Legends Never Die, pt. 6

by: Essy Jane

6 months later…

Jesse was sitting through another boring day of class February afternoon. He
wished he was out driving the General or even feeding the animals. Jesse
hated school though he was good at it. There was something about this
teacher that gave him the creeps. This was his second semester and he didn’t
have a course he liked. “Now class I want you to write a paper on something
in American history that you find important. It will be due next week,” Mr.
Henderson stated.

He looked at his students just sitting staring at the chalkboard. When the
teacher gave the students the look they all got to work. No one really likes
school all that much. Half of them like to fool around and see their
friends. The other half still wants to see their friends but they also wish
to get far in their careers. In order to do this they needed school.

Jose hated this class also. He hated the teacher but most of all he hated
school period. Jose was happy that Jesse decided to do go through another
year of High school with him instead of applying for a collage or just
staying home. Jose still didn’t feel all that welcome in this place. Since
he was still new, Jose was a fresh face and didn’t have too my buddies. That
would change sooner or later.

“Hey Jess, can you help me out on this paper?” Jose asked. Jessie looked at
his cousin and smiled. “I know you’re good at this and you’re going to push
it in my face later. I just don’t know what to write about at all.

Jesse loved to help people out on things especially homework papers. Jesse
was very skilled in that area. He was a pretty smart person. Something about
school kept Jesse working hard. He loved to show off his work to the world.
Everyone that would look at his work wouldn’t believe that such an airhead
could do so much work. That was Jesse though, he had so much potential.

Jose on the other hand just hated school. He didn’t want to do it and he
couldn’t do it. But Bo wouldn’t accept that from him at all. Jose sneered at
the school work he was given. “If I am going to be a farmer why in the world
do I need school?” Jose would always say. Although he knew better, Jose
wouldn’t let on that school was important. He didn’t put down a point no
matter how important it was to do so.

Jose was a smart kid he just didn’t use it in school. To him school was just
another manual task he had to do. You see, Bo had said it was either books
or a job. Jose would rather be in school than have a full time job at the
grocery store. He would rather play sports than ever getting a good mark in
school. It wasn’t that Jose was crazy or anything he just didn’t like being
judged by a number. It was like his protest. Bo didn’t mind it as long as he
kept a 70% average.

Jesse laughed at him. “Well it ain’t that hard. What’d you like most about
our history? I like when we got the constitution up in order. Think of how
they must’ve felt to be free from the British’s illogical policies. That’s
mine now what would yours be Jose? Come on I would really like to know
before you hit 40. I mean you ought to have something to show for going to
school all those years,” Jesse replied.

“Well let’s see…there’s nothing I could talk about that I don’t really hate.
I could talk about how stupid war is and ask why is every American so for

“You’re American. Doesn’t helping the world mean anything to you cousin? I
mean in all honesty we’re one of the world powers.”

“So? I am sick of people going off to war. I mean they say they’re making
the world safe. But how is it safe if it’s full of old artillery shells.
What if kids pick up? I mean some don’t even know what it is. I mean look at
World war I. The wars never stop either.”

“It happens a lot too doesn’t it?”

“A little bit too often. I can’t stand thinking about what our society is
coming to. I mean in all honesty, a whole lot of men being dragged into the
army and they don’t even want to be there.” Jesse thought about how it
must’ve felt to be pushed into world war I and II what would’ve it been
like? How would have it felt to win? What was it like to experience it all
first hand? Jesse had always wondered these things. He had always wanted to
know what war was really like for the people that went. Luke was a Marine.
Yes, maybe he would talk to him sometime about it. Then again, when would he
remember to talk to him about it?

“Well you don’t have to write about war in particular. I mean there are lots
of other topics.”

“Slavery is one. Yes, let’s talk about how people were abused because of the
colour of their skins.”

“Another strike on my part I guess but Jose, there were some good things
that came out of America.”

“Like what?”

“You came from here didn’t you? I would think that you would know that.”
Jose smiled.

“Thanks Jesse. I guess I didn’t think of it that way. I don’t know I feel so
negative when I take history. I mean how much have we really learned from
our mistakes?”

“I hope we learn more than we did in the past. I mean all those things that
happened were big. It is because of differences. I think we are doing better
now. You of all people should see that. If everyone had someone like my dad
there wouldn’t be much of this.”

