to go and work in the garage with Cooter and Dodger. Not a bad idea huh?

Lynn could outwit any of the boys in her mechanics class—well except Bo Duke. No one could beat Bo Duke. Well then again, he lives and breathes cars. Bo is in love with the General Lee.

Despite Bo’s abilities with cars, Lynn came pretty close. They seemed to be within seconds of each other. Fixing up cars was nothing for either one of them.

Even the teacher had problems keeping up with Lynn and Bo. Now friends, that is extraordinary in this County. I already knew they were good. That’s why Bo and Lynn were allowed to go to The Davenport Brother’s garage.

Now both Dodger and Cooter didn’t mind them being there at all. It was like having the ultimate sets of hands. Bo was working on Miss Tizdale’s motorcycle. He was almost finished it.

Cooter was working on Roscoe’s police car. He was far from done but that was okay. He enjoyed looking at all the damage Bo and Luke did to the car. This time, they did quite a number on it.

Dodger was on the phone trying to get some new parts. “No, I didn’t say I wanted a fella, I said I wanted some metal…you know, with a T…no, you know the type. I also need some mufflers…MUFFLERS, not muffins,” Dodger was saying.

“Y’all should go to a different parts store,” Bo commented.

“Nah, the guy just needs a new hearing aid,” Cooter told him.

“Well he should get one right quick.”

Lynn couldn’t help but laugh. She was working on her own project in the corner. Lynn was playing with the blow torch welding something for the car she just fixed…Leila’s. She finished, pulling up the helmet.

Lynn took the piece she had just created and put it in water. The heat sizzled the water just lightly. It was a rose with Leila’s name on it. She grabbed a towel and dried it.

“So Lynn…when do you get your driver’s license?” Cooter asked. Lynn grabbed the car glue.

“Well, actually, I am ready to take it now but I don’t turn sixteen until next week,” Lynn replied.

“What’s with the knowledge of cars?”

“When I was younger, I used to race. My foster parents were really in it. I have trophies all over the place at my group home. All saying first place.”

“Woe, that mean’s you’re…”

“Looney Lynn?”


“They said that Looney Lynn was a natural born driver. She broke…”

“Every single record.”

“And then…”

“My foster parents died and I was sent to a new place. They wouldn’t let me race. Didn’t care to follow me around all over the US.”

“Looney Lynn was no more.”

“Dang, I knew it. There was something about you,” Bo said from the corner. He started Miss Tizdale’s motorcycle. It purred like nothing. He turned it off.

“Where did you get the nickname anyway?” Cooter questioned before Lynn could say anything to Bo.

“Well, during my first race, my breaks failed,” Lynn began.


“I crashed into a chain linked fence. When I woke up, I was next to a Canadian who was hurt in a car wreck.”


“Yeah. She gave me a Looney—a Canadian dollar for luck. We welded it on the front of my car. So from then on it was Looney Lynn.”

“That and you were a crazy driver,” Bo added. Lynn laughed.

“Yes…a little crazy.” Leila walked in and looked at the new chrome rose on the front of her car.

“Lynn—this is beautiful work,” Leila commented.

“Thank you very much.”

“Cooter, if I were you, I wouldn’t let go of this gal.”

“Yeah—I was thinking the same thing,” Cooter answered Leila.

“You know, I wish that everyone was this talented. She is just like you.”

“Only female.” Leila laughed.

“Yes, only in female form.” Lynn smiled. She loved being thought of like Cooter. She and Cooter had shared a special bond. They had so much in common.

“Well I am glad you two are getting along,” Bo said from the corner. He took Miss Tizdale’s bike by the handles.

“You know what? So am I,” Cooter said.

“I hope you two stay friends.”

“Well, I think we can.”

“You mean it?” Lynn asked.

“Of course I do.”

“A lot of people just say they are your friends and then abandon you.”

“Oh come on Lynn, we haven’t ever done that to you,” Bo explained.

“Well you never know with people today.”

“Cooter is kind. He loves meeting new people.”

“I sure do. I wouldn’t lie to such a young lady,” Cooter announced. Lynn’s face lit right up. She couldn’t believe it.

