My Hero

by: Chet 12/8/01

It was a sunny day, in Hazzard County,  on that May morning of 1994. A warm breeze blew from the hill top, down on the newly built farm house. The old house set further back, the wind rattled the old screen door. Two young boys sat in the old dirt driveway next to an old orange stock-car. They played in the dirt with a few toy Matchbox cars. The older dark brown haired boy leaned up against the car. The cars shadow protected him from the sun’s powerful rays. The younger real dark haired boy stared up at him, with his brown eyes. The brown eyes gave a waiting yet patient look. They has been playing for only a short time but, both were exhausted from the heat. Both of them had rushed through there morning chors faster then there girl cousin. The younger boy crawled over to sit next to the older one and the orange car.

They sat with out saying a word. Then they herd the new screen door of the new house slam. “LUNCH!… Chet… Wyatt… Jessie… LUNCH!” A young dark blond haired girl came racing around the side of the old house. Her best friend Aby running right next to her. “Were coming mom!” Wayett yelled as he got to his feet. Chet his younger cousin also stood. Chet turned and glimpse into the black interior of the orange stock-car, just standing there admiring the General Lee’s sweetness. Then Chet ran after Wayett who had ran for the house. “Wait for me, couz!” Chet yelled as he jogged after his older cousin.

Just as Chet toped the porch steps someone called his name.”Chet!…” Chet turned and looked around, he saw his dad

Bo pulling into the driveway in a light blue pickup truck. Luke sat next to him waving hello! “Hey dad!” Chet said. Bo and Luke were returning home from work. Bo got outta the truck and walked up to the porch. “So whats up?” Bo asked as he opened the door to walk into the house. “Nothing much. lunch is ready!” Chet said following Bo into the house. “That sounds good to me!” Bo said.

Chet ran into the dinning-room and sat down at the table next to Wayett. Daisy was setting the table. She stared at Wayett with a stern look and put her hands on her hips. “Wyatt James Strait… at 13 years old, I’d think that by now you’d know better to wash your hands before coming to the table.” Daisy said sternly as she turned to look at Chet. Gaby, Chet’s mom came out of the kitchen carrying a plate of sliced ham. “That goes for you too Chet… your only two years shy of Wyatt you should know better.” Bo came to the table and sat down. Jessie and Aby followed him and sat down. Bo looked at his son who hadn’t budged from his spot even after his mother talking him to. “Listen to your mother Hugh!” Bo said, purposely calling Chet by his middle name to get his attention. Chet got up and walked out of the dinning room and towards the bathroom. “Did you two wash?” Luke asked his daughter Jessie. “Yes dad we washed, were smarter then those boys !” Both girls giggled. “I herd that!” Wyatt said as he returned to the table, from washing his hands, Chet wasn’t far be him.

They all sat down, round’ the table in silence to say prayer. After prayer everyone dug into the sandwich makings laid on the table. “so what did ya’ do to day Wyatt?” Enos, Wyatt’s dad asked with his usual smile. “Not much, just played cars, its lots of fun to play in the dirt by the General Lee.” Wyatt said. “Well thats good.” Enos answered as he put his sandwich together. “Mom can Aby and I go fishing this’ afternoon with Buck, (Wyatt and Chet’s friend)Wyatt and Chet? Please!” Jessie and Aby pleaded. Barb looked up at Luke from her lunch, thinking. Wyatt groaned, he had wanted to go alone, with just the guys fishing. Wyatt blurted out “Oh mom does she always have to go?” Enos looked up ay him. “Be kind to you cousin Wyatt.” Enose said as he sipped his hot coffee. “But, but its not fair!” Wyatt argued. “Yes it is!” Jessie blurted, and stuck her tongue out at him.