“I hope more people change the world and make it better. You know one thing
I have always wondered?”


“Why the heck don’t they teach us about more countries? I mean they touch
base on them but it isn’t that much. My best friend came from another
country and he was way more educated about my country than I was about his.”

“Well I wish they would find a way to change it too. I would love to learn
about other countries.”

The bell rang and everyone rushed to get out of the over crowded classroom.
Anyone that wanted to stay in at lunchtime had to be crazy. Jesse and Jose
were walking through the rotunda. It was calm and cooling to hear the loud
clatter of the school. Jose couldn’t believe how the school grew on him. It
was so much easier just to walk around like that.

Doors open on either side of the hallway. The two young men were dressed in
ebony trench coats. Both seemed to have the rage of fire in their eyes.
Something had been troubling them for months. It wasn’t small either.
Sometimes things gather up into your mind until they burst. These two young
men were brothers and were treated the same way. Both didn’t have respect
and were ignored and not brought into a circle of friendship.

They took out small machine guns. They stripped off their trench coats and
looked at each other. They nodded at each other. No one seemed to notice the
guns. They were too busy talking to each other. Jesse and Jose were the
biggest center of attention as they always were. A big group of girls
surrounded them. Talking and laughing went on in the corner as they were
unaware of what was about to take place.

The young men with the guns glared at each other. Their eyes were full of
rage. Both young men were covered in ammo. They began shooting bullets up in
the air and moderately to students. Jesse pushed Jose to the ground almost
instinctively. “What’d you do that for?” Jose asked his cousin. As he heard
more gun shots, Jose know that Jesse wasn’t about to answer that question.

Minutes later, Jo Anna crawled on the floor towards the boys as the screams
became louder. She looked at them crunched down and silent. Jesse was
letting out long quivering breaths and Jose clenching his fists in anger for
the deed that was taking place. Both weren’t too thrilled of what was going
on. Jo Anna tapped one of them on the shoulder making both jump. “Hi y’all I
thought I would join you on the floor,” Jo commented.

There were sirens all around them as the state police and local police
surrounded the high school.” You shouldn’t be here,” Jesse whispered in her
ear. Jo looked at him angrily. Jo Anna was a part of this family like
everyone else. She could beat up the best of them. However there was no way
Jo was going to stay here. Jesse loved her too much to loose her.

“So I always get help from upstairs, big deal. I thought I could help you
two out seeing as y’all are going to come up with a plan to get out of here.
I know that you two think a little bit slower than the rest of us.”

“Jo Anna, this is no joking matter. If you think about it coming downstairs
when you could’ve gotten out of here seems more appropriate.”

“I don’t think I would feel easy leaving you guys alone. I wouldn’t care to
and I won’t because I just know that you need all the help you can get
especially was all of these bad guys standing around everywhere.”

“I don’t want you to die or get hurt. Jo, go up the stairs if you can and
get out.” Jo Anna looked at Jesse’s pleading eyes and knew that he was
worried for her.

“Besides that I am not going to let you ruin my moment!” Jose exclaimed.

“You are a big brat you know that? I wish I could slug you one Jose,” Jo

“Jo Anna, pay no attention to Jose, promise me you will get out of here. I
don’t think I need to say it again,” Jesse butted in.

“But Jesse you know…”

“No but Jesse’s. I want you out of here now. I don’t want you in this mess.
We can handle ourselves. You have a good day Jo Anna. Don’t let dad worry
too much.” She did as her brother said but not before hugging him.

“So how are we going to get all these people out with out them becoming
lunch meat?” Jose asked.

“That’s a very good question.”

“You don’t know do you?”

“I will think of something. I have been dealing with problems all my life.”

“Jesse you are a problem waiting to come out. Now, how are we going to do
this? Should I take the first one and you take the second one?”

“I think that will result in tragedy. Something in these guys is making them
want to do this. It just doesn’t come out. I have never seen those two
before. Are they new here?”

“You could be right but why in the world would they want to bomb the

“I couldn’t tell you for a second.”

“Do you have a plan yet?” Jose was getting just a tad annoying. Jesse had to
think long and hard about this. One wrong move and everyone could be dead.
He didn’t know exactly what to do.

“I am trying Jose; you have to give me a minute.”

