Hilery’s Valentine’s Day Present

By: Hilery “Scoot” Davenport

Hilery Davenport sighed as she sat at the Garage doing paperwork. She hated paperwork, but there wasn’t anything better to be doing at the current moment. Well there was bother Rosco, but the Duke boys usually did that, as a result of Rosco and Boss blaming them for something. She chewed on the pencil eraser thinking about that. The last time she’d been in trouble with the law, she’d been accused of sheep rustling, and her and her cousin had worked on getting the car she selected from the junk yard up and running.

“Quit chewing on that eraser,” Bo Duke said, walking into the garage. He had a smile on his face, and something hidden in his shirt. Luke was with him, a smile on his face.

“We figured we’d come see what you were up to, it’s been quiet lately, very quiet if you know what we mean.” Luke said. Hilery got up and gave Luke a hug. Bo stepped out of her way, a grin on his face.

“Nope, not unless you can guess what your Valentine’s Day present is.” Bo grinned. Ever since they were in school, Bo had always brought her a gift for that special day of the year. Little did he know she was in love with him and took every gift into her heart, wishing he felt the same way.

“Well it is bigger than jewelry if your shirt is any indicator, and it’s moving.” she said.

“True and true,” Bo replied, grinning. “I know you’ll just love them.” he said, then laughed. The critter in his shirt was tickling him a little. Then a little head popped up, along with another.

“Awe!” Hilery squealed with delight. “You got me two kittens!” She took them gently from him as he lifted them out of his shirt. One kitten was jet black with golden eyes, and the other one was orange with a white tuxedo pattern and white boots on his paws.

“They’re adorable, just like you,” Bo said softly. “One of Mr. Cranston’s cats had a litter a few weeks ago, and we could have them, so I thought…”

“It’s alright Bo, really. You are right, they are adorable.” she laughed as one of them licked her chin.

“Two new friends from your two best friends,” Luke said, grinning.

“This is so much better than roses or jewelery, cards or balloons. It’s something that lasts and comes from the heart.” Hilery said, grinning She hugged Bo after putting the kittens down on the Garage desk.

Ti was then that Cooter walked in, carrying a white little fuzz ball in his arms. He started laughing. “Looks like y’all brought my cousin the same thing I done brought her!” He handed the kitten he held to Hilery and smiled.

“Mr. Cranston’s?” she asked. Cooter nodded. “Well, three kittens from the three people I hold dearest in the world is the best Valentine’s day present a woman could want.” Hilery placed the kitten with his brothers and smiled at them before hugging Cooter “Now what am I gonna name the three of you?” she asked, looking back at the kittens. She sat down and watched them intently.

The white kitten was a little fat and pudgy and after some thought a thought struck her. “Everyone Boss Hogg messes with calls him Fat Man when things go bad, I think I’ll name you Fat Cat.” she said, tickling him under the chin.

The red kitten meowed at her, looking for attention as well. She tickled him under the chin too. “I’ll name you Boots.” she decided. “You got cute white booties on your feet.”

The black kitten though was quiet and then scooted forward on his belly. It made Hilery laugh. “I’ll call you Scooter.” she said, picking him up and looking him in the eyes.

“We’re glad you like them,” Bo said, his head right next to hers. He gave her a loud kiss on the cheek and chuckled. Hilery giggled too and looked at Bo. “Thanks y’all.” she said, gathering the kittens up to take them upstairs. She had been thinking about getting a cat or two so she had things she needed already She put them back down when Rosco walked in with Flash.

“What can we do for you Rosco?” Cooter asked as he eyed the Duke boys.

“I need an oil change on my patrol car.” Rosco said.

“Sure thing Rosco. Bo, Luke you wanna help?”

“Why would you need help Cooter, it’s just an oil change?”

“Rosco, you know Cooter always gives cars a good thorough to make sure they are in tip top shape, especially your patrol car with the way you treat it.” Hilery answered for them. She turned to look at the kittens and they were gone! She looked down and had to laugh. Flash was laying on the office floor with the kittens. Scooter was on his back, playing with Flash’s nose, and Boots was playing with her tail. As she watched, Fat cat pounced on the poor Basset Hound. It was a scene to remember and left both human’s in the room laughing for a moment.

Rosco sobered a moment later and shooed the kittens away from Flash. “Keep those little devils away from my Flash,” he said, then giggled, walking out.

“Hey Rosco, maybe over the weekend they can have a play date?” It made him giggle more and nodded on his way out.

The End


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