Chet stayed out of it, he didn’t really care. “Ok, I’ll make a deal with ya’ll . . .” Barb said. “If you can find someone to go with you, and I mean an adult, I guess that you can go.” Barb said. Jessie and Aby looked at Luke witha hopeful smile. “Don’t look at me girly, I got work to be done, I can’t take ya’ fishing!” Luke said gettign up from the table to put his plate in the sink.

Jessie turned to Enos with a sarcastic smile. Enos shook his head. “I’m busy!” Jessie’s shoulders sagged as she looked around the table. “I’m not busy today!” Bo said out loud. “Me neither!” Gaby grinned. “You really gonna take us fishing Bo?” Jessie said with a huge grin. “Why sure sugar, Bo will take, in fact I might tag along.” Gaby said grinning at Bo with a loving smile. Bo’s eyes grew real wide and he smiled. “Okay so its settled, Bo and Gaby’s taking the kids fishing.” Luke said. “Oh wait who’s gonna go get Garrett from camp?” Bo asked. “I will, I’m going right by there.” Enos said with his usual grin. “Thanks Enos.” Bo said turning to grin at the girls.

Chet got up, put his empty plate in the sink, washed it, put it in the drainer and went out the back door. Wyatt, knowing where Chet was going did the same and ran out the back door and to the barn. They both grabbed there fishing poles and a bucket of warms. They immediately started to walk down the path in woods leading to the road that lead to Hazzard Pond. “Chet!” Bo said just as the two boys entered the wood line. Chet turned and looked at his dad. “Yes Sir?!” Chet said without looking directly at his dad. “Ain’t you two gonna wait for the girls?” Bo asked, pitching his thumb back towards the house. Chet turned and looked at Wyatt asking with his eyes for an answer. “Bo . . . we gotta go meet Buck Wheeler on the main road. I was thinkin’ may’ we could meet ya’ll there.” Wyatt said, turning to eye Chet. Chet shook his head. “Yeah, we’ll meet ya’ there.” Chet said unenthusiastically. They both stared at Bo waiting for an answer. “Ok meet us by the hickory tree, okay?” Bo said standing on the poach. “Alright dad!” Chet said as he turned into the woods.

“What’s going on sugar?” Gaby asked as she came out the back poarch. “Nothing . . .but Chet, Wyatt and Buck are gonna meet us there!” Bo said not looking at her. “Oh…ok!” Gaby said. Both of them turned to go into the house, they were met at the door by Jessie and Aby. “Where’s the boys going?” Jessie asked. “There going to meet us at the pond.” Bo said staring at them. Aby shyly grinned, Buck wheeler had been her boy friend for an on going tree weeks. Bo and Gaby looked at each other and grinned. “Well. . .you two run out in the barn and get yourself a fishing pole, and lets get going.” Bo said stepping off the poarch, with Gaby at arm. The girls ran out to the barn and grabbed there poles and an empty bucket. The girls met up with Gaby and Bo at the Corner of the barn, just outside the wooded path. “Ready?” Gaby asked. “Yup!” Both girls said at the same time.

Chet and Wyatt walked through the woods slowly. Chet kept a fair pace but Wyatt, lagged slowly. He didn’t wanna go fishing wish a bunch of girls. But Wyatt said nothing of the matter, he new to well that Chet really didn’t care. Then out of the blue Chet turned off the trail and into a thick patch of Georgian pines. “What ya up to?” Wyatt asked stopping to look at Chet. “I want to show ya’ somethin!” Chet said as he continued through the thick pines. “Hmmm, ok.” Wyatt said turning to follow his younger cousin into the very thick pines. They walked for about 10 minutes then came to the outside of an opening. “Chet were gonna be late, where are ya’ taking us?” Wyatt said ducking under some low pines, almost getting entangled in them. Chet said nothing. He did care if they were late. Wyatt struggle through the pines and almost ran into Chet when he stopped on the edge of an opening. Chet said nothing , he just continued walking. He crouched down and stopped. Wyatt followed him but remained standing. Chet looked up and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to the ground. “Let go of me, Chet!” Wyatt shouted aloud. Wyatt landed on the ground on his back. Chet covered his mouth an shhed him. Wyatt rolled over and peer into the trees. At 13years old Wyatt was as smart as he could be and what he saw stunned . A small shack and a huge barrel. A shaggy bearded man appeared and through some of the contents of the barrel on the fire. The fire up roared with a poof! Wyatt got to his feet, turned round’ and ran in the other direction. Chet followed him until they got to the path again. Both stopped out of breath completely. Wyatt looked at Chet. “Looks. . .like you . . . stumbled on old man . . .Fosters whisky still . . .Chet.” Wyatt said between breaths. Chet looks at him quietly, he had caught his breath and was relaxed. “Hoe bout’ we keep this our little secret, ok?!” Wyatt said picking up there stuff and continuing down the path. Chet shook his head and followed. they met Buck at the inter-change to Hazzard Pond then continued on to the pond.