“I hate to rush you boy but we are running out of time. I don’t think these
people enjoy lying on the floor. Man I told you that this world never
changes. It must have been from teasing. Or maybe…just maybe someone owed
them money and didn’t pay it back. I have heard about that going on.”

“As have I Jose, now will you be quiet so I can think?”

“Can’t a guy help his cousin?”

“You are not helping me with all of these distractions.”

“Okay, I will be quiet.” Jesse thought for a minute and wondered if they
would do anything awful. He looked at the people in where the bullets had
hit some students. Jesse had to do something. But fortunately, Jose thought
of something. Though it was stupid off he went to go talk to the first gun
handler. Jesse did the same with the second gun handler.

Meanwhile outside of the high school…

Bo had heard about it by now as did the rest of the family. Everyone that
had a radio was down there behind the police tape. Luke came to pay a visit
to his son who was now stuck in some building with two crazy men. Luke
walked under the tape as did Bo. They could see Jo Anna running towards
them. Bo’s eyes widened in shock as his daughter reached his arms.

“Dad, Jesse and Jose are crazy,” Jo commented.

“What are you talking about?” Bo asked.

“They’re staying in there. They want to help out in the only way that they
can what ever that means.”

“You mean they could’ve gotten out?”

“I did, they could’ve too.”

“Oh no, they are crazy. I can’t believe I am hearing this. They’re both in

“That’s right.”

Cletus suddenly realized Bo and Luke were in the police tape. He didn’t
really like them being there all that much considering they weren’t even law
men. “What are you two doing? This is official police business,” Cletus
commented. Luke stared at him.

“My son is in there and I will just bet that there needs to be something
done here. I am a police officer and I am from New York, if you think about
it that makes me as ready to take on things as anyone else,” Luke replied.

“Cletus he’s right. Luke, I want you to come and help me lead this
operation. We have all sorts of back up. What do you want to do?” Enos

“I want to save the school. My kid is in there along with a lot of others. I
would never let them suffer because of some kid that wants to take their
revenge.” Luke tried to hide his feelings but somehow he couldn’t manage.
There was something in him that wanted to charge into that building and take
those two guys out. That wasn’t possible though.

“You have a plan Luke Duke? I mean this is going to be a tricky one. I don’t
know…no matter what we do, we’ll have to stand our ground. I can’t think of
anything. So I am kind of counting on you for the ideas.”

“I don’t leave home without at least one in my head. I guess that’s what
happens when you become a police officer in New York. Look, I need to
contact these guys somehow. Can you phone the school?”

“Yeah we can. You’re planning to talk them out of this right? It will work
because you’re a Duke and I know it.” Right then and there Daisy rushed over
to the yellow police tape. She saw Coy and Vance just watching the school
and praying for a miracle. Daisy gave them an evil stare. Coy knew that
something had to be said about this but what?

“Daisy, look, I don’t want to keep fighting with you,” Coy remarked.

“You started it not me,” Daisy retorted.

“We’re family and right now my two cousins are in there. They are going to
do something stupid. I know that because I know them.”

“Okay, we’ll be friends…for now. Don’t think that this will last you two. I
don’t like being friends with cheats and liars. For all I am concerned you
would be better left in a street corner.”

“I thought you said…”

“It’s called a joke.”

“This is no time to be joking about anything.”

“I know that…I was trying to break the mood. I am sorry if I caused you any

“You’re forgiven.”

Back inside…

Jesse couldn’t believe he had the strength to do this. He kept on walking
closer and closer towards them. Jesse kept his face blank hoping not to show
any fear towards them. He was shaking in his boots. The thoughts of his
father was in his mind. Everything in the past that they had done together
and everything they were going to do together once he got out of this.
Jesse’s thoughts were then turned to his mother. Her grace and beauty that
she showed everyday was going to make the difference here.

“Keep walking, don’t look back. Don’t look at their faces…you have a goal
and you’re going to have to go through with it,” Jesse mumbled to himself.
Though the odds were purely against him Jesse kept on walking. His eyes were
on the task at hand. Nothing was going to stop him now.

Jose didn’t like doing these kinds of things. He had a memory of doing it. I
guess when you live in New York and move to a small town it grows on you.
Jose didn’t like fighting as much anymore. He only did it when he had to.
“Sit back down you two!” The gun men screamed. But Jose and Jesse walked
closer and closer towards them.

“What’s your name stranger?” Jose asked the first gunmen.