“Well okay then. We’re friends,” Lynn announced.

Lynn was lucky. She really had found her place there. Hopefully it would stay that way. However, she would have a surprise waiting for her after school. Wait and see y’all.


The General Lee parked. Bo and Lynn got out of the car. They looked at the social worker who was standing there. Lynn’s head lowered knowing exactly who this was.

Martha and her had been working together for years. Since her favorite parents were killed in a gas explosion, Martha had been her social worker.

“Hello Lynn,” Martha said.

“Hey, how is it going?” Lynn questioned.

“You know, I have been really worried about you.” Lynn rolled her eyes.

“I have been really happy here. Please, let me stay.”

“Please, for once in your life let me finish.”


“Look, Jesse Duke is a foster parent. He just has never taken anyone in.”

“You mean I can stay?”

“I didn’t say that.” Lynn shook her head. “Look, I know you wanna stay but…”

“But what?”

“Lynn, we have a permanent family who really wants to adopt you.”

“The Ferguson’s? I don’t like them. I already told you that.” Lynn shook her head. “Look, I want to stay here. There are people who care about me.”

“I don’t mind having her here,” Jesse commented.

“I know, you’re only a temporary foster parent. Six months or less,” Martha explained.

“Well then, I’ll keep her for six months. Please Martha, she has grown attached to Hazzard County. Lynn has friends. She is going to school regularly.”

“That is the criteria and I know you know that.”

“Yes I do.”

“Well she still needs permanent residence.”

“What if I could find her a home? Then could she stay?” Lynn’s face lit right up.

“Yes, she should but…”

“Well then, I will look. You give me six months.”

“I will be back soon. If you get one before then…”

“I’ll call you.” Martha handed Jesse her card. “Thank you Martha, you won’t regret this.”

“I know I won’t.” She got into the car and drove off. Lynn looked at Jesse carefully.

“Why?” Lynn questioned.

“Because I care about you a lot. That and you deserve to be happy.”

“Thanks.” Well let’s see if Jesse can find a home for this little gal. Hold on folks, we’ll be praying for her.


Bo was sitting there up at the front. Lynn was right beside Danny. They weren’t doing too badly—did I speak too soon? There by Lynn’s feet was the water. You know what that means? Yup, school is goanna be out.

Danny, Bo and Lynn were over the moon with happiness. Although the group loved school immensely, every kid in the world likes when it is let out. Well for now anyway.

“So they said a broken pipe?” Bo questioned as he got in the General.

“Who cares? We’re out of school!” Danny exclaimed.

“I care.” Danny shook his head and rolled his eyes. Now that is something this young man hated about his best friend.

“Look, one minute you say you hate school and the next…”

“Don’t you find this fishy? Middle of the day a pipe bursts? I mean it is…”

“Pipes burst all the time.”

“Bo’s right, it seems too fishy for me,” Lynn commented. Danny rolled his eyes.

“Of course you would agree with him.”

“Seriously…in Montana, I was used to pipes bursting due to the cold.” Lynn took out a ponytail holder and grabbed her long blonde hair. She put it up there without thinking about it.

“So what?”

“Up here there is no reason for it at all. It is pretty warm is it not?” Danny growled.

“Get out. Let’s go research.”

“I thought he would never ask,” Bo said, smiling. Now watch this folks, this is what gets them in trouble. Well that and what is happening on the other side of town.

Riddle for y’all. I am in trouble all the time, I have an orange sign painted above me. Who am I? A Duke, you got it. Now if you add these guys into the situation what do you have? A sitting duck—especially considering they are pointing a gun at Luke’s back.

Now you see Luke’s arms go up. “Don’t try anything, cowboy. Walk into the corner,” The voice said. Luke didn’t look behind him at all. He wished he could see who it was. However, before he could turn around, Luke was bashed in the head by the end of the gun.

The men put him in the car. They began to drive away. Now this looks pretty hopeless. With both sets of Dukes way out there, who knows what will happen. I wanna follow these guys for a minute. I need to know what they are doing with Luke.