Bo, Gaby, Jessie and Aby were already at the pond waiting for them. Bo looked up and continued to stair as the boys walked down the path to the pond. “What took ya so long?” Bo asked Chet. Chet thought for a minute. “Oh. . . we got side tracked!” Wyatt shook his head in agreement. “Oh ok!” Bo said glimpsing at Gaby. Gaby gave him a look that said, there up yo something. Chet walked over to the high side of the pond, it was his favorite spot. Aby and Jessie and stood about 5 yards away. It was silent except for a few giggles. Buck inched his way over to stand by Aby, his girl friend. Chet began to feel crowded. Before long Buck and Aby were horsing around by the waters edge. Bo had told them to stop. Aby and Jessie leaned down to peer into the water. “It beautiful!” Jessie said peering in. Buck brought his pole up to the shore to rebated. Jessie had been real close to the edge when he walked by. Buck bumped he with the of his pole sending her sprawling into the water.

Chet looked up just in time to see his smaller but older cousin go face first into the deep waters. Chet had his boots and shirt off in the blink of and eye. Bo had begun to, but before he had his boots off, let-alone his shirt Chet dove into the deep murky water. Bo sat on shore waiting, he new his sone well enough to have confidence in him. Chet surfaced, took a breath and dove deeper into the water. Gaby fixed on the water and scared to death. She knew that Hazzard Pond was very deep. Jessie was not a swimmer and hated water with all her heart. Chet surfaced again bringing Gaby outta her fixed trance. this time Chet brought a gasping panicking Jessie to the surface, cradled in his arms. Jessie rapped her arms around hid neck and shoulders so tightly Chet could barely breath. Chet back stroked to where he could touch bottom, then stood and carried Jessie who still clutched to him like an’ infant, to the dry shore.

Bo went to take Jessie from Chet so that he could catch his breath, but Jessie clutched to him tightly. Chet shrugged his shoulders and sat down on the ground with Jessie on his lap. She cried, squeezing Chet for comfort. “I . . .was so scared!” She managed to say under her tears. After fully catching his breath and quieting her down Chet said. “I think we should take her home before she catches cold.” Bo and Gaby shook there head in agreement. Everyone got there things and left. Chet carried his small cousin with fair ease. When they came into the back yard Luke and Barb came out the door in wonder. “Ok Bo, what happened?” Luke asked. “She’s alright, a little wet and shaken but alright!” Chet said continuing to carry her into the house and up stairs to her bed.

Just as Chet was gonna walk away Jessie grabbed him by the arm. “Chet!” said staring at his brown eyes, but he said nothing. “You’re my hero, you saved my life, Chet!” Chet just stared at her. “Thank you for one more day!” Then she let go of him and he turned and began to walk out the door, but stopped half way. “Your welcome!” Chet said then walked out the bedroom door. Bo and Chet explained to everyone what happened. Jessie recovered with a few good hours of sleep. And all was back to normal. Well as normal as the lives of the “New” Dukes of Hazzard gets.

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