“Jerry Mavis and he’s my brother Derrick, I call him Rick for short,” Jerry

“Why are you two doing this? I mean there has to be a reason right? You
wouldn’t shoot all of these people with out a reason.”

“How would you know?”

“I am from New York, original tough city where survival is everything. Where
are you from?”

“I am from California. We moved here because I got a new step-father and
he’s a farmer. Everyone here hates us both so it’s time for payback.”

“I haven’t even met you.”

“No one even comes up and says hi. Everyone bullies us. I mean I don’t know
what to do anymore. I tried everything to make friends but we’re outsiders.
We don’t belong here.”

“Well this isn’t the answer is it?” Jerry looked at the eyes of everyone.
The trembling that is rippled through the entire student body. Jerry then
looked at Rick and wondered what they were going to do. Both boys didn’t
have the same anger but one thing remained, they just didn’t want to go to
jail. Who would after all?

“We can’t back out now. If we do, my brother and I get killed.”

“Well request stuff. They will trade you anything to get those people safe.
You can have a get-a-way car or bus.”

“What about a helicopter?”

“Yeah that could work Jerry. Who are you going to get to fly it?”

“Jerry, I can fly it. I know how to fly and I have been doing it since I was
10 years old. I can handle a chopper,” Jesse stated.

“Yeah sure and we can get rid of all the extra hostages,” Jose added.

“What do you mean? Without hostages they will come in and get us! Don’t you
understand that they could shoot us on sight?” Rick exclaimed.

“Haven’t you watched the movies? You get rid of some of them and keep the
rest until your demands are met.”

“I don’t have any demands.”

“Must I do everything for you? Look, they’re going to phone you on the
office phone. After a conversation of trying to calm you down, they will ask
you what you want and give it to you. Be prepared for that.” Rick scratched
his head with his machine gun.

“You’re answering the phone.”

“If that’s what you want me to do it will be done. I have no problem talking
with people. Well you’re lucky that the ball is in your court.”

“What do I do with the rest of these guys?”

“Lock them in the gym.”

“Okay but Jerry is going to keep an eye on you.”

“That’s not a problem I can live with that. We’ll both stay out here and
help y’all.” Rick thought that this was a marvellous idea. He pointed
everyone in direction of the gymnasium and stole all the teacher’s keys. He
locked all of the students and teachers in there.

Jose and Jesse waited for the phone call. They were sat across from each
other by the office doors. Jesse knew that his father wouldn’t rest until
both of them were out of there. The phone rang just as Rick was getting
back. Jerry pointed the gun at Jose’s head and glared at Jesse. Jose got up
like he was supposed to and went for the phone. Shakily he picked it up
putting it to his ear. “Hello?” Luke started out over the phone. Jose was
surprised to hear his father’s voice. He wondered what was going on. Luke
wasn’t supposed to be in Hazzard until spring break.

“Hey Dad, what’s up?” Jose answered his father.

“Jose, you okay?”

“I am fine, now let’s get to business. They want a helicopter and about 10
thousand US.”

“Do they want a driver?”

“No, just the chopper; the boys wish for it to be landed on the roof and for
the pilot to leave.”

“They’ll release all of you then?” Jose was quiet on the other end. He
didn’t know what to tell his father. Jose knew that Luke would be worried
for him and wanted to tell him something but the gun that pointed to his gun
made him think otherwise. “Jose, will they let you all go? Will they let

“Some sacrifices have to be made Dad. Just get these things done.” Tears
filled Luke’s eyes. He knew what his son was going to do even though he
didn’t mention it. Jesse and Jose were going to sacrifice themselves to save
everyone. That was just how the Dukes are.

“Alright son, I will get what they need. You just hang tight and don’t
forget where you’re from. You can make it.”

“Bye now.” Jose hung up the phone. The gun to Jose’s back was thrust into
his shoulder blade. Jose walked over and sat back down again. Jesse stared
at his cousin honourably. He was proud that Jose had the courage to do what
he did.

“Well what did they say?” Jerry asked.

“They’re going to land the chopper on top of the school.”

“You’re good my friend. If your buddy here can fly as good as you talk then
we’re in business.”

“I fly better than anyone talks. I will tell you that now. I can fly better
than I drive which is pretty scary,” Jesse replied.

“Good, you both are amazing people,” Rick commented.