Well, they’re stopping so I guess I am about to find out. The two men took Luke out of the car. They set him down. Now he is about a mile from the farm. Now I guess that is okay. Wait, why are they going into his pocket? Uh oh, they’re pulling out the keys.

This ain’t looking good. Nope, if this is goanna turn out how I think it is, Bo and Luke will be in the slammer for a long time and I do mean a long time. I don’t like to think of Hazzard County devoid of a Bo and Luke—that is just weird.

Back at the school, Lynn had just found something. “Bo you have to look at this,” she announced. Bo and Danny both walked over.

“The pipes were hit,” Danny said.

“Whoever did this was aiming to get us out of school. Who would wanna do that?”

“Boss Hogg,” Danny and Bo said at the same time.

“Now that you know who is doing it, we need a motive.”

“Hey Bo, didn’t you say it was laundry day for Boss Hogg?” Danny asked.

“Laundry day?”

“When Boss Hogg has to take his money to be burned and get new money.” Bo smiled and then his face went blank.

“Bo what’s wrong?”

“If I am right Lynn, we’re being framed as we speak,” Bo replied. Yup, Bo’s right.

“Well, you have us to back you up.”

“Boss will say that Danny is my friend and that he would support me no matter what.”

“Well he can’t say that about me.”



“He’ll say that you are a no good orphan and you can’t be trusted.”

“What are we goanna do then?”

“WE are goanna find Luke.”

“No offense Bo but we don’t have time to do that. What we need to do is get that money back to the bank before it is deemed missing,” Danny cut in.

“What if he is in trouble?”

“Luke is a Duke. You know as well as I do that they haven’t killed him if they’re framing him.”



“Yeah I know.”

“They have probably taken General Lee two to frame him.”

“Fine, what’s the plan, Point Dexter?”


“Well you know the car, just follow it and shoot dynamite at it. Come on men, why would we need to think? I’ll drive,” Lynn commented.

“You don’t have a license, I’ll drive,” Bo replied.

“Maybe you don’t know that.” Bo gave her the look. “Bo, I can’t shoot an arrow to save my life.”

“Fine, I’ll drive,” Danny commented.

“You? You drive like an old lady,” Bo growled.

“I do not.”

“Come on y’all, I am a good driver,” Lynn announced.

“Fine but if we get caught…”

“Who says they’ll see who I am?” They walked outdoors to the General Lee one. She slid on the hood of the car. Now today boys and girls Miss Looney Lynn Franklin will be the equivalent of Bo—who loves to drive. Bo will be switching roles and shooting arrows.

Lynn put a helmet on her head. “I sure hope you know what you’re doing,” Danny said.

“I do, I have driven before you were issued your license.” Bo put a helmet on his head. “Well shall I hit it?”

“Go ahead,” Bo answered her. Well they were off and I wondered how this was goanna turn out. I can’t look y’all.

The General Lee two was driving along with the two masked men in it. You wouldn’t believe how fast Lynn caught up with them. I guess they don’t call her a crazy driver for nothing.

“Hold her steady Lynn,” Bo commented.

“You got it Bo,” Lynn replied.

“Now watch how a Duke works.” He pushed his way out of the window. Bo grabbed his Bow and arrows. Bo let one fly. As the dynamite went off, the men crashed into a tree.

“Keep showing off.”

“Alright we will,” Danny replied.

“Yeah, Danny and me can handle this one,” Bo added. Danny and Bo got out, ready to punch and kick. They did their job faster than usual. Lynn came out with rope and hog tied the two of them.

“Now look boys, we don’t have room for both of y’all in the car. So we’re goanna have to stick one of ya in the trunk,” Lynn commented. Danny couldn’t help but laugh. Bo walked over to the CB.

“Yo, this lost sheep two calling Crazy Cooter, come back,” Bo said over the CB radio.

“Breaker one, Breaker one, I am surely crazy but I ain’t dumb CRAAAAAZY Cooter comin’ at ya, I got my ears peeled and listening. What do you need good buddy, come back?” Cooter returned.

“Well Coot, we need a tow truck at Possum Hollow. General Lee Two is napping on his side.”

“Well that’s a 10-4. I’ll send ol’ Dodge out to get him. Is Luke alright?” Bo’s eyes shifted.

“He wasn’t in the car. We’re goanna drop off this money and then go and look for him.”

“What money?”

“The money that belonged to the bank, dah!” Cooter’s eyes shifted.


“Hey Cooter, why can’t you pick up the General Lee two?” Cooter straightened his tie. He put a suit jacket on and did up the buttons.

“Because I ain’t in the office today.”

“Why not?”

“Do I have to tell you everything?” Cooter straightened his suit jacket. He put his hand to his face, smelling his breath. “I am late for an appointment.”

“What kind of an appointment?”

“The kind where you have to leave to get there.”

“I see.”

“Look, I gotta go. I’ll see ya later.”

“Alright, 10-4.” Now this is good. Still, when I first heard this story I wondered why Cooter was in a suit. Don’t worry y’all, all will be answered in a minute.


Now Bo dropped Danny off before looking for Luke. He looked high and low. Finally, he thought of where he would drop him off—the Duke farm. Sure enough, Lynn found him hunched over trying to get free from the ropes.

Bo began laughing. He began imitating Luke, moving in the exact way he was. Luke glared at Bo. Now the younger cousin just winked. Lynn couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re not funny, cousin,” Luke told him.

“Well I think I am, cousin,” Bo answered.

“Can you untie me, cousin?”

“Sure cousin. If you tell me I am funny.” Lynn began laughing. Bo smiled.

“Quit showing off.”

“I ain’t showing off.”

“You sure are.”

“Oh boys, settle this like men. Luke, you punch first,” Lynn joked.

“That ain’t funny Lynn.”

“Sure it is, you’re all tied up and you won’t tell Bo he’s funny because of your pride. Now, why don’t you solve this normally and just let go?”


“Come on, Pride doesn’t do anything for anyone.”

“Bo, you’re funny.”

“That’s better Luke,” Bo replied. He took out his knife and cut Luke free. “You know, someone stole the General Lee two.”

“Oh we better go find them.”

“I did.”

“You mean we did,” Lynn cut in.


“Well, is he okay?” Luke questioned.

“Luke, I am sure that he will be just fine. Has some owies but I am sure Dodger can fix them.”

“What happened to Cooter?”

“I don’t know, he said he had some appointment over the CB,” Lynn explained.

“That ain’t like Cooter. Who would he be meeting?”

“Beats the heck out of me. We have been busy all evening trying to find you.”

“Why didn’t you jump for help Luke?” Bo questioned.

“Simple, this guy ties a good knot,” Luke answered his cousin. Lynn laughed softly to herself. “No really, I have been working on it all day.”

“You wanna lift?” Bo smiled and Luke couldn’t help but catch on.

“Sure thing but there’s a catch.”


“I’m driving.”

“Okay.” Luke crocked an eyebrow. Usually Bo would fight him on it.

“Are you alright?”

“Fine, Luke, just fine.” They got in the General Lee. As they drove back to the farm, there was Martha waiting for them. Lynn swallowed hard. She didn’t understand. Why had Martha come so early for her?

Better yet, why did she have a big smile on her face? Lynn wasn’t ready to leave Hazzard and Martha knew that. How could she stay? Lynn couldn’t help but think it in her mind. Everyone got out of the car, expecting the worst.

“Hello Martha,” Lynn mumbled.

“Hello Lynn,” Martha replied. Lynn sighed she shook her head softly. “What is wrong child?”

“You’re making me leave…you’re going against your promise. Why?”

“Lynn, we found a home for you. It is a good home and…”

“Don’t say anymore Martha, you know as well as I do nothing compares to Hazzard County.”

“Lynn, you need to get in the car,” Jesse announced. Lynn sighed.

“I’ll do it for you.” Lynn got into the black Dodge van. She sighed softly, shaking her head. Lynn really didn’t want to leave her friends.

“Uncle Jesse, how can you let her leave?” Bo questioned.

“Yeah, we love her being around. She saved our bacons,” Luke added.