“We have to be when living here.”

“Well you two are remarkable. Thanks to you we could both be Scott free.”

“You’ll be fine.” Jesse thought about what his father would be going through
right now. Thinking about his two boys saving the world once more or maybe
Bo was crying. Jesse just hoped that he wouldn’t be too worried. Most of the
time Jesse could take care of himself which was great for Bo; he just hoped
it would last.


Luke was pacing wondering what he was going to do. Would he send in the
chopper and watch his son fly away? Or would he get killed anyway? Luke had
no idea how these boys worked. Luke had been in a lot of cases like this.
One time a man let his daughter go but killed his son. People were just too
unpredictable. This wasn’t just another case though. It was his son! Luke
couldn’t think of anything happening to his boy. There was something about
it that made him feel like the world was failing him. It was so far out of
his reach.

In one shot they could kill Jose. In one shot Luke’s life could end. It only
took one bullet. Luke didn’t want anything to happen to Jose. He loved his
son. He thought that his son was safe up here. Luke realized that this could
have happened in New York too. It still seemed so horrible. No matter what
Luke tried to think about his mind stayed on his son.

Bo felt the exact same way. He knew though that his son was smart though and
had a great amount of trust for him. Some thoughts never go away though. His
son had a big mouth and leaps before he looks. He is reckless and smart.
Sometimes though the intelligence is replaced by anger; Bo wasn’t sure
though that this was the case. He wanted to know that his son was just
fine…was he though?

Bo walked over to his worried cousin. He knew that the tension was building
inside of him. There was nothing he would like better than to make Luke feel
better. What to say to someone in a time like this? Not much you can say but
hold on and keep going. “So Luke, you have a plan?” Bo asked. Luke glanced
up at his cousin not knowing what to say.

“Well Bo I figure that we have to give them what they want. There’s no other
way to save all of those kids,” Luke replied.

“I guess that’s the only thing we can do.”

“When it gets in the air, we’ll have to shoot it down.” Bo looked up at Luke
in shock. He couldn’t believe his cousin would even suggest something like
that. His kid would be in that chopper.

“Luke you can’t!”

“Bo I know that you’re thinking about Jesse in this but we’re only going to
shoot the fuel supply. We have to stop these two. I have been a police
officer for a long time Bo. I am not going to let either one of our kids get
put in a situation that I know they couldn’t handle. I am not that kind of
person. Now let me do what I have been trained to do.”

“Your son’s going to be on that thing too. You can’t do that. You’ll just
have to let them handle themselves. Both are crafty.”

“I just don’t know if they’re crafty enough.” Bo looked at his cousin. He
remembered all the times that they were in sticky situations and how they
seemed to get through it just fine. Why didn’t Luke trust in his son? Jose
was very smart as was Jesse. The two alone could devise a plan smart enough
to get out of this.

“They are just as smart as us two when we were in our twenties. You don’t
understand Luke, things have changed. There is so much more out there for
them to learn about. I am proud of both of them for avoiding certain evils
of this world.”

“Well this is Hazzard County, I guess anything can happen. Okay Bo, we’ll do
it your way.”

“Bo, Luke, How are you boys coming on this?” Enos asked.

“Well we’re starting to get somewhere. I don’t think that it will be much
longer until they come out. We’re going to have to give them what they want.
Are you okay Enos?” Bo answered.

“I miss DJ, he’s in there and I don’t even know what’s going on. I mean is
he hurt? What’s going on with him?”

“I am sure he’s okay. I know that there have been a lot of things he’s gone
through with my boys. I am sure he’ll be fine.”

“You mean our boys,” Luke cut in.

“Yes Luke, our boys,” Bo answered.

Back inside…

Jesse stood up and stretched. He looked down at Jose and smiled. Jerry
seemed mighty bored. Then again, if you were waiting for a helicopter to
land on your roof you might be just as bored as he was. Jesse was starting
to come up with a way in which he could gain more trust of the two boys.
Right now they were still paranoid beyond belief. Jesse objective was to
keep Jose and himself alive after they dropped off the two boys.

“Hey Jerry, you want to play some basketball?” Jesse asked. Jose looked at
Jesse like he was crazy. Out of all the movies Jose had ever watched you
never played basketball in a hostage situation. How could he have been so
dumb? Jesse just smiled. He didn’t know any other way to gain trust then by
playing sports.

“I like basketball but I can’t play, if I put down my gun you could run off
on me and I need a pilot,” Jerry replied.

“I wouldn’t dare. Look I will make a deal with you, get Rick over there to
put a gun on my cousin and if I run off you can shoot him and me. Is that a

“Why are you offering me to be dead?” Jose inquired.

“Well I don’t care why he did…I think that’s a good idea,” Rick replied.
Jose’s jaw dropped. He wondered how in the world was this possible.

“One problem though, the gym is full of people,” Jerry stated.

“What? You let the students go and keep the teachers. You can lock them in
the janitor’s closet,” Jesse suggested. The two gunmen thought about it for
a moment. They still had enough hostages because there were about 15
teachers there. Well Ricky and Jerry agreed to it.

They unlocked the gym and all the students were asked to leave. They ran out
in huge hoards. Jesse was relieved to see none of the teachers had been
shot. They were piled into the change rooms because they only unlocked from
the outside. Jesse didn’t know the Janitor’s closet was didn’t say locked.
But that was okay.

Jesse got a pale and mop washing off the splattered blood of the victims. He
dried the floor using athletic uniforms wrapped around his feet. Jose looked
at his cousin and wondered how he got so smart all of a sudden, though since
he was skipped up a grade Jesse Duke must’ve been somewhat smart.

The game was ready to begin. Jesse picked the best ball out of the whole
ball bin. He had a favourite basketball that no one else was allowed to
touch. Now it was time to play 21 a game where you only need to shoot. They
began playing with Jerry since he was the guy with the guns. He aimed for
the basket and missed. Jesse ran after the ball and grabbed it up fast. He
didn’t want to miss anything at all in this game. It got close to where it
didn’t count in regular basketball. Jesse shot an honest game no matter what
the circumstances were. He wasn’t about to stop now.

Jesse shot the ball and got it in the basket. He grabbed the ball and went
further to shoot it again. He got it in again and smiled. Jesse backed up
again and had the ball thrown to him. Now this shot was out of his league.
He missed the basket but not by much. Jerry grabbed the ball and grinned. He
shot it in. “Nice shot Jerry,” Jesse said. Jerry couldn’t believe that Jesse
was being so nice to him.

“Thanks Jesse,” Jerry replied. Now it was Jerry’s turn to back up. He aimed
for the basket and got it in. Jess threw him the ball. Jerry went a little
bit further back again and got it in again.

“You know if you bend your knees a little bit more you won’t be short.”

“I’ll try that.” He did as Jesse said and found it to be much better. After
about 20 minutes of throwing, Jesse won. But Jerry didn’t mind at all. He
had learned a lot about throwing from his new found friend.

“You’re a good player Jerry.” Jerry was breathing heavily from playing. He
wasn’t in as good of shape as he wanted to be. But he was gifted in the
sports field. All Jerry needed was a little more work. He would go far in
life with a hook shot like that. Jesse knew that some people were made to
play. He only did it for fun.

“So are you. I guess that’s why you were in the basketball team huh?”

“Yeah, I always tried my best to keep it going. Dad always says to put in an
honest effort no matter what. If you do you’re best then you are truly the
winner of that game.”

“Well you’re definitely the winner even if I put in an honest effort. I mean
look at you move.”

“My dad taught me how to play. He told me that it builds character. I love
my father a lot. I am glad to have someone like him. How is your step-dad

“I don’t really want to know. My mom should never have married again. My
father was the best. In truth, I don’t like him at all. He’s always telling
me what to do and where to go. I hate him.”

“You know what? Sometimes it is hard to get a new person in your home. I
mean with Jose for instance, he hasn’t been here all of his life either.
Isn’t that right cousin?”

“Yeah, I used to live in New York and I tell you there are a lot of
differences. I used to know my buddies names and no one else in New York.
There are just too many people there. Here in Hazzard County everyone knows
my dad or my cousin Bo. I’m somebody here in this place,” Jose added.

“Well I wish I would’ve stayed home still though it was nice to meet you
guys. I wish that we would’ve met before all of this happened. We could’ve
been really good friends. I would have liked that a lot more. I mean you
Jesse are one of a kind. Jose you’re not too bad either,” Jerry replied.

“Yeah I feel the same way about Jose. After talking to you while he was busy
playing basketball I too made a friend. I am so glad that there are people
out there that are like you,” Ricky added.