“She helped me return the money so Boss Hogg wouldn’t frame us.”

“Boys, trust me, this is a good home for her. She won’t be far away,” Jesse commented. The car continued driving.

“You know this ain’t fair.”

“Bo, you know she had to go. It was important. Lynn needed a real home. Staying here the full six months would have made it harder.”

“Yeah but to let her go after two weeks? Now she’s goanna miss out on everything a normal child would have in…”

“Hazzard County is far from normal.”

“I know but…”

“But what? I did my best. I found her a good home. You have to believe in me once in a while.”

“Uncle Jesse, we do believe in you. We’re just goanna miss her,” Luke finished off.

“I know you are boys but like I said she will be really close by.”

“How close is close?”

“Well…” I ain’t goanna spoil this one for you. You’re just goanna have to wait until I wanna tell you. Hold onto your pant legs folks, this could get muddy.


Lynn sat in silence as she looked out the window. She saw the trees that she had climbed with Luke. Lynn knew that the young man didn’t want to do it but she knew that Luke needed some fun in his life.

Luke always seemed to want to do practical things. Lynn wouldn’t let him get away with it for one second. She loved pushing ol Luke to do things he wouldn’t do anymore.

As they continued to drive, Martha put a hand on Lynn’s shoulder. The young fifteen year old pulled away. “Happy early birthday, I know it is on Friday,” Martha said.

“Well, I will be celebrating it with strangers,” Lynn grumbled. Martha sighed. She knew nothing that she would say would prepare Lynn for where she was going.

As a promise to Jesse Duke, Martha wasn’t going to tell Lynn the location. She would just have to find that out for herself. It was weird that Jesse would make such a claim for a promise. However, Lynn would like this surprise and Jesse Duke knew it.

Although everything seemed well, this young girl didn’t think it would work out. All Lynn could think about was what she left back on the Duke Farm.

“They really care about you that Bo and Luke,” Martha said, breaking the silence. It was as if she was reading the thoughts of Lynn.

“Yeah they do. I care about them also. And I care about Daisy. She is a good friend to me. I really liked spending time with her. Staying up all night just to help her out,” Lynn answered.

“They’ll always be your friends, no matter where you go to.”

“I know—I just wish I could have had them for a few more weeks before I had to leave.”

“Don’t you think that would have been a lot harder?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well to have someone so loving around here and then to loose them.”

“I don’t think it would have been hard at all.”

“I do. They are good people and to loose the love of good people is…”

“You know, it was like with my fifth foster parents. You know, when they would take me to races and such.”

“They were kind weren’t they?”

“Yeah but like everything else they were taken away from me.”


“You don’t understand.”

“I can’t unless you tell me.”

“They were so wonderful. Everything Tina and Burt did for me just made me feel very special. They loved me for being me. They didn’t worry about—about who I was before.”

“I know.”

“They were willing to take me places. Burt and Tina were real parents to me. And…in a split second I lost them.”

“I know it was hard but…”

“No you don’t know.” Lynn’s eyes filled with tears. “You’re taking another place away from me.”

“I am not.”

“Jesse Duke cared about me. He would lay down his life for any of us.” Lynn wiped her face with her sleeve. “Social Services is a mean bunch of people. You know that? They want to hurt everyone.”

“No we don’t.” Martha pulled off at a farm. “We’re here.”

“I thought you were taking me outside of Hazzard.”

“I didn’t say that.” Lynn got out of the car. She closed the door softly.

“Who would…?”

“You’ll see.” She looked at the front door as it opened. A man slowly walked out in a suit. Yes, it was Cooter. Lynn’s eyes widened.

“You know what? I thought about what Leila said. She talked about how I shouldn’t let you go. I didn’t think that you should be anywhere else but Hazzard County. If you’ll have me…” Cooter began.

Lynn wouldn’t let him finish another word. She ran up and hugged him. Cooter smiled. I told you this was a love story. I guess the kind of love was different than you expected huh?

“Oh Cooter, I would be honored to be your daughter,” Lynn announced. She didn’t want to let go of him. I wouldn’t want to either.

I told you we like happy endings…in Hazzard County.

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