“I ain’t that good of a guy and Jesse, don’t even say it,” Jose answered.
Jesse laughed. He knew that he was predictable.

“What are you talking about? You’re a wonderful person Jose, don’t you ever
forget it either. Y’all have a good personality.”

“Thank you, I won’t forget it. You two are the most amazing people I have
ever met. I know you shot quite a few but you’re not all that bad.” Jerry
and Ricky heard the chopper above them. They were ready to get out of there
as fast as possible. They begin to walk to the janitor’s closet where there
was another set of stairs that leads up to the roof. Jesse goes first
followed by Jerry, Jose and Ricky.

Jerry wasn’t even pointing a gun to Jesse’s back anymore. He seemed to trust
the young man more now than ever. As the four boys got on the roof, Jose
reminded them that the Duke boys were hostages and that even if they were
friends they had to stage it. Jesse got into the drivers part of the
helicopter and started it up. The fuel was full and everything seemed to be
in working order.

The people watched below as the engine started up and the helicopter took to
the sky. Enos was still holding his son tight. Boss Rosco showed up and
looked at Enos and Cletus. “You let them get away?” Boss questioned.

“We had to do it.”

“You are such an idiot. They have two hostages.”

“What else were we supposed to do? They would have been killed if we did it
any other way.”

“Well fine then but don’t expect any extra pay from me.”

“Look Boss Rosco, I have something I want to say to you. I am resigning as
sheriff. I don’t think I can do it anymore. I am too old for this and you
know it. I think Cletus should be sheriff. It has been his dream for a long
time,” Enos told Boss.

“Enos, why would you want to quit?” Bo demands to know. Enos didn’t answer.
He handed in his badge and his gun and walked away with his son. Now Rosco
would have to find a new deputy but whom?

“Enos had to quit now?” Rosco screamed. He kicked his tired hard and ended
up spraining his ankle but of course, all Boss Rosco could think about was
how much it hurt. Cletus came to his aid naturally and helped him.

“Does this mean I get to be your sheriff?” Cletus asked. Rosco rolled his

“Do you think that you’re really qualified enough to be a sheriff?”

“I think so.”

“Then use your pea sized brain and take me to the hospital before I change
my mind!” Bo laughed at Rosco. “What is it that you find so funny?”

“Nothing Rosco, nothing at all I just think that you’re amusing,” Bo

“Well tell someone who cares. You better not laugh again or I will give you
a ticket. It’s Boss Rosco to you.” Bo crocked an eyebrow and shrugged. Boss
Rosco got Cletus to turn him around. He ended up knocking into a sign.
“Ooooh! That smarts! Cletus, you dipstick I don’t like this at all!”

“Sorry Boss!” Cletus grumbled.

Luke stared into the sky and watched the helicopter move further and further
away from his sight. He wondered if he would ever see his son again. With
Jose gone and Jesse it would be awfully quiet for the Dukes.

Now Bo joined Luke just glaring into what looked like a tiny speck in the
sky as it now was only a bleak memory. Bo wondered if his cousin would be
okay. Unlike himself, Luke didn’t have much confidence in his son. He didn’t
think that Jose could last. But he was wrong. Luke was going to find out
just how resourceful those two boys were.

Daisy was just starting to see that things happen. She wasn’t going to risk
loosing another minute with Coy and Vance. Daisy put out her hand for the
handshake that would make all the difference. “Coy, Vance, let’s start over
again. I am wiping the slate clean. I don’t want to fight anymore,” Daisy
commented. Her eye liner went down her face as the tears swarmed her eyes.

“Jesse was right Vance about the whole thing with Daisy. I can’t believe I
didn’t trust him,” Coy said.

“What do you mean?”

“You did change your mind. Somehow he knew that you would. Jesse is one
smart kid. I think that we’re lucky to have him around. I am going to miss
that kid.”

“If he’s anything like his father he’ll be back.”

“I don’t doubt that for a second. There’s something about Jesse that will
get him in trouble.”

“What’s that?”

“Bo told me that Jesse likes to save the world. It’s a harsh world out

“I just hope he’s going to be alright.”

“I know he will be,” Vance finally stated. He looked at his cousins staring
into the bleak blue sky. Vance knew that there wasn’t much to worry about
but then again why was he so scared